Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 370 - A Beloved Prey

Chapter 370 A Beloved Prey

Song Yunxuan’s guess slightly stupefied Mei Qi.

He had also suspected that maybe some foreign forces interfered with this matter. However, no matter how hard he thought, he still felt that the Song enterprise had never offended any foreign forces.

If they had never had offended any foreign forces, then it might have not been possible for any foreign force to interfere with the matters in Yuncheng.

He had ruled out the possibility that foreign forces were involved subconsciously.

But now Song Yunxuan had suspected that there might be a foreign force involved, so Mei Qi had no choice but to face up to this thorny foreign force.

“Why do you suspect Family Sophia?”

“I actually didn’t plan to suspect Family Sophia in the beginning, yet all the evidence points to Family Sophia,” Song Yunxuan told Mei Qi about her suspicion when she went to Roume in detail, “You didn’t see Lu Xia, so you can’t sense her difference. From her appearance, I can’t say that she’s changed much. However, while talking with her, I could sense that she was implying me something when I listened attentively. It was strange for her to take the initiative to help me.”

“Why was it strange?” Mei Qi hadn’t been to Harbor City before, so he didn’t know anything about what happened to her there.

Seeing that he knew nothing about what happened in Harbor City, Song Yunxuan simply told Mei Qi about the things briefly.

After having heard the stories, Mei Qi asked her, “So are you suspecting that Lu Xia is now under the control of someone?”

“She might be taken to Roume by George forcibly. Besides, she didn’t help me to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao for nothing. The reason she did it was that she wanted me to help her.”

“Does Lu Xia want you to take her away from George?” Mei Qi thought of something that he actually considered interesting and curled up his lips.

Seeing that he curled up his lips, Song Yunxuan reminded him with a bit displeasure, “Be serious. It’s no trivial matter.”

“I know it’s important. So I asked you if she wanted you to help her get away from George.”

“I think she did.” Recalling the brief conversation with Lu Xia, Song Yunxuan answered Mei Qi’s question affirmatively.

Mei Qi nodded, “If so, then that’ll be right.”

“What’ll be right?”

Song Yunxuan frowned.

Mei Qi explained it to her, “George has been Lu Xia’s white assistant and has been around her for years. Anyone who knows Lu Xia is aware that there is a white assistant at her side who takes care of her meticulously. There is a rumor in Harbor City that George and Lu Xia have a love relationship.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head, “I don’t buy it.”

Mei Qi asked her curiously, “Why?”

“Lu Xia puts her whole heart into the Lu enterprise, and the one that Lu Xia has always had feelings for is probably the young master of the Lu Family who has died.”

“As you said, Manager Song, the young master of the Lu Family has passed away. Since he is no longer alive, then there is a good reason for Lu Xia to like another man.”

“But this man can’t be George. If Lu Xi really likes a man, she will not let the man stay by her side for that long.”

Maybe Song Yunxuan had been too dominant in her previous life while she had been Gu Changge, so now she knew quite well about this kind of strong businesswomen.

She felt that she could totally read Lu Xia’s mind.

When the young master of the Lu Family died, Lu Xia was determined to devote all her passion and youth to developing and protecting the Lu enterprise.

On the one hand, she was supporting the Lu enterprise. But on the other, she was a woman after all.

Maybe she could have met a heartthrob.

But Lu Xia was so rational that she would never give up the Lu enterprise, which she had been protecting, because of being immersed in love.

“What do you mean by this, Manager Song?” Mei Qi felt puzzled.

Song Yunxuan explained, “No man in the world is willing to have a wife who is a strong woman, and every man wants to be outstanding. Once a woman like Lu Xia falls in love with someone and gets married, then the man will own everything that Lu Xia owns instantly and will be the half-master of the Lu Enterprise. If I may ask, will Lu Xia simply hand over the whole Lu Enterprise to her husband?”

“Absolutely not.” Mei Qi could be sure about it without thinking.

Lu Xia would never hand over the Lu Enterprise to others.

“Not only will Lu Xia not hand over the Lu Enterprise to others, but she will also guard against any man who approaches her. Once she smells a rat, she will drive that man away.”

“But what about George….”

“George is expert both in scheming and playing tricks. Besides, he is obviously quite patient as he has been around Lu Xia for these many years.”

“Only when one treats his beloved prey can he have enough patience,” Mei Qi replied.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Tell me about it!”

Shao Tianze’s face came into her mind at once.

Just as Mei Qi said, only if a man who was quite sophisticated had treated his beloved prey could he have been this patient.

In Song Yunxuan’s previous life, the Gu’s which belonged to Gu Changge was Shao Tianze’s beloved prey.

Only after having known Gu Changle for over ten years, got married and had babies with her did Shao Tianze carry out the plan of seizing the Gu’s.

He had been concealing his real purpose and preparing for so many years. Such patience made people feel scared.

Yet George, who was around Lu Xia, was a man of such kind.

“Mei Qi, what do you think George’s beloved prey is?”

“Family Sophia is so wealthy that it’s not possible for them to swallow up the Lu’s. The only possibility is that George wants to get hold of Lu Xia.”

Song Yunxuan agreed with Mei Qi’s opinion, “I think so, too.”

The two immediately reached an agreement.

They gradually understood why Family Sophia wanted to ruin her plan in spite of the tiring trip across the ocean through the guess.

Song Yunxuan swung herself halfway around the leather swivel chair, looking out of the French window.

Meanwhile, her fingers held the pile of files and put them back into the kraft paper bag brought over by Mei Qi.

“George urged Lu Xia to stay, but I have to return the favor to Lu Xia as she had done me a favor. Besides, I have promised to help her before. The reason George interfered with my plan is probably that he was afraid that I might save Lu Xia after I’ve finished affairs in Yuncheng.”

“I agree.”

After having heard Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi had also understood what was at stake.

“So, what are you planning to do now, Manager Song?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s question, Song Yunxuan swiveled the chair back to the front of the desk and placed the files onto the desk. Then she folded her hands and looked at her with a smile, “Since we’ve made clear of it, then things will be much easier in the future.”

Mei Qi felt relieved when seeing that Song Yunxuan had got herself together.

He felt somewhat worried about the lapse she had when Gu Yi and Miaomiao were suddenly taken away.

Mei Qi had never seen Song Yunjia have a lapse during the time he was around her.

However, the thing that Gu Yi and Miaomiao were taken away almost drove her crazy.

He did not know that she valued these two kids this much in her heart.

Song Yunxuan folded her hands and slightly raised her eyebrows, saying, “The reason that Family Sophia let Shao Tianze take away Gu Yi and Miaomiao was just that they wanted to hinder the steps of my helping Lu Xia. Since Family Sophia didn’t want me to help Lu Xia soon, then I might as well follow their wishes. Now I won’t help Lu Xia, instead, I will first settle the matter between Song Yunjia and Gu Changle.”

She was also very interested in things between Gu Changle and Song Yunjia.

The Shao Family probably needed her help now.

It was just that she had to wait for some time before stepping in it.

In the Shao Family.

After the induced labor operation in the hospital, Gu Changle returned to the Shao Family for recuperation.

And she made her most trusted doctor Jiang Minjing move to Shao Family.

Jiang Minjing did her duty and took good care of her.

And Shao Tianze began to accompany and guard her almost right after he had returned from the Shao enterprise.

Gu Changle often woke up with a start at midnight.

Maybe it was because she had an induced labor operation, and the conflict between her and Song Yunjia was too unforgettable, she often vaguely dreamt that Song Yunjia injected medicine into her body with a syringe.

She woke up from her dream with a cry, covered with sweat.

Shao Tianze was dozing beside Gu Changle, yet he awakened immediately when hearing Gu Changle’s scream.

He quickly became clear-headed and saw that Gu Changle was screaming as if she had been having a nightmare on the bed while waving her arms, “Go away! Song Yunjia! Don’t you touch my baby!”

“Changle?” Shao Tianze grabbed Gu Changle’s arm and anxiously called out her name, trying to wake her up from her nightmare.

However, it seemed that Shao Tianze could not wake her up from her nightmare, as Gu Changle was still waving her arms while screaming with cries, “Let go! Don’t get near me! Don’t hurt my baby! You go away! Go!”

Her voice probably alerted Jiang Minjing, who lived in the next room.

Jiang Minjing came in a hurry, wearing slippers. She pushed open the door without knocking at the door.

Shao Tianze heard that the door of the bedroom was pushed open.

So he turned to look at the door.

And he saw that Jiang Minjing scurried in wearing a doctor’s overall. Jiang Minjing asked, “What’s wrong?”

“She seems to have a nightmare. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t wake her up.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Jiang Minjing walked over and grabbed one of Gu Changle’s arms while Shao Tianze grabbed another. Then she gently placed her hand onto her forehead and said, “Miss Gu, you are dreaming. Come on, can you wake up?”

Jiang Minjing’s voice was very gentle.

It didn’t seem to be a good way to wake up Gu Changle from her nightmare.

But surprisingly, after Jiang Minjing had finished her words, Gu Changle gradually calmed down and then slowly opened her eyes.

Because of the nightmare just now, there were tears in her eyes. Then the tears flew down from her eyes and reached her temples.

Seeing that she was crying, Shao Tianze felt quite bad and felt like comforting her. He reached out and gently helped her wipe off the tears in the corner of her eyes, comforting her, “Changle, don’t be scared. It was no more than a nightmare.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Gu Changle immediately struggled to sit up on the bed and reached out to stroke her underbelly, “My baby is still here, right? My baby is still in my belly, isn’t it?”

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