Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 462 - Achieved The Wish

Chapter 462 Achieved The Wish

If she had said something else, Chu Mochen wouldn’t have been surprised.

However, Song Yunxuan’s words made Chu Mochen laugh, “Do they want to fight each other?”

“No, they don’t.” Song Yunxuan explained to him, “Gu Changle regarded Song Yunjia as her worst enemy. Now, Song Yunjia has died. Gu Changle should have rested without worry. However, she is not satisfied.”

“What is not satisfied?”

Chu Mochen moved his fingers to her waist and squeezed her waist gently.

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Stop it.”

However, Chu Mochen didn’t want to withdraw his hand. Not only did he not withdraw his hand, he gently pressed his lips to her neck and kissed.

Chu Mochen’s actions were sexual. Song Yunxuan frowned lightly and wanted to break free from his arms.

After finishing the email conversation with Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan was sitting on the sofa in the study.

The sofa in the study was not small and enough for three people.

As Chu Mochen was holding her, it was not easy for her to break free.

Chu Mochen’s kiss was on her neck. Song Yunxuan tried to break free but failed, so she simply let him go.

After all, she had been living with this man for so long. She was able to adapt and accept some intimate contact between them.

Chu Mochen didn’t hear her talking, so he rubbed her earlobe with his lips and asked in a hoarse voice, “What is not satisfied?”

Song Yunxuan felt a little resigned, “I’m talking about Gu Changle.”

“I’m talking about Gu Changle, too.”

Song Yunxuan was resigned. They were both talking about Gu Changle, but Chu Mochen was flirting with her.

“Can you stop it?”


Song Yunxuan was rejected and felt resigned.

When Chu Mochen put his fingers on her shoulder, Song Yunxuan believed that he might have done something wild in the study if she hadn’t stopped him.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to press his fingers on her shoulder and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

After hearing that sentence, Chu Mochen stopped moving his hand as she expected.

Song Yunxuan got up from the sofa and was about to walk outside the study.

However, when she only walked out a few steps, Chu Mochen seized her round the middle and lifted her in his arms.

Being carried by him like this, Song Yunxuan frowned, “My eldest sister just passed away, and you behave wild in my home. Do you feel bad?”

“I can take you to my house.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head and gently pressed his shoulders, “Put me down. Ye Meiqi hasn’t returned to Switserland. Even if we don’t feel sorry or sad about Song Yunjia’s death, we can’t have fun in the Song Family so obvious.”

Song Yunxuan’s words were reasonable, and Chu Mochen wouldn’t behave out of place.

He tenderly kissed Song Yunxuan’s forehead and said, “I won’t do anything overly. I just want to kiss you.”

If Chu Mochen had only wanted to kiss her, she wouldn’t have wanted to refuse.

It was because Chu Mochen had been with her all the way, no matter what methods he had used.

Song Yunxuan gradually fell for him.

She knew in her heart that Chu Mochen was different from Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was not worthy of her trust. However, Chu Mochen deserved her faith from the deepest in her heart.

Chu Mochen didn’t put Song Yunxuan down but carried her to the bedroom with steady steps.

Chu Mochen’s footsteps were very light, probably because he was afraid to wake Ye Meiqi, who was sleeping in the room.

Song Yunxuan wrapped her arms around his neck and gently tilted her head over his shoulder.

Seeing Song Yunxuan being docile, Chu Mochen was aroused. After entering the bedroom, he put her down, pressed her against the door, and kissed her.

After being kissed, Song Yunxuan looked at his eyes, “I haven’t finished what I wanted to say.”

“Do you want to tell me what Gu Changle is not satisfied with?”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Chu Mochen smiled and lifted her again. Then, he put her on the big bed in the bedroom, “I can guess without you telling me.”

He put her on the bed, bent over, and kissed her lips gently. He just touched her lips and left, like a dragonfly skimmed the surface of the water.

Song Yunxuan didn’t felt that he was out of control when he kissed her lips. So, she knew he wouldn’t do anything overly.

She blinked and asked, “What can you guess?”

Chu Mochen changed his posture. Lying on her side, propping his head with his fingers, and looking at her, he said with a smile, “Gu Changle had always regarded Song Yunjia as her enemy before. Song Yunjia is dead now. Gu Changge will naturally focus on Shao Tianze. For men like Shao Tianze, there are certainly a lot of women around him. And Gu Changle has been a housewife at home, so she surely worries that her man will be seduced by other women outside.”

He looked at Song Yunxuan and paused for a moment meaningfully.

Song Yunxuan grinned and said to him, “Go on.”

“She would like to try to monitor Shao Tianze by his side rather than worry at home all day long.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but giggle.

Chu Mochen was fascinated by the way she laughed.

The impulse that had just been suppressed began to flow through his body again.

Seeing his scorching eyes staring at her, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but shake her head and turned off the lights all of a sudden.

Chu Mochen had been staring at her attentively. After the light was turned off in an instant, it was pitch dark before his eyes, and he couldn’t see anything.

Chu Mochen felt a little aggrieved.

In the darkness, he stretched out his hands to embrace Song Yunxuan’s waist, pulled her to his side, pressed his lips to her ear, and asked her angrily, “Why did you turn off the lights suddenly?”

“To prevent you from losing control of yourself.”

Song Yunxuan chuckled lightly.

Hearing her chuckle, Chu Mochen felt that it could stir an electric current in his body. He circled her in his arms and bit her earlobe lightly, seeming to punish her, “Do you think I can control myself after turning off the lights?”

“Your bite hurt me.” Song Yunxuan raised her hand and rubbed her earlobe.

Chu Mochen bit her finger again with his teeth.

Feeling his teeth biting her, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but complain, “Why do you bite everything like a puppy?”

“Because it is you. As long as it is you, I will bite.”

“You are really annoying.”

She tried to break free from his arms.

However, Chu Mochen became more excited because of her struggle.

The more she struggled, the more he wanted to hug and lightly bite her.

After playing with him some times, Song Yunxuan got so tired that she fell asleep, holding a pillow.

After pulling her in his arms and listening to her breath of sound sleep, Chu Mochen couldn’t help but turn on the lamp. Then, he looked at her cheek and kissed it passionately.

As long as it was Song Yunxuan, it could make him feel very interested.

He liked this woman crazily.

However, he felt unreal when this woman was sleeping.

He always felt that this woman would leave him without any sign.

Therefore, he wanted to cherish every minute to take a good look at her.

Song Yunxuan felt that someone was holding and affectionately staring at her during the whole night.

However, she was too sleepy, so she slept all night without opening her eyes.

It was nine o’clock when she got up the next morning.

Mei Qi had called her three times.

When Mei Qi called her the fourth time, she reached out, and Chu Mochen put her mobile phone on her hand.

As soon as she pressed the answer button, she heard Mei Qi’s voice, “Manager Song, why do you answer the phone so late?”

“What’s the matter?”

“We hold regular meetings at 8 a.m. You have been an hour late. I just disbanded the people.”

Mei Qi’s words made Song Yunxuan stunned, but she came realization later.

She looked upset and rubbed her eyebrows, “I forgot today’s morning meeting. I’m sorry.”

“Manager Song, did you wake up just now? Do you need me to pick you up?”

Chu Mochen squeezed her hand slightly to show his objection.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes to look at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen mouthed to her, “I will send you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and nodded.

Since Chu Mochen was willing to drive her to the office in person, she naturally wouldn’t ask Mei Qi to pick her up.

Therefore, she politely declined Mei Qi, “I will go there by myself. You wait for me at the Song enterprise.”

“Should we hold another morning meeting tomorrow?”

“Since today’s morning meeting has canceled, let’s wait for the next one. If the employees have any questions, you can ask them to come to me directly.”

Mei Qi nodded.

Song Yunxuan finished the call after all her instructions.

When she walked to the bathroom to wash, she wanted to prevent Chu Mochen from going into the bathroom with her and causing trouble.

She locked the door after entering the bathroom.

Chu Mochen failed to enter the bathroom with her. He went to breakfast with her after she finished washing.

After breakfast, on the way to the company, Song Yunxuan suddenly got an email from Shao Xue.

Song Yunxuan opened the email and saw a resume.

The photo of the resume owner was there.

Next to it was the name, “Lily Yuan.”

Song Yunxuan had no impression of this person. She didn’t know why Shao Xue sent her this resume.

After reading the content of the resume, she found a line at the end of the email.

After carefully reading that line, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh.

Chu Mochen saw the smile on her face and felt strange, “What’s the matter? What makes you feel so funny?’

“Shao Tianze finds a new secretary after firing Chi Fang.”

“What’s the identity of the new secretary?”

“I haven’t checked. However, Shao Xue has sent me the new secretary’s resume.”

Song Yunxuan read the resume repeatedly before she judged, “The resume looks fine.”

Chu Mochen glanced over and took a look. He happened to see the ID photo on the resume, “She looks pretty.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Such a beauty will be around Shao Tianze. She might be promoted to a higher position.”

“Chairman’s secretary, the job is good enough. If she wants to a higher post, she can only become Shao Tianze’s lover.” Chu Mochen said without interest.

However, Song Yunxuan felt interested, “It is possible.”

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