Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 430 - Hit Dead Ends

Chapter 430 Hit Dead Ends

Since there was nothing she could do with Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Song Yunxuan might as well handle Song Yunjia’s affairs first.

She paid close attention to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunying went to Song Yunjia’s house the next day after Shao Tianze visited.

What she saw in Song Yunjia’s house was out of her expectation.

Her sister, who had stayed at home for a long time and drowned herself in smoking and drinking all day, started to cheer up after seeing Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia cleaned her house.

She started to send out resumes, hoping to find a new job in Yuncheng.

When Song Yunying was there, Song Yunjia looked positive and energetic.

However, this positive mind did not last long.

Because no matter where Song Yunjia’s resume was delivered, the employer rejected her mercilessly.

Song Yunjia had been proud and confident of her medical skills for so many years. But all hospitals, large and small, including private clinics in Yuncheng, refused her job request without any hesitation.

This upset Song Yunjia.

She had kept hitting dead ends everywhere for more than a week.

Finally, Song Yunjia couldn’t bear it.

Once again, she gave up the job search and went to the bar.

After getting drunk, the bartender found Song Yunying’s phone number in Song Yunjia’s mobile phone.

He called Song Yunying in the middle of the night, asking if Song Yunying could come and bring her home.

Song Yunying got the call. She asked her driver hurriedly to take her and pick Song Yunjia up.

They found her and sent her back.

Song Yunjia was so drunk that she hasn’t sobered up after returning home.

She had been talking nonsense and yelling about getting more drinks.

Song Yunying called a maid from the Xue Family to help. The maid stayed in Song Yunjia’s house and made her some sober tea.

Song Yunying was the daughter-in-law of the Xue Family. It was inappropriate for her to come out in the middle of the night and stay out all night.

After giving the maid a few instructions, she returned to Xue’s house.

On the way back, she called Song Yunxuan and asked her to take care of Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan did not refuse. She said okay and sent a housemaid to help take care of her.

It was until the next morning that Song Yunjia finally woke up, and the maid of the Xue Family and the maid of the Song Family returned one after another.

However, these two maids took care of Song Yunjia for the whole night and heard all alcohol talking from Song Yunjia.

This led to more rumor in the Xue Family.

Xue Tao’s parents knew that a maid of their house had taken care of Song Yunying’s shabby sister for one night. After this maid came back, they couldn’t wait to call her over for questioning.

Even Song Yunying was not able to have a word with her, and what happened that night in Song Yunjia’s house was no more a secret.

Xue Tao enjoyed the story the maid brought.

After he was done, he deliberately ran to Song Yunying and mocked her, “You didn’t take care of your eldest sister in this way before. Why now? Do you get to know what sisterhood is?”

Song Yunying was about to give birth. She usually turned a blind eye with Xue Tao.

Xue Tao had already lost his freshness to his wife.

He had always been thinking about being able to get a new lover.

However, he was taught a hard lesson the last time when he was stuck in a bar by his sister-in-law, Song Yunxuan.

His last woman was also scared to death. After that, she found a fat parvenu right away and completely cut off contact with him.

He couldn’t get angry, and he didn’t dare to mess with Song Yunxuan.

He didn’t dare to cause too much trouble to Song Yunying, either.

He was afraid that Song Yunying would say something bad about him in front of Song Yunxuan.

Xue Tao felt that his life was very frustrated.

The only fun was to giggle about the mess of the Song Family.

Now that he heard what he wanted to hear, he spared no effort to mock and satire it.

As long as Song Yunying ignored him, he would keep talking and talking.

“Last night you called Mei to Song Yunjia’s place without my permission. Do you really think you are the master of the Xue Family?”

“I’m your wife. Do I need to ask you every time before I ring a maid up?”

Song Yunying had Song Yunxuan backed her up. Her words were emboldened.

Xue Tao frowned with a look of displeasure, “You are indeed one master of this family, but Song Yunjia is not! You shall never take what belongs to my family to subsidize your sisters!”

Xue Tao said this ironically.

Song Yunying frowned and looked at him, “I need to take your things to subsidize my family? Are you kidding?”

Xue Tao disapproved, and a bit of disdain emerged on his face, “Song Yunxuan doesn’t need your help, but your eldest sister is useless now. I heard from Mei that she was drunk in the bar last night. It was the bartender who called you and you sent her home.”

“My eldest sister is not the only one who gets drunk in the bar. Don’t you often get drunk in the bar?”

Everything Xue Tao said was against the Song Family.

Song Yunying was fearless. She started arguing with Xue Tao in the bedroom.

The relationship between this couple was not very good. It was because the baby inside Song Yunying’s belly that she was seen as a part of the Xue Family.

They quarreled louder and louder, unconsciously alarming the elderly in the family.

Xue Tao’s parents frowned and rushed to the door of their bedroom.

When they walked in, they saw that Xue Tao was so irritated that he raised his hand and was about to beat Song Yunying.

Song Yunying showed no fear on her face, and she quarreled even louder.

Xue Tao’s parents didn’t dare say a word after their son being beaten by Song Yunxuan last time. They were afraid of Song Yunxuan, but they were even more afraid of Chu Mochen, who was on Song Yunxuan’s side.

Now if their son had hit Song Yunying,

it would have been offending Song Yunxuan and indirectly offending Chu Mochen.

If they hadn’t stopped it, things could have gone too far.

Thinking of this, they stepped forward immediately and held on to Xue Tao.

Xue Tao’s mother twisted her eyebrows, “What are you doing? You are husband and wife. How dare you hit Yunying!”

“This bitch…” Xue Tao cursed.

Xue Tao’s father heard it. He reprimanded sternly at once, “Shut up!”

Xue Tao leeched off his parents. He needed his parents’ help to deal with the aftermath of his misdeeds outside. Naturally, he dared not retort when his parents scold him.

Song Yunying enjoyed seeing Xue Tao being scolded by her parents-in-law.

In fact, Xue Tao’s parents had no affection for Song Yunying, either.

They defended for her only because of Song Yunxuan.

After the reprimand, they took Xue Tao toward the outside, “Well, you go with me. Yunying is pregnant. Let her rest.”

Xue Tao had no choice but to follow his parents outside.

As he walked, he turned back and muttered, “I think Song Yunjia was telling the truth when she was drunk! She murdered Gu Changge during the surgery!”

Xue Tao’s words immediately caught Song Yunying’s attention.

Song Yunying shuddered. She stopped Xue Tao immediately, “Xue Tao, what nonsense are you talking about?!”

Xue Tao was yelled at by Song Yunying. Not to be outdone, he tripled his volume and shouted what he had just muttered, “Gu Changge was killed by your eldest sister! Your eldest sister killed her. She admitted it when she was drunk!”

When he was shouting, Song Yunying turned pale, and she began to shake all over.

Upon seeing this, Xue Tao’s parents pulled Xue Tao out of the door immediately.

Although Mei did say so after taking care of Song Yunjia all night.

But Gu Changge was well-known for everyone in the Yuncheng’s commercial world.

If Gu Changge’s death had been in doubt, it would have been a big event.

After all, Gu Changge’s husband, Shao Tianze, performed that operation on Gu Changge, too.

After the death of his wife, Shao Tianze changed the Gu’s to Shao’s.

Everyone knew that this was a seizure of power.

Somebody had doubted Gu Changge’s death. But there were so many involved, so they were unwilling to investigate it.

Now Xue Tao’s parents worried that their son had just shouted it. If Song Yunying had spread it out and made any trouble, the Xue Family would have been the one to blame.

The Xue Family couldn’t compete with a company like the Shao enterprise.

Song Yunying was disturbed by Xue Tao’s words.

The distribution claimed her to the exclusion of all other thoughts. She dressed up and went out.

It was just when she went out, she hesitated, wondering if she should go to visit Song Yunjia first.

Or go to visit Song Yunxuan first.

After thinking about it, Song Yunying chose to visit Song Yunjia first.

Song Yunjia sobered up and had already met those two maids from the Song Family and the Xue Family who had taken care of her all night.

Moreover, she scolded them away when she met them.

Now she saw Song Yunying coming again, she went to the bathroom and washed her face.

Song Yunying followed her into the bathroom, watching her eldest sister washing her face. She showed an unpleasant look, “Do you remember what you said when you were drunk last night?”

“Nope.” Song Yunjia replied.

Song Yunying advised her, “If you can’t remember, try not to drink so much alcohol anymore.”

Song Yunjia was in an irritable mood now, and it was even more annoying to hear Song Yunying talking about it.

She turned around and stared at Song Yunying, asking her coldly, “What brings you here today?”

“I care about you, sister. I don’t want our family to be torn apart.”

“Hasn’t our family already been torn apart?” Song Yunjia sneered. “The entire family now belongs to Song Yunxuan. If you want to have a decent life in the Xue Family, you only need to get Song Yunxuan’s support. If you have time to come here and annoy me, why not take it to brown her nose!”

Song Yunjia called Song Yunying names.

Song Yunying didn’t look like she wanted to leave. Instead, she asked Song Yunjia, “Sister, did you really kill Gu Changge on purpose?”

Song Yunjia was stunned while the water washed her hand without a break.

Song Yunying continued to speak behind her, “You drank too much last night and claimed that you killed Gu Changge!”

Song Yunjia’s face suddenly went an ugly green.

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