Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 409 - Go to Roume

Chapter 409 Go to Roume

Song Yunjia couldn’t wait anymore.

She couldn’t wait to see Gu Changle get sick and die.

As long as she got rid of Gu Changle, she would have a beautiful and fabulous future life.

However, Shao Xue’s answer disappointed Song Yunjia.

“It seems that the drug is slow-acting. Sister Changle has taken it for several days, but her health condition is still well, showing no signs of discomfort.” Shao Xue meditated in silence for a while before she said again, “And Sister Changle is in a good mood during this time. In addition to playing the piano and arranging flowers, she sometimes goes out to paint.”

Shao Xue told Song Yunjia about Gu Changle’s situation over the past few days.

The more Song Yunjia listened, knowing Gu Changle had a good time, the more unhappy she felt.

Shao Xue felt that the conversation was almost over, so she made an excuse to hang up the phone, “My brother is back. I need to hang up.”

Song Yunjia responded, “OK.”

After hanging up the phone, Shao Xue went out of her room and, from the second floor, saw Gu Changle was arranging flowers in the living room.

She couldn’t help but murmur, “Such an elegant hobby.”

Shuang was beside Gu Changle, observing and passing the tools Gu Changle needed.

She didn’t hand the correct flowers Gu Changle wanted a few times. Gu Changle just gave her a displeased glance and did not reprimand her.

From this point of view, Gu Changle’s mood was indeed buoyant.

Anyway, she had no reason to be in a bad mood.

In recent days, Shao Tianze returned home to eat on time and returned to the Shao Family for the night.

After the rumors had been suppressed, Shao Tianze tried his best to coax Gu Changle happy. It seemed that he wanted to doubly make up for the indifference some time ago to Gu Changle.

He even ordered people to send many red roses over after knowing Gu Changle liked flower arrangement recently.

His passionate love was directly transmitted to Gu Changle’s heart through those 999 red roses.

After all, women were easily blind with love.

Gu Changle was the same.

Shao Tianze’s actions made her irresistibly love this man deeply.

She was also firmer in her belief that she should utterly destroy Song Yunjia.

Gu Changle looked up at the second floor while arranging flowers.

Seeing Shao Xue stand and watch on the second floor, Gu Changle couldn’t help but smile, “Shao Xue, come down. I’ll send you this vase of freshly arranged flowers.”

Shao Xue didn’t reject Gu Changle’s kindness. She laughed and went downstairs from the second floor.

Shao Xue did change Gu Changle’s medicine, but she wouldn’t have wanted to be Song Yunjia’s dagger for murder if it had been exposed.

Song Yunjia should be blamed. Shao Xue couldn’t be driven away from the Shao Family because of Song Yunjia’s fault.

She needed to stay at the Shao Family and witness Shao Tianze being shotted down from the clouds into the mud.

Only her revenge was taken would she left the Shao Family.

Because of it, she needed to build a good relationship with Gu Changle during this period.

Since Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister, when in a good mood, Gu Changle cared for her, and when in a bad mood, Gu Changle ignored her entirely and treated her as a bunch of air.

This time, Gu Changle’s mood was good, so she took the initiative to greet Shao Xue.

Shao Xue walked to Gu Changle’s side.

Gu Changle pointed at the flower arrangement she had made in the white crystal vase and asked Shao Xue, “Is it beautiful?”

White baby’s breath flowers dotted passionate red roses. The flowers were gorgeous, but Shao Xue was not immersed in the love life and had no feeling for such warmly blooming red roses.

However, since Gu Changle asked, she had to nod and say she liked it.

Otherwise, she would disappoint Gu Changle.

Shao Xue nodded and said with a smile, “It’s beautiful. Sister Changle, you are dexterous. The flower arrangement you made should be displayed in the flower store.”

Gu Changle fiddled with the red roses in the vase cheerfully, “It can’t be sent to the flower store. These roses are the present Tianze sent me. I’ll put them in my room.”

Shao Xue looked at Gu Changle with a smile, “My brother is so romantic. I’m jealous of you, Sister Changle.”

When Shao Xue said that, she couldn’t help but recall Gu Changge.

Gu Changge was Gu Changle’s elder sister. Even if she was a sister in the adoptive parents’ house, Gu Changle shouldn’t completely erase Gu Changge’s existence.

Gu Changle now lived with her sister’s husband. There was no shame in her heart.

Such a shameless woman was rare.

Shao Xue only said with a grin as Gu Changle liked.

When Gu Changle saw Shao Xue looked at her again, there was a touch of impatience in her sight.

She was a little kind to Shao Xue, but it didn’t mean she liked Shao Xue.

She remembered how Shao Tianze had cared for and loved this sister when he just brought back Shao Xue.

Gu Changle had known that Shao Xue was not Shao Tianze’s blood-related sister.

If Shao Xue had been Shao Tianze’s biological sister, Gu Changle would have been kind to this sister without worries.

However, the two people who were not related were extremely close. That made Gu Changle unhappy.

She always treated Shao Xue coldly.

Gu Changle now treated Shao Xue a little better because she wanted to secretly drive Shao Xue out of the Shao Family after she removed Song Yunjia.

However, it would be easier to get rid of Shao Xue than to remove Song Yunjia.

And removing Shao Xue needed a justified reason.

For example, find a boyfriend for Shao Xue.

The corner of Gu Changle’s mouth bent.

Seeing her raised corners of her mouth, Shao Xue faintly felt that Gu Changle thought of something happy again.

Shao Xue didn’t want to stay with Gu Changle in the living room for too long. Seeing Gu Changle finished her flower arrangement, Shao Xue said, “Sister Changle, have you finished arranging the flowers?”

Gu Changle nodded, pushed the vase to Shao Xue’s hand, and said, “Yes. Do you like it?”

Shao Xue gladly took the vase and thanked, “Thank you, Sister Changle. I like this flower arrangement.”

Hearing Shao Xue’s words, Gu Changle acted to be pleased.

There happened to be a sound at the door.

The two women turned to look at the same time, seeing Shao Tianze coming back with his briefcase.

Shao Xue saw the light blooming in Gu Changle’s eyes when she saw Shao Tianze. Shao Xue smiled and tactfully said, “I’ll go upstairs, Sister Changle.”

“Would you like to say a few words to your brother before you go?”

Gu Changle asked politely.

Shao Xue shook her head and laughed, “Only talking to Sister Changle will make my brother very pleased. I should go to the room and appreciate the flower arrangement as his younger sister.”

As she said, Shao Xue sniffed the roses in the vase lightly and exclaimed, “The flower is so fragrant.”

She carried the vase upstairs.

Seeing Shao Xue going upstairs and Gu Changle coming to greet him, Shao Tianze asked Gu Changle, “Why did she go upstairs without saying a word to me?”

“What’s wrong? Is it not enough to have me talk with you?

Gu Changle blamed flirtatiously.

Shao Tianze laughed and reached out to hold her cute jaw. He put a kiss on her lips, “That’s enough.”

The kiss was gentle and sweet.

Gu Changle became dizzy because of the kiss. After released by Shao Tianze, she still felt so sweet that her heart was about to be melted.

After kissing Gu Changle, Shao Tianze took off his coat and walked into the room, “A little tired. I’ll take a shower first, and then have dinner with you.”

Gu Changle followed him back to the room, “I’ll prepare the bathwater for you.”

The simple sentence contained multiple romantic meanings.

Shao Tianze laughed meaningfully.

Gu Changle’s cheeks were flushed.

After she followed Shao Tianze back to the room, she rolled up her sleeves and went to the bathroom to prepare the bathwater for Shao Tianze.

Before long, she heard Shao Tianze’s footsteps entering the bathroom.

She wanted to turn back but restrained herself.

At last, Shao Tianze went to her and gently blew in her ear. He said huskily, “Wash with me?”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Gu Changle felt her body became soft, and her breathing also became a little hot and fast.

During this time that she lived with Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze was always very concerned about her physical condition. Even when they slept on one bed, Shao Tianze did nothing to her.

Now Shao Tianze invited her to wash together. It made Gu Changle think of that kind of thing subconsciously.

She stood up suddenly, her face flushing, and wanted to leave.

However, she was expecting something in her heart.

Shao Tianze chuckled and pulled her into his arms as if he could see her conflicting thoughts.

Gu Changle just struggled symbolically.

Then she and Shao Tianze snogged.

Shao Tianze gently pulled down the loose clothing over her shoulder.

The two were in the room and did not come out for a long time.

Shao Xue paused a little while passing the door of Shao Tianze’s room.

The sound insulation of the Shao Family rooms was excellent. Even if Shao Xue put her ear on the door and listened, she could not hear anything.

However, even if she couldn’t hear anything, she could imagine what kind of passion was happening in the room now.

She turned and left, waiting quietly for what would happen next.

Song Yunxuan ordered Mei Qi to book a ticket to Roume at night.

She even invited Mei Qi for dinner.

Song Yunxuan’s favorite dishes were on the dinner table.

Nurse Wang served diligently.

After Song Yunxuan had dinner, Nurse Wang came to Song Yunxuan and whispered in her ear, “Childe Chu called just now.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes lightened slightly, and she smiled, “What’s the matter? Will he come over tonight?”

Nurse Wang nodded, “Yes, Miss Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan’s mood became better. She ordered Nurse Wang with a smile, “Add a pair of tableware. Make a few dishes he likes.”

Nurse Wang nodded and went to the kitchen to cook.

Seeing Nurse Wang’s actions, Mei Qi knew there would be guests coming to the house.

He was full, so he wiped his mouth with a napkin, stood up, and prepared to leave.

Song Yunxuan didn’t ask him to stay but see him off at the door in person.

While they walked outside, Song Yunxuan said, “I’ll leave Yuncheng at 9 a.m. tomorrow. You need to manage the Song enterprise for me temporarily. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Don’t worry, Manager Song. I’ll take care of small things and ask for instructions from you about important matters.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and looked at him in earnest, “One more thing. You must do it for me.”

Mei Qi listened with respect.

Song Yunxuan said, “Before I come back, you must help me find where Miaomiao and Gu Yi are.”

Mei Qi frowned slightly and thought it was a difficult problem. However, after thinking about it, he nodded and agreed.

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