Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 387 - Told Her

Chapter 387 Told Her

Ye Meiqi was slightly stunned by this sound.

Then, she turned her head to follow the sound.

Ye Meiqi soon found a thin and pale woman.

This woman had a beautiful face. She must be a bright and enchanting beauty once she put on makeup.

However, now this woman appeared here without any makeup. Her eyes were red and somewhat swollen.

She seemed to have been crying for a long time.

Ye Meiqi frowned when she saw this woman. She could not figure out this woman’s background.

Ye Meiqi could not figure her out, while Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan looked at each other and said with curiosity, “Isn’t this Miss Gu?”

In Ye Meiqi’s impression, no one else could be called Miss Gu, except Gu Changge of the Gu Family. There was no second Miss Gu.

But Ye Meiqi had seen Gu Changge before.

Besides, Ye Meiqi knew that Gu Changge had passed away.

Ye Meiqi pursed her lips and said, “Who is this Miss Gu.”

Song Yunying responded quickly, “Mom, hasn’t the eldest sister told you? This is Gu Changle, Gu Changge’s younger sister.”

Gu Changle…

Ye Meiqi had heard of this name from her daughter. However, when Song Yunjia mentioned the name, she would look upset and change the subject quickly.

Ye Meiqi had not been in Yuncheng for so many years. Therefore, she had no intention of asking Gu Changle’s identity or the conflicts between her daughter and Gu Changle.

Now, this woman who had just been mentioned by her daughter for several times actually came for her in person. Ye Meiqi did not know what was going on.

Ye Meiqi saw Gu Changle walking towards herself but biting the lip with hesitation. She smiled slightly, “Miss Gu, are you here for me?”

“Yes, Mrs. Song.”

Gu Changle answered affirmatively.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Meiqi directly asked her what was going on. She did not mean to have a long talk with Gu Changle.

Gu Changle got Ye Meiqi’s meaning. She went straight to the front of Ye Meiqi. Then she solemnly knelt…

Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan were shocked by Gu Changle’s movement. They were stunned there and did nothing.

Even Ye Meiqi was surprised.

Ye Meiqi frowned. She asked Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, what do you mean?”

Ye Meiqi asked Gu Changle.

Gu Changle took Ye Meiqi’s hand. She knelt beside Ye Meiqi, looking up at her. She said loudly and firmly, “Mrs. Song, my elder sister has just died for less than a year. Anyway, I hope that you can stop Yunjia.”

Being grasped the hands and begged, Ye Meiqi felt confused. She frowned more tightly, “What happened to Yunjia?”

Ye Meiqi spoke somberly.

Gu Changle seemed not diffident at all. She looked at Ye Meiqi with distressed and disappointed eyes, “I have known Yunjia for so long. I’ve always regarded her as my best friend. I never expected that it’s so crucial. Anyway, please. Mrs. Song, please do not let Yunjia be with my brother-in-law anymore.”

Ye Meiqi understood exactly what Gu Changle said.

After all, this woman was here to stop Song Yunjia to be with Shao Tianze.

Ye Meiqi withdrew her hands from Gu Changle. She had no changes in her face. She just said to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, please stand up first. Let’s be seated and talk about it in detail if you have anything.”

Hearing Ye Meiqi’s words, Gu Changle knew that her words interested Ye Meiqi.

Song Yunxuan sat by the side. Seeing Gu Changle’s face bathed in tears, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help admiring Gu Chang’s superb acting in her heart.

Let alone whether Gu Changle had said something wrong, Gu Changle came here without any makeup but with the swollen eyes and a tear-stained face. It exactly made people think things seriously.

Ye Meiqi saw Gu Changle acting like that. Subconsciously, she became curious. Then she would further ask what was going on, and why Gu Changle cried so sadly.

Song Yunxuan praised Gu Changle in her heart.

Gu Changle had superb acting skills without any flaws.

Song Yunying was glad to see this live show, seeing Ye Meiqi talking with Gu Changle in detail.

Song Yunying gave Gu Changle a seat.

After Gu Changle sat down, Song Yunying handed Gu Changle a tissue and comforted her, “Miss Gu, if there is any misunderstanding, wipe your tears. Let’s talk slowly.”

Song Yunying’s words were very tricky. Although she was comforting Gu Changle on the surface, she was obviously partial to Song Yunjia.

These words made Ye Meiqi feel more comfortable.

Ye Meiqi was the Madame of the Song Family, while Song Yunying was the second daughter of the Song Family. Though Ye Meiqi was no longer in charge of the Song Family, she, as the Madame, still had some deterrents.

Moreover, Song Yunying needed support from the Song Family now. She was not stupid to cater to the outside in front of Ye Meiqi.

If Song Yunying had done so, the relationship between her and Ye Meiqi would have worsened, which had been bad for Song Yunying.

After Gu Changle sat down, Song Yunying looked after her by her side.

However, Song Yunxuan expressed no interest in Gu Changle.

In fact, Ye Meiqi was very unhappy in her heart. She had followed Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying carelessly.

She did not expect that this thing happened to her. It was so awful.

Ye Meiqi was upset in her mind, but she could not say it out.

Song Yunxuan took the tea in front of her, then she sipped it. At the same time, her eyes squinted Gu Changle’s performance.

Gu Changle was good at seizing the opportunity. Now, she knew it was a great opportunity that Ye Meiqi appeared in front of her.

As long as Gu Changle took it, she could let Song Yunjia come to grief.

However, once Gu Changle failed, she would be driven away in public by Ye Meiqi.

After all, Ye Mei did not expect her daughter to be framed up.

Gu Changle took the tissue to wipe her tears. Then she raised her head to look at Ye Meiqi with poor expression. “I’ve always known that Yunjia likes my brother-in-law….”

After Gu Changle said this, Ye Meiqi frowned. She asked in reply, “Well, is that real?”

Song Yunxuan saw Ye Meiqi pretend to know nothing. She said nothing but to watch Gu Changle’s response.

Gu Changle frowned at Ye Meiqi, “I thought you had known it. But now you seem to know nothing about it.”

Gu Changle sighed. Her following words made Ye Meiqi frown more tightly.

“I thought Yunjia must have told you about this since it has been for a long time. I didn’t expect that she said nothing to you.” Gu Changle had been polite. But she was blunt when she talked about things between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze, “Aunty, since you don’t know those things, can you listen to me? I can tell you.”

Ye Meiqi had said that she knew nothing about her daughter and Shao Tianze. Then she naturally heard Gu Changle.

Gu Changle also knew it was meaningless for her to ask this question. Ye Meiqi was not wise enough to make an excuse for knowing nothing.

Now, Gu Changle was saying the affairs about Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze. She could dramatize it as she liked, while Ye Meiqi did not know it clearly.

Song Yunxuan was a little worried that Gu Changle might embroider the truth too much.

Ye Meiqi nodded at Gu Changle’s question, “Since it’s about Yunjia, I, as her mother, should know it clearly. You can tell me about it.”

Ye Meiqi was willing to listen to Gu Changle. Gu Changle had prepared the story for many times in her mind.

Under watchful eyes of Ye Meiqi, Gu Changle said carefully, “Aunty Ye, my words might surprise you. But you must believe me. What I’m going to say is true.”

Ye Meiqi nodded, “You can start now.”

Getting Ye Meiqi’s permission, Gu Changle started, “Aunty, in fact, Yunjia is in a relationship with my brother-in-law. However, you know, it hasn’t been for a long time after my sister’s death. It’s too early for my brother-in-law to be with a new woman. Therefore, he has been hiding Yunjia in the Champs-Elysea.”

Ye Meiqi was familiar with the Champs-Elysea.

Gu Changle glanced at Ye Meiqi’s expression. Then she continued, “My brother-in-law has been very kind to my sister. After my sister passed away, I don’t expect my brother-in-law to be alone all the time, either. Instead, I wish him to find a woman he loves as soon as possible so that he can recover from my sister’s death.”

After hearing Gu Changle’s words, Song Yunxuan raised her lips with irony. But she blocked this expression with a teacup. Thus, no one noticed her small movement.

At the same time, Gu Changle was sparing no effort to convince Ye Meiqi.

Ye Meiqi was listening to Gu Changle without any expression.

Song Yunying, by their side, seemed to be listening carefully. But she had been boiling in her mind.

Before Song Yunxuan came to the Song Family, Song Yunjia had been so spoiled by Song Yan that she almost could get everything she wanted.

Song Yunying did not expect that her eldest sister, Song Yunjia, would be in such a difficult position after Song Yan passed away.

Song Yunjia could not be like this without Song Yunxuan’s scheme and Gu Changle’s tricks.

Song Yunying had heard the things between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

Besides, Song Yunying had been surprised at the beginning when Shao Tianze was with his sister-in-law.

Later, the rumors had been increasingly spread. The news between the rich families had also been diffused quietly.

Gu Changle’s affair with Shao Tianze had spread like wildfire among the ladies from rich families in Yuncheng, who knew lots of gossips and dirties.

Now, Gu Changle knew Ye Meiqi had come back. She came for Ye Meiqi on purpose, wanting to trip Song Yunjia up.

Gu Changle was nourishing her baby, while she still kept those funny tricks.

Song Yunying watched them with interests. But she looked serious on the surface.

After hearing Gu Changle’s introduction, Ye Meiqi almost understood what Gu Changle wanted to express.

Ye Meiqi was about to say something.

Gu Changle interrupted Ye Meiqi before she could start, “Aunty, I will give them my best wishes if Yunjia was with my brother-in-law after my sister’s death. But Yunjia had been bothering my brother-in-law before my sister passed away. I feel sad for that….”

Ye Meiqi frowned. She was very displeased to interrupt Gu Changle, “What do you mean? Bothering?”

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