Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 482 - Bought Shares

Chapter 482 Bought Shares

Song Yunxuan spent the night at the Chu Family. She had believed that Chu Mochen would restrain himself. After all, his parents were here.

However, she overestimated Chu Mochen’s self-control.

During the sleepless night, his husky and sexy voice rang in her ears frequently.

His love words were not only romantic but also made her shy and ashamed.

As soon as they woke up the next morning, he pressed himself on her.

Song Yunxuan frowned and felt displeased with him, “Is one night not enough for you?”

“I asked you to scream out loud, but you refused to make a sound. I was disappointed.” Chu Mochen’s lips pecked on her delicate neck.

Song Yunxuan pushed him away hard, “Enough. Stop flirting with me. People could easily see us here.”

“What does it matter? You are already mine, and all the people in Yuncheng know it.”

Song Yunxuan glared at him, put on the bathrobe beside the bed, and walked towards the bathroom.

Chu Mochen sat on the bed, bending his knees to look at her back.

After watching for a while, he got out of bed and followed her into the bathroom.

The Chu Family always had breakfast on time.

Chu Mochen’s parents were having breakfast in the dining room.

However, Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan were not in their seats.

Chu Mochen’s father frowned lightly.

The mother smiled and said, “It’s common that young people laze around in bed.”

“They shouldn’t forget the time for breakfast.” The father was worried.

There was nothing wrong with a man loving a woman.

If he had loved overly and forgotten his regular schedule and judgment because of a woman, it would have been worrying.

Chu Mochen’s mother gently persuaded her husband, “Mochen manages the Chu’s very well. And he has been in love with Yunxuan for a long time. Why do you worry so much?”

They were husband and wife. Every time Chu Mochen’s father frowned, the mother could know his worries.

Hearing his wife’s persuasion, the father relaxed his frown slightly.

Chu Mochen’s mother said again, “I know clearly about Yunxuan’s background and the Song Family. She is a calm and sensible woman. How could she not know what to do to benefit her husband?”

The mother dispelled the father’s worries little by little.

His knitted brows loosened.

At the same, Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan entered the dining room.

Song Yunxuan wore a round neck shirt and a soft wool sweater.

However, people with discerning eyes could see that the shirt covered her white neck.

They would know what had happened last night without thinking.

While the father was eating silently, Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen said good morning to the parents.

Chu Mochen’s mother smiled all the time.

When Song Yunxuan was eating, the mother asked, “Have you discussed the wedding date?”

Before Song Yunxuan could answer,

Chu Mochen said, “I am busy with pressing business this month. We plan to have the wedding next month.”

Chu Mochen’s mother was satisfied with the answer.

“That’s good. There is a month to prepare. The wedding will not be hasty.”

Song Yunxuan smiled.

She also turned to look at Chu Mochen.

He was confident that he could get her pregnant within a month.

Chu Mochen loved Song Yunxuan.

Therefore, his parents wouldn’t stop Chu Mochen from marrying Song Yunxuan legally.

They had decided on the wedding date. After the breakfast, Chu Mochen sent Song Yunxuan to the Song enterprise.

On the way, Song Yunxuan remembered that Chu Mochen and his father discussed something in the study yesterday. Therefore, she gently asked Chu Mochen, “Did you discuss our affairs with your father yesterday?”

“My father and me?”


Song Yunxuan looked at him with clear eyes.

Chu Mochen pursed his lips and said, “No. Something about work.”

“Something important, I guess?”

Chu Mochen usually decided everything in Chu’s.

Those significant business affairs that he couldn’t decide alone needed to be discussed with his father.

Since they discussed together, it must be an essential event.

Chu Mochen didn’t want to tell her the vital matter. So, he cleverly changed the topic and advised her, “You will marry me and become a member of the Chu Family in more than a month. It’s better to make good preparation.”


Now that he changed the subject, Song Yunxuan understood that he did not want to discuss it with her.

She pursed her lips and said, “I’ll try my best to prepare.”

She said so and appeared thoughtful.

However, after returning to the Song enterprise, Song Yunxuan summoned Mei Qi and asked, “Did something I don’t know happened in Yuncheng recently?”

Because she focused on Song Yunjia recently, she inevitably could not notice what happened in Yuncheng.

Mei Qi paid attention to things in Yuncheng, so she chose to ask Mei Qi when she wanted to get the picture.

After hearing her question, Mei Qi said, “I heard that Jiacheng Electronics is in trouble.”

Song Yunxuan frowned and asked, “Are you talking about Jiacheng Electronics under Gu’s?”

“It is called the Shao enterprise now.” Mei Qi reminded her.

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes to hide her annoyance and displeasure, “Yes. It is called the Shao enterprise now.”

Mei Qi continued, “Guo Yuyue, the chairman of Jiacheng Electronics, is seriously ill.”

“I see.”

Song Yunxuan responded in a low voice.

Her brain had started to spin at a fast speed, considering what benefit she could get from this matter.

Guo Yuyue was an iron lady with sharp and robust means. Under her management, Jiacheng Electronics generated huge profits, ranking among the best in many branches of Gu’s.

And Gu Changge, before her death, thought highly of Guo Yuyue.

Guo Yuyue was a widow with a child.

It had been ten years since Gu Changge promoted Guo Yuyue to the chairman of Jiacheng Electronics.

People recognized Guo Yuyue’s ability. However, it was strange that she suddenly got ill.

“I heard that Guo Yuyue paid great attention to health. After securing her position as chairman of Jiacheng, she rarely stayed up late to work overtime or went on business trips. Why did she suddenly become ill?”

“Her son died because of a car accident.”

Song Yunxuan went silent and did not speak for a while.

What was the fastest way to defeat a strong woman?

It was to break the spiritual prop of the incentive for her life without mercy.

A widowed woman refused to remarry and struggled for a successful career alone for her child’s sake.

However, her child died.

What else could support the middle-aged Guo Yuyue to continue her life?

“I think I need to visit her.”

Mei Qi nodded, “You should visit her indeed. Guo Yuyue owns 40 percent shares of Jiacheng Electronics. If we can acquire her and some retail investors’ shares, the Shao enterprise will suffer huge losses.”

“That will be a compulsory acquisition.” Song Yunxuan smiled, “I have thought about it, but now it is better to visit Guo Yuyue first.”

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to find out where Guo Yuyue was hospitalized.

And they asked the attending doctor about Guo Yuyue’s condition.

After knowing who Song Yunxuan was, the attending doctor told Song Yunxuan about Guo Yuyue’s condition without considering.

Song Yunxuan asked the doctor, “May I visit Chairman Guo?”

The doctor nodded, “It depends on whether the patient wants to see you.”

“Please tell her that Gu Changge’s friend wants to see her.”

The doctor did as what Song Yunxuan said.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi waited outside the ward.

After a short time, the doctor walked out of the ward and told her, “Chairman Guo wants to see you.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, opened the ward’s door, and walked in.

Mei Qi waited outside.

Song Yunxuan was familiar with the hospital ward. However, she rarely saw rooms like Guo Yuyue’s where disinfectant smelled so pungent.

Song Yunxuan raised the hand to cover her nose.

Guo Yuyue was sitting on the sickbed. When Song Yunxuan walked in, Guo Yuyue moved her sight towards Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song?”

After being called, Song Yunxuan greeted, “Hello, Chairman Guo.”

Guo Yuyue mocked herself, “It is just an empty title. Whoever likes this position can take it. I do not want it.”

“What about Jiacheng’s shares? Will you continue to hold them?”

Guo Yuyue had worn an indifferent face.

When she heard Song Yunxuan mention Jiacheng’s shares, she was stunned. Then, Guo Yuyue frowned and looked at Song Yunxuan, “You want to buy my shares, don’t you?”

“Are you selling them?”

“It’s a big deal…”

“If you sell your shares to me, you can recuperate and live abroad. I will offer you a reasonable price.”

Guo Yuyue pursed her lips and didn’t want to speak.

Why would she sell her shares?

She didn’t care about anything after her son died. If she had resigned and stopped working, the dividends from her shares would have been enough for her to squander until she died.

If she had sold her shares, she would have got only cash.

The amount of cash was limited. If this cash had been spent, there would have been no more. It was securer for Guo Yuyue to own shares.

Song Yunxuan saw that Guo Yuyue lowered her eyes and didn’t speak.

So, she walked towards Guo Yuyue and stared at her eyes, “Jiacheng Electronics has been unassuming, but it has contributed a lot to Gu’s profit. Right?”

Guo Yuyue was in grief and poor health after losing her son, but her mind was still sharp.

“What do you want to do?”

“To destroy the Shao enterprise.” Song Yunxuan said casually and frankly.

Guo Yuyue was surprised by the direct reason, “You? To destroy the Shao enterprise?”

She seemed to have heard a joke and sneered, “You greatly underestimate the Shao enterprise. It is a huge business empire. How can an unthreatening Song enterprise destroy it?”

The Song enterprise was too weak. It fought against the Shao enterprise like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Guo Yuyue felt Song Yunxuan’s words ridiculous.

Song Yunxuan pulled a chair and sat by Guo Yuyue’s bed. She looked at Guo Yuyue and said, “If such a large group starts to corrupt from the inside out, how long do you think it can last?”

“It has now been renamed the Shao enterprise. Though its controller has changed from Gu Changge to Shao Tianze, the Shao enterprise is the Shao enterprise. It will not rot from the inside out. If you are still daydreaming about defeating the Shao enterprise, you need to be sober.”

“In the past, I didn’t believe that the Shao enterprise would corrupt from the inside out. However, now that Gu Changle has become one of the Shao enterprise’s executives. Everything has changed.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Guo Yuyue knitted her brows and suddenly fell silent.

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