Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 507 - Used Money to Avoid Trouble

Chapter 507 Used Money to Avoid Trouble

Hearing that Song Yunxuan taught Xue Tao a lesson, Ye Meiqi was a bit delighted.

The Song Family did not collapse though its head was put into prison.

Yunjia had died.

And Yunying had married to someone. However, Song Yunxuan was still in the Song Family.

Though Song Yunxuan was young, she was capable enough to support the Song Family.

Thinking of this, Ye Meiqi felt more upset.

If her daughter Yunjia had been alive, could Yunjia have lived like Song Yunxuan?

Thinking of this, Ye Meiqi felt that she couldn’t.

Song Yunjia could never be as calm and steady as Song Yunxuan.

What Song Yunjia pursued was different from Song Yunxuan’s.

Song Yunjia wanted to win Shao Tianze’s heart.

But what Song Yunxuan wanted was the whole Song Family.

One put all her energy into love while the other devoted herself to her career.

Their choices were different in the beginning. So how could their future be the same?

Thinking of this, Ye Meiqi felt a bit depressed.

And Song Yunxuan got impatient after waiting for about half an hour outside.

Seeing that she prepared to leave, Ye Meiqi strode over and asked her, “Yunxuan, you won’t wait for your sister?”

“I want to get in.”

Ye Meiqi was slightly stunned.

“I want to see the operation with my own eyes.”

After briefly explaining herself to Ye Meiqi, Song Yunxuan called Chu Mochen.

No sooner had Chu Mochen arrived at the meeting room in the company than he received Song Yunxuan’s call.

He motioned to the people in the meeting room to quiet down.

His order silenced the meeting room.

After that, Chu Mochen answered the phone and asked gently, “What’s up? Her child was born?”

“Still early. She’s still in the operation room.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to enter the operation room to guard against the Xue Family in case they make a move on her.”

“Need my help?”


Chu Mochen did not hang up. He motioned to his assistant.

Seeing that, his assistant immediately walked over and bent over deferentially, “Childe Chu.”

“Call the dean of Saint Mary. Song Yunying’s family must be around during her operation.”

Hearing that, she immediately nodded, replying, “I’m on it.”

The assistants of the Chu’s had always been highly efficient.

After the call which lasted only two or three minutes, the thing was settled.

A doctor took Song Yunxuan to change into a sterile surgical gown. Then she prepared to enter the operation room.

Seeing that, the Xue Family asked Xue Tao to follow Song Yunxuan to find out what she planned to do.

Xue Tao followed Song Yunxuan. After seeing that she changed into a surgical gown, he was stupefied. Then he ran back to the two old farts of the Xue Family.

Seeing that Xue Tao rushed over, the couple knew that something was wrong.

Sure enough.

Xue Tao rushed over to them, saying, “Song Yunxuan’s going to enter the operation room to accompany Song Yunying.”

The couple instantly turned pale, replying, “The operation has been on for about half an hour. You should be the person to accompany Yunying if necessary. If Song Yunxuan enters, we won’t be able to tamper with the operation.”

Xue Tao echoed, “Don’t you want to make her hemorrhage? It’s been half an hour. Why is there still no news?”

The two old farts also felt strange.

But neither of them dared to ask why.

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the door of the operation room in a surgical gown, she saw that the couple and Xue Tao all looked gloomy.

Xue Tao’s mother stepped forward and looked at Song Yunxuan nervously, asking, “Yunxuan, what are you going to do?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows, asking, “Can’t you tell? I’m going to accompany my sister.”

“But she is now in surgery.”

Xue Tao’s mother stood in Song Yunxuan’s way, giving no indication of doing anything else. Seeing her position, Song Yunxuan didn’t want to waste her breath on her. Instead, she prepared to walk past her.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan insisted on entering the room, Xue Tao’s mother hurriedly glanced at Xue Tao.

Xue Tao immediately said to the doctor, “I’m the husband. Can I accompany my wife instead of my sister-in-law?”

Hearing Xue Tao’s words, Song Yunxuan slightly turned to look at Xue Tao, saying, “You finally remember that you are the husband, but isn’t it too late? Where were you when my sister was sent to the delivery room?”

Song Yunxuan was being blunt.

Then she directly told the doctor, “Ignore him. Let’s enter the operation room.”

Hearing that, the doctor immediately nodded and led her, saying, “Miss Song, this way, please.”

None of them could stop Song Yunxuan from going inside the operation room.

As soon as Song Yunxuan entered the operation room, Xue Tao’s mother said hastily, “Now what? If Song Yunxuan finds out our trick, we’ll be doomed!”

Hearing his wife’s words, Xue Tao’s father also felt worried.

Xue Tao even scratched his head testily, asking him, “Who is the guy you hired? Now Song Yunying’s been there for half an hour, but there is still no news. Is that guy really capable?”

The two old farts were not sure.

Shortly after Song Yunxuan entered the operation room, a doctor walked out.

Seeing that, Xue Tao’s mother and father walked to him and asked, regardless of where they were, “Doctor Zhang, how is it? Why is Yunying still OK?”

The doctor took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Then he said to them, “Song Yunxuan is now watching us performing the operation, and I dare not make a move.”

“But why didn’t you do anything in the earlier half an hour?”

Hearing the question, the doctor said immediately, “There are four people performing the operation, including two doctors and two nurses. Aside from the nurses and me, the two others were Childe Chu’s men. I didn’t dare to…”

Hearing that, Xue Tao flared up, reproaching, “No more excuses! If you can’t make it, what did you accept my money for?”

Hearing Xue Tao’s words, Xue Tao replied immediately, “I’ll return the money to you right away. It’s none of my business. If you get caught, don’t say that you asked me to kill Song Yunying.”

Hearing that the doctor wanted to disassociate himself from them, Xue Tao reached out and wanted to punch the doctor.

The couple stepped forward and stopped Xue Tao as they didn’t want him to make a scene in the hospital.

However, someone had heard their conversation and tut-tutted, “It turns out that you want to kill Song Yunying.”

Hearing the voice, Xue Tao’s parents were stupefied.

When collecting their wits, they instantly turned to look in the direction where the voice was from.

When they turned around, they saw that Mei Qi leaned on the wall of the corridor and looked at them with a flickering smile.

They all knew Mei Qi and knew that he was Song Yunxuan’s assistant.

As he knew they were trying to kill Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan would soon know it.

Thinking of this, the three members of the Xue Family were flustered.

Xue Tao’s mother was at the end of her rope and turned to look at Xue Tao’s father.

Xue Tao’s father knew that it was no trivial matter.

After pondering, he walked to Mei Qi, asking, “Assistant Mei…”

Mei Qi reached out his hand and waved gently, replying, “Don’t call me that way. I’m not your assistant.”

Hearing that, the three members of the Xue Family knew that he wanted to distance them.

Xue Tao’s father was a bit speechless. But Xue Tao strode forward this time and asked Mei Qi, “If we want you to keep the secret, how much do you want?”

Seeing that Xue Tao was being so straight forward, Mei Qi felt a bit bored.

He thought that Xue Tao would threaten him when he heard their secret.

Mei Qi stretched out a finger and wagged it with boredom.

Seeing that, Xue Tao felt disdainful. Then he took out a checkbook from the pocket and wrote Mei Qi a check.


Xue Tao gave the check to Mei Qi, which was like dismissing a beggar.

Mei Qi took the check and glanced at it. Then he screwed it into a ball and prepared to toss it away.

Seeing that, Xue Tao was stunned and looked at him with astonishment, asking, “Is one million not enough?”

Mei Qi replied in make-believe embarrassment, “Your lives are only worth one million?”

Xue Tao frowned, asking, “So how much do you want?”

Mei Qi wagged his finger again, replying, “Ten million, sir.”

Hearing that amount of money, Xue Tao’s father felt that he would almost have a heart attack.

Xue Tao even exclaimed, “You might as well rob someone of it.”

Mei Qi shrugged and drew back his hand, replying, “Yeah, I’m robbing you. Bite me!”

Hearing the challenging words, Xue Tao couldn’t keep himself anymore. He reached out and grabbed Mei Qi’s collar.

Xue Tao’s parents didn’t know whether to stop their son or not.

The two parties came to a deadlock.

Just at the moment, a baby’s cry came out of the operation room.

Hearing the cry, Xue Tao’s parents both turned around to look at the operation room.

So did Mei Qi. And he reminded them, “In minutes, Manager Song will come out. You’d better think about my proposal.”

Xue Tao gradually loosened his fingers.

Hearing that, the two upset old farts advised Xue Tao, “Give him what he wants. We have to use the money to avoid trouble.”

It was better for them to give Mei Qi ten million to let him keep his mouth shut than letting Song Yunxuan know that they tried to kill Song Yunying.

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