Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 62 - I Belong to You in the First Place

Chapter 62 I Belong to You in the First Place

Next to Shao Xue who is shocked stands Song Yunjia, who is frustrated.

Her hands clench slowly, with clear blue veins on the back of them, which seems like that they are going to break through the pale skin.

But after a while, the owner of the hands relaxes them gradually.

It’s not the first day that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle behave like this.

Although it seems impossible for her to become Shao Tianze’s wife, Song Yunjia firmly believes that Gu Changle may die soon and she still has a chance.

Previously, she dug Gu Changge’s heart out to save Changle. Now, Gu Changle is alive. But how long can she live with Gu Changge’s heart?

It can’t be foreseen. Maybe, because of the remaining hatred in Gu Changge’s heart, Gu Changle will die in a few years.

As long as Song Yunjia thinks in this way, she feels better.

“Well, we outsiders are still here, could you restrain yourselves for a while? You two are so lovey-dovey that we single people might be jealous.”

While joking, Song Yunjia turns her head slightly and stares at the shocked Shao Xue thoughtfully.

The expression on Shao Xue’s face is rather unnatural.

Having kissed Gu Changle, Shao Tianze finally let her go. Gu Changle wears a sweet smile on her exquisite face.

Reminded by Song Yunjia, Gu Changle turns around and sees Shao Xue. She is surprised to find that there is another woman in this room, who, moreover, is wearing Shao Tianze’s coat.

Gu Changle pauses for a while, and then buries her face in Shao Tianze’s arms deeper: “It’s so embarrassing. Why didn’t you tell me that there is another person?”

Shao Xue frowns. She thinks to herself that Gu Changge is a gorgeous woman who must be an excellent social butterfly and that her voice is so sweet that makes people intoxicated.

“Shao Xue, come here.”

Shao Xue hears and steps forward towards Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze introduces her to Gu Changle: “Changle, this is my cousin Shao Xue.”

“Shao Xue?” Gu Changle’s beautiful eyes shine. It seems that she likes this name so much that she can’t help exclaiming “What a beautiful name!”

In fact, Shao Xue knows that this is just a common name. In her opinion, Gu Changle just wants to please Shao Tianze by saying that.

Shao Tianze then introduces Gu Changle to Shao Xue: “Shao Xue, you can call her sister Changle.”

Shao Xue calls sweetly: “Sister Changle.”

Gu Changle nods friendly: “You are good looking. Do you have boyfriend?”

Shao Xue shakes her head: “I was dispatched to work in Yuncheng a few days ago. I haven’t had time to find one yet.”

Gu Changle covers her mouth with hands and then smiles. She looks at Shao Tianze affectionately: “Tianze, Shao Xue is a beautiful girl. How about letting her settle down in Yuncheng in the future? We will find her a good husband. Then she can live closer to us so that I can also have a sister to talk with.”

Shao Tianze nods: “Shao Xue just arrived in Yuncheng. Everything is unfamiliar to her. Since the house she rents is a bit far from her workplace, I want to let her live in our house. What do you think of it?”

Gu Changle blinks her beautiful eyes: “Really?”

Shao Tianze smiles: “Would you mind that?”

Gu Changle shakes her head: “You must be kidding. You are the head of the Gu Family, not me. Do what you want to do. Besides, I really want Shao Xue to live in our house. Now that I am discharged from the hospital, I have to live alone again. It must be boring.”

Gu Changle agrees Shao Xue to live in Gu’s mansion without hesitation, which slightly surprises Shao Xue.

Song Yunxuan told her before that Gu Changle might not agree her to live in Gu’s mansion. Now, things have progressed much more smoothly than she thinks.

Shao Xue accompanies Shao Tianze to help Changle to leave the hospital.

Song Yunjia doesn’t seem upset at all now. When Shao Tianze gets in the car with Gu Changle, she says: “If Changle feels unwell, be sure to call me immediately. I will rush there.”

Gu Changle nods and looks at Song Yunjia gratefully: “Thanks to you that I can have this operation. I will never forget the thing you have done for me.”

Song Yunjia shakes her head and smiles: “We are good friends. This is what I should do.”

Song Yunjia, Gu Changle and Shao Tianze have spent their days in college together. Their relationship seems not bad.

Shao Xue gets in the car first and waits for them there. Song Yunjia and Gu Changle talks for a while. Then Shao Tianze supports Gu Changle to get in the car.

On the way back home, Gu Changle keeps burying herself in Shao Tianze’s arms.

The car’s solar film is one-sided, so the scene in the car is invisible to the outside.

Shao Xue sits in the front passenger seat, while Gu Changle and Shao Tianze sits in the back seats.

There are many reporters taking pictures when they leave hospital. When they arrive home, there are a few reporters waiting at the doorway as well.

The wrought iron gate opens slowly when the car approaches. Shao Xue, with her eyes wide open, is amazed at the magnificent mansion.

This mansion is much bigger and much more beautiful than she has imagined.

There are three five-story villas of similar height. In front of them is a Western sculpture carved out of white stones which is about a beautiful Roman girl holding a kettle inlaid with gems to collect water.

The water in the fountain flows out incessantly. Although it is winter now, it still looks like at spring in this mansion.

When they enter the main house, she can see through the window that there is a big swimming pool behind it, which is about a few hundred square meters. The water inside is clear and transparent.

Shao Xue stares at the swimming pool for a while. Gu Changle smiles and says: “The swimming pool is large, isn’t it?”

It is indeed very large, even for upper class families. There is few of them who can build such a swimming pool. Moreover, it’s winter now. Don’t people go to the indoor swimming pool in winter? And why there is water in the swimming pool, and the water doesn’t freeze at such low temperatures?

Gu Changle follows Shao Xue to pause to watch the swimming pool: “You are also confused that why the water does not freeze, right?”

Shao Xue nods: “Today’s temperature is already six degrees below zero.”

Gu Changle smiles: “The water there has been circulating day and night. It is running water.”

Shao Xue is speechless now.

Gu Changle knows what Shao Xue is going to say: “You must think it is a waste of money. But for the Gu Family, it doesn’t bother them at all.”

“But why do they let water running day and night if there is no one to swim there?”

Gu Changle looks at Shao Tianze thoughtfully, who is staring at the swimming pool outside the window next to her: “Because it is said that this swimming pool can bring luck to my sister.”

“You mean Gu Changge?”

Gu Changle nods: “This pool was built when my sister was eight years old.It has been twenty-four years.”

Shao Xue is astounded: “So extravagant.”

Gu Changle shakes her head: “My sister is the eldest daughter of the Gu Family. My father regarded my sister as the apple of his eye. He would give her whatever she wants. The Gu Family is able to pay the water fee. It’s not extravagant.”

As she finishes, she turns to look at Shao Tianze: “Is it? Tianze?”

Shao Tianze looks gloomy. He turns to hold her arm: “Well, let’s take a rest. We don’t need this swimming pool since it’s cold outside. I will ask someone to drain and fill it up with cement tomorrow.”

Gu Changle is a bit annoyed: “You can’t do it.It is built for my sister. As long as the Gu Family exists, this pool cannot be filled up.”

Shao Tianze replies emotionlessly: “She is dead now.”

Gu Changle hears his words when they go upstairs and smiles as if she is very pleased.

Shao Xue doesn’t follow them upstairs. She stares at the pool through the window, being motionless for a long time.

This Gu Changge…what kind of people she is?

Shao Xue is curious about her.

Gu Changle enters into her room after they arrive upstairs. The decoration in the room is different now, but it is still the room she used to live in.

Assisted by Shao Tianze, she gets on the bed and looks up at him with gratitude: “Tianze, thank you for always being with me.”

Shao Tianze smiles: “Never say thank you to me, I will always stay by your side.”

He uses his big hands to wrap Gu Changle’s little hands. The temperature of her body softens Shao Tianze’s heart.

In the eyes of people, Gu Changle is much more beautiful than Gu Changge. In fact, they are both attractive but in different ways.

Gu Changge is a tough, vigorous and determined person. People get nervous when they see her.

However, Gu Changle is very gentle. She is as pleasant as the breeze in spring. She is easy going.

Gu Changle takes her hands out of Shao Tianze’s hands, puts them around his neck, leans her body forward and then kisses him with her luscious lips.

The kiss lights them like a fire.

The surroundings become obscure to them. The big and soft bed is the only comfortable thing.

Shao Tianze’s lean body presses on Gu Changle, and in order not to hurt her, he uses his arms to support himself.

Gu Changle holds his neck with her soft hands. Then she begins to take his clothes off slowly with one hand.

Shao Tianze looks at her face and feels that his clothes are being taken down. Time stops for a moment.

Gu Changle’s voice is low and soft: “What’s wrong, are you thinking of Gu Changge?”

“No.” Shao Tianze, who is fascinated by Gu Changle, looks at her face and smiles. “I can finally have you after so many years.”

Gu Changle looks at him affectionately: “I belong to you in the first place, Tianze.” The curve of her lips is extremely attractive.

The door is open. Shao Xue watches them who are tangling together coldly and squints.

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