Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 403 - Good Condition

Chapter 403 Good Condition

On the weekend, Song Yunjia waited for Shao Tianze with the dinner ready.

However, Shao Tianze had not arrived at the Champs-Elysea when it was eight at night.

It did not go through when Song Yunjia called Shao Tianze for many times.

Finally, Song Yunjia had no choice but to call Shao Tianze’s assistant.

The assistant seemed a little embarrassed when she answered Song Yunjia’s phone.

It was not until the assistant was pressed by Song Yunjia that she whispered, “Mr. Shao went home tonight.”

Song Yunjia had known that Shao Tianze lived in the hotel since the rumors spread. Now the assistant said that Shao Tianze had gone home. Therefore, Song Yunjia thought that Shao Tianze had gone to the hotel.

Song Yunjia questioned closely, “Has he gone to the hotel?”

Being asked about that, the assistant had to confess to Song Yunjia, “Mr. Shao came back to the Shao Family tonight.”

Song Yunjia had been in a good mood. But the assistant’s words made her mood fall to the ground.

Shao Tianze had never mentioned things about Gu Changle to Song Yunjia when he came to the Champs-Elysea.

Song Yunjia had been naive enough to believe that Shao Tianze had forgotten Gu Changle. However, not until the assistant said Shao Tianze had gone to the Shao Family did she realize that Shao Tianze would never give up Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia hung up the phone.

Song Yunjia’s eyes became dimmed because of the disappointment. Then they were gradually darkened.

Gu Changle clenched her fingers slightly. She said to herself, “I can’t let Gu Changle win. Anyway, I can’t let Shao Tianze be on her side.”

If Gu Changle had kept Shao Tianze, then Song Yunjia could not have put off her plan.

Song Yunjia pursed her lips. But her eyes were filled with the malicious expression.

Let Gu Changle die. If she had died, she would have never competed with her for Shao Tianze.

Just like Gu Changge who had been dead. A dead person could not fight.

Even though Shao Tianze liked Gu Changle so much, it did not matter once Gu Changle died.

Song Yunjia’s heart beat more quickly for her wishes and pleasure to see Gu Changle die.

Song Yunjia clenched her fingers slightly. Her fingertips were pressed into her palm unconsciously.

When the servant Wenwen came in and saw Song Yunjia’s appearance, she was a little scared. She called Song Yunjia, “Miss Yunjia?”

Song Yunjia was totally buried in her own fantasies. She didn’t notice who was around herself.

Wenwen saw Song Yunjia out of attention. She raised her voice, “Miss Yunjia, what happened to you?”

Hearing the loud voice, Song Yunjia frowned and turned around to look at her.

Being frowned at by Song Yunjia, Wenwen was a little anxious, “Miss Song, you were too preoccupied just now. Therefore, I unconsciously… raised my voice. Did I frighten you?”

Wenwen carefully begged for Song Yunjia’s pardon.

After all, Song Yunjia had been happy and waiting for Shao Tianze tonight.

But Shao Tianze didn’t come here. Song Yunjia was not happy either. Wenwen was about to call her, but she was worried that Song Yunjia would take it out on her.

However, hearing the calling, Song Yunjia just gave Wenwen a light glance. She said with tiredness, “You can clear the table now.”

Wenwen was surprised, “But Miss Song, you haven’t had dinner yet.”

Song Yunjia frowned at Wenwen, “Tianze didn’t come here. How can I have an appetite to eat?”

Wenwen looked at Song Yunjia helplessly. She was frustrated, “Well, I’ll get it cleaned.”

“Empty them all.”

Song Yunjia didn’t care how wasteful it was to empty them at all.

In her mind, the dinner was for her to spend time with Shao Tianze. Since Shao Tianze did not come, it was meaningless no matter how hearty the dinner was.

Wenwen felt it was a pity to throw them away in her mind, but she couldn’t say it out.

Not only couldn’t Wenwen say it out, but she had to cater to Song Yunjia, “Miss Song, it’s bad for your health to sleep on an empty stomach. I’ll prepare the warm milk for you. It’s better for you to have some milk before you go to bed.”

Song Yunjia looked back and saw Wenwen deeply.

Wenwen smiled. She knew that Song Yunjia had believed in her since she had been caring for Song Yunjia so carefully.

Indeed, after Song Yunjia saw Wenwen’s smile, she became gentler.

Then Song Yunjia nodded lightly and went upstairs to the bedroom.

Wenwen felt relieved after Song Yunjia went upstairs.

Then she was helpless to go towards the kitchen.

The servants had been waiting for Shao Tianze’s arrival. They did not have anything yet.

Now, they did it in vain.

Moreover, they had to throw away what they had prepared with great efforts.

What a sin!

Wenwen pursed her lips and gave instruction to those servants waiting in the kitchen, “Miss Song said that Mr. Shao would not come here tonight, and we should throw these away.”

As expected, a servant began to complain just as Wenwen finished, “Oh come on! We have been working all night. And then we should throw them away because of one word?”

Wenwen frowned. She glared at the servant with complaints, “Well, don’t you listen to Miss Song?”

Being glared like this, the servant fell silent immediately. She pursed her lips and said, “Since this is Miss Song’s instruction, we should follow it. But how about these things?”

Wenwen turned the whites of eye up, “Miss Song meant to throw them away. Are you deaf?”

Wenwen was around Song Yunjia. She seemed to be Song Yunjia’s trusted subordinate. Therefore, other servants in the Champs-Elysea had to listen to her.

Now hearing that they should throw the dishes away, the servants felt pity in their mind. But they had no choice but to do what Wenwen said.

Wenwen was satisfied to see the servants pour the dishes into the trash can. Then she said, “You can just throw them out in case Miss Song feels upset when she sees them.”

Some servants were angry but they dared not speak.

They could just throw them out.

Wenwen saw the servants doing according to her words. She nodded with satisfaction and turned to leave.

After Wenwen left, the servant throwing the trash also came back.

One servant frowned. She sighed and whispered, “Miss Song has such temper in the Champs-Elysea now. Once she becomes hostess of the Shao Family, we can’t imagine how arrogant she will be.”

Other servants also pouted.

The older servant, Nurse Li, came here. She glared at those two servants, “That’s enough. Don’t talk anymore.”

Being glared by Nurse Li, those two servants pouted their lips and turned to work.

Nurse Li knew that the qualified servants in a rich family should watch their mouths.

Thus, during these years in the Gu Family, Nurse Li had seen so many things and kept them in her heart.

Nurse Li almost saw Gu Changge grow up.

However, she got a leisurely task and was appointed to watch the Champs-Elysea after Gu Changge and Shao Tianze got married.

It was as leisurely as retirement.

Gu Changle didn’t often live here so that Nurse Li just came here to clean on time.

Nurse Li normally just pruned the trees in the garden in her free time. Then she waited for Gu Changge’s coming.

She became busy as long as Gu Changge came.

However, even though Nurse Li was busy, she still felt it worth it.

Gu Changge had been respected by the Gu Family. Even the servants had a high opinion of her.

Gu Changge had more cruel means than anyone else. She also had more exquisite thoughts than her peers.

Everyone knew that Gu Changge let the Gu Family reach a position like no other families going by those means and thoughts.

Gu Changge was a successful head of a family, but she was not a successful wife.

When it came to this, Nurse Li’s expression vanished. She went on working in silence.

Song Yunjia went back to the bedroom and took a shower. She frowned and thought for a while before she went to bed.

Song Yunjia didn’t fall asleep when she lay on the bed.

Instead, after thinking for a while, Song Yunjia called the dean of the Yuncheng People Hospital.

It was the dean’s private phone so that the dean would ask who was calling when he received a cold call.

Song Yunjia slowly opened her mouth and told her name, “Dean, it’s me, Yunjia.”

It was just a simple name.

It made the dean stunned for a while. Then the dean frowned and asked her with an unbelievable tone, “How dare you call me now?”

“Why not?”

Song Yunjia seemed to have forgotten the previous predicament. She smiled, “Dean, I’m calling not just to regard, but to ask for help from you.”

The dean almost lost his position because of Song Yunjia’s operation which killed a person.

Now Song Yunjia called him again. The dean absolutely saw her a big trouble.

Before Song Yunjia could say anything, the dean had begun to refuse, “Yunjia, you can ask others for help. I’m too old to deal with those things in the hospital.”

The dean tried to cop out by telling Song Yunjia he had no power.

But Song Yunjia spoke gently. Just like a whisper, she said with seductive sound, “Then, dean, how long do you want to stay in this position?”

The dean was old enough, but he did not mean to retire.

While Song Yunjia asked him this question, the dean thought Song Yunjia might give him a good condition.

The dean fell into silence.

As expected, Song Yunjia on the phone chuckled. Then she said, “Dean, as long as you help me this time, I will let Tianze help you keep your position in the People’s Hospital.”

“I’m not as greedy as you young people think.” The dean did not know Song Yunjia’s demand. Therefore, he was hedging.

Song Yunjia knew that the dean was a duplicitous fox. Thus, she said slowly, “As long as you can help me, I can be with Shao Tianze. Besides, I can be the hostess of the Shao Family. You can think about it. With the support from the hostess in the Shao Family, you can be the dean in the People’s Hospital as long as you want, can’t you?”

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