Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 421 - Failed Completely

Chapter 421 Failed Completely

Song Yunjia did not expect that Wenwen turned against her.

Nor did she expect Nurse Li also turned against her.

Nurse Li was an old servant having the least sense of existence in the Champs-Elysea.

However, she did not expect that such an old servant would play a crucial role in such a critical moment.

Gu Changle’s eyes were filled with pride.

She was going to wait and see how Song Yunjia could get out when being accused by these many people.

She wanted to see how Song Yunjia could let Shao Tianze protect her.

Nurse Li entered and politely called ‘Mr. Shao’ when seeing Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze nodded, showing that he had heard it.

Nurse Li felt pity for Song Yunjia, which could be seen from her eyes. When she began to speak, her voice was with some compassion, “Miss Yunjia, I actually don’t want to spill it out. But if you keep doing this, you will not only harm yourself but also harm others, so I….”

“So you’ve also been bought off by someone and come to slander me?”

Song Yunjia almost got mad on the spot.

Nurse Li’s expression was complicated, and her fingers gripped her clothes several times. Then she spoke to Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, please have mercy on Miss Yunjia.”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips to a line, and his handsome eyebrows were furrowed angrily at this moment. Then he spoke in such a cold voice and stared at Song Yunjia like he didn’t know her at all, “Yunjia, how do you explain this?”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, Song Yunjia could not hold her tears anymore, and tears poured down her face desperately.

She walked up quickly to Shao Tianze and pointed at Nurse Li and Wenwen, asking, “You’d rather believe them than believe me?”

“What have you got to make me continue trusting you?”

Shao Tianze’s words immediately made Song Yunjia dumbfounded.

Now that Wenwen and Nurse Li both accused Song Yunjia, so Song Yunjia would have been the real prime mover even if she might not have been one.

She felt even angrier and burst out her resentment, looking at Gu Changle with her red eyes, “You let them slander me, right?”

Seeing that Song Yunjia suddenly spoke to her, Gu Changle realized that Song Yunjia was now in desperation.

She blinked innocently, answering her, “Yunjia, I was lying in the hospital. And now I had just got through my critical days and woken up. How could I buy anyone off to slander you?”

Gu Changle said these neither coldly nor angrily and neither quickly nor slowly. Her calm face was with some pride that Song Yunjia itched to tear into pieces.

“If you had not made them slander me, why would they have suddenly slandered me?”

“You should know well about what you have done. If it had not been….”

“It’s you!” This time, Song Yunjia rushed over to Gu Changle and wanted to beat her without letting her finish her words, “You frame me! You slander me! You want to eradicate me from Tianze, so you use such a trick! You bitch! You deserve to die! You should go to hell with the bitch Gu Changge!”

Song Yunjia tried hard to slap Gu Changle on the face.

Yet her raised hand was clenched by Shao Tianze.

She was furious and scolding Gu Changle, making such a scene. Even her hair became extremely messy because of this.

Feeling sure that Shao Tianze had clenched Song Yunjia’s hand and Song Yunjia could not move at all, Gu Changle became not afraid of her at all.

Seeing her madness and breakdown, Gu Changle curled up her lips, saying, “Even if you die, I will not die.”

For Song Yunjia, these words were so challenging.

With such strength coming out of nowhere, Song Yunjia broke away from Shao Tianze suddenly.

Then she slapped Gu Changle on the face.

Gu Changle didn’t expect that Song Yunjia could actually break away from Shao Tianze, and her face was slapped so hard which made her face suddenly turn to the other side.

Her fingers covered her face.

Suddenly everything went black before Gu Changle’s eyes.

After having slapped Gu Changle on the face, Song Yunjia wanted to slap her again.

But this time, her slap did not fall on Gu Changle’s face as she wished.

Instead, she staggered a few steps back bodily when being slapped by Shao Tianze.

After being slapped, Song Yunjia went blank bodily.

She looked up and supported her face which was swelled, looking at Shao Tianze inconceivably.

Shao Tianze also looked at Song Yunjia, frowning. His eyes were full of the disappointment with Song Yunjia.

She had never thought that Shao Tianze would slap her.

She had never imagined such a thing in her mind.

Tears quickly appeared in her eyes, and her nose and eyes began to feel sore.

She didn’t expect that things would be this serious.

And Shao Tianze’s slap was so hard that she felt her heart was about to crack because of it.


She looked at Shao Tianze inconceivably with her red eyes.

Shao Tianze’s eyes also fell on her.

Gu Changle next to them felt quite happy when seeing Shao Tianze slap Song Yunjia.

Things should have been like this long ago.

The reason that Song Yunjia ended up like this was that she was too naive.

What status could she have in the Shao Family?

She even thought of being better in Shao Tianze’s heart than Gu Changle and becoming the madam of the Shao Family. What a daydream!

Gu Changle had waited for ten years before she could reach this far to completely be the lover Shao Tianze acquiesced.

After she waited until Gu Changge had died and her best times had passed, she could have today’s position and be valued by Shao Tianze like this.

“Have you got anything else to explain?”

Shao Tianze looked at Song Yunjia and frowned, asking her.

Song Yunjia frowned, and tears might probably fell in the next second.

“She framed me.”

Song Yunjia refused to admit it and also refused to admit her crime while being stepped on by Gu Changle like this.

Shao Tianze looked at Song Yunjia, questioning her.

Yet Wenwen next to Song Yunjia took a look at Gu Changle in the bed.

Gu Changle winked at Wenwen.

Wenwen said, “Mr. Shao, I did not frame Miss Song.”

Hearing that Wenwen dared to cut in, Song Yunjia immediately fixed her eyes on Wenwen, itching to dismember her body right away.

But Wenwen was not worried at all while being stared at by Song Yunjia.

Instead, she put on a severe countenance, saying to Shao Tianze, “Miss Yunjia is bewitched, and it’s not the first time that she harmed Miss Changle.”

“What else did she do?”

Shao Tianze asked Wenwen.

Wenwen took a look at Song Yunjia worriedly.

She was wondering whether to say it or not.

Seeing Wenwen was hesitating, Shao Tianze said, “Go ahead. If she acts wildly, I’ll let the bodyguards protect you.”

After getting Shao Tianze’s promise and protection, Wenwen said, “The thing that Miss Changle had a miscarriage was pulled off by Miss Yunjia. Moreover, Miss Yunjia did want to kill Miss Changle through her miscarriage….”

“That’s bullshit!”

Before Wenwen finished her words,

Song Yunjia pounced on Wenwen while her eyes were red.

Her move was so quick and mad that the people in the ward all did a double-take.

Wenwen did not exclaim until her hair was pulled by Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze immediately called out to the bodyguards outside when seeing the confusion.

Hearing it, the bodyguards rushed into the ward in the least time.

The bodyguards rushed forward and yanked Song Yunjia away. Because they could see the impatience in Shao Tianze’s eyes, they had no mercy on Song Yunjia while making a move.

Such daughters from rich families like Song Yunjia had always been spoiled since an early age.

Now that she was yanked away by the bodyguards and was framed by Wenwen.

She instantly had a feeling of being abandoned by the whole world.

After yanking away Song Yunjia, one bodyguard asked Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, the next….”

The bodyguard wanted to ask Shao Tianze about how to deal with the thing.

Called the police? Settle it here?

Hearing the bodyguard’s question, Gu Changle feared that Shao Tianze would simply let Song Yunjia off, “What else could we do with her? Song Yunjia wanted to kill me. Shouldn’t she be sent to the police?”

The bodyguard became silent.

The bodyguards all knew that the madam of the Shao Family was Gu Changle.

But they would not listen to Gu Changle when Shao Tianze was at the scene.

Seeing that the bodyguard did nothing when hearing her words, Gu Changle suddenly felt like eating dirt.

Then she looked at Shao Tianze, asking, “Tianze, how should we settle this matter?”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips and looked at Song Yunjia fiercely.

As Wenwen spilled out all her little tricks and all that she had done, Song Yunjia’s eyes turned red because of anger, seeming that she had become crazy.

“Bring her to court.”

Shao Tianze’s words made Song Yunjia who had become insane stupefied.

The words were like a head-on blow which broke both Song Yunjia’s resentment and anger and made her dumbfounded.

She frowned deeply and looked at Shao Tianze inconceivably, “Tianze….”

She thought she could say a few words to Shao Tianze, yet Gu Changle immediately spoke on seeing she wanted to speak to Shao Tianze, “Please do it now, Zhang Qing. I have a headache and want to have a rest.”

Being pressed by Gu Changle, Zhang Qing also felt unwilling to continue staying in the room.

Then she dragged Song Yunjia out with the other bodyguards.

Being dragged by the bodyguards, Song Yunjia fiercely struggled when she reached the door, “Let go of me! I have something to say to Tianze! Tianze… Tianze… Gu Changle framed me about all these….”

The bodyguards did not let go of her.

When they dragged her out of the ward, they closed the door instantly.

Song Yunjia was carried out of the hospital, and her voice calling Shao Tianze became weaker and weaker.

Gu Changle curled up her lips in satisfaction and motioned to the other people in the ward except Shao Tianze to let them get out, too.

Wenwen and Nurse Li both knew that the fight between the two women in the Shao Family had finally come to an end.

They sighed gently and retreated from the ward.

When the people left, Gu Changle lay back onto her hospital bed, saying darkly, “I’ve told you earlier that you’d better let Yunjia marry some other man, yet you refused. Now see what the consequence is? You keep her around you, and she almost killed me.”

Gu Changle’s words were full of complaints.

But Shao Tianze remained silent for such a while when listening to Gu Changle’s words.

This time, it could be said that Song Yunjia failed completely.

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