Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 490 - Serious Illness

Chapter 490 Serious Illness

Chu Mochen was nervous.

Song Yunxuan had a terrible headache, but she felt relieved when she saw Chu Mochen was by her side.

Chu Mochen clasped her fingers tightly with his fingers, “Hold on a minute. I have sent people to call the doctor.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Chu Mochen carried her in his arms and put her on the bed.

Song Yunxuan tightened her brows. Her head was so aching that she was about to lose her consciousness.

“Close your eyes and have a rest.”

Song Yunxuan responded in a low voice.

Her eyelids became heavy and uncontrollable.

She wanted to sleep, having a sound sleep.

She wanted to have a good rest.

She didn’t want to worry about the old affairs in Yuncheng or to avenge for her death.

She didn’t want to scheme or intrigue anymore.

As her eyes were closed, her brows gradually relaxed.

Chu Mochen’s smiling at her appeared in her mind.

It would be good to continue spending her life with Chu Mochen, marrying him, becoming his wife, and living with him.

Then, they could have two children.

Two children?

It stimulated Song Yunxuan, making her think of Miaomiao and Gu Yi at once.

She still had Miaomiao and Gu Yi.

She still had two children. She needed to take the two children from Shao Tianze.

She would not allow Shao Tianze to take care of the two children or control them.

Shao Tianze had killed Gu Changge.

Why would she give up revenge?

For herself of rebirth, for the two children, and for the Gu Family’s property that had been taken away.

She must avenge Shao Tianze.

She could not forgive Shao Tianze’s deception and betrayal.

She clenched her fingers, trying hard to wake up.

However, the desire for a comfortable life was like a warm light shining on her and seducing her.

She even could see the happy life with Chu Mochen after she gave up revenge.

She knitted her brows and wanted to break the illusion.

However, when she reached out and was about to break the mirage, she couldn’t help but withdraw her fingers.

When she was hesitating, she heard Chu Mochen’s voice, “Yunxuan? Wake up, Yunxuan.”

She turned to observe the surroundings while frowning.

It was pitch black behind her, and there was nothing.

In front of her was a scene of cheers and laughter. There were her, Chu Mochen, and two children playing around with them.

A son and a daughter. What a happy, merry, and warm scene.

She walked towards the illusion, trying to enter and join.

However, Chu Mochen’s anxious and worried voice came from behind again, “Yunxuan, wake up!”

She stopped.

It was still pitch black and empty behind her, but she was familiar with that voice.

For a moment, she considered carefully and did not move forward.

While she turned back to look at herself in the illusion, she was still attracted.

However, all of a sudden, the man embracing her in the illusion became Shao Tianze.

She was shocked, and her face became pale.

At this moment, Shao Tianze suddenly took out a sharp knife from behind and plunged it into Gu Changge’s chest.

Suddenly, there was a women’s laughter.

She looked over and found Gu Changle smiling gloatingly.

“Yunxuan? Yunxuan!”

A louder call came to her ears.

She regained her senses. The illusion in front of her was suddenly shattered. She fell into the endless darkness again.

She had a headache and opened her eyes laboriously.

Chu Mochen’s anxious and handsome face came into her view.

“You finally woke up!”

He was pleasantly surprised.

The doctor next to him also said, “Aye. I had thought…”

The doctor wanted to continue, but Chu Mochen looked back at the doctor.

The doctor became silent in an instant.

After opening her eyes and seeing that she was in the Song Family’s bedroom, Song Yunxuan frowned, “What happened just now?”

She remembered that she had a dream.

There was happiness in the dream, but the dream’s last part frightened her.

She saw Chu Mochen, Shao Tianze, Gu Yi, and Miaomiao.

She also saw herself.

She was Gu Changge, who had been killed by Shao Tianze.

However, Chu Mochen called her Yunxuan just now.

That was right. She had now become Song Yunxuan.

She was no longer the old Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had been murdered by Shao Tianze long ago.

“Doctor Zheng, would you please leave us alone?”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, the doctor agreed before turned and went out of the room.

Song Yunxuan moved her sight, seeing the doctor leave the room.

Then, she raised her hands to rub her temples.

Chu Mochen stretched out his hands to massage her temples, seeming to want to relieve her pain, “Does your head still hurt?”

“Slightly. Did I pass out just now?”

Chu Mochen nodded, “Why does your headache become so severe all of a sudden?”

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t had enough rest recently.”

The quality of her rest depended on Chu Mochen.

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen pursed her lips, “You would have a good sleep tonight. I will be with you.”

Since she met Chu Mochen’s mother in the Chu Family’s banquet last time, Chu Mochen had been wanting that she could be pregnant as soon as possible and then could marry him.

He tried his best to get her pregnant.

Therefore, her sleep quality was poor.

Although she did not reject being pregnant with his child, she could not withstand such highly intensive exercise.

Now, seeing her having a terrible headache, he decided to rest for a night.

Song Yunxuan thought it was good for Chu Mochen to be with her quietly at night, so she nodded.

Seeing that she wanted to sit up, Chu Mochen reached out to support her.

He asked her, “Did you dream just now?”

Song Yunxuan was stunned. She felt anxious when she thought of her dream just now.

“Did I say anything when I was dreaming?”

Looking at her, Chu Mochen meditated for a while before said, “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan became nervous at once, “What did I say?”

She hoped she didn’t call Shao Tianze with hatred as she did in her dream.

Seeing her nervous face, Chu Mochen said, “You called Miaomiao and Gu Yi.”

After knowing that she called Miaomiao and Gu Yi,

Song Yunxuan felt relieved.

It was not the worst.

She only called the two children’s names, and people couldn’t associate with anything.

However, her headache was getting worse.

“Do you miss the two kids?”

Song Yunxuan understood that she had no reason to miss the two kids because they were neither relatives nor friends.

However, the two kids were born by Gu Changge. That meant they were her children.

Although she had become another person, she could not forget the two children.

“Gu Changge was my friend. Now Gu Changge has died, I want to take care of the two children.”

It was not the first time she had explained why she wanted to take care of the two children.

She believed that Chu Mochen wouldn’t continue to ask.

Her answer was reasonable.

Chu Mochen looked at her and asked suddenly, “Would you like to adopt the two children?”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan frowned tighter, “The two children are not related to me now. We are neither relatives nor friends…”

“As long as you like it, I can help you figure out a solution. You only need to answer whether you want to adopt the two children.”

“I do.”

Song Yunxuan answered crisply.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao were not by her side, and she always missed them in her heart.

Now that Chu Mochen could bring the two children back to her, she was willing to accept it.

She was not able to compete for the two children. However, if Chu Mochen had helped her, there would have been different results.

Chu Mochen nodded, “I will help you do this.”

“Thank you.” Song Yunxuan smiled.

Seeing her tired face, Chu Mochen said gently, “Have a rest. I’ll go back to accompany you after I finish my shower.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and nestled under the quilt.

Chu Mochen sat beside her bed and helped her cover the quilt. After seeing her asleep, he got up and left the bedroom.

He walked to the bedroom door.

He thought of his conversation with Song Yunxuan and couldn’t help but turned back to look at Song Yunxuan, who was sleeping on the bed.

She said that she was not related to the two children now.

Did it mean that she was once related to two children?

Chu Mochen tightened his lips and felt confused about the matter.

And Song Yunxuan did not sleep well this night because of repeated dreams.

However, every time she woke up, she saw Chu Mochen accompanying her. That made her feel at ease.

Chu Mochen pulled her in his arms and hugged her, gently kissing her forehead and cheek.

He comforted her and said it was all right.

She slept restlessly and woke up several times a night.

She had planned to meet Guo Yuyue after waking up the next day.

However, her headache was so terrible that she had to cancel the meeting at the last moment.

Chu Mochen took her to the hospital for an examination.

Before they got the result of Song Yunxuan’s Brain CT scans, Chu Mochen saw Song Yunxuan suffer from severe headaches.

He worried whether there was something terrible in Song Yunxuan’s brain.

The deeper he thought, the more afraid he felt.

He was afraid that Song Yunxuan had an awful illness and suddenly left him.

It was a relief when the brain CT scans came out.

His worries disappeared.

After the examination, the doctor was sure that there was neither a tumor nor anything else that needed medical treatment in Song Yunxuan’s brain.

However, Song Yunxuan still had a headache for no reason.

The doctor was helpless and said to Chu Mochen, “Miss Song needs a good rest. See if the rest can relieve the symptom.”

“Are you sure she has a headache because of the lack of rest?”

“I’m just guessing. The specifics depend on Miss Song’s situation. After all, the physical examination results show that there is no problem.”

“She needs to be hospitalized now.”

“Okay, Childe Chu.”

Chu Mochen decided that Song Yunxuan should be hospitalized and went through the admission procedures for her.

Song Yunxuan had to stay in the hospital.

She didn’t know why she felt a terrible headache when she thought of her deep hatred with Shao Tianze during the hospitalization.

Mei Qi visited her and was worried, “Manager Song, when could you be discharged from the hospital?”

“When I feel better.”

Just after she said, she saw Chu Mochen push the door in with a dark face. He said, “You are not allowed to be discharged without my permission.”

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