Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 488 - The Du Family Was Fooled

Chapter 488 The Du Family Was Fooled

Song Yunxuan was not astonished on hearing the news.

She just said gently on the chair behind the desk, “I’ve long heard Du Qi has been in poor health.”

“Big news! Du Qi had a heart attack.” With this, Mei Qi hung up the phone.

Song Yunxuan looked at him, asking, “Is he out of danger now?”

“He won’t die. You may rest assured, Manager Song.”

Mei Qi was confident in it.

After all, Du Qi came to the airport with a good number of bodyguards.

Even if he had taken ill, the bodyguards around him would have been helpful. Besides, Mrs. Du was with him.

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, Song Yunxuan let out a sigh.

Then she gently raised her hands to rub her temples.

Noticing that she had been doing this for lots of times recently, Mei Qi was a bit worried and suggested, “How about seeing the doctor, Manager Song? I notice that you’ve been having a headache.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, smiling, “Not that serious. I just feel a bit unwell.”

“How about going home and having some rest, Manager Song?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Fine.”

Anyway, she had been in charge of the Song enterprise, and she would soon fulfill the promise she made to Guo Yuyue.

After this little trick, she could temporarily rest for some time with her trophies.

She prepared to drive home by herself. But on her way back, she saw that the shops along the street had been preparing festival gifts.

Song Yunxuan went blank for a moment and realized that May was around the corner.

There were not many festivals in May except for a short holiday.

She pictured Chu Mochen in her mind and curled up her lips.

Perhaps it was a good time for her to bond with Chu Mochen.

She thought of the short holiday in May, and

in the evening, Chu Mochen came back, slipped his arm around her waist, and whispered to her, “Let’s go on a vacation at the beginning of May.”

Song Yunxuan finished her shower and was going to dinner. When suddenly being held by him from behind, she turned around and asked him smilingly, “Where?”

“It’s up to you. Anywhere you like.”

Song Yunxuan thought for a while and said, “I still need to deal with some affairs in the Song enterprise.”

“I don’t want you to give up vacations because of business.” Chu Mochen cut her off, fearing that she might turn him down.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and teased him, “Don’t be nervous. I don’t mean that I won’t go on vacation.”

“So what do you mean?”

“Simple.” Song Yunxuan explained to him, “Song Yunying’s due date was on May the 8th. As her younger sister, I’d better accompany her while she is giving birth. So let’s go somewhere close to Yuncheng for vacation.”

He felt happy when Song Yunxuan agreed to go on vacation with him.

But he didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan used Song Yunying as an excuse to shorten the vacation.

“Your call.”

Chu Mochen whispered to her in such a doting tone.

As long as Song Yunxuan was willing to hang out with him, even if she just wandered with him on the grass in the suburb, he would be satisfied.

Song Yunxuan pondered and asked, “What do you think will be the best place for us to go on vacation?”

“Didn’t I say it was up to you?”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help smiling. Then she continued, “I want to go to Thailend. How about that?”

“So let’s go to Thailend.”

They decided where to have a vacation in May before dinner.

Because of this, Chu Mochen became much happier during dinner.

Mei Qi called Song Yunxuan in the middle of the meal.

No sooner had Song Yunxuan answered the phone than Mei Qi said, “Du Youyu escaped from the hospital.”

Song Yunxuan frowned with displeasure, and her tone became much colder, “How could you let him escape?”

Mei Qi was speechless, not knowing how to explain to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan’s appetite was spoiled on hearing the news.

She put the knife and fork in her hand down and asked Mei Qi again, “Do you know where he is now?”


Song Yunxuan gently took a breath.

Mei Qi went on, “However, after being fooled, Du Youyu must have guessed that the Song enterprise was the prime mover. So he is probably coming to you.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel surprised at all, replying, “You bet. Du Youyu is not a fool. If he had reflected on the whole thing, he would have known who was behind it.”

Mei Qi sounded a bit worried, asking, “Manager Song, shall I come over now?”

Song Yunxuan smiled gently, “No need. As soon as Du Youyu comes to my territory, he will lose the initiative.”

The Song Family belonged to Song Yunxuan. So naturally, she would not allow an outsider to go on the rampage here.

Even if Du Youyu had seethed with rage and vented his anger to Song Yunxuan, he would have suffered the consequences.

Hearing her words, Mei Qi understood and didn’t mention it anymore.

Song Yunxuan asked him another question, “How is Du Qi doing now?”

“Still unconscious.”

“Tell the hospital that we will invest them if they can make Du Qi wake up in the shortest time.”

Mei Qi nodded.

After telling Mei Qi what to do, Song Yunxuan hung up the phone.

Chu Mochen knew that there was something important when seeing that she put down her dinner set to answer the call.

When the call was over, he asked Song Yunxuan, “Is it about the Du Family?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Yes.”

Sensing that she didn’t plan to explain it in detail, Chu Mochen stopped asking further.

But out of his expectation, Song Yunxuan continued after wiping her lips with the handkerchief, “Du Youyu escaped from the hospital, and the doctors can’t find him. I wonder if he is coming to me.”

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen said, “Maybe he will visit his father Du Qi.”

Song Yunxuan felt that Chu Mochen’s words made sense.

Though he had woken up, his father had been sent to the hospital.

After waking up, it was normal for him to visit Du Qi after knowing what happened to his family.

After wiping her lips, Song Yunxuan put the handkerchief onto the desk and rose.

Seeing that she got up, Chu Mochen asked her, “Are you full?”

“I’m going to see how Du Qi is doing now.”

Chu Mochen slightly puckered up his brows, replying, “Won’t it be troublesome if you meet Du Youyu in the hospital?”

“No matter how, I’ll meet him one day.” Song Yunxuan curled up her lips, continuing, “And I do need to explain to Du Youyu about the whole thing in detail.”

Chu Mochen didn’t want Song Yunxuan to meet Du Qi. But sensing that she was immovable, he could do nothing but go with her.

It was already eight o’clock when they arrived at the hospital. As soon as they reached the floor where Du Qi was on, they heard Du Youyu’s angry words coming from inside, “I’ll confront Song Yunxuan!”

“What’s the use of it? Your younger sister has already been in custody. You’d better think of a way to rescue your sister now.”

”I still need to see Song Yunxuan.”

Hearing Du Youyu’s words, Song Yunxuan slightly took a pace forward.

Just at that time, she saw that Du Youyu was blocked by Mrs. Du.

Du Youyu’s eyes turned red with anger. Everything that happened to his family made him quite upset.

Mrs. Du stood with her back to Song Yunxuan, so she didn’t find that she was in the hospital now.

But Du Youyu was different.

Du Youyu had already seen that Song Yunxuan was standing in the corridor that was not very far from him.

He seemed to think of something and pondered for a moment. Then he held his mother’s arms down and spoke to her, “Mom, I’m all yours. I won’t see Song Yunxuan now. Please excuse me for a moment.”

Hearing her son’s words, Mrs. Du put her hands down. But she still felt worried when seeing that Du Youyu was leaving, saying, “Youyu, now your dad is in hospital and your younger sister is in custody. Though we hate Song Yunxuan’s guts now, the Chu’s gets Song Yunxuan’s back. Don’t act rashly.”

Though Mrs. Du was furious, she had to calm herself down as she knew that the Chu’s got Song Yunxuan’s back.

Unlike a young person like Du Youyu, she was aged and thought a lot. So she had to consider everything.

Hearing his mother’s words, Du Youyu nodded, saying, “Don’t worry, mom. I’m out for a cigarette, and I’ll be right back.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Du felt relieved and nodded.

Song Yunxuan took a pace backward and returned to the corner of the corridor in case that Mrs. Du might find her.

Du Youyu soon reached the corner.

He halted for a moment and then walked to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan looked at him.

Du Youyu also looked at her, frowning.

Chu Mochen was standing beside Song Yunxuan, appearing indifferent.

Seeing that Du Youyu took a look at Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan turned to tell him, “I’ll have a word with Childe Du in private.”

Song Yunxuan was Chu Mochen’s fiancee.

Hearing that his fiancee would talk to a man in private, Chu Mochen felt displeased.

However, Chu Mochen still listened to her.

But he cast a cold glance at Du Youyu before leaving.

Seeing the coldness in his eyes, Du Youyu didn’t dare to act rashly.

Seeing that Chu Mochen left, Song Yunxuan walked to the elevator, saying, “Let’s talk somewhere privately. Or we may startle Mrs. Du if we quarrel.”

Du Youyu pressed his lips and went into the elevator with her.

There were some other people in the elevator, so Du Youyu felt that it was not appropriate for him to ask Song Yunxuan questions here.

Finally, when they got out of the elevator, Du Youyu found that Song Yunxuan was heading for the rooftop.

Du Youyu’s eyes turned dark, and he spoke behind Song Yunxuan, “Don’t you afraid that I may kill you as you ruined my family?”

“You won’t hurt anyone of the Du Family, will you?”

Du Youyu narrowed his eyes.

Song Yunxuan was right.

He would never hurt his family. If he had hurt Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen would have never let the Du Family off.

As the Chu Family was more powerful than the Du Family, it was easy for the Chu Family to eradicate the Du Family.

On the rooftop, Du Youyu pressed his lips and asked Song Yunxuan coldly, “What do I have to do to save my younger sister?”

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