Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 361 - The Message Leaked out

Chapter 361 The Message Leaked out

The next day.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao got up early.

After having combed Miaomiao’s hair by herself, Song Yunxuan chose a red dress and dressed Miaomiao.

It was a new dress, and Miaomiao also liked bright colors.

After having worn that beautiful little red dress, Miaomiao did a twirl in front of the mirror and then turned to ask Song Yunxuan, “This dress goes well with Christmas because they both have the colors red and white.”

“I’ll buy Miaomiao some better gifts at Christmas.”

“Will you come and spend Christmas with me this year?” Miaomiao asked her, holding her hand.

Song Yunxuan crouched down and looked at her gently, “Of course, I’ll come and accompany Miaomiao on Christmas Day.”

Today, she would send Gu Yi and Miaomiao to the WS.

She didn’t expect the day to come. However, it was dangerous for Gu Yi and Miaomiao to continue staying in Yuncheng. The best way was to send them away from Yuncheng.

After Miaomiao had got dressed, Song Yunxuan took her downstairs for breakfast.

On the breakfast table was Miaomiao’s favorite ham and cheese sandwich.

Song Yunxuan picked up the sandwich from the white porcelain plate and handed it to Miaomiao, “Have a taste of it.”

Miaomiao opened her mouth and took a bite of the sandwich between Song Yunxuan’s fingers.

Then she chewed it in her mouth.

Seeing Miaomiao enjoying the food, Song Yunxuan felt her heart melt.

“Is it yummy?”

“Yes!” Miaomiao looked at Song Yunxuan smilingly, “I like eating everything cooked by sister Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan stroked Miaomiao’s hair, and her eyes were soft, “Miaomiao will stay with me in the future, and I will make delicious food for Miaomiao every day.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Miaomiao smiled and felt very happy.

She asked a family servant to take care of Miaomiao at the table during breakfast because Gu Yi had still not come down from upstairs.

So she raised and went upstairs to Gu Yi’s room to check on him.

Gu Yi had already got up and got washed. When Song Yunxuan entered, she found that Gu Yi was fixed his collar in front of the mirror.

Gu Yi was wearing a white baseball uniform this time, which was different from his daily clothes in the Shao Family.

He looked quite cute, vigorous, and athletic.

Song Yunxuan looked at him at the door and slightly curled up her lips. She couldn’t help admiring his son for being far more handsome than other boys.

She felt that Gu Yi would surely be an elite when he grew up.

And by then, he would make a great number of women crazy about him.

It was just that she had to wait a long time for the day to come.

But it didn’t matter because she was still alive.

Though she could only live as a woman named Song Yunxuan, yet it was enough.

As long as she could have stayed with these two kids, she would have been satisfied.

“When you’re ready, please come downstairs for breakfast.”

She spoke softly.

Gu Yi noticed her voice and turned to look at her with his eyes, which were as black as ink, remaining silent.

Song Yunxuan knew that the child had always been used to concealing his feelings and treating her with silence.

So she didn’t care much about it.

After having finished her words, she went downstairs.

When Song Yunxuan had gone downstairs, Miaomiao ran to Song Yunxuan from the chair beside the table when seeing her as Miaomiao always ate like a bird.

“Before I leave, can I go to the garden and have a look, sister Yunxuan?”


Miaomiao took Song Yunxuan’s hand and spoke excitedly to her, “The uncle, who was the gardener in the garden, told me that the blue enchantress was about to come out.”

“Do you like blue enchantress?”

“Yes! Can I take the blue enchantress away with me?”


Song Yunxuan would meet Miaomiao’s every requirement unconditionally.

When Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao arrived at the garden, they saw that the gardener was looking at a pot of budding roses.

The rose stood with only one bud, slim and graceful.

However, the bud was about to burst.

The look which was seemingly open while seeming closed and the blue petals both sent forth a kind of intoxicating beauty.

Looking at the flower, Miaomiao couldn’t help opening her mouth in surprise. Then she pulled at Song Yunxuan’s clothes with her small hand and exclaimed, “Sister, the flower is so beautiful.”

“Then, it becomes Miaomiao’s.”

As soon as she said that, the gardener cut the flower off from the branch with a pair of garden shears.

Seeing that the flower was cut off, Miaomiao was slightly stunned. Then she said in a low voice, “Actually, I could have taken the pot with me.”

“If with some nutrient solution, the rose could go on living for a long time,” the gardener relieved Miaomiao timely.

Song Yunxuan held Miaomiao’s fingers and waited for the gardener to warp up the flower.

After having wrapped up the flower, he put it in a beautiful rectangular case.

Then the gardener presented it to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan nodded gently. Then she crouched down, tilted the box slightly, and showed it to Miaomiao, “How does Miaomiao like the flower wrapped up like this?”

“It’s so beautiful.”

“This is a departure present for you,” Song Yunxuan handed her the flower.

Miaomiao reached for the flower. Obviously, she was fascinated by the beautiful flower.

Actually, Song Yunxuan felt quite sad to send Miaomiao away from Yuncheng, and worried that Miaomiao might make a scene because she would be sent away.

Now she had nothing to worry about.

Miaomiao’s attention had been completely drawn by the blue enchantress in her hand.

She felt that the attraction of this gift to Miaomiao was enough to make Miaomiao forget the unhappiness that resulted from leaving Yuncheng during the flight to the WS.

She returned to the living-room with Miaomiao, and Gu Yi had already finished his breakfast.

Seeing the two of them coming back, Gu Yi rose from the table and walked to Song Yunxuan, asking, “Can we leave now?”


Song Yunxuan turned to look at the housekeeper.

The housekeeper bent his head slightly, “Miss Song, the car to the International Airport is prepared.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and took Miaomiao out.

And she winked at the housekeeper at the door.

The housekeeper nodded slightly to show that she understood her orders.

Gu Yi didn’t notice the eye contact between Song Yunxuan and the housekeeper.

Only when he was about to get on the car was he called by the housekeeper, “Little Master Gu.”

Gu Yi stopped.

Following the housekeeper’s voice, he looked back.

Just at that time, he saw the housekeeper holding a box in which there was a flower in front of him.

It was a purple rose.

It was obviously a valuable variety.

Besides, the color of the purple rose had always been his favorite color.

There was some silver powder around the edge of the rose.

Seeing that the flower in the box had completely drawn his attention, the housekeeper said, “It’s a gift for you from Miss Song.”

With this, she presented the flower to Gu Yi.

Gu Yi hesitated for a moment. Then he pressed his lips and took the flower.

Song Yunxuan sat in the car and smiled slightly on seeing Gu Yi take the gift from the housekeeper through the bulletproof car window.

Her guess was right.

As she expected, Gu Yi, who was cold on the surface while warm in the inside, liked the gift.

The saying enduring thousands of years that no one knew a man better than his mother was really true.

After having taken over the flower, Gu Yi got on the car.

The car started, and it would be leaving the Rose Garden for the Yuncheng International Airport.

But on their way to the airport, a flash lamp suddenly blinked in the distance.

It took a photo of the license plate number of the speeding car secretly.

In the morning, everything was quiet in the Shao Family.

Shao Tianze was having breakfast.

Gu Changle felt a little uneasy because of Jiang Minjing’s words.

After having noticed it, Shao Tianze frowned gently and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Hearing his question, Gu Changle managed a smile, “Nothing.”

Shao Tianze could tell that Gu Changle actually managed a smile at first glance as he had been with her for so many years.

He was now having a foot in two camps. Song Yunjia had some feelings for him so that he couldn’t run out on her. However, it was not appropriate for him to stay too close to her.

While on the other side, Gu Changle had always been the woman he liked.

Though she sometimes made trouble out of nothing, from the bottom of his heart, he preferred Gu Changle a little more.

“Are you not feeling well?”

Shao Tianze felt that it was time to tell Gu Changle the truth about the child.

It would have been better if she could have had the induced labor operation in the near future.

After all, the doctor had told him that the longer Gu Changle carried the baby, the more body burden she would have.

He didn’t want Gu Changle’s life to be at risk because of this child.

“Changle, if you are not feeling well, I’ll send for a doctor to come and have a check.”

Gu Changle seemed to hear something from Shao Tianze’s words alertly, so she immediately refused, “No need. As my family doctor, Doctor Jiang has been focusing on my physical condition dutifully every day. You don’t need to send for other doctors.”

Actually, Shao Tianze was thinking that he could let a doctor come over to get Gu Changle examined, and then told her she must have an induced labor operation because she was not suitable to have the baby.

But Gu Changle put his foot down through her words.

In her words, the doctor she trusted most now was Jiang Minjing.

She should not be listening to anyone’s words except Jiang Minjing’s.

And it was more likely for her to suffer mood wings when hearing such things as induced labor operations.

Only if Jiang Minjiang had told her the truth could Gu Changle have believed the fact and accept it calmly.

But he hadn’t contacted with Jiang Minjing yet.

Jiang Minjing presumably didn’t tell Gu Changle that she couldn’t have the baby.

Thinking of this, he said, “OK. Enjoy your breakfast. When you’re done, I’ll ask Doctor Jiang to come and get you examined.”

Gu Changle nodded, “OK.”

She had already prepared for it.

Gu Changle felt that Shao Tianze was probably going to let Jiang Minjing tell her to have the induced labor operation.

After having made a rapid calculation in her mind, she said, “Tianze, Yunjia now lives in the Champs-Elysea, and I think she is still mistaken in me. Can I have a talk with her when I’m available?”

Shao Tianze’s eyebrows drew together, “Can you women hit it off?”

“Sure. We had a good talk at breakfast.”

She slightly pressed her lips and pretended to be very happy.

Seeing her expression, Shao Tianze felt relieved and agreed, “Take care of yourself and don’t stay there for too long.”

“OK, I’ve got it. I want to ask Yunjia to go shopping together. Recently, many products of the latest models have come out.”

It was perfectly normal for women to go shopping together.

Shao Tianze wasn’t being oversensitive. If Gu Changle could have got along with Song Yunjia well, then it would naturally have made him feel a lot better.

“Don’t shop for too long.”

After Shao Tianze had finished his words, Gu Changle curled up her lips.

Just at this time, Shao Tianze’s assistant entered in a hurry and showed Shao Tianze a photo.

Before Shao Tianze saw the photo, he didn’t show much emotion on his face.

But when he saw clearly what the picture in his assistant’s hand was about, his face hardened a lot.

“Where is it headed now?”

“The International Airport,” the assistant replied.

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