Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 379 - Look For the Key

Chapter 379 Look For the Key

“Miss Song is missing?”

Liu Yue looked quite astonished, seeming that she had never expected such a thing at all.

Looking at her reaction, Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes coldly, “Don’t you know it?”

Liu Yue immediately waved her hands, “Mr. Shao, I really don’t know anything about it. Why did Miss Song suddenly disappear? Is it really true?”

Liu Yue looked quite flustered, and her eyes involuntarily fell on Wenwen who was standing next to her. Then Liu Yue was suddenly taken aback, seeming that she had thought of something, saying to Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, isn’t Wenwen the one who takes care of Miss Song on a daily basis? Now that Miss Song is missing, Wenwen should be the one who knows best about Miss Song’s whereabouts.”

Liu Yue immediately offloaded the problem onto Wenwen.

Wenwen gnashed her teeth, but she could not sidestep the question.

Because just as Liu Yue said, Song Yunjia was taken care of by her in the Champs-Elysea.

Besides, Wenwen had always been Song Yunjia’s confidant.

Now that Song Yunjia was missing, anyone who knew it would definitely think of asking her about Song Yunjia’s whereabouts.

Shao Tianze’s eyes fell on her, asking, “Wenwen, weren’t you with Yunjia?”

Wenwen put on a wry face after having been questioned. Then she blamed herself, “After the meal, Miss Song said that she was so tired that she would like to have a rest. But she told me to bring some bedtime milk to her later, so I waited outside. However, after I had heated the milk and brought it to Miss Song, I found that she had already been missing.”

With this, Wenwen raised her hand and wiped her tears. Then she couldn’t help looking at Liu Yue who was next to her, “After I had found that Miss Song was missing, I went to look for her with Liu Yue, yet Liu Yue refused to look for Song Yunjia with me.”

Tears fell from Wenwen’s eyes, and she felt quite aggrieved.

But when Liu Yue heard her story, she almost blew up on the spot.

Liu Yue goggled at Wenwen inconceivably, “Are you nuts?”

Liu Yue intended to rush to yank Wenwen, regardless of Shao Tianze’s presence. Liu Yue glared at Wenwen, “You didn’t tell me that Miss Song went missing! If you had told me, how couldn’t I agree to look for her? That’s bullshit!”

Liu Yue had always been a servant with a bad temper.

Besides, Song Yunjia had been giving Liu Yue a hard time knowing that she was transferred by Gu Changle.

So Liu Yue had always been a doormat in the Champs-Elysea. Now she itched to rip Wenwen’s big mouth to pieces when seeing that even she was saying something aiming at her.

Liu Yue tore at Wenwen’s clothes angrily.

Shao Tianze, who was standing next to them, had already frowned impatiently.

The servants on both sides hastily went forward and reached out to part Liu Yue and Wenwen on seeing they started to have a catfight.

Liu Yue was a little taller than Wenwen, and she acted quite fiercely, looking rather shrewish.

And Wenwen was dodging cowardly all the time.

Seeing Liu Yue being so aggressive, Shao Tianze’s tone became quite scary as if it had been frozen, “Stop it!”

His howl made Liu Yue and Wenwen stupefied at the same time.

Liu Yue’s fingers still clenched Wenwen’s collar.

Though Liu Yue had sensed Shao Tianze’s anger, yet she had no intention of letting go of Wenwen’s collar.

Shao Tianze looked at Liu Yue and frowned impatiently, asking her, “What? You want to beat her?”

Having been questioned so sharply, Liu Yue immediately realized her gaffe.

She immediately withdrew her hand, “No, no….”

Yet Shao Tianze didn’t even give her a chance to explain herself at all. Instead, he looked at Liu Yue coldly, “I really don’t know who is in charge of the Champs-Elysea. Did you even ask that if fights are allowed in this family?”

Knowing that she had enraged Shao Tianze, Liu Yue hastily apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Shao! I didn’t mean to do it. I just felt quite angry after having been framed. I didn’t mean to fight with Wenwen!”

Yet the coldness in Shao Tianze’s eyes did not abate, “I believe you this time and I hope it’s the last time you did it! Got it?”

Liu Yue immediately nodded.

And then Shao Tianze continued to ask the two servants who stood aside and had been silent since the fight began, “Do you know where Yunjia went?”

The two servants shook their heads repeatedly, “No, we don’t.”

“Miss Song went to bed quite early and we also turned in because she is a light sleeper and doesn’t like noises. So we really don’t know where Miss Song went.”

Seeing that the two family servants didn’t seem to be lying, Shao Tianze raised his hand and rubbed his brow.

He could not guess where Song Yunjia went now.

He rubbed his brow while lowering his head.

Wenwen also felt a little anxious, “Mr. Shao, what do you think we should do now? Do we need to call the police? Did anyone take Miss Song away?”

Wenwen’s guess made Liu Yue retort immediately, “Miss Song had always been staying in the Champs-Elysea, and there had always been bodyguards outside. So how could she be taken away by anyone? Don’t you mislead Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze was rubbing his brow with his fingers and was considering both Wenwen’s and Liu Yue’s words.

Wenwen was Song Yunjia’s servant who had always been around her, and it could be said that they almost had a sibling relationship. Song Yunjia trusted her very much.

Now Shao Tianze knew that Wenwen was really worried about Song Yunjia on seeing the expression on Wenwen’s face.

If Wenwen hadn’t been really worried, she would not have been this anxious, which made her cry.

“Since we can be sure that Song Yunjia was not taken away by anyone, then she must be somewhere near the Champs-Elysea. Please go and find her separately.”

After Shao Tianze had told the four family servants what to do, he turned to call out to the bodyguard that he brought along and the two bodyguards who had originally been in the Champs-Elysea.

When the bodyguards heard Shao Tianze calling them, they immediately came over.

They respectfully asked Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, what can I do for you?”

“Did anyone of you see Yunjia go out from the Champs-Elysea?”

The two bodyguards looked at each other and then answered Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, Miss Song must be in the villa. It was impossible for her to leave the villa.”

“Are you sure?”

Shao Tianze fixed his eyes on them.

The bodyguards heard Shao Tianze’s questions.

Then they both nodded firmly.

Seeing that the bodyguards were so sure of their answers, Shao Tianze began to tell them, “You go to look for Yunjia with the nurses of the family. Do make sure that she is safe. Otherwise, I’m afraid that she may take it to heart.”

Shao Tianze knew well about Song Yunjia’s personality.

Sometimes, Song Yunjia’s personality was so tough that it even made Shao Tianze feel helpless.

Shao Tianze was still haunted by Song Yunjia’s self-harm when he asked Yunjia if she had harmed Changle.

Shao Tianze still felt a little scared when thinking of it now.

He was afraid that Song Yunjia might take it to heart and do something stupid.

Shao Tianze could not keep calm and followed the family servants to look for Song Yunjia in the villa of the Champs-Elysea.

While in the Song Family, things were quite different.

Song Yunjia was lying on the bed after having taken a bath, playing with her mobile phone and waiting for good news from the Champs-Elysea.

She was too excited to sleep.

A family servant brought over a glass of milk which was to promote sleep.

But when the servant saw Song Yunxuan curling up her lips, she realized that Song Yunjia was in a good mood.

All the family servants knew well about Song Yunxuan’s habits.

When Song Yunxuan was in the mood, she would like to think about things alone, not wanting others to talk to her.

After the servant had put the milk down, she gently reminded Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, the milk has already been heated. Please remember to drink it before sleep.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and then nodded to the servant who had always been taking care of her, “Go to sleep. I’ve got it.”

Only by hearing Song Yunxuan’s words did the servant turn around and leave.

Hearing the sound of the closing of the door, Song Yunxuan pressed her lips.

Then she unlocked the mobile phone in her hand and entered a contact’s number.

Then she dialed it.

Then Song Yunxuan listened to the busy tone, waiting for the other end to pick up the phone.

Song Yunxuan also slightly curled up her lips.

She hadn’t seen the Madame of the Song Family yet.

However, if Ye Meiqi had received the call on the other side of the ocean, Song Yunxuan would have been very happy.

What was more, Song Yunxuan could almost guess what things would be like when Ye Meiqi came back.

Song Yunxuan was looking forward to Ye Meiqi’s return.

However, before the call went through, Song Yunxuan had no idea about what decision Ye Meiqi might make when receiving her call.

She waited quietly for the voice from the other end of the phone.

While in the Champs-Elysea.

A faint cry coming from the door of the cellar caused a sensation in the Champs-Elysea villa.

Shao Tianze put his ear to the door panel.

Only a faint cry came through the door panel as it had a good sound insulation.

Yet Wenwen exclaimed excitedly, “It’s Miss Song’s voice. It’s definitely Miss Song’s voice! Miss Song is in there!”

Wenwen was thrilled and was eager to open the door of the cellar.

Yet when Wenwen reached out to push the door of the cellar, she found that the door in front of her was motionless.

Seeing that Wenwen stopped, Shao Tianze frowned, “The door of the cellar is locked. Go to find the key now!”

There were no housekeepers in the Champs-Elysea now.

The only one who was very familiar with the Champs-Elysea was the 40-year-old lady behind Shao Tianze, who was Nurse Zhou.

Hearing Shao Tianze’s order, Nurse Zhou immediately turned around and went to look for the key to the cellar.

Wenwen put her ear to the door panel of the cellar, listening to Song Yunjia’s voice coming from inside. Meanwhile, she wrinkled her brows little by little.

“Mr. Shao, Miss Song’s voice from inside is getting weaker and weaker.”

It made Shao Tianze more anxious. He turned around and pressed the bodyguard next to him, “Why is the key still not brought here?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Shao. I’m going to get Mr. Zhou to come now!”

The bodyguard immediately went to look for Nurse Zhou.

Shao Tianze began to feel quite worried in his heart. He put his ear to the door panel and listened to Song Yunjia’s voice coming through the door.

And he had some doubts in his heart.

Why was Song Yunjia in the cellar?

Besides, the door of the cellar was locked.

Shao Tianze frowned and involuntarily thought deeply.

The bodyguard who looked for Nurse Zhou came back very soon.

When the bodyguard came back, he saw Shao Tianze putting his ear to the door panel and listening to the voice inside. Then the bodyguard looked embarrassed, “Mr. Shao….”

Hearing the bodyguard’s voice, Shao Tianze reached out his hand without saying anything, “Where is the key? Give it to me now!”

The bodyguard was ordered to hand in the key, but his hands were empty.

Shao Tianze turned around impatiently as he still did not get the key. Then he saw that the bodyguard was looking at him worriedly and he was faltering.

“Where is the key?”

The bodyguard felt embarrassed, “Nurse Zhou searched for the key several times, but she still didn’t find it.”

“Didn’t you put away the key? You can’t find it in such a critical moment?!”

Sensing that Shao Tianze was angry, the bodyguard replied immediately, “Nurse Zhou did put the key in a fixed place. But she can’t find it today and said that it might have been stolen.”

“Stolen?” Shao Tianze frowned.

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