Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 454 - Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 4

Chapter 454 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 4

Mei Qi saw Song Yunxuan staring at Song Yunjia’s neck. He couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking at?”

“You see her collar on the back of her neck. There are folds.”

Besides, they were intensive.

It seemed that someone grabbed the collar for a long time.

If she had not been held for a long time, there would not have been so many folds.

Song Yunxuan looked at Song Yunjia’s neck. She held her spirit and told Mei Qi, “Get the police and take the evidence.”

Mei Qi heard Song Yunxuan’s instruction. He covered his mouth with the handkerchief and got up. He walked towards a policeman who was collecting the evidence and had some discussion with him.

The police looked over with some surprise in her eyes.

He hesitated for a while and followed Mei Qi to walk here.

Song Yunxuan glanced at the young police. She said directly, “I suspect that my eldest sister was killed, not suicide.”

“Do you have any evidence?”

The policeman responsible for collecting evidence at the scene was around 27-year-old and slightly fat, not very outgoing, but he looked very experienced.

He was taking a camera.

Song Yunxuan pointed at Song Yunjia’s folds on the collar, “You should have found the folds here.”

The police glanced at it slightly, “You mean the folds on the collar?”


The office wiped his camera carefully and then said casually, “The folds on the clothes were formed probably because the deceased was lying on the ground and pressed for a long time. This does not mean that she was murdered.”

Song Yunxuan heard the police’s explanation. She couldn’t help but frowning, “It was obviously because of being held before she died. How could it be formed by pressing the clothes for a long time?”

Song Yunxuan was dissatisfied with the police’s explanation. She became angry.

Mei Qi felt the anger in Song Yunxuan’s tone. He knew that Song Yunxuan was not calm now.

Mei Qi walked towards her and reminded her, “Manager Song, we should be cautious about this. We’d better go back and talk about it.”

Song Yunxuan stared at police standing in front of him and talking nonsense. Her fingers were slightly clenched, but she already had a thought in her mind.

Even if Song Yunjia had been murdered, the killer must have had connections with the police.

Otherwise, why did the police seem to be blind and ignore Song Yunjia’s folds on the collar?

Besides, even though Song Yunxuan had found it, the police still talked nonsense.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips slightly.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s expression, Mei Qi thought she was still insistent. He couldn’t help calling her, “Manager Song?”

Being reminded by Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan reluctantly suppressed the anger in her heart. She nodded, “Okay, let’s go back first.”

The situation was not optimistic now. She really needed to go back first. Besides, she’d better discussed with Chu Mochen.

Since Shao Tianze had already inserted someone into the case, Song Yunjia’s cause of death might pretend to be suicide.

Song Yunxuan would not easily let Shao Tianze get rid of Song Yunjia.

Before Song Yunxuan turned to leave, she took some photos of Song Yunjia’s body, which covered every corner of her body.

The police saw Song Yunxuan taking photos of the death. He stopped immediately, “You are not allowed to take photos.”

“I’m her sister. Can’t I take photos of my sister?”

The police became impatient. He reached out to pull Song Yunxuan.

Mei Qi happened to be standing next to Song Yunxuan. He had already cleverly stopped the police who was to stretch out his hand. Mei Qi stood in front of him and gently said, “You are blind and see no evidence. Don’t you allow the family of the deceased to collect the evidence?”

The police heard Mei Qi’s words and got stunned.

During this time, Song Yunxuan had already taken all photos.

Song Yunxuan put away the phone. She said to Mei Qi, “Well, let him go. We’ll go back.”

Mei Qi heard Song Yunxuan’s instruction. He let the police go.

The policeman had already received military training before. He had thought that he could have easily pushed Mei Qi away.

However, he found that he could not push Mei Qi away when he was blocked by him.

This man was more difficult to deal with than he thought.

The police became more cautious about Mei Qi’s identity.

Mei Qi had been with Song Yunxuan until she left the cordon. Then he went through the crowd and got in the car.

Song Yunxuan got in the car. She put her fingers on the steering wheel and was about to start the car.

The phone rang.

Song Yunxuan swept her eyes away and found it was from Chu Mochen. She calmed down and answered it.


“How are you feeling?” Chu Mochen’s gentle voice came out.

Song Yunxuan had been asked this question for many times. Being asked by Chu Mochen again, she pursed her lips and answered, “I’m good.”

“Have you seen Song Yunjia?”

“Yeah.” Song Yunxuan nodded. She felt a little headache and rubbed her temples slightly. Then she said, “I have never thought that Song Yunjia would lose in this game so soon and so suddenly.”

“Survival of the fittest.”

Song Yunxuan did not deny Chu Mochen’s response. She just thought Song Yunjia’s death had somewhat ruined her plan.

“I thought Song Yunjia would be a handle of Shao Tianze.”

“She was indeed Shao Tianze’s handle. Otherwise, Shao Tianze would not get rid of her so soon.”

Song Yunxuan heard Chu Mochen’s words. She frowned slightly, “Why do you know it was Shao Tianze who killed her?”

“Don’t you suspect that?”

“I’m not suspecting that. I’m quite sure. But I don’t have evidence to prove it.”

Chu Mochen kept silent for a while. Then he continued, “Since Shao Tianze had planned to kill your eldest sister, he must have prepared everything. He won’t give you any clues.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t look into the specific cause of Song Yunjia’s death. Even if you look into it, there will be no results. It’s a waste of time.”

Song Yunxuan heard Chu Mochen’s analysis. She slightly pursed her lips.

She held the phone and looked at the reporters and crowds outside. She could not deny Chu Mochen’s words.

She understood Chu Mochen’s meaning. She would get nothing even though she looked into Song Yunjia’s death.

She would rather hurry up and find another way than waste time on things without results.

“I’ll think about it whether I should look into it.”

“Take your time. I’ll come to you tonight.”


Song Yunxuan nodded slightly. On the other end, Chu Mochen hung up.

Chu Mochen was in the Chu’s skyscraper. He overlooked the long-distance view of the whole city from the floor-to-ceiling windows. His fingers were slightly knocking on the table unconsciously.

Song Yunjia’s death made Song Yunxuan fall into a dilemma.

On the one hand, Shao Tianze’s right arm was removed.

On the other hand, she lost an opportunity to beat Shao Tianze completely.

Song Yunjia’s death was not bad for Song Yunxuan.

But for Song Yunxuan’s most available plans, it was a deadly disaster.

Chu Mochen looked at the scenery in the distance. He lowered his eyes.

He was considering what kind of decision Song Yunxuan would make next.

It was peaceful in the Shao Family.

Under the calm sea, Shao Tianze and Gu Changle held different attitudes towards Song Yunjia’s death.

On the night when Song Yunjia was pronounced dead, the eldest daughter’s death of the Song Family was spread in the whole Yuncheng.

People commented on all things that Song Yunjia had done during her life.

Gu Changle was watching the news in the living room. When she heard of the message, she couldn’t help raising her lips.

Shao Tianze just saw her raising her lips.

Shao Tianze’s eyes became cold.

Gu Changle felt Shao Tianze’s sight. She turned over to look at Shao Tianze.

Finding the coldness in his eyes, Gu Changle bent her lips unhappily, “What? Do you feel pity for Song Yunjia’s death?”

Shao Tianze took his eyes back. He did not mean to go on with her. He just got up and left the living room.

Gu Changle did not care about Shao Tianze’s leaving. She raised her lips and looked at the report on Song Yunjia’s death with satisfaction.

Moreover, after a TV station reported Song Yunjia’s death, Gu Changle would switch to another TV station and continue to listen to the news about Song Yunjia’s death.

The voice that reported Song Yunjia’s death was like the sound of nature. She would never get bored with it.

Gu Changle stared at Song Yunjia’s body covered with a white cloth on the TV screen. She couldn’t help chuckling, “Our last weakness no longer exists. Song Yunjia, the world is well rid of you.”

As long as Song Yunjia was dead, Gu Changle and Shao Tianze would not betray each other. Therefore, Gu Changge’s cause of death would also go into the coffin with Song Yunjia.

Without Song Yunjia, the witness, who could find out Gu Changge’s cause of death or send Gu Changle and Shao Tianze to the court for trial?

Thinking of this, Gu Changle felt peace in her mind in the future.

However, after getting rid of Song Yunjia, Gu Changle still hoped to work in the Shao enterprise.

She had no rivals in love now. Why not develop her career?

Although Shao Tianze had always hated tough women, Gu Changle could see that Shao Tianze would think of Gu Changge sometimes in his heart.

The reason why Gu Changge still attracted Shao Tianze was exactly her tough identity and cruel means in the business circle.

Gu Changle had competed with Gu Changge for a lifetime. What Gu Changge could do, Gu Changle must be able to do.

Gu Changle also wanted to be in charge of the Shao enterprise.

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