Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 54 - I’ve Been Waiting for You

Chapter 54: I’ve Been Waiting for You

Rong Six almost jerks up from the bar chair once he hears what Chu Mochen says: “No way, she is just 18 years old! Is it not a threat that you ask an 18 years old girl to bear you a baby?

Chu Mochen disagrees: “Gu Changge is pregnant with her first child at the age of 20, only two years older than her.”

Rong Six says in surprise, “How many wealthy ladies in Yuncheng can be compared with Gu Changge? She is a famous vixen! Would she get married if she weren’t pregnant?

Towards Gu Changge, Rong Six has no affection but awe. After all, she used to be an overly legendary woman of Yuncheng.

Chu Mochen takes a glance at him and continues to drink: “I did not force her. She could refuse it if she wanted.”

Rong Six feels that Chu Mochen is sinister: “Since you’re drinking happily here in the middle of the night instead of sleeping in bed, you must be sure that she will agree, are you?”

On hearing his words, Chu Mochen turns his head and looks at his face: “Rong Six, your father can feel relieved to hand the family business over to you.”

Rong Six leans back, “I’m still young. The adults’ world is too complicated for me. I’d prefer to spend another two easy years getting ready for it.”

Rong Six is the only son of the Rong family. No matter when the old man devolves power, there is no doubt that Rong Six is his only option.

Rong Six doesn’t need to fight for the throne at all. In this case, he prefers to stay idle for a few years until Rong’s master really intends to abdicate himself.

Chu Mochen looks at his leisure appearance and lightly reminds him: “Although Gu Changge is a girl, she became the CEO of the Gu’s at an age that is younger than you now.”

Rong Six instantly feels humiliated, losing his face.

However, that is a fact.

Gu Changge did reach that position when she was sixteen years old.

And her diplomacy was so cruel and sophisticated that she didn’t look like a sixteen-year-old girl at all.

Thinking of Gu Changge, Rong Six feels that there is something suspicious: “Do you think Song Yunxuan won’t get married if she’s not pregnant?”

Chu Mochen pauses with his fingers holding the glass, then turns his head up and takes a shot: “Probably.”

Song Yunxuan is about the same with Gu Changge.

However, Gu Changge had been fussed over since her childhood. She knew very early on that if she wanted to stand at the peak of Gu’s and overlook the crowd, she must stay strong and cool.

But Song Yunxuan knows from the very beginning that she is at the bottom, and that she has to stoop low in order to raise her status step by step.

Compared with Gu Changge, Song Yunxuan’s journey will be tougher.

Gu Changge stays at home for three days.

In the afternoon of the fourth day, Song Yunqiang knocks at her door and asks her, “Do you have an appointment tonight?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head. “No, brother, what’s the matter?”

Listening to his father’s advice, Song Yunqiang has sent someone to watch Song Yunxuan. But, since the day of nurse Wang’s accident, Song Yunxuan hasn’t gone out as of today.

He feels it a little strange. Not until Chu Mochen called him in the evening and asked him if Song Yunxuan was at home did he tentatively guessed: “Has Yunxuan quarreled with you?”

“A little.”

Song Yunqiang suddenly figured out why Chu Mochen did not call Song Yunxuan directly, but made a telephone call to the Song family.

He estimates that Song Yunxuan has been sulking at home over the last three days without answering any phone call or going out.

Now that he has answered a phone call from Chu Mochen, he knocks on her door and tells her as calmly as possible: “Childe Chu asks you out for dinner tonight. Please peacefully talk with him if you have any misunderstanding about each other, okay?”

Song Yunxuan hesitates before nodding thoughtfully.

Song Yunqiang sighs and then leaves.

At around 5:30 p.m., Chu Mochen arrives at her place by his car.

Song Yunqiang calls Song Yunxuan downstairs and stuffs his slow-moving sister into Chu Mochen’s car. Only then does he see them leave with a smile on his face.

Song Yunxuan remains silent after boarding the car.

Looking at the road condition ahead, Chu Mochen reminds her, “It’s cold these days. When you go out, remember to wear warm clothes.”

Song Yunxuan looks sideways at him and says, “I’m not going out.”

She always stayed at the Song family all these days. How could she catch a cold due to the chilly wind outside?

Chu Mochen drives beyond the second ring road. And finally he parks the car outside a famous French restaurant.

When Song Yunxuan gets out of the car, she finds many men and women dressed in luxurious and exquisite clothes at the entrance of the restaurant.

She knows a few of them.

Shao Li, a scandal-ridden star of the first-line. And Pei Shi, the chairman of the Pei family.

Lin Hua, a young model who hasn’t reached the age of 20. And Wang Siyuan, a playboy from a powerful family.


Her brother-in-law, Xue Tao, and her former subordinate, Zhang Xiao.

After several months of disappearance, Zhang Xiao becomes more seductive. In this winter night, she wears a red mini-skirt with snow-white fur wrapped around her shoulders. The air around her turns horny when the fur slightly slides down her shoulders which makes her skin exposed.

Xue Tao looks at her face with his eyes simmering with laughter.

Zhang Xiao’s long black wavy hair combines the classical beauty of the East as well as the wildness and the hotness of the West.

Somehow, Song Yunxuan suddenly wants to laugh when she finds the two people approaching the French restaurant called Auverrebouteille.

She curls up her lips and sneers softly, disdainfully and helplessly.

Looking from her viewpoint, Chu Mochen also finds Xue Tao and Zhang Xiao. He lightly asks her with a tranquil expression in his eyes, “Are you angry for your sister?”

“No, Song Yunying reaps what she has sowed.”

She wants to turn around and leave. But Chu Mochen stops her by holding her shoulders, “All right. Before you leave, you should dine with me in this fine restaurant since it’s a beautiful night.”

This French restaurant is very famous in Yuncheng. When translated into Chinese, its name means the castle of rendezvous.

It is heavily French characterized. No wonder, such a romantic nation will have restaurants named in a romantic way.

But Song Yunxuan seems to have no interest in it. After entering it and seeing the oven decorated in an old-fashioned way as well as the red carpet inside, she turns her head and looks at Chu Mochen, “The thing you mentioned last time……”

“No business today.”

Chu Mochen interrupts her.

There comes a foreign waiter greeting him in fluent Chinese.

After exchanging several sentences, he politely welcomes them to upstairs, “The room on the 3rd floor, please.”

Out of curiosity, Song Yunxuan takes a glance at the downstairs, finding Zhang Xiao and Xue Tao unfolding their napkins after they get settled.

Then she sees someone come in and walk a few steps before turning back. The person who leaves is exactly sent by Song Yunqiang to watch her.

Having been aware of being watched, she winks and turns her head around to look at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen smiles lightly: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s all right.”

She follows him upstairs and into an elegantly decorated room in which the dark red delicate patterns on the carpet make it feel like a chamber in a magnificent castle of a medieval European aristocrat.

However, the main characters are neither the delicate food placed on the long table in the room nor the candlelight to be lit.

Song Yunxuan stands in the room for three minutes. Chu Mochen comes to the long table and lights the candles on the silver candlestick. “The Venus affair is not finished yet. You have been monitored closely over these days so that you couldn’t handle it. But today you’ll be free, I’ll let you go for ten minutes.”

Song Yunxuan frowns with doubts: “You let me go?”

Chu Mochen lights the candle and goes to the light switch in the room. He presses it lightly.

Suddenly, the room is plunged into darkness.

He raises a gift bag up from the sofa, and takes out a big red scarf from it. Before she steps back, he grabs her shoulder and wraps the scarf around her. “It’s cold, watch your body when you go out.”

Song Yunxuan’s fingertips begin to heat up. She has a strange feeling about the scarf around her neck.

Chu Mochen, however, keeps a natural face. And the smile on his lips turns milder under the warm candlelight. “Do it quick. I hope you can come back before the candle burns out.”

Song Yunxuan raises her hands to cover the red scarf around her neck, gazing at him with clear and thoughtful eyes.

She used to think that she had fully understood what type of guy Chu Mochen was because of their acquaintance of decades. But today she finds out that she never knows what kind of person Chu Mochen is.

Seeing her looking at himself thoughtfully, Chu Mochen pinches her nose tip with his hand, and says, “Do you like me now?”

“You think too much.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice is extraordinarily calm.

Chu Mochen is supposed to be angry and embarrassed for such an unexpected irony. But he does not do so. Instead, he suggestively turns his head to look at the big soft bed in the room. ” Whether to come back or not, it’s up to you. But I’ll wait for you.”

Looking from his viewpoint, Song Yunxuan finds the big bed covered with roses which makes her widen her eyes in surprise.

Then she habitually droops her eyelids and turns around with a look of indifference that covers her pupils: “Don’t wait for me, I’ve always been slow on important issues.”

She turns around and goes away. Yet when she closes the door, she seems to have touched Chu Mochen’s fingertip with her fingers.

Hearing the door close, she stands in front of it for a second. Then she takes off her red coat and strides out with half of her face covered in scarf as well as her loosened hair.

Probably because she has been living a busy life after returning to the Song family, Song Yunxuan begins to blur the concepts of season.

She arrives at her destination by taxi. When she stands at the door of the person she is looking for, she realizes that it is surprisingly cold.

Yuncheng is a typical southern city with four distinct seasons. Winter is not as cold as it is in the north.

But when she stands at the door of the house tonight, she finds out accidentally that the air she breathes out has turned white.

She knocks on the door.

Within thirty seconds, someone opens the door.

The woman on her opposite is pale and graceful, but her features on the face of the goose eggs make people feel cold after looking at them.

She has no eyebrows. And there is a long scar stretching from her nose to her left ear, and a big seam on her forehead.

No matter how beautiful a person is, as long as there are two surgical scars more than 10 centimeters left on her face, she will look ugly.

The statement above is still in full effect even when it comes to Han Rujia, an English major student from the school next to the Medical College.

Song Yunxuan gazes her scary and frightening face in the night without any panic or screaming. Instead, she says in a peaceful voice: “Miss Han, I declined your request that you come to me due to my family affairs recently. Now I come here by myself to make an explanation for you, hoping that you won’t blame me.”

Han Rujia smiles and says, “No.”

Then she adds, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

On hearing this, Song Yunxuan puts a smile on her lips.

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