Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 434 - Behind The Scene

Chapter 434 Behind The Scene

When the doctor heard Song Yunxuan needed a security guard to open the ward door, he immediately called for one.

Originally, every ward in the hospital had a spare key.

Unfortunately, there was only one key to the ward where Song Yunjia was living.

And that key didn’t work at all when it was brought to open the door just now.

Because Song Yunjia had already blocked the keyhole.

Even if they had that key, it would be completely useless.

Everyone outside the ward was anxious.

Song Yunxuan was asking the security guard to open the ward door with violence.

If not, no one could get in.

The person in charge of the Song Family now was Song Yunxuan, and Song Yunying was nothing more than a flip-flopper.

This hospital was funded by the Song Family, so the staff also showed respect to the Song Family.

The doctor heard Song Yunxuan. He made the nurse call the security guard over.

The security guard received the news and rushed over quickly. The moment he broke into the door with violence, they all saw Song Yunjia opening the sixteen-story window as if she was about to jump.

Song Yunying knew Song Yunjia’s intention and couldn’t help letting out a scream, “Ah!”

Song Yunxuan twisted her eyebrows impatiently.

Mei Qi, standing by Song Yunxuan’s side, rushed to hold Song Yunjia’s arms as quickly as possible.

Everything happened so fast. Before Song Yunjia could react, she was pulled down from the window sill by Mei Qi.

The doctors and nurses also responded quickly. Seeing Song Yunjia being pulled down by Mei Qi, they all stepped forward and held Song Yunjia down. Then they put a long-sleeved gown on Song Yunjia and tied a knot with those sleeves.

Song Yunxuan was no stranger to this special hospital gown with long sleeves.

When she was still Gu Changge, one of her younger brothers, who tried to claim the property of the Gu Family against her, had worn this kind of gown for half a year.

Because he was mad.

This was a kind of clothing used in mental hospitals to prevent mentally ill patients from harming others or themselves.

Song Yunjia saw the doctor and nurses controlled Song Yunjia with that gown. Her eyes became cold.

Mei Qi noticed her unpleasant mood.

Following her gaze, he saw the gown Song Yunjia was wearing.

He coughed slightly.

The doctor and nurses had just controlled Song Yunjia, and things gradually calmed down in an orderly manner.

The doctor turned back to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan raised her chin slightly with her eyes scanning Song Yunjia’s clothes, “I’ve never seen such a strange gown. The sleeves are so long that they can be tied around the back.

The doctor explained, “Miss Song, this gown is specially prepared for mental patients. After wearing this kind of clothes, the patient’s hands will be bound. It will prevent her from harming herself or hurting others.”

Song Yunxuan heard the doctor and couldn’t help sneering, “Why? My eldest sister is a mental patient now?”

The doctor felt his toes curl when he saw her sneer. He explained, “No, it’s not… We’re not sure that Miss Yunjia is crazy…”

“You’re not sure? Then how could you do this to her?”

There was a coldness that could not be ignored in her tone.

Facing Song Yunxuan’s anger, the doctor ordered the nurses hurriedly, “Hurry up. Untie Miss Yunjia.”

The nurse hesitated, “But if we set her free, what should we do if she loses control again?”

“Go get some tranquilizers.”

The doctor spoke to the nurse.

The nurse got up and get on it fast.

Song Yunxuan looked at all this coldly. Her tone became light, “Doctor, you seemed to have determined that my eldest sister is crazy. Why is that?”

If he hadn’t been sure that Song Yunjia was crazy, he could have asked for tranquilizer at the beginning instead of special clothes for mental patients?

Asked by Song Yunxuan, the doctor stiffened for a second.

Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan exchanged a look.

Song Yunxuan was even more certain that there was something about the doctor.

“Considering what happened to my sister, some mental fluctuations that she is experiencing are normal. She is definitely not crazy. If you cannot cure my eldest sister, I’ll find someone to replace you.”

There must be something about this doctor.

He might have been paid by Gu Changle and Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan was afraid that Song Yunjia would have gone completely crazy if he had kept being her doctor.

At that time, even if Song Yunxuan was willing to testify against Shao Tianze for the death of Gu Changge, the judge would consider Song Yunjia as a lunatic, and her testimony was not credible.

The doctor heard that Song Yunxuan intended to replace him. He tried his best to defend, “I know the patient’s symptoms very well. What I had done to Miss Yunjia just now was indeed inappropriate. But in terms of treatment, I am confident that I am able to cure her.”

Song Yunxuan was listening to him, but it wouldn’t make any difference.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s attitude, the doctor continued to offer his service without being discouraged.

At this time, Mei Qi uttered, “I know that there is a good doctor in this hospital. Her name is Yan Xue.”

“Yan Xue?”

Song Yunxuan had never heard this name.

All commercial forces, more or less, got penetrated in the People’s Hospital.

The friendship between the hospital and many businessmen was fair good.

If there had been a good doctor in the People’s hospital, every business family that had invested in the hospital would have heard about her.

Song Yunxuan had never heard of Yan Xue’s name and nor had Gu Changge.

This meant that this doctor was mediocre.

Or this doctor was good at medical skills but poor at the interpersonal relationship.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Invite Yan Xue here.”

Yan Xue was thirty-four years old.

She tied up her black hair that was down to her shoulders for convenience at work.

When she came over, she greeted Song Yunxuan indifferently.

Then she checked on Song Yunjia’s body.

“Her mood is not stable right now, and she needs to rest for half a month as the injury on her private parts needs time to heal. During this period, do not touch the wound or have sex.”

What she said was quite clear.

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Yan Xue prescribed the medicine and asked the nurse to get the medicine.

Song Yunxuan looked at Yan Xue’s back and asked Mei Qi, “Have you seen this doctor before?”

“She is a good doctor, but she always kept her head down and has not been favored by the dean.”

“Then how did you know her?”

“I was cured by her before.”

Song Yunxuan saw that Mei Qi’s look was a bit weird. She didn’t press the matter.

Song Yunjia was still staring at the ceiling after being injected with a tranquilizer.

She looked like a walking dead.

However, after the devastation of the previous night, she even had difficulty walking now.

Song Yunxuan walked to Song Yunjia’s bed.

Song Yunjia’s eyes rolled, and she saw Song Yunxuan’s expressionless face. Her eyes narrowed, “It was you, right?!”

“You knew that someone hurt you on purpose. It proves that you are not crazy.”

“I won’t be crazy even if you got crazy one day!” She stared at Song Yunxuan fiercely. Her sight almost pierced Song Yunxuan.

“I don’t want you to be crazy, either. But someone out there is doing everything possible to drive you crazy.”

She meant something else.

Song Yunjia’s fierce eyes changed for a moment as if she was thinking of something.

Who would do everything possible to drive her crazy?

The first name that came to her mind was Gu Changle.

Apart from Gu Changle, who else would be happy to see her go crazy?

Gu Changle was probably responsible for the gang rape of herself.

Song Yunjia’s crazy eyes became much blank.

Song Yunxuan stood condescendingly on the edge of the hospital bed and looked at her, “Sister, you know you’d better start to talk.”

Although Song Yunjia was given a tranquilizer, her mind was still sober.

When she heard Song Yunxuan said this, it immediately reminded her that Song Yunxuan wanted her to tell the truth about Gu Changge’s death.

“I have nothing to say.”

Song Yunjia was as stubborn as ever.

Song Yunxuan looked at her. She didn’t understand, “Are you really going to bring this secret into the coffin?”

“I will not die.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, but she had no confidence in her words, “It’s not your call to make.”

“My life is sure my call to make.”

Song Yunjia stared at Song Yunxuan closely.

Song Yunxuan was stared at by her, yet she calmly glanced at the window Song Yunjia had just opened.

Song Yunxuan walked over and closed the window, “Since it’s your call, don’t try to commit suicide anymore. After all, if you jump off, someone will be very happy.”

This was merely sarcasm.

But it happened to remind Song Yunjia one thing.

If she had been dead, someone would indeed have been very happy.

Gu Changle would definitely go crazy with joy.

Song Yunjia straightened her lips and stopped talking.

Song Yunxuan looked at her, “Sister, look on the bright side. Don’t commit suicide. There are many things to do in the future.”

“You think I will help you because you said something nice to me right now? I won’t.”

Song Yunjia was immune to both soft and hard tactics.

Song Yunxuan asked her, “Do you know what I want you to do for me?”

“You want to hurt Tianze.” Song Yunjia gritted her teeth.

Song Yunxuan looked at Song Yunjia as if she was an idiot, “Up until now you have learned nothing. Next time you try to jump off, I won’t stop you.”

“I won’t. I’ll be happy to see you’re not happy about it.”

Song Yunjia’s words made Song Yunxuan laugh while shaking her head.

“If you can survive by holding this idea, you’re really something.”

She smiled and turned away.

Mei Qi was waiting for her outside the ward.

After she went out, she told Mei Qi, “Refute all the remarks that my eldest sister has gone crazy.”

“Is that necessary?” Mei Qi asked her.

Song Yunxuan asked him back, “Isn’t that necessary?”

Mei Qi said nothing.

Song Yunxuan went straight to the outside, “My eldest sister knew many secrets. Once people think she goes crazy, no one will believe her even if she tells the truth.”

Mei Qi nodded in agreement.

Song Yunxuan spoke again, “So, in any case, you have to suppress those remarks.”

Mei Qi answered, “Manager Song, don’t worry. I will take care of this matter.”

“By the way, book a ticket to Hoccaido for me.”

Mei Qi twisted his eyebrows, “Will it be inappropriate if you leave at this time?”

“There is no inappropriate time. Leaving now will let my enemy’s guard down.”

Only when Song Yunxuan left would Shao Tianze reveal his flaws. Otherwise, she could not find evidence that Shao Tianze manipulated those people who raped Song Yunjia.

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