Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 474 - The Playboy Flared up

Chapter 474 The Playboy Flared up

Liang Ziting was clear-headed, and he knew clearly what he should do now.

Yet Ye Xinyu was obviously not as calm as him.

Not only didn’t she calm down to think about what she should do now but also she went further.

She questioned him in tears, appearing bitterly aggrieved, “Ziting, we’ve been together for such a long time. How can you do this to me?”

Ye Xinyu was a pretty lady, and some diners had already paid attention to her arrival.

Now that there was a commotion at their table, the diners beside them all turned to watch the show.

Liang Ziting didn’t like to be focused. He frowned and looked at Ye Xinyu, warning her coldly, “Miss, I’m dating with my girlfriend now. If you do not stop your prank, I will call the police.”

Ye Xinyu was not afraid at all. Hearing Liang Ziting’s words, she turned to look at Shao Xue.

And she looked resentful and furious, “Why do you step into our love?”

She immediately turned to blame Shao Xue.

Shao Xue slightly puckered up her brows, twisted her head sideways, and looked at Liang Ziting, “Mr. Liang, what’s your relationship with this lady?”

Liang Ziting had already become quite upset because of Ye Xinyu’s sabotaging his date.

Now hearing that Shao Xue’s voice also became cold, he knew that Shao Xue began to doubt his relationship between Ye Xinyu.

To disassociate himself from Ye Xinyu, he immediately took out his cellphone and prepared to call the police.

However, Shao Xue stopped frowning on seeing this and turned to look at Ye Xinyu, “Miss, I didn’t know that Mr. Liang had a girlfriend. I’m not courting him. Enjoy your time. I’m leaving.”

Shao Xue took her handbag from the chair back, raised, and prepared to leave.

Seeing that Shao Xue prepared to leave,

Liang Ziting hastily got up and tried to stop Shao Xue.

However, Shao Xue had already left the table with her handbag.

Meanwhile, Ye Xinyu stood right in the way of Liang Ziting and blocked his way.

Liang Ziting could only watch Shao Xue leave the restaurant and could not stop her and explain.

Seeing Shao Xue walking farther and farther, Liang Ziting finally flared up and pushed Ye Xinyu, who was stood out of his way angrily.

Ye Xinyu was an effeminate lady, and Liang Ziting really pushed her so hard.

Being pushed by this, Ye Xinyu fell on a diner who was beside them and tipped over the dishes on the table.

The diner was taken aback and instantly turned to glare at Ye Xinyu and Liang Ziting.

Someone immediately recognized the entertainer Ye Xinyu.

And a sibilant murmuring briefly pervaded the restaurant.

“The lady looks so familiar!”

“Isn’t she the star in the recent advertisement?”

“She also acted the latest hit idol drama.”

“Is the man her boyfriend?”

“How tragic! His boyfriend cheated on her!”

“It’s a secret affair. It would be strange if he didn’t cheat on her.”

The diners around them began to gossip.

Seeing that Liang Ziting ran after Shao Xue, Ye Xinyu also ran out to chase them.

No sooner had Shao Xue walked out of the restaurant door than her hair was windblown.

She ran her fingers through the hair on her forehead. Then she took a deep breath and hailed a taxi.

Hailing a taxi in front of Baxian Restaurant was as easy as winking.

As long as one waved his hand, he would be able to hail a taxi.

After getting on a taxi, she turned to look at the restaurant door and saw Liang Ziting rushed out.

And behind him was Ye Xinyu, who also ran out.

Seeing this, she completely put Liang Ziting in her black book.

She thought that Liang Ziting was a reliable man.

Yet out of her expectation, she met his girlfriend on their first date.

Liang Ziting had a good taste. Ye Xinyu was indeed a pretty lady.

It was a pity that Liang Ziting was a cheater.

She detested cheaters most.

Besides, he was a cheater with a strong purpose.

She pressed her lips and turned her gaze back.

When Liang Ziting saw Shao Xue got on the taxi, his heart sank, and he realized that he was not able to maintain their relationship anymore.

Then Ye Xinyu caught up with him and questioned him with sadness in her eyes, “Don’t you love me anymore?”

Seeing that Ye Xinyu still dared to catch up with him and question him, he immediately flew into a rage. He grabbed Ye Xinyu’s wrist and dragged her towards him, asking her balefully, “Do you know that you messed up my plan?”

He spluttered.

Ye Xinyu was scared by his fierce look and goggled at him in grievance and sadness.

Of course she knew that she messed up Liang Ziting’s plan.

And it could be said that she ruined Liang Ziting’s life.

However, she couldn’t care less about it.

As long as she could rise to the top, nothing would matter.

Liang Ziting, who was a love child, had a hard life in the Liang Family.

The family property which he would inherit would be so little.

Even if he were sophisticated enough to get control of the whole Liang Family, he would need time and assistants.

Now he considered Shao Xue, who was Shao Tianze’s younger sister, as his assistant.

After he married Shao Xue and get hold of the whole Liang Family with Shao Tianze’s help, would he still love his ex-girlfriend?

Would he divorce with Shao Xue and marry Ye Xinyu?

Did he dare to do it?

Shao Tianze married his younger sister to him and helped him, then he promptly divorced with Shao Xue.

Would Shao Tianze let him go?

From what she knew of Liang Ziting, he would never dare to divorce with Shao Xue unless Shao Tianze died or the Shao enterprise collapsed.

Because Shao Tianze backed Shao Xue up.

He was not able to fight against Shao Tianze at all.

Since Liang Ziting would not think of Ye Xinyu at all for the rest of his life, why couldn’t she look out for herself?

Now she could get a change of booming her popularity at the expense of Liang Ziting.

The crew of Nine States was star-studded. Even if she just played a cameo role, she could show it off in front of her peers.

Moreover, the role she would be playing was of some importance.

She had made such a meticulous plan, and she sneezed at Liang Ziting’s ambition and plans.

She couldn’t care less about whether Liang Ziting’s life was ruined or not.

As long as she could shoot to stardom, she would be able to marry a man who was much better than Liang Ziting, and it would be so easy for her to marry into the purple.

Seeing that Shao Xue left, Liang Ziting was in no mood to deal with Ye Xinyu.

He turned to look for his car.

In the meantime, Shao Xue was out of sight. Even if he drove his car to chase her, he would have a slim chance of catching up with her.

Thinking of this, Liang Ziting felt that Ye Xinyu was really a pain in the ass.

Then he punched the wheel hard after getting on the car.

At this time, Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan saw that Liang Ziting punched his wheel in his car on their way to get the car.

They saw Liang Ziting’s angry look through the car window.

Song Yunxuan slightly smiled, and the look in her eyes was a bit cold.

Seeing the smile on Song Yunxuan’s face, Mei Qi pondered thoughtfully and asked her, “Now what?”

“The show is over. I’m going to discuss with Mochen about Ye Xinyu’s joining the Nine States. You can get off work now.”

“OK. Allow me to send you back first.”

“Thank you for making a detour.”

Mei Qi wore a smile and didn’t mind making a detour.


After Ye Xinyu made such a fuss, Liang Ziting has gone down in Shao Xue’s estimation.

However, Liang Ziting was not a man who awaited his doom. He would surely try everything he could to get her back.

As for what he would do, Song Yunxuan did not take it into account now.

After all, Shao Xue would guard against Liang Ziting more after seeing the show.

Mei Qi sent her back.

It was a bit late, and the night was falling.

No sooner had she entered the house than she saw that some servants were being busy.

Nurse Wang welcomed her and took the handbag in her hand, saying, “Childe Chu has arrived, and he has been waiting in the study.”

Hearing Nurse Wang said that Chu Mochen was in the study, Song Yunxuan frowned.

She never allowed an outsider to enter her study. Even though Chu Mochen had an intimate relationship with her, she was still unwilling to let Chu Mochen enter her study.

Now Chu Mochen entered there this easily. Was it because she left in a hurry and forgot to lock the door of the study?

She recalled the scene when she left but couldn’t recall any details.

Then she changed into her slippers and directly went upstairs to see Chu Mochen.

Nurse Wang followed her all the way to her study.

Song Yunxuan asked her as she was striding, “Is the dinner ready?”

“Yes, but not much. Have you eaten out, Miss Yunxuan?”

“A little. But I’m still a bit hungry.”

“OK. Allow me to tell the cooks to add more dishes.”


Song Yunxuan nodded.

Then Nurse Wang went to the kitchen to tell the cooks about it.

Song Yunxuan arrived at the door of the study, gently pushed it open, and saw that Chu Mochen was choosing books in front of the bookshelf in her study.

Song Yunxuan had changed the layout of the study after Song Yan died.

But the bookshelves on the three walls were still filled with books.

She liked being surrounded by books and missed the study she furnished with her father while she was living in the Gu Family.

Though Gu Cheng died early, he played a crucial role in her growth.

Almost all her tricks derived from Gu Cheng’s meticulous tutoring.

Though she admired her father a lot, she also suffered a lot from it.

She had been doted since an early age, and that was why many people envied and hated her.

As she rose to the top, many people wanted to hold her down and saw her suffering.

However, she had never shown the white feather and had always been the strong-arm princess who made Gu Cheng proud when he was alive.

She stopped at the door.

Chu Mochen sensed that someone was looking at him, so he turned around slightly. And just at that time, he saw Song Yunxuan standing at the door of the study.

He couldn’t help but ask her, “Why are you standing there?”

“Something crossed my mind.”

“So did I.” Chu Mochen put the book on his hand back onto the bookshelf and said with a casual air, “The study is a bit similar to Gu Changge’s.”

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