Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 432 - Yunjia Was Insulted.

Chapter 432 Yunjia Was Insulted.

Song Yunying realized that her words had annoyed Song Yunxuan.

She made excuses to leave, “Yunxuan, I’m sorry. I’ve been thoughtless. By now, Yunjia should have paid for what she has done.”

“I hope she can think it over and confess everything.”

Song Yunxuan wished Song Yunjia to confess that she killed Gu Changge with Shao Tianze.

Then, the resentment between Song Yunxuan and Shao Tianze would come to an end.

However, apparently, Song Yunjia didn’t figure out whether she should do so.

Song Yunxuan left Song Yunjia alone.

She was to go back to the Song Family with Chu Mochen.

But Chu Mochen didn’t leave before he stayed at Song Yunjia’s house for a long time.

“Do you believe that she will tell the truth?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan smiled and shook her head, “I don’t know.”

According to Song Yunjia’s affection for Shao Tianze.

Who could be sure that Song Yunjia would expose Shao Tianze, the main instigator?

Song Yunjia ran from her house. She couldn’t calm down her fear.

What happened just now at home seemed to be a dream.

She pinched her fingernails into her palm. Feeling the pain, she placed her palm in front of her eyes.

As expected, Song Yunjia’s palm had been pinched with bloodstains.

“It’s not a dream…” Song Yunjia lost her wits and murmured, “Song Yunxuan, that b*tch, has known the truth of Gu Changge’s death… What should I do?”

Song Yunjia lost her mind and was in a puzzle.

She did not know how to do with it.

Song Yunxuan would definitely not hide the truth for her.

What should she do now?

How could she get over it?

Song Yunjia thought of this. She was a little helpless.

Leaning against the wall, she slipped weakly.

Then she sat on the floor, holding her head and thinking about what she should.

It was quiet here.

Song Yunjia ran out in a panic. She didn’t know where she was. She sat down, not noticing who was around.

She was sitting against the wall, her body hidden in the shadows.

After pondering for a long time, she hadn’t cleared out the messy thoughts.

Song Yunjia sighed deeply. She got up and wanted to go home first.

After all, since she had run out home, Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan would not stay at her home anymore.

They would not stay there and wait for her.

Song Yunjia got up and went out of the shadow.

Song Yunjia was about to leave. She saw three strong men walking towards her.

One of them was a nasty man.

Song Yunjia stunned for a while. She realized something wrong. Frowning and turning around, she walked against them.

Seeing Song Yunjia walking against those three men, in a high-end Bentley parked on a street corner in the distance, Gu Changle smiled, “Song Yunjia is still very cautious.”

Shao Tianze sat beside Gu Changle. He pursed his lips, saying nothing. Through the window, he watched Song Yunjia.

That delicate figure realized the danger. She walked faster. Finally, she ran wildly with increasing fear and anxiety.

However, after a few steps, she was caught by those three men. Being covered the mouth, Song Yunjia was dragged into a dark lane.

Seeing Song Yunjia dragged into the lane, Gu Changle laughed with pleasure. She’d like to see who could save Song Yunjia.

This b*tch had been fighting with her for so many years.

Now, she had failed. Gu Changle wanted her to know that she could never come back.

Thinking about this, Gu Changle gave a deeper smile with her bright red lips.

After secretly laughing for a moment, Gu Changle suddenly remembered that Shao Tianze was beside her.

She turned to see Shao Tianze.

She found that Shao Tianze was staring at the place where Song Yunjia was dragged away, without averting his eyes.

Gu Changle was a little jealous and annoyed.

Gu Changle lay in Shao Tianze’s arms. She played the coquetry with a soft voice, “Well, feel sorry for her now?”

“Not at all.” Shao Tianze had no appearance.

Gu Changle raised her eyebrows, “Then why do you stare there without a blink.”

“You should tell them to be careful. Don’t let her die.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Gu Changle showed an appearance of nonchalance, “Don’t worry. I didn’t mean to kill her. I just want her to keep our secret.”

“Are you sure that she can be crazy?”

“She will.” Gu Changle was affirmative with firm eyes.

“Then, tell Song Yunying.”

Gu Changle pursed her lips and smiled, “Don’t be so anxious. Yunjia hasn’t had enough fun. It’s not too late for us to notify her sister when they enjoy themselves to the full.”

Gu Changle said it with a sweet voice. But her eyes were covered with viciousness.

Shao Tianze glanced at Gu Changle. He just saw Gu Changle’s undisguised viciousness.

Shao Tianze felt strange to this woman. At the same time, Gu Changge’s face occurred to him, just like a serious illusion.

Gu Changle realized Shao Tianze’s sight fell on herself. She looked back to see Shao Tianze, “What happened?”


Shao Tianze looked away. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows.

Gu Changle saw his actions. She reached her hand to help him considerately. She said, “Are you tired recently? I’ve seen you rub your eyebrows many times. You see, your frowning eyebrows can’t unfold anymore.”

In a trance, Gu Changle’s words overlapped with what Gu Changge once said.

Gu Changge’s voice came into his ears.

Gu Changge was also smiling. She said to him without temper, “The frowning between your eyebrows is hard to stretch. I rub them for you.”

Gu Changge reached out her hands, with a rare warmth.

Shao Tianze’s gentleness hidden in his heart had been blended into his increasingly superb acting skills.

He couldn’t help raising his hand to grab Gu Changge’s fingers. He pulled them down and placed them on his lips. Then he gently kissed her fingers.

Gu Changge’s fingers were cold and delicate like jade.

The nails were round and transparent, without the bright red color.

In a daze, Shao Tianze gently pulled Gu Changle’s fingers, and kissed her fingertips.

But when he recovered, he found that the delicate fingers were covered with red nail polish.

And the owner of this hand was looking at him shyly and timidly because of his sudden kiss.

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Changle’s face. He kept silent for a long time.

Gu Changle didn’t know that what in Shao Tianze’s was Gu Changge, who had been dead for almost a year.

Gu Changle was full of joy.

She was happy to see Song Yunjia in bad luck.

At the same time, she was happy that Shao Tianze’s love for her was as deep as ever.

Compared to Gu Changle’s joy at this time, Song Yunjia was full of despair.

Frightened and helpless, Song Yunjia was insulted and tortured many times like worn-out clothes.

The disgusting masculine breath and the maddening heavy breathing made Song Yunjia feel that she was going to die at this moment.

Men’s body odor became more and more unpleasant as sweat evaporated.

The sticky tongue licked her body. Her pampered skin was also bruised to be green because of the man’s perverted hobby.

The three men took turns to rape her, which made her dim and desperate.

In the end, the cloth in Song Yunjia’s mouth was pulled away by the naked nasty man.

Three men got dressed.

Song Yunjia was left in the corner of the lane like a lifeless rag doll.

The sound of those people wearing clothes and the pleasant exchanges between them made Song Yunjia feel harsh.

Song Yunjia’s finger moved on the ground.

Her nails were rubbing against the concrete ground. Because her nails had been cut off the ground just now, several of her nails had been broken. Her fingers were digging on the ground with blood.

On her face were the dirty things from those men.

She could not even stand up.

Her dry eyes were filled with tears.

Tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

She thought that her life had come to an end.

She was raped by three men.

Why did it become this?

Song Yunjia stared at the sky. Her legs could not gather up.

Someone passed by.

Song Yunjia moved unconsciously. She was afraid to be seen like this.

However, her movement caught the passerby’s attention.

The man shone the flashlight towards her side.

They saw Song Yunjia naked immediately.

The man with flashlight murmured. And the woman beside him screamed out of fright.

Song Yunjia looked at the light from the flashlight and felt that light almost blinded her eyes.

They were a young couple. They knew what had happened after seeing this.

The woman was frightened. She shrank towards the man.

The young man was calmer. He dialed the police with shaking hands.

Time passed slowly and blurred.

Song Yunjia couldn’t remember many things. The pain in her body gradually made her lose her mind.

Before fainting, Song Yunjia heard the sound of the police car, which seemed to be mixed with Song Yunying’s exclamation.

But they were not important.

The important thing was that she might be a joke in Yuncheng when she woke up tomorrow.

Song Yunjia was sent to the hospital by the police.

Song Yunying followed to the police station. She called Song Yunxuan immediately.

Song Yunxuan was waiting for Song Yunjia’s news.

Unexpectedly, she received Song Yunying’s call so soon.

Chu Mochen asked Song Yunxuan before she answered the phone, “Does your sister think it through?”

Song Yunxuan showed the name on the phone to him. It turned out to be Song Yunying.

Chu Mochen fell silent after seeing Song Yunying’s name.

Instead, Song Yunxuan answered the phone and wondered what had happened.

She heard Song Yunying’s voice on the phone.

Song Yunying was in a panic. She started to talk after a long time, “Yunxuan, it’s terrible… Sister…”

Song Yunxuan heard Song Yunying’s anxious voice.

She asked Song Yunying unconsciously, “What happened?”

“Big sister…” Song Yunying was hard to say it out, “She… was insulted….”

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