Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 413 - Arrived in Roume

Chapter 413 Arrived in Roume

The dean could not figure this out.

Yet Song Yunxuan took out a stack of materials from her traveling bag after having boarded the plane to Roume.

Seeing that she had been reading the stack of materials on her hands since she boarded the plane, Chu Mochen felt a bit jealous.

He took a look and found that the cover of the materials was a photo of a man wearing a doctor’s overall.

Song Yunxuan was looking at the man on the cover seriously.

Chu Mochen frowned, asking, “Who is this?”

Hearing his questions, Song Yunxuan knew that he was curious.

She promptly handed the materials to him.

Chu Mochen didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan would give him the materials this generously.

But since Song Yunxuan was being generous, he did not want to pretend to be magnanimous.

He was really curious about what the story of the man doctor Song Yunxuan was looking at was.

So he reached out to take the materials Song Yunxuan handed over. After thumbing through two pages, he looked up at Song Yunxuan.

And he found that there was a trace of a gentle smile on Song Yunxuan’s lips.

“Is the doctor brought by you?”

Chu Mochen raised his hand which held the materials, asking her.

Song Yunxuan shook her head, “How could I be that capable?”

Chu Mochen lowered his eyes and continued going through a few pages of the materials about the young doctor.

After going through all the materials, he closed them and raised his hand to rub his temples, saying, “The doctor doesn’t look like a person who’s willing to go to the People’s Hospital and be a resident doctor.”

Song Yunxuan took back the materials, saying smilingly, “Yeah, I agree.”

After getting off the plane, she would make a phone call to ask how the doctor was doing in the People’s Hospital.

Though he had only been in the People’s Hospital for less than a month, yet he had performed several difficult operations. Moreover, the failure rates of the operations were high, but he still succeeded.

It was unreasonable for such an outstanding elite with such consummate medical skills to look for a job in the People’s Hospital.

She had already been wondering who dispatched Tan Yi to the People’s Hospital.

If she had guessed right, there would have been no doubt that he would naturally ask to be Gu Changle’s attending and family doctor after performing an operation on Gu Changle.

Then he would surely get on better and better with Gu Changle.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and put the materials on her laps. Then she turned to look out of the plane.

The plane was flying high in the sky and outside the window were clouds and the blue sky.

Yet before long, she felt that her eyes were a bit dry, so she closed her eyes and put on her patches, saying to Chu Mochen, “I suddenly feel a bit tired, and I’m going to take a nap.”


Chu Mochen grunted in response.

Then he took away the materials on Song Yunxuan’s laps.

Song Yunxuan had a long sleep.

But Chu Mochen did not wake her up. Instead, he just sat beside her quietly.

After some time, they reached Roume and got off the plane.

The first thing Song Yunxuan did was not calling Lu Xia but the People’s Hospital in Yuncheng.

On the other end, the person told Song Yunxuan that Tan Yi did plan to be Gu Changle’s family doctor.

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “I see. If he makes it, tell me.”

The person on the other end said OK.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunxuan saw that Chu Mochen was pulling their luggage in person and waited for her.

He was wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses that covered half of his face. The slacks and the casual shirt both looked irresistibly fashionable.

Many of the young girls passing him could not help taking a few more looks at him.

Yet Song Yunxuan gently sighed when seeing him. Then she walked over and took her luggage from his hands.

“I can manage.”

“Let me help you.”

Chu Mochen was being an excellent boyfriend. He pulled their luggage with one hand and held her shoulder with the other. Then he pulled her into his arms and pecked her on her forehead.

Truth be told, it would have been a romantic and sweet kiss.

If Chu Mochen hadn’t nibbled her ear after kissing her.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to stroke her ear lobe and then looked up at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen slightly curled up his lips.

Song Yunxuan smiled gently, suggesting, “In a place like Roume, we’d better stay low-key.”

“It doesn’t matter. I feel that Family Sophia had already tailed you right after you got off the plane.”

“Fine.” Song Yunxuan replied in agreement.

If Family Sophia had watched closely about what she had been doing in Yuncheng, they would have surely known about her trip to Roume.

Moreover, they could have been watching her all the time.

Even though she wanted to stay low-key in Roume, yet it didn’t work as Family Sophia had been watching her secretly.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen went to their hotel to have a rest.

Yet Family Sophia had already got the message that Song Yunxuan had come to Roume.

And they ordered Lu Xia to call Song Yunxuan that night.

Song Yunxuan felt quite surprised when receiving Lu Xia’s call.

Because Lu Xia had been controlled by Family Sophia, so by rights Lu Xia barely had a chance to call Song Yunxuan by herself.

If there had been a chance, then she must have called her under Family Sophia’s watch.

As Song Yunxuan was thinking about it, she answered Lu Xia’s questions and asked how she had been doing lately.

Lu Xia said that she enjoyed her life in Roume.

Hearing Lu Xia’s words, Song Yunxuan said directly, “Miss Lu, I hope to see you in person. I don’t know if I have the honor to do it.”

Lu Xia was slightly stupefied and remained silent for such a while.

After a moment, Lu Xia replied, “I’ll send a driver to pick you up tomorrow.”

“Can I take my fiance to visit you together?”

Lu Xia felt puzzled, “Who is your fiance, Miss Song?”

“Chu Mochen.”

Song Yunxuan directly said Chu Mochen’s name.

Sure enough, the name was quite impressive to Lu Xia.

After smiling gently, she replied with open-mindedness, “Please invite Mr. Chu to come over together.”

“See you tomorrow, Miss Lu.”

Lu Xia was delighted and even said good night to Song Yunxuan when hanging up the phone.

Hearing that she was calling someone, Chu Mochen lay on his side on the bed and listened to their conversation. After she hung up, he asked her, “Isn’t Lu Xia under the watchful eye of George?”

“No matter what, Lu Xia is the woman George fancies. If George really likes Miss Lu, then he won’t hurt her.”

Song Yunxuan’s words made sense.

Chu Mochen pondered for a while. He got up from the bed and stared at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan felt sick of being stared at by the man, so she pretended that she was tired. She yawned and lay down to sleep.

Yet Chu Mochen had no intention of waking her up after she lay down. He just reached out to pull her closer to his arms.

Then he gently held her into his arms.

Song Yunxuan could feel the warm breaths he blew to her ear lobes.

It was just that she could not do anything else even though the man’s breaths were so tender and hot.

Chu Mochen didn’t know that she had been pretending to be pregnant, so until now he still thought that she was really pregnant.

And he was willing to restrain his sexual needs to protect the baby in her belly.

Song Yunxuan closed her eyes, trying hard to calm herself down.

She had to deal with lots of things in Roume.

And what would happen in Yuncheng was a foregone conclusion.

She would soon know whether Gu Changle or Song Yunjia would win the battle.

Gu Changle had been in a coma since she was pushed out of the operation room.

Tan Yi took his responsibility to stay with his patient Gu Changle.

Yet Gu Changle’s family doctor Wilson had a great aversion to Tan Yi’s being responsible.

He felt that Tan Yi was grabbing his job as he was being so responsible.

Indeed, Tan Yi was going to grab his job by doing this.

Shao Tianze had taken all the advice Tan Yi gave him.

Besides, after having run a check, he finally found something wrong.

As for what was wrong, Shao Tianze had not spoken it out clearly.

Yet Shao Tianze had already given Wilson the cold shoulder.

Wilson wanted to take a look at Gu Changle’s medical record for several times, yet he was refused mercilessly by the attending doctor Tan Yi.

Wilson had once gone to Shao Tianze in person and wanted to let Shao Tianze give Gu Changle’s medical record to him.

Yet Shao Tianze’s attitude was quite perfunctory.

Wilson couldn’t accept it and had a feeling of being cold-shouldered.

At last, Wilson threw up his job and did not care about Gu Changle’s condition anymore.

However, on the second day Gu Changle in the hospital.

She became conscious after having been in a coma for about one day.

Shao Tianze felt quite happy about it, and he even sent someone to tell all the family servants to come to the hospital to take care of Gu Changle.

When Gu Changle woke up, she felt uncomfortable and raised her hand to call Shuang, “Shuang, give me the medicine. It’s time to take it.”

Her health was poor, so she needed to take medicine on time.

If she had not taken medicine on time, she would have lived shorter than she imagined.

Shuang had already prepared the medicine Gu Changle was going to take.

Hearing that Gu Changle was calling her for the medicine at the moment, she immediately handed the medicine to her.

Just at the moment, Tan Yi entered, wearing a doctor’s overall.

Seeing that Gu Changle was about to take medicine, he frowned and strode over to grab the medicine on Shuang’s hand which she was about to feed Gu Changle.

Shuang was stupefied.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze at the scene also looked confused.

Only Tan Yi kept calm all the while.

He cast a cold glance at the medicine and handed it to the nurse behind him, “Run a check on the medicine to see if the ingredients were correct.”

Shao Tianze frowned, saying, “It’s the medicine for Changle. There shouldn’t be anything wrong.”

Shao Tianze believed that Shuang, who stayed with Gu Changle, would not bring the wrong medicine.

Yet Tan Yi turned a deaf ear to his words and motioned the nurse to run a check on the medicine quickly.

Shao Tianze felt that Tan Yi was being a busyboy, saying, “I’ve had someone in the People’s Hospital run a check on Changle’s medicine’s ingredients. They are qualified, and there is nothing wrong with them.”

Yet Tan Yi simply said, “One can never be too careful.”

Shao Tianze did not refute his words.

Indeed, just as Tan Yi said, it was better for them to run more than one check on the peroral life-saving drugs.

Tan Yi asked about Gu Changle’s physical condition after entering the ward.

Gu Changle tried to feel, and then she said, “I’m alright and feel much more comfortable than yesterday.”

Tan Yi nodded and told the doctors he brought to take good care of Gu Changle.

Yet he went straight forward to Shao Tianze and asked politely, “Mr. Shao, may I have a private word with you?”

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