Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 353 - Her Daughter's Wish

Chapter 353 Her Daughter’s Wish

After having measured the gain and loss, Song Yunjia curled up her lips and said quite softly, “That’s great because I haven’t seen Changle for a long time. It’s a great time for me to have a chat with her and let her feel relieved when she arrives.”

In fact, Song Yunjia didn’t want to let Gu Changle feel relieved. Instead, what she intended to do was to let Gu Changle understand what her position in Shao Tianze’s heart was.

In the past, Gu Change used to say proudly that Song Yunjia would never win Shao Tianze’s heart.

But what about now?

Wasn’t the fact that Shao Tianze now fell in love with her a slap in Gu Changle’s face?

And it slapped her so hard.

Song Yunjia was very proud of it. So she would definitely show it off to Gu Changle.

“Since Changle is coming, I’ll tell the servants to prepare the dinner as well as possible. Because Changle has always been spoiled, I have to tell the servants to make the dishes more exquisite.”

Seeing that modesty and tenderness were restored on her face, Shao Tianze nodded slightly.

And then Song Yunjia turned around softly with a smile and headed for the kitchen.

But no sooner had she turned around than the tender look on her face seemed to be torn up by an invisible hand.

She frowned, and the detest in her eyes looked horrifying even from afar.

When she entered the kitchen, she saw that Wenwen was cooking here.

When Wenwen saw Song Yunjia coming in, she immediately bent over slightly to Song Yunjia and asked, “Miss Song, what brings you here?”

Seeing that there was another servant preparing food in the kitchen, and she was not the one trusted, Song Yunjia found an excuse and sent her out.

Although Wenwen was still young, she was quick-witted. She knew that Song Yunjia had something to tell her the moment she sent the servant away.

So she asked tentatively, “Miss Song, is there anything I can do for you?”

Song Yunjia let out a breath, raised her long thin fingers to rub her forehand, and then replied, “It’s a bit tricky.”

“I’m sorry?” Wenwen appeared that she couldn’t catch her meaning.

Song Yunjia took a glance at her and then ordered, “Gu Changle is coming for dinner tonight. You need to prepare dinner.”

Hearing this, Wenwen understood what she meant. Then she asked, “OK. But Miss Song, does Miss Gu have any dietary restrictions?”

“I like mushrooms while she doesn’t. I love mutton, yet she doesn’t. I enjoy dishes with black pepper, but she still doesn’t prefer them….” With this, she sighed helplessly, “Alas, I really don’t know what to do.”Read latest chapters at L

Wenwen curled up her lips and relieved her, “Don’t worry, Miss Song. The only thing I know is what you like to eat, and I have no idea about what Miss Gu’s dietary restrictions are. I’ll get the dinner ready before she arrives.”

“Good.” Song Yunjia nodded. Undoubtedly, she was satisfied with Wenwen’s answer.

She could save lots of time with such a quick-witted servant around.

After having told Wenwen about her intentions, she walked out of the kitchen.

Yet no sooner had she opened the glass door of the kitchen, something flashed into her mind, making her turn around to tell her, “By the way, Tianze doesn’t like meat very much, so don’t cook too much meat.”

Wenwen nodded, “You can rest assured, Miss Song. I have born what you said in mind.”

Only after having told Wenwen what to do did Song Yunjia return to the living room to shoot the breeze with Shao Tianze and wait for Gu Changle’s arrival.

Just with a moment’s thought, she could know that tonight’s dinner would surely be unforgettable.

Gu Changle studiously stated that she had yielded to Song Yunjia and insisted on coming over to have dinner with them. As a result, how could Song Yunjia let the chance of giving Gu Changle a hard time slip?

Not to mention swallowing her pride in front of Gu Changle.

That would not be possible at all.

Although men didn’t like seeing their women have catfights with each other, yet they always acquiesced to what was going on in the dark.

She remained calm and composed, waiting for Gu Changle to come tonight.

She would like to see how Gu Changle would behave tonight.

Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao were riding on the same merry-go-round.

The night was falling gradually.

The neon lights in the amusement park began to light up, making them like candles at night.

Looking at the bright lights in the amusement park, Miaomiao felt it was very beautiful. Then she raised her fingers to point to the Ferris Wheel in the distance and asked Song Yunxuan to see it, “Sister Yunxuan, look at that Ferris Wheel! How beautiful it is!”

Song Yunxuan looked in the direction Miaomiao was pointing to.

Sure enough, in the curtain of the night, which was gradually getting dark, a Ferri Wheel was still rotating. Besides, the neon lights on the Ferris Wheel was changing slowly with the rotating.

Such a night scene was really appealing.

“Yeah, it truly is.” She reached out and stroked Miaomiao’s hair, “Does Miaomiao like it?”


Miaomiao nodded.

“Then sister Yunxuan will bring Miaomiao here to play again, OK?” she slightly bent over and asked Miaomiao.

Miaomiao nodded happily.

“Great! Please keep your words, sister.”

“Sure. Shall we make a pinkie promise?”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan reached out her hand, Miaomiao immediately reached out hers as well.

They intertwined their two fingers, one of which was big while the other was small, on the merry-go-round. Such a scene made their promise appear very interesting.

After they had intertwined their fingers, Song Yunxuan clutched Miaomiao to her arms. Those who rode the merry-go-round were mostly kids who were Miaomiao’s peers.

Sometimes some young men and women riding together.

Those young men always put their arms around the young women’s waists. When the merry-go-round was moving, they both tasted the sweetness during their first awakening of love.Read latest chapters at L

After Miaomiao had played for over half an hour, Chu Mochen, who had been watching nearby, ordered the assistant who had just come over to shut off the merry-go-round.

The time had just been up, and it was time to make a substitution.

Yet Miaomiao was still reluctant to come down from the merry-go-round, “Why did it stop? I want to play a bit longer.”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Chu Mochen.

And she found that Chu Mochen was frowning.

Only by looking at his expression, she knew that he didn’t really want her to play such kind of kids’ games.

“Would Miaomiao like to play a bit longer?”

“Yeah.” Miaomiao nodded.

Song Yunxuan got down from the merry-go-round and told Miaomiao, “Then please sit tight for a while. I’ll talk to the uncle over there.”

“Is the uncle who made the merry-go-round stop?”

“It appears so.”

In fact, Chu Mochen did order someone to shut it off, which was no doubt.

When Chu Mochen’s assistant came over, there was also a lady, who looked very much like an academic, following him.

That woman was a foreigner called Lisa.

She spoke fluent Englesh and communicated with Chu Mochen from time to time.

Just at the last round of the merry-go-round, she clearly saw that Lisa said something to Chu Mochen.

But Song Yunxuan was too far away to hear what they were talking about, and she couldn’t tell what words she mouthed as Song Yunxuan couldn’t see her mouth clearly. Besides, the merry-go-round was moving and she spoke too fast, so Song Yunxuan couldn’t tell what she was telling Chu Mochen.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan approaching him, Chu Mochen curled up his lips and suggested, “You’ve played for quite a long time and it’s dinner-time. Shall we take Miaomiao to have dinner?”

After having taken one look at Miaomiao, Song Yunxuan replied, “Miaomiao told me that she wanted to play a bit longer.”

“She can, but you can’t.”

Sensing that he was immovable, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help frowning, “Why?”

Chu Mochen explained, “Because the doctor stated clearly that you shouldn’t play such games because of your pregnancy.”


“I’ll ask the assistant to play with Miaomiao for a while. You have a break next to me.” Then he quickly winked at the assistant, giving Song Yunxuan no time to argue.

After having got his signal, the assistant nodded and walked towards Miaomiao.

Seeing the assistant with a long face, Miaomiao pouted.

Just by looking at Miaomiao’s expression, Song Yunxuan could see that Miaomiao didn’t like the new playmate very much.

So she said, “Please replace that assistant to the woman doctor named Lisa next to you.”

Lisa also heard Song Yunxuan saying her name.

Then she immediately pointed to her nose, asking Song Yunxuan in poor Chanese, “Me?”

“Yes.” Song Yunxuan nodded.

The woman doctor smiled and turned to look at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen ordered, “Take good care of the child.”

Lisa nodded and replied, “OK.”

Lisa replaced the male assistant provisionally.

Seeing Lisa walking towards her instead of the previous male assistant, Miaomiao stopped frowning.

It was clear that she liked to play with mild females.

Seeing Miaomiao having a good time riding the merry-go-round with Shao Tianze, Song Yunxuan curled up her lips and felt that happiness actually occupied her whole chest.

She put her fingers into the pockets of her coat.

Chu Mochen was standing with her to watch this. However, after Miaomiao had moved past them, he asked Song Yunxuan, “Are you planning on keeping the child by your side?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Song Yunjia has already told Shao Tianze that Miaomiao and Gu Yi are at your home. Even though the men he dispatched didn’t find the two kids during their first search, yet Shao Tianze won’t give up as he has a suspicious nature.”

“Are you saying that he’ll dispatch someone to come and search again?”


Chu Mochen felt sure of it.

Song Yunxuan didn’t deny because he was right, so she nodded and replied, “You should be right about this.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll send the two kids to the WS later. I plan to entrust someone to look after them. Shao Tianze will surely find them if they still stay in Yuncheng.”

“When are you going to send them away?”

Song Yunxuan turned her head, looking at Shao Tianze smilingly, “In one or two days.”

She was a bit in a hurry.

Chu Mochen didn’t ask why.

Yet Song Yunxuan took the initiative to explain, “As it’s such a large amusement park, thus there must be one or two who feel that Miaomiao looks familiar. If they find the photos of the little daughter of the Shao Family online, they will find that the little girl is really Shao Tianze’s daughter, and Shao Tianze has offered a substantial reward.

So he will surely offer a large sum of money to the person who tells him where the two kids are. For this much money, there will definitely be someone who will tell Shao Tianze about where Miaomiao is today.”

“Since you know that this will happen, then why did you still bring Miaomiao to this crowded amusement park to play?”

Chu Mochen couldn’t understand why.

Obviously, she wanted to keep these two children by her side.

Yet she still took risks to bring Miaomiao out to play.

If Shao Tianze had known where Miaomiao was and taken her away just because she took her out to play today, then she would have been in real trouble.

Shao Tianze would surely have sued Song Yunxuan and asked the court to convict her of kidnapping and trafficking children.

Hearing his question, Song Yunxuan turned her head to look at him, seeming that she didn’t worry at all, “Why can’t I take her out to play? It’s one of her wishes! We should always satisfy cute little girls’ wishes, shouldn’t we?”

Actually, the real reason was that Song Yunxuan had never taken her daughter to play like this when she was Miaomiao’s mother.

Therefore, she wanted to make it up to Miaomiao and fulfill her wish.

Although she was no longer Gu Changge now, yet as Song Yunxuan, she was still willing to keep Miaomiao company.

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