Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 366 - Between Life and Death

Chapter 366 Between Life and Death

Shao Tianze asked about the situation of the Champs-Elysea on the road.

He contacted Shuang, Gu Changle’s servant.

After hearing Shao Tianze’s voice, as if she remembered what had happened just now, Shuang couldn’t help but cry, “Mr. Shao, come over quickly. Miss Gu is not well.”

“Did you call Dr. Jiang?”

“I did, but Dr. Jiang was blocked. Now Miss Song is treating Miss Gu. I hear Miss Gu crying, but the servants of Miss Gu block me and stop me from getting in.”

Her words successfully made Shao Tianze frown tightly.

“Is Yunjia treating Changle?”

“Yes, Mr. Shao.”

After hanging up, Shao Tianze knit his eyebrows tightly.

Song Yunjia was an excellent cardiologist. However, after having worked with her for so many years, he hadn’t known that she was also good at gynecology except cardiology.

It was unexpected that she stopped a professional gynecologist like Jiang Minjing and treated a pregnant woman as a cardiologist who had resigned.

He slowly clenched his fists tightly.

He was already angry that Song Yunjia was playing tricks.

Both women were very kind to him. He had hoped that they could get along well with each other and wouldn’t be harmed.

However, it seemed that Song Yunjia didn’t want to get along well with Gu Changle now.

“Hurry up.”

He ordered the driver in front. After hearing Shao Tianze’s urging, the driver couldn’t help but step on the accelerator.

He wished he could drive the car to the site of an accident right now.

In the car, Gu Changle felt the pain in her body getting worse and worse.

Song Yunjia next to her looked at her pain, calmly.

Song Yunjia raised her lips and looked at her with a smile, “Changle, you are so lucky that you could be pregnant even with such poor health. At first, I thought you couldn’t be pregnant when you were with Tianze.”

Gu Changle was so painful that she couldn’t speak, and she could feel bearing-down pain in her lower abdomen.

Seeing that Gu Changle was too painful to speak, Song Yunjia laughed more loudly, “I gave you an injection just now. Although medical abortion is no longer suitable for you, you still feel your belly is falling, right?”

Gu Changle gritted her teeth and was reluctant to speak.

Song Yunjia saw her stubbornness and nodded, “I used to know that Gu Changge was hard-mouthed, but I didn’t expect that you also became so obstinate after living in the Gu Family for so many years since Gu Cheng adopted you.”

Song Yunjia knew that Gu Changle was suffering now.

However, she liked to look at Gu Changle’s pain now.

Seeing Gu Changle’s painful face twisted, Song Yunjia felt thrilled in her heart.

Without Gu Changle, she could have been with Shao Tianze smoothly.

It was Gu Changle’s fault.

Gu Changle should have died long ago. Before Gu Changge’s death, Gu Changle should have died.

Seeing Song Yunjia treat her so wantonly, Gu Changle clutched the door handle of the car beside her.

The labor pains in her lower abdomen made her feel that she was about to be torn apart.

She reached out, wanted to grab something and hold it hard to relieve the pain in her body.

“You need to hold on for a while. And later, the massive hemorrhage of abortion may help you get rid of this pain quickly.”

Song Yunjia looked forward to the passing of Gu Changle’s life and Gu Changle being tortured to lifelessness.

However, Gu Changle looked at her arrogant look.

She frowned tightly and tried to squeeze out an ironic smile, “Do you think you will win?”

Her voice was fragile, and she even felt like she was swallowing a knife while talking.

However, even so, she still wanted to say this to Song Yunjia.

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Song Yunjia smiled, “Don’t I win now?”

Song Yunjia raised her eyebrows, “If you die, I will win. Although Tianze has loved you for so many years, don’t forget that Tianze also loved Gu Changge at the beginning. After Gu Changge’s death, you accompanied Tianze. You should know his reaction after your death.”

Gu Changle’s face was pale, and she puckered her lip, saying nothing.

Song Yunjia did not shut up but deliberately told her, “When Gu Changge died, Tianze was not very sad. Your situation is similar. Tianze has loved you, but your death will only make Tianze sad for a few days. Soon, Tianze will come out of the pain of losing an insignificant woman, and then choose a new woman suitable for him. For example, me.”

Song Yunjia’s finger pointed at herself.

Between her eyebrows were full of complacency.

“Song Yunjia, don’t you be afraid of retribution for hurting me like this?”

“Retribution?” Gu Changle’s words seemed to be a joke to Song Yunjia. She couldn’t help but laugh, “I had seen so many people die when I was a doctor. Why should I be afraid of retribution because of killing you? I wish you would die as soon as possible.”

She waited patiently for Gu Changle to die.

However, while she was waiting patiently, Wenwen’s voice suddenly came from outside.

“Miss Song, Mr. Shao is coming!”

Wenwen seemed afraid that Song Yunxuan could not hear, so she shouted anxiously again, “Miss Song! Mr. Shao is coming! Miss Song!”

Wenwen shouted very loudly, and even Gu Changle heard Wenwen’s voice.

Gu Changle had felt desperate in her heart.

When Song Yunjia came, she wanted Song Yunjia to the scapegoat for her miscarriage.

However, she hadn’t expected that Song Yunjia not only was willing to be the scapegoat but also had planned to kill her at the beginning.

Hope flared up inside her heart when she heard that Shao Tianze was coming.

However, Song Yunjia panicked immediately when she heard Wenwen’s cry.

After a slight panic, she quickly turned to look at Gu Changle.

Gu Changle couldn’t conceal the excitement in her eyes.

Seeing the expectation in Gu Changle’s eyes, Song Yunjia couldn’t help but reach out her hands to seize Gu Changle by the throat.

She was torn by conflicting thoughts in her mind.

She had heard clearly that Shao Tianze was coming.

Her reason told her that she should now pack her things up and pretend to treat Gu Changle well as a good doctor and sister.

Only in this way could she won Shao Tianze’s favor.

However, she didn’t want to do as she reasonably thought. She wanted to put her hands around Gu Changle’s neck. She wanted to squeeze Gu Changle’s throat to throttle her immediately.

Gu Changle looked at Song Yunjia’s darkened eyes, and there was panic in her eyes.

And Song Yunjia obeyed her own heart, raising her hands to squeeze Gu Changle’s throat.

Gu Changle was so scared that her whole body froze.

“You’re insane! You’re insane!”

Gu Changle shouted in horror.

Her voice was low because of her severe abdominal pain.

Song Yunjia tightened her squeezing, intending to choke Gu Changle before she could shout.

It was at this time that someone outside pulled the car door violently.

Song Yunjia panicked.

She immediately withdrew her hands.

The first reaction in her mind was that Shao Tianze had arrived and was about to see that she was killing Gu Changle.

However, after the door was opened, the voice was not Shao Tianze’s but Wenwen’s.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s hands was withdraw from Gu Changle’s neck, Wenwen was dumbfounded.

Song Yunjia looked back in horror to see the stunned Wenwen.

Seeing that it wasn’t Shao Tianze but Wenwen in front of the car door, Song Yunjia immediately took a breath to sweep away half of her horrified emotions.

“What are you doing?!”

Song Yunjia scolded Wenwen.

Wenwen was so scared that she turned pale. Hearing Song Yunjia’s scolding, she immediately replied, “Miss Song, Mr. Shao has got off the car and is walking towards here.”

Hearing Wenwen’s words, Gu Changle couldn’t help but raise her hand to touch her throat that had been squeezed just now and show a smile.

She got saved. As long as Shao Tianze arrived, she got saved.

Even if Song Yunjia choked her now, she wouldn’t die under Song Yunjia’s hands.

The time was not enough for Song Yunjia to choke her to death.

Song Yunjia also knew the present situation. Looking at the smile on Gu Changle’s face, Song Yunjia took a hard breath before she turned around and began to pack up the medicine box she had brought quickly.

She put several injections that shouldn’t have appeared in the medicine into Wenwen’s hands, “Throw them quickly! Don’t let anyone see them!”

Holding a handful of small vials of medicine given by Song Yunjia, Wenwen was stupefied.

Seeing Wenwen didn’t move, Song Yunjia became angry, “Hurry up and throw them away! Are you stupid! What do you want, standing still?”

Wenwen recovered from the shock, hearing Song Yunjia’s scolding.

Then, she ran to the outside in panic.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s manner, Gu Changle dismissively bent her lips, “Do you think you could evade your crime?”

“Do you think Tianze will only believe your words?”

Although she was nervous in her heart, Song Yunjia refused to show it on her face.

Gu Changle breathed difficultly, suppressing the pain on her body desperately.

Even though she was so painful that she wanted to yell, she was holding back.

Song Yunjia sorted out the things around her and waited for Shao Tianze to arrive.

Shao Tianze arrived soon.

As soon as she sorted things out, Shao Tianze pulled the door open.

The smell of blood was strong in the car. After pulling the door open, Shao Tianze stared at Song Yunjia with sharp eyes.

Song Yunjia turned back to look at Shao Tianze with a panicked face and tears on her face.

Shao Tianze had been intolerably aggressive. However, when he saw the tears on her face, he was stunned.

Then, his glance fell on Gu Changle’s face.

Gu Changle wanted to sit up.

Song Yunjia persuaded her with concern, “You can’t move now. We are waiting for the ambulance to come to take you to the hospital, Changle.”

Song Yunjia was showing loving care for Gu Changle.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s fake caring attitude, Gu Changle couldn’t help but get angry. She reached out, wanting to grab Shao Tianze and to tell him that Song Yunjia had tried to kill her just now.

Song Yunjia watched her reach out to Shao Tianze and knew that she was going to make the accusation. Hence she immediately said, “Tianze, it is a relief that you have been here. I was treating Changle just now. And when she was painful, she said that I was killing her!”

The villain brought suit against her victim.

That made Gu Changle caught by surprise.

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