Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 44 - Venus' innocence

Chapter 44: Venus’ innocence

Song Yunxuan’s words surprise Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong turns her head and looks at Song Yunxuan in amazement.

Though Song Yunxuan’s eyes are clear, the emotions in her eyes are blurred.

“What’s wrong? Miss Xiao?”

Xiao Hong finds her mind straying, so she hurries to reply, “No, it’s all right, Miss Song.”

Although Xiao Hong does not show anything on her face, her heart is like a boat in the stormy ocean.

She can’t have imagined that an eighteen-year-old girl should have planned so well what to do next.

Associating Song Yunxuan’s family background, Xiao Hong has more confidence in her.

The little daughter of the Song family is not the one to be trifled with after all.

Xiao Hong obeys Song Yunxuan’s arrangement and drives her to the designated address in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan brings Shao Xue there too.

On the way, Shao Xue turns over the information sheet beside Song Yunxuan and finds that the information in the folder is about the case of consumer beauty disputes in Yuncheng two years ago. And the victim and the defendant are clearly written on it.

The most amazing thing is that on the last page, the faces and addresses of the two disfigurers are clearly printed.

The two people are respectively, Han Rujia and Yi Xiaoning.

Song Yunxuan looks at their address and opens his lips towards Xiao Hong, who is driving in front of her. “Miss Xiao, let’s go to Yi Xiaoning’s house first.”

Xiao Hong hesitates for a moment, but she still can’t help turning her head and reminding Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, although the name of Yi Xiaoning sounds delicate and pretty, she is a complicated person. In order to fight the lawsuit against Venus, for a whole year, she did nothing but went around the door of Venus’ Branch to show people her disfigured face.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the photographs of Yi Xiaoning before and after her disfigurement on the document and gently touches the image on the paper with her fingers: “Yi Xiaoning is really a hard nut. But exactly because of that, I have to start from her.”

Tough nuts are not terrible because they’re usually greedy. No matter she likes money or goods, she has her weaknesses as long as she has extra desires.

It will be much easier to catch her out if she has any disadvantage.

Xiao Hong looks at Song Yunxuan’s face in the rearview mirror and finds that Song Yunxuan reads the paper with her calculating eyes and a slight smile on her lips.

Xiao Hong has a sense of oppression that she dares not act freely, and then stops talking.

Shao Xue, after tasting Song Yunxuan’s words carefully, begins to ask her, “Is Han Rujia’s situation totally different from that of Yi Xiaoning?”

Song Yunxuan looks up at Shao Xue, smiles and nods, “It’s quite different.”

Looking at Han Rujia’s pictures before and after the disfigurement on the data, Shao Xue finds that Han Rujia was indeed a beauty before the case, but after it, her face was hideously deformed.

It is also reasonable that Song Yunxuan decides not to visit Han Rujia first.

Because Han Rujia’s face is really destroyed, which is not fake.

Moreover, the reason why Han Rujia’s face is ruined like this is not that she was manipulated by Gu Changge, but by Gu Changle.

Song Yunxuan hasn’t drowned in memory. But with Xiao Hong driving forward, she carefully observes the road ahead.

After confirming that Yi Xiaoning’s address is near, Song Yunxuan opens her mouth and calls Xiao Hong: “Miss Xiao, stop here and wait for me. I’ll go with Shao Xue.”

Xiao Hong stops the car. She is still worried: “Miss Song, if Yi Xiaoning knows that you are here for Venus, I’m afraid that she might embarrass you. And you still have to rehabilitate Venus.”

Song Yunxuan gets out of the car and says, “Both of us don’t know the fact of this case. I’ll go and see her attitude first.”

Xiao Hong has no choice but to tell Shao Xue to act carefully and prevent Yi Xiaoning from hurting Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan finds that they’re going all the way forward uphill. The buildings over this area are basically bungalows. Each family has its own small courtyard. The surrounding environment is clean. And the sea breeze permeates the air.

She goes on while Shao Xue checks the street and the number of the door.

After walking past two blocks, Shao Xue suddenly says, “Yunxuan, the small shop in front seems to be run by Yi Xiaoning.”

Song Yunxuan looks up and finds that there is a small grocery not far away. She takes a breath and follows Shao Xue there.

It is true that Yi Xiaoning operates a small supermarket after her disfigurement.

But when they arrive at the door, they find out that it is not grocery, but a sex toys store.

Looking at the product slogan at the entrance of the shop, Shao Xue’s face turns red with embarrassment: “Yunxuan, we are still unmarried girls. Do you think it would be inappropriate for us to enter such a shop?”

Song Yunxuan turns her head to look at her with a faint expression: “Some places look clean, but in fact, they are even dirtier than here.”

After that, she stops looking at Shao Xue and pushes the door in.

Seeing Song Yunxuan push the door in, Shao Xue has to follow up reluctantly.

After entering the door, there rings automatically the mechanical voice from the robot doll to welcome the guests.

Song Yunxuan is sick of the thick smoke that diffuses the room, so she raises her hand to fan it.

When she’s just about to turn her head, she hears a voice not far from the door. The one says lazily, “What do you need, ladies?”

Searching for the voice’s origin, Song Yunxuan finds a woman with shoulder-length curly hair in a tight miniskirt and black stockings.

The woman’s voice is delicate. According to her figure, she is about 28 years old. When she notices Song Yunxuan and Shao Xue, there is a sarcasm hang on her eyes: “Two young chicks, have you been sexually insulted by hypocrites? Or you just need some little toys to bear your horny and lonely night.”

Shao Xue feels disgusted when she’s looking at the woman’s face.

Grasping Song Yunxuan’s arm, she almost wants to subconsciously drag Song Yunxuan out of this place.

But Song Yunxuan stands steadily like a rock, motionlessly looking at the ugly woman with a sarcastic tone and an ugly face.

The woman’s eyes had ever gone through an operation. She was beautiful. But because of the misuse of medicine injection, the muscles around her eye are twisted upward. Her face was uncoordinated, and her lips, drooped so badly that the whole face can’t smile at all. The most terrible thing is that her cheeks are stiff with under the skin. Like a puppet, she looks numb and hideous when she speaks.

Song Yunxuan opens the folder in her hand and then looks up indifferently. “Miss Yi Xiaoning?”

The woman frowns: “This is a sex toys store, not a homeless shelter, not a place for you to find someone.”

After that, she turns around in order to go away.

When Song Yunxuan sees that she wants to leave, she does not chase her. Instead, she turns her head to look around the small shop. “When you made use of the opportunity to get so many benefits from Gu Changge, you just hid the millions of CNY and set up such a shop?”

The woman stops walking as if her body freezes when she hears the name, Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan breaks away from Shao Xue’s hand and goes “Miss Yi Xiaoning, I’m now in charge of Venus. Because Venus’s cosmetic surgery you did two years ago has been greatly criticized by public opinion, so now I am paying a return visit to check your current situation.”

When the woman hears that they are from the Venus, she turns around with maliciousness in her eyes: “What? Hasn’t Venus collapsed yet?”

Song Yunxuan smiles appropriately: “Miss Yi Xiaoning, because of your efforts, Venus has collapsed. But I bought it.”

Yi Xiaoning sneers: “Since you purchased it, you can just change its name and come back again. Why do you come to me, I will not continue to charge against Venus.”

Song Yunxuan looks at her appearance and nods: “Miss Yi Xiaoning, although I bought Venus, I have no intention to rename it.”

Yi Xiaoning smiles, feeling funny: “What a young dumb chick. Would you like me to apologize to Venus, and to say unfairly that they didn’t disfigure my face?”

Song Yunxuan looks down and says in a friendly and gentle tone, “Miss Yi Xiaoning, the millions of CNY that Gu Changge gave you at that time were not enough for gambling at all?”

Yi Xiaoning is astonished.

She looks at Song Yunxuan and feels incredible about what she said.

Song Yunxuan directly turns to the last page of the papers in her hand: “This is what you used to look like. Think about this, you return to your previous appearance, move to another city with hundreds of thousand CNY and an apartment to start over again, which will keep you away from your creditors, and your low life of now.”

The woman’s eyebrows come closer to each other.

Song Yunxuan watches the change of expression on her face and carefully observes the expression in her eyes.

Yi Xiaoning is indeed a tough nut.

She is not only a tiffany woman but also a gambler.

She went to Venus for cosmetic surgery. In order to frame Venus and let them make huge compensation so that she would have the money to pay off her debts, she asked an unlicensed beauty clinic to give her drugs injections.

But Venus Salon has a good reputation in the industry, how can it be a beauty agency that a person can pull down?

The Venus planned to get reconciled with her by giving her tens of thousands of CNY.

But just before they did it, Yi Xiaoning was discovered by Gu Changge.

At that time, Gu Changge saw her holding up a sign at the door of the Venus branch to ask for the compensation. She just let the driver stop, and then told the driver to drive away after watching her for a few minutes.

Later, she went to find Yi Xiaoning herself and guaranteed her ten times the amount of compensation Venus had promised as long as she did not let go of Venus.

Hence, Yi Xiaoning kept fighting against Venus and biting Venus as hard as a mad dog.

Venus finally promised her a high claim of 900,000 yuan.

On the next day of Yi Xiaoning’s high claim, Gu Changge gave her nine million yuan to leave the city and never come back.

Unfortunately, after paying off her gambling debts, Yi Xiaoning lost all her remaining savings overnight in a casino.

When she wanted to blackmail Gu Changge again, Gu Changge has found evidence that she gambled badly and injected medicines in a small clinic that inflamed her facial muscles and disfigured her face, and warned her that if she dared say anything wrong, she would immediately sue her for slander and send her to prison.

Hence, Yi Xiaoning, no matter how tough she is, dares not venture to tell the truth that she was supported by Gu’s.

But now, she is offered such generous conditions to return to the public.

She looks at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan slowly opens her mouth as if to tempt her: “Gu Changge is dead, as long as you say that Gu forced you to frame Venus that year, I will ask someone to give you a new face, send you off this city, keep you away from your creditors as well as giving you an apartment and a small fortune.”

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