Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 480 - The Madame of the Chu Family Returned

Chapter 480 The Madame of the Chu Family Returned

They had just eradicated Song Yunjia.

And they felt relieved as an insider had been killed. Yet out of their expectation, Song Yunxuan was another insider.

If Song Yunxuan had known the real cause of Gu Changge’s death, she would have wanted to do something.

Gu Changle reminded Shao Tianze, “Though Song Yunxuan is young, she is quite ambitious.”

“I’m also wondering what she will do after knowing the secret.”

“I highly doubt that the stupid bitch will reverse Gu Changge’s verdict. We needn’t worry about that for now.”

Gu Changle felt that Song Yunxuan had no reason to do so.

But Shao Tianze held a different idea, “You said that she was an ambitious woman. Do you think that she may want to seize the Shao enterprise?”

Before Shao Tianze said it, Gu Changle didn’t show that she looked down upon Song Yunxuan.

However, right after Shao Tianze said it, Gu Changle felt amused and laughed out loud, replying, “Song Yunxuan? You think she can get hold of the Shao enterprise? You are flattering her.”

Gu Changle thought that Song Yunxuan was no threat at all. But Shao Tianze replied after pondering, “Anyway, it’s better for us to guard against her.”

Gu Changle was not interested in Song Yunxuan. She nodded perfunctorily on hearing that Shao Tianze wanted them to guard against Song Yunxuan.

And Song Yunxuan didn’t make any big moves in the Song enterprise afterward.

Not only didn’t she make any big moves, but she had also shifted her emphasis to Song Yunjia’s mother, Ye Meiqi.

Ye Meiqi was under the weather every day, and her physical condition was getting worse and worse as she lost her daughter.

Song Yunxuan went to the hospital twice in a week with Ye Meiqi because of her physical condition.

But Ye Meiqi didn’t want to stay in hospital to get treated. Every time after being checked in the hospital, she insisted on going home.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t talk her around, so she could only take her home.

On Saturday, Chu Mochen came over to invite her to a party.

Song Yunxuan was going to refuse. But just at that moment, Chu Mochen whispered to her, “My mom has come back from abroad and wants to see you.”

Song Yunxuan was slightly taken aback. She took a look back at Ye Meiqi, who was having breaking at the table, nodding, “I’ll make some arrangements. I planned to go to the hospital with my mother today.”

“Let Song Yunying come over to do it.”

Chu Mochen immediately thought of Song Yunying.

Yet Song Yunxuan didn’t trust in Song Yunying.

“Yunying is going to give birth. It’s not appropriate for her to accompany my mom. I’d better send over Mei Qi.”

Mei Qi had been with her for a long time, and she began to think of Mei Qi before making decisions.

Chu Mochen felt a bit jealous, “Why do I think the man called Mei Qi a thorn in my flesh?”

Song Yunxuan looked up at him helplessly, “How about you being my assistant and secretary in the Song enterprise, helping me to check information and running the company in place of Mei Qi?”

Chu Mochen pulled her into his arms, put her lips on her earlobe, and whispered to her, “I only need to keep you in control.”

Song Yunxuan did not object.

It was true that Chu Mochen only needed to watch over her and keep her in control.

She told the family servants to take good care of Ye Meiqi. And she specifically instructed Nurse Wang.

And then she walked over to Ye Meiqi and said to her, “Mom, I have to do something with Mochen today, and I need to go out with him. Sorry I can’t go to the hospital with you.”

Ye Meiqi had been off-color because of losing her daughter. But her mood had stabilized a lot.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, she nodded, “Go ahead. Don’t worry about me.”

“I’ll let Nurse Wang accompany you. And Mei Qi will take you to the hospital later.”

Ye Meiqi nodded.

Then Song Yunxuan left with Chu Mochen.

“Is your mom going to hold a luncheon this time?”

“No, she is going to hold a dinner party.” Chu Mochen replied to her.

Hearing his reply, Song Yunxuan felt helpless, replying, “Since it’s a dinner party, I can go there in the afternoon.”

“But I want you to start preparing it with me in the morning.”

She had been with Chu Mochen for quite a long time. Their relationship had been very close, no matter openly or secretly.

Chu Mochen’s father knew that they had been together, and he never interfered with it.

He didn’t object it nor force them to get married.

Chu Mochen could always make decisions by himself.

In the morning, Chu Mochen took Song Yunxuan to buy clothes and choose jewelry.

And they had lunch together in a Western restaurant at noon.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, he took her to the Chu Family.

The dinner party started at six.

Some young generations from rich families who were on good terms with the Gu Family showed up one after another at about four or five o’clock.

Chu Mochen changed into a silvery grey suit. His slim build and handsome appearance looked somewhat aloof.

Song Yunxuan went to choose clothes with him in the morning, and Chu Mochen picked a light blue evening dress which he thought suited her very well at first sight.

It was an off-shoulder and slim-cut princess dress.

Its tail was about half a meter long and looked quite pretty and dignified.

Song Yunxuan permed her long hair.

When her long hair was tied up behind her head, the pretty pearl earrings served as a foil to her white skin.

She was Chu Mochen’s fiancée, and the whole Yuncheng knew it.

When she was with Chu Mochen, she was always well-behaved.

Instead, she appeared quite noble by nature.

Chu Mochen’s mother was a half-caste. Chu Mochen’s grandmother was an aristocrat from the WK.

And her grandfather was the eldest son of the Guan Family in Harbor City.

Besides the necessary business alliance, love grew up between Chu Mochen’s mother and father after their marriage.

Chu Mochen’s mother’s physical condition was not very good, and she had always been recuperating in the WK.

And she only stayed for a few months every year she came back.

After Chu Mochen took over the Chu’s, his father spent most of his time with his wife except when he had to give Chu Mochen some advice in critical moments.

Song Yunxuan was chatting with a friend on the ground floor of the Chu Family’s villa with Chu Mochen.

And Chu Mochen’s mother had been watching the young lady with Chu Mochen’s father on the first floor.

“Not to mention the appearance, she looks somewhat like the eldest daughter of the Gu Family just by looking at her temperament and expressions.”

“And this is one reason that Mochen had feelings for the girl in the beginning.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s father’s words, Chu Mochen’s mother gave a brief smile, replying, “I think the girl is good. Why does Mochen still not marry her?”

“I had thought it would be quick, but Mochen never mentioned it to me.”

Chu Mochen’s mother pondered for a moment and smiled, “Don’t tell me that the kid doesn’t want to marry Mochen.”

“Speaking of family backgrounds, is there a man better than Mochen in Yuncheng?”

Chu Mochen’s mother couldn’t help chuckling on hearing Chu Mochen’s father, “You are right about that. I’ll talk to the kid in private tonight.”

Chu Mochen’s mother liked Song Yunxuan and couldn’t help but curl up her lips when seeing that Chu Mochen wandered in the hall arm in arm with Song Yunxuan.

As a mother, she wanted her son to find a good woman to get married and start his career.

Song Yunxuan was the kind of girl that his son liked.

It was better for the two kids to get married as soon as possible.

Chu Mochen’s mother was thinking about it in her heart.

The dinner party was quite lively.

After walking with Chu Mochen for one round, she knew a lot of rich families that were on good terms with the Chu Family.

And most of them knew Song Yunxuan.

After all, Song Yunxuan had been through a lot to be the master of the Song Family. None of her elder brother and eldest sisters was willing to let her take over the Song Family.

However, they could not stop her from doing it.

It was not easy for her to make such achievements in the Song Family as she was from a small town.

So it was not strange that a lot of people knew her in the business field in Yuncheng.

After all, few rich daughters could make it.

She wore a smile and appeared gentle during the whole dinner party.

After the dinner party, Chu Mochen took her to say goodbye to the elder of the rich families that came tonight.

Meanwhile, Chu Mochen’s mother was happily watching her son and Song Yunxuan next to them.

When all the people were gone, Song Yunxuan said, “Uncle and aunt, it’s late, and I should go back now.”

Song Yunxuan hadn’t married Chu Mochen yet, so it was not appropriate for her to stay in the Chu Family for the night.

Besides, Ye Meiqi was at home, so she had better go home now.

Hearing that she was leaving, Chu Mochen said, “I’ll drive you back.”

Right after Chu Mochen said that, Chu Mochen’s mother said, “It’s still early. How about letting Yunxuan chat with me for a bit longer? And then you may drive her back.”

Chu Mochen’s mother was also from a rich family.

So she would not starkly say that she wanted Song Yunxuan to stay for the night.

Her mild tone suggested that she wanted her to stay overnight. If Song Yunxuan had been smart enough, she should have got the meaning of her words.

If she had made Song Yunxuan stay to chat with her, it would have got later and later.

Then wouldn’t it be right and proper for her to let Song Yunxuan stay in the Chu Family overnight?

Chu Mochen’s father remained silent, and Chu Mochen knew what his mother meant.

Song Yunxuan felt that she would have spoiled the fun if she had turned her down, so she nodded.

Then she went back with Chu Mochen’s mother to have tea and chat.

Chu Mochen’s mother liked baking.

After Song Yunxuan sat down in the living room, Chu Mochen’s mother let a servant serve three dishes of dessert and cake.

One of the dishes was fragrant butter cookies.

Seeing the butter cookies, Song Yunxuan slightly frowned.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan frowned, Chu Mochen’s mother knew that Song Yunxuan didn’t like it.

She gently ordered the servant to change the butter cookies into a cherry cake.

“I always make some desserts when I’m free. Take a look at these, try one if you like.”

Chu Mochen’s mother appeared quite amiable and kind.

Seeing the gentle smile on Chu Mochen’s mother’s face, Song Yunxuan reached out to take a cherry cake and put it into her mouth.

Chu Mochen had entered the study with his father.

In the living room were only Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen’s mother, and a servant who brought over two cups of black tea.

Chu Mochen’s mother wore a smile and looked at her in satisfaction, “Mochen once told us that he liked the youngest daughter of the Song Family. We thought it was a joke. Yet out of our expectation, we gradually believe him as he always mentions you to us.”

Song Yunxuan gave a brief smile, remaining silent.

In the beginning, Chu Mochen and her got together for mutual advantage.

She wanted to make use of Chu Mochen’s wealth and power.

And Chu Mochen wanted a woman who was very much like the one he couldn’t get to be with him.

But their feelings for each other changed as time passed.

“I don’t know how love grows between you and Mochen, but I can see that Mochen likes you a lot.”

Chu Mochen’s mother asked her smilingly, “Do you like Mochen?”

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