Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 359 - For The Child

Chapter 359 For The Child

Chu Mochen’s question made Song Yunxuan slightly stunned.

Then, Song Yunxuan smiled slightly and replied, “I don’t think it’s the right time to get married.”

Chu Mochen took Song Yunxuan’s finger, pulling her in front of him. Raising his hand, Chu Mochen gently pinched Song Yunxuan’s chin, so that Song Yunxuan couldn’t escape his eyes. Chu Mochen said, “What’s wrong? You have been pregnant for over four months. Your belly is about to grow bigger.”

Chu Mochen reached out to touch Song Yunxuan’s belly.

However, Song Yunxuan immediately grabbed Chu Mochen’s wrist, a little nervous.

Chu Mochen saw anxiety in her eyes. He frowned slightly, “What’s the matter?”

“No, nothing.” She replied perfunctorily.

In fact, Song Yunxuan was quite clear in her mind. Her belly should grow gradually after more than four months of pregnancy.

However, Song Yunxuan’s belly was still flat.

It seemed that a fake show was about to be played soon, otherwise, her fake pregnancy would be revealed by herself.

After all, it would not have been convincing if her belly had not been big. Others would also begin to suspect.

Chu Mochen raised his lips as his wrist was held. He looked at Song Yunxuan with a pair of eyes that looked like deep water. Chu Mochen said casually, “I thought your belly would grow up quickly. Why is it still so flat?”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, “I’m slim. Besides, some pregnant women’s bellies are not big so that people can’t tell.”

Song Yunxuan hoped that her explanation could convince Chu Mochen.

After all, there were often reports in the entertainment industry that female celebrities’ bellies were not big, even if they were seven-month pregnant.

Song Yunxuan thought that she probably could cover this flaw by an explanation of being too thin.

Hearing this, Chu Mochen nodded, “Probably.”

Song Yunxuan felt relieved as she found that Chu Mochen believed it.

Chu Mochen removed the fingers which were holding her small chin. He pulled Song Yunxuan into his arms, letting her sit on his lap.

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes. She reminded Chu Mochen, “I haven’t had my clothes picked yet.”

“Let me hold you for a while. I want to hold you right now.”

Song Yunxuan did not resist or struggle. She let him hold herself.

Song Yunxuan hadn’t done anything intimate with Chu Mochen for a long time.

The most peculiar thing was that Chu Mochen did not have the habit of going to places like nightclubs.

Chu Mochen held Song Yunxuan’s waist with one hand and held Song Yunxuan’s right hand with the other hand. His finger slightly touched Song Yunxuan’s ring finger.

Then, Chu Mochen discovered that Song Yunxuan didn’t have the ring he gave her on her right ring finger.

“Why don’t you wear the ring?”

“Because I went out today, and I was afraid to lose it. I put the ring in the drawer at the head of the bed,” She explained.

Actually, Song Yunxuan hadn’t worn it often since she took it off last time.

The diamond on the ring was very dazzling. Song Yunxuan would think of Chu Mochen whenever she saw the diamond on it.

Song Yunxuan would be distracted as she thought of him.

Then Song Yunxuan touched her belly.

In Song Yunxuan’s heart, she had a secret expectation. She was looking forward to having a baby with Chu Mochen.

If Song Yunxuan had given Chu Mochen a baby, Song Yunxuan could have thought that she had done other things on the road to revenge.

However, from the beginning of her fake pregnancy, Song Yunxuan was destined not to be pregnant within a short time.

In addition, Chu Mochen also paid attention to her health. He didn’t do anything intimate with Song Yunxuan after she became pregnant.

“Bring the ring over.”

Chu Mochen let her go.

Being ordered to do so, Song Yunxuan paused for a while. Then she went to open the drawer at the head of the bed and took out the delicate light gray jewelry box.

The jewelry box was held by Song Yunxuan’s hands. Chu Mochen reached out to take the jewelry box from her.

Then, Chu Mochen opened the jewelry box and took out the ring.

Chu Mochen reached out to take Song Yunxuan’s right hand. He gently put the expensive diamond ring on Song Yunxuan’s finger, “Don’t take it off if you don’t do anything else.”

“Okay,” She responded.

Chu Mochen looked at her beautiful face under the lamp. He was touched slightly. He pulled Song Yunxuan in his arms to let her sit on his laps. Chu Mochen clamped Song Yunxuan’s small chin. He sent his lips on hers.

His affectionate kiss was with a heart stuttering tenderness.

Chu Mochen held Song Yunxuan’s waist with his fingers and took her into his arms.

Chu Mochen deepened the kiss, making Song Yunxuan feel the sweetness rising from her heart.

Song Yunxuan felt that the clothes on her shoulders were gently pulled.

However, Song Yunxuan did not stop Chu Mochen’s movements by making the excuse of pregnancy.

Instead, Song Yunxuan stayed at Chu Mochen’s arms, quietly waiting for his next move.

Her gentle performance made Chu Mochen unable to stop. Chu Mochen couldn’t help it even though he knew that he shouldn’t do it.

Chu Mochen didn’t stop his movements until he pressed Song Yunxuan on the bed, who was gasping.

Song Yunxuan was lying on the bed. Her hair was spread on the pillow. Her fair skin looked very beautiful, as if it was faintly reflected under the lamp.

Seeing her lips that had become reddish because of kissing, hearing her quick breath when she was let go, Chu Mochen felt that the blood in his body was gradually boiling.

It was at this time that Song Yunxuan took the initiative to reach out her hand and unbutton Chu Mochen’s shirt.

Song Yunxuan’s cheeks were flushed. Her breath had not completely slowed down.

Her fingers trembling slightly, Song Yunxuan unbuttoned Chu Mochen’s shirt accurately.

Chu Mochen felt that his breath became heavy, “How many months are you pregnant now?”

“Don’t you know it? It’s almost five months.”

Song Yunxuan slightly raised her lips. She looked at Chu Mochen, “The doctor said that I could do it with you in five months.”

Hearing this, Chu Mochen reached out to grab Song Yunxuan’s wrist, which was unbuttoning his shirt, “It’s not the time yet. We should hold on.”

“Can you hold it on?” Song Yunxuan asked him with bright eyes.

Chu Mochen grabbed Song Yunxuan’s wrist and pressed it against the top of her head. He leaned over and kissed her neck. Then he said, “I can.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes dimmed slightly.

Chu Mochen cherished Song Yunxuan so much because of the child in her stomach.

Chu Mochen still had so much hope and expectation for this child.

It was just a pity that this child was just a hoax.

Even if Chu Mochen could hang in there because he valued this child, this child would never be born as he expected.

Chu Mochen left her and turned to sleep next to her.

Song Yunxuan touched the side of her neck that Chu Mochen had kissed. Then she turned over.

Just turning over, Song Yunxuan was caught by Chu Mochen, and then she was pulled into his arms to be hugged.

Chu Mochen whispered in Song Yunxuan’s ear, “You must compensate me after you give birth.”

The ambiguity in words made Song Yunxuan feel a little warm in her heart.

Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything.

She was just considering when she could finish the plan.

Baoli Media had successfully signed the contract.

Shao Tianze also received news that Baoli Media had signed a contract to be acquired by the Song enterprise.

The Commercial Daily in Yuncheng reported the news in the largest section, that Baoli Media was successfully acquired.

While eating breakfast, Song Yunjia saw the photos of Song Yunxuan in the business newspaper when she signed the contract. She couldn’t help frowning and closed the newspaper vigorously.

“Song Yunxuan, the bitch, actually used me.”

Thinking about it, Song Yunjia felt that she could not stand this. She immediately called Zhao Yang, who had passed the message.

Zhao Yang received the call from Song Yunjia. He was also a little helpless, “Now it seems to be a trap, but it looked like a good opportunity at that time.”

Zhao Yang did not expect to be counted like this.

Zhao Yang had nothing to say about Song Yunjia’s call with a critical attitude.

“Uncle Zhao, Yunxuan likes playing tricks. When you watch her, you should tell whether the news is true before you tell me. Tianze has a problem with me because of this thing.”

Hearing that, Zhao Yang couldn’t help worrying about her. He asked, “How have you been with Tianze recently?”

“What else? Last night, when we were having dinner, Gu Changle came to play tricks again. Tianze went back to the Shao Family to sleep.”

Song Yunjia felt upset as she talked.

Shao Tianze had already tilted his priorities to Song Yunjia’s side.

However, Gu Changle took the advantage back.

Song Yunjia could not accept it when she thought of this. But she had no way but to say, “Gu Changle still knows more about Tianze than I do.”

“Yunjia, don’t be discouraged. After all, Tianze still has feelings for you.”

Zhao Yang was not sure whether Song Yunjia could succeed.

He only knew that the Song Family would have dramatic changes once Song Yunjia succeeded.

Song Yunjia didn’t say much to Zhao Yang. After hanging up, she considered how to maintain the relationship with Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle, at the Shao Family, also kept thinking about how to get rid of Song Yunxuan completely.

It was before noon that Song Yunjia called Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze hesitated for a while before he picked up the phone, “Is there a problem?”

“It was my fault last night. I let them prepare so many dishes while I don’t know Changle’s taste. How about you and Changle coming over for another dinner tonight? I will apologize to her.”

Shao Tianze refused coldly, ” Not necessarily, Change is pregnant now. It is inconvenient for her to run around. It’s better for her to stay at home. Besides, the people at home know her taste best.”

As soon as Song Yunjia said this proposal, it was ruthlessly rejected by Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia looked a little stiff.

“If there is nothing else, I will hang up first. There will be a meeting soon.”

“Well, that’s all.” Shao Tianze’s attitude changed quickly, which made Song Yunjia unexpected.

Holding the phone in the living room, Song Yunjia was stunned. It took her a long time to recover and put back the phone with a busy signal.

Wenwen was just sending a sweet soup of red dates and lotus seeds.

Wenwen saw Song Yunjia holding the phone for a long time. She asked Song Yunjia with confusion, “Miss Song, what’s wrong with you?”

Song Yunjia did not recover until she heard Wenwen’s question. Then she put the phone back.

Song Yunjia had no one to confide in this temporary home.

Only this servant named Wenwen made Song Yunjia have an eagerness to talk.

“Tianze changed his attitude suddenly. I don’t know why.”

Wenwen heard Song Yunjia’s words. She said, “Miss Song, you should get on well with Miss Gu.”

“It’s easy to get on well with her on the surface.”

“Then you can go to the Shao Family now. Miss Gu will never drive you out.”

Song Yunjia frowned. She looked at Wenwen, “You think she won’t?”

Wenwen nodded, “Miss Gu will definitely not blow you out as long as Mr. Shao is at home.”

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