Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 401 - Medicine Switch Plan

Chapter 401 Medicine Switch Plan

Gu Changle calmed down for a while before stopping showing the angry and embarrassed expression on her face.

She looked at Shao Tianze, “Where do you live now?”

Shao Tianze was about to leave, “In the hotel.”

“You’re lying to me.” Seeing that Shao Tianze was about to leave, Gu Changle immediately walked over and blocked Shao Tianze. She glared at Shao Tianze and asked him, “Do you often go to the Champs-Elysea? Are you with Song Yunjia?”

Her voice was sorrowful, and tears almost spilled from her eyes.

Anyone who saw her forlorn face would feel sorry.

However, in this case, Shao Tianze did not immediately promise to stay.

He just called the servant who was responsible for taking care of Gu Changle, “Shuang!”

Shuang had been observing carefully beside for a long time. Hearing that Shao Tianze called her, she quickly walked over, “Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze nodded and ordered, “Take care of Changle.”

Shuang nodded.

Gu Changle wanted to stop Shao Tianze and wanted him to stay. However, when she went forward, she was stopped by Shao Tianze’s bodyguard.

Gu Changle was unsatisfied.

Shuang also saw that Gu Changle was in a bad mood and carefully comforted her, “Miss Gu, would you want to rest?”

Hearing Shuang’s voice, Gu Changle felt angry for no reason.

Gu Changle shook off Shuang, who was supporting her.

Shuang was taken aback by Gu Changle’s sudden rage.

After shaking off Shuang, Gu Changle didn’t care about her and turned around to return her room.

Shao Xue went back to her room, supported by the servants. After hearing that all the servants left her room, she opened her eyes from the bed and went to lock the door.

After the door was locked, she walked to the windows and gently pulled the curtain to see the scene downstairs.

As she had expected, Shao Tianze left the Shao Family after accompanying her back.

He didn’t choose to sleep in the Shao Family.

It was apparent that Gu Changle had failed to persuade Shao Tianze to stay.

Shao Xue pursed her lips and felt pity for Gu Changle.

According to the development of this situation, Shao Tianze’s heart must show partiality to Song Yunjia little by little.

Song Yunjia was not a good person compared with Gu Changle. However, Song Yunxuan had told Shao Xue that she could decide who would be the winner of this battle.

Shao Xue hadn’t known that she had such right.

However, she had thought about that which woman’s staying in the Shao Family would be better when she was forced to make a decision.

She closed the curtains and went back to her bed. She hugged her legs and wondered what to do next.

Song Yunjia had gradually trusted her.

However, Song Yunjia hadn’t told Shao Xue her plans entirely.

As long as she didn’t know Song Yunjia’s plan, it meant that Song Yunjia had not fully trusted her.

How could she get Song Yunjia’s trust quickly?

She frowned and meditated.

When Shao Xue was contemplating, she suddenly heard a shrill noise of shattering from outside.

Shao Xue frowned. Without going out to see, she knew it must be Gu Changle smashing things to lose her temper.

Now Gu Changle was in a disadvantageous position, so her mental state was very depressed.

She often smashed things at home, most of which were antiques bought by Shao Tianze’s ex-wife, Gu Changge, from auction houses.

Most of these antiques were priceless.

However, Shao Tianze did not blame Gu Changle for smashing those priceless antiques.

He even didn’t frown.

It could also be seen from it that Shao Tianze did not have much respect for his dead ex-wife.

And Gu Changle hated her sister even more.

Hearing the sound of porcelain being shattered, Shao Xue frowned deeply, thinking it was chaotic.

So, she went to the bathroom, opened the shower, and took a bath.

Song Yunxuan had said that she would not contact Shao Xue for the time being. As she said, they didn’t communicate for a few weeks.

Shao Xue was transferred from the director of Fanxing Magazine to the director of a small magazine’s branch office in H city.

Although she was a director of the branch office on the surface, there was not much work there.

And rumors had it that this branch office would be merged, and it would reduce the staff. Employees were jittery.

Song Yunjia and Shao Xue were in close contact. Every few days, Song Yunjia quietly asked Shao Xue to go out for a meal.

Song Yunjia also invited Shao Xue to go shopping and go to the spa at weekends.

Song Yunjia even gave her gifts at the festival.

That situation lasted for two weeks.

Song Yunjia invited her to dinner as usual on the weekend.

The place for this appointment was a seafood restaurant.

When they were in the restaurant, two young women were sitting in the seats next to them.

The two young women were dressed in fashion and look like good friends.

Shao Xue didn’t care about them and sit down.

Not long after Shao Xue seated, she heard the two women’s heated discussion.

“Do you know? Shao Tianze of the Shao enterprise seems to have an affair with his sister-in-law.”

“Are you sure? I thought he was a good person.”

“A lot of people say they have a romantic relationship. And in the Shao enterprise, the relationship between Shao Tianze and his sister-in-law is already an open secret.”

“Really? That is crazy!”

“I heard that Gu Changle had liked her brother-in-law for a long time. As soon as her sister died, she slept with her brother-in-law in no time.”

The two women’s voices were not high, but others could hear them.

While hearing their talk, Shao Xue frowned lightly.

Song Yunjia asked her, “Shall we change a place?”

Shao Xue nodded.

Song Yunjia bent her lips and called a waiter immediately. Then, they moved to a private room upstairs.

There were windows in the private room. They could see the stream of people on the street from their seats.

While eating, Shao Xue frowned and said, “Gu Changle is a bitch! She ruined my brother’s reputation.”

Song Yunjia also wore an unhappy and resigned expression, “It was doomed. She has been so obsessed. It is natural of your brother to be moved after his wife died.”

Frowning, Shao Xue put down her tableware and looked at Song Yunjia, “You also love my brother, don’t you? I think it will be better if you are with my brother.”

Song Yunjia was very happy to hear Shao Xue say this.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s bent lips, Shao Xue said again, “You still haven’t thought of a way to deal with this bitch? You should know that if my brother moves back to the Shao Family, you won’t have a chance to defeat Gu Changle. Gu Changle is really good at seducing men.”

Shao Xue’s words were out of anxiety for her, and she also sincerely wanted to warn Song Yunjia.

Shao Xue was right. As long as Shao Tianze moved back to the Shao Family, Gu Changle finally would have a way to win Shao Tianze’s heart back while they were together from morning to night.

By then, Song Yunjia would have had no chance if Gu Changle had reminded Shao Tianze to investigate her miscarriage.

Thinking of those, Song Yunjia instantly lost her appetite.

She even put down her tableware on the table.

Seeing Song Yunjia put down her tableware, Shao Xue knew her warning had made Song Yunjia realize the urgency to execute her plan.

Song Yunjia lowered her eyes a little. In her mind, she clearly sorted out the plan she had thought about thousands of times.

She looked up at Shao Xue, who was sitting opposite her, “I have thought about competing with Gu Changle, but…”

Song Yunjia wore an awkward expression.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s expression, Shao Xue frowned, “But what?”

Song Yunjia weighed her words before said, “But this plan needs a person to help me.”

Shao Xue knew that the person Song Yunjia had mentioned was her, but she couldn’t say it directly.

Shao Xue pretended that she didn’t understand and asked, “Who do you need to help you?”

Almost everything had been said, and Song Yunjia had nothing to hide. She put her sight on Shao Xue and said, “Shao Xue, I need your help.”

Shao Xue was stunned, feeling inconceivable, “Do you need my help?”

Seeing Shao Xue’s bewilderment, Song Yunjia nodded undoubtedly, “Yes, I need your help.”

Shao Xue didn’t say anything for a while as if she was scared.

Song Yunjia carefully observed the expression on Shao Xue’s face.

She was afraid that Shao Xue would refuse.

Shao Xue knew that she could not agree quickly. Otherwise, Song Yunjia would easily find out that Shao Xue was cheating her.

Shao Xue frowned and thought for a few minutes. Then, she raised her head, pursed her lips, and asked Song Yunjia irresolutely, “Isn’t it going to kill people?”

Hearing Shao Xue’s question, Song Yunjia felt absurd and laughed, “You overthink. I just want to drive the bad woman away from Tianze. I have no idea of killing her.”

Although Song Yunjia denied on the surface, she was honest with herself in her heart.

If she had had an opportunity to kill Gu Changle, she wouldn’t have given up.

After all, she wouldn’t have touched blood if she had killed Gu Changle by Shao Xue’s hands.

Shao Xue couldn’t know Song Yunjia’s real thoughts.

However, Shao Xue quickly calmed down just because of Song Yunjia’s simple words. Shao Xue looked at Song Yunjia firmly and said, “I’ll help you, Sister Yunjia.”

Hearing Shao Xue’s words, Song Yunjia nodded with satisfaction.

A grateful look also appeared on her face. She reached out to grab Shao Xue’s hands, “Thank you for helping me, Shao Xue.”

Shao Xue smiled innocently, “This is not only helping you but also helping my brother. Gu Changle, the bad woman, has killed my parents and now wants to harm my brother! I will never let her stay with my brother as she wants.”

Her words were full of the sister’s affection for her brother.

Even Song Yunjia couldn’t hear anything wrong.

Seeing Shao Xue had agreed, Song Yunjia composed herself and said to Shao Xue, “Your brother won’t believe that Gu Changle is a bad woman if we tell him directly. So, we have to take a long-term plan for this matter.”

Shao Xue listened with respectful attention, “I’ll do whatever you say, Sister Yunjia.”

This unconditional trust made Song Yunjia very satisfied. She moved closer to Shao Xue and whispered in Shao Xue’s ear, “I have a plan. It’s very safe and able to drive away Gu Changle.”

Hearing what Song Yunjia had said, Shao Xue moved closer to Song Yunjia with curiosity, “What plan?”

Song Yunjia opened her red lips and uttered two words slowly, “Switch medicine.”

Shao Xue squinted her eyes as soon as these two words were spoken.

Song Yunjia was really vicious.

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