Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 349 - A Great Bet

Chapter 349 A Great Bet

Song Yunjia had a strong intuition that she was now in a trap that Song Yunxuan had prepared.

And this trap had been prepared very early, specifically for her and Shao Tianze.

She was a little uneasy.

When the bodyguards were searching the Rose Garden, her eyes were looking at Song Yunxuan’s face thoroughly.

However, after allowing Shao Tianze’s bodyguards to search the Rose Garden, Song Yunxuan didn’t care about their expressions anymore.

She just played with her mobile phone.

Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia were very nervous, waiting for the news from the bodyguards.

After a while, they heard the footsteps of the bodyguards from the upstairs.

The four bodyguards searched the Rose Garden at the fastest speed.

As soon as they came down from the second floor, Song Yunjia asked eagerly, “How’s it going?”


A bodyguard answered in a low voice.

This answer made Song Yunjia’s face instantly scowl.

“How could there be no one!” Song Yunjia ordered the bodyguards hysterically, “The little bitch must have used some tricks and hidden the two kids. Go and check again right now. Search carefully this time!”

Hearing Song Yunjia’s arrogant order, the bodyguards didn’t obey.

They bowed their heads towards Shao Tianze, waiting for Shao Tianze’s instructions.

Seeing the situation, Song Yunxuan looked up at Shao Tianze, “Chairman Shao, they have searched one time. Do you want to search again?”

After a short silent time, Shao Tianze said, “Search.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s, the bodyguards immediately turned to continue searching in the Rose Garden.

Seeing that the bodyguards were all gone for searching, Song Yunjia looked at Song Yunxuan indignantly, “You have known that we would come, haven’t you?”

Song Yunxuan looked at her, frowning, “My elder sister, I am not a fortune-teller. How could I know your visit in advance?”

Song Yunjia couldn’t say anything to refute.

And Song Yunxuan looked at her indifferently, waiting for her to become a laughingstock in front of Shao Tianze later.

As a media company in H City, Baoli Media was second only to Fanxing Magazine.

Before the rise of Fanxing, Baoli’s publications had accounted for most of the market share.

After the rise of Fanxing, Baoli was repelled in terms of finance and fashion.

The person in charge of Baoli Media took a different approach. When he saw that Baoli Media was to be suppressed by Fanxing like other media companies, he chose to start a special column.

And he invited the most famous literary writers at that time to write for the column.

Because of these writers, the sales of Baoli Media’s magazines had increased, as well as the market share of Baoli Media.

As Fanxing Magazine expanded, it became clear about all the secrets and gossip of the fashion and entertainment circles and the entire H City.

Influenced by Fanxing Magazine, people become more and more interested in gossip.

And the publications of Fanxing Magazine also satisfy the readers’ desire for gossip.

As a result, as long as Fanxing Magazine reported gossip news, it would attract the whole attention of H City.

Seeing Fanxing’s vast influence in H City, Shao Tianze picked upon Baoli Media.

It was terrible to let only Fanxing Magazine dominate.

He wanted to build a media company that could compete with Fanxing Magazine.

He also wanted to break the public’s trust in Fanxing Magazine.

He took a fancy to Baoli Media.

However, Song Yunxuan seemed to have known his intention of acquiring Baoli Media long ago. She had been obstructing in every possible way.

Besides, Song Yunxuan intervened many times and negotiated with Baoli Media, deliberately raising the price of acquiring Baoli Media, which made Shao Tianze more challenging to buy Baoli Media.

Song Yunjia knew that Shao Tianze wanted to acquire Baoli Media.

Just last week, Baoli Media suddenly panicked because Song Yunxuan did not contact them for a week, so they took the initiative to contact Shao Tianze.

They expressed to Shao Tianze that they were willing to incorporate Baoli Media into Shao Tianze’s Shao enterprise.

This made Shao Tianze feel very satisfied.

However, today they came to search Song Yunxuan’s home because of an uncertain message. Moreover, they had to pay the price.

The price was Baoli Media.

This made Song Yunjia a little difficult to accept.

However, it was normal for her to be difficult to accept.

After all, if Song Yunxuan had got Baoli Media because of this search, it would have seemed surprisingly effortless.

The bodyguards brought by Shao Tianze were still searching.

Song Yunxuan got stuck in the dining room and waited for the bodyguards to give an answer.

Anyway, she had negotiated with Shao Tianze about what price he would have paid if he hadn’t found the kids. She didn’t need to worry.

They waited for more than ten minutes.

The four bodyguards brought by Shao Tianze came down from the second floor.

Song Yunjia anxiously asked the four bodyguards, “How is it? Do you find them?”

The faces of the four bodyguards all showed embarrassment.

They looked at Shao Tianze awkwardly.

Not hearing the bodyguards’ report, Shao Tianze asked coldly, “Have you found anything?”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, the bodyguards looked at each other and shook their heads silently.

Seeing they couldn’t find the people for the second time, Song Yunjia knew that they lost.

However, she felt that it was not reasonable at all.

She confusedly looked at Song Yunxuan and repeatedly asked her, “Have you hidden Yi and Miaomiao? Have you hidden the two children?”

She asked Song Yunxuan agitatedly.

Song Yunxuan just smiled slightly and asked ironically, “Sister, do you want to search again?”

Song Yunjia looked at her fiercely, feeling completely unbelievable.

It was undoubtedly that Zhao Yang told her that the two children were in Rose Garden. Why couldn’t they find them?

It was unreasonable.

“I’ll search again!” Song Yunjia turned and wanted to go upstairs.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes froze slightly, full of impatience.

Shao Tianze probably was also tired, so he reached out and grabbed Song Yunjia to stop her, “Enough!”

Song Yunjia refused to give up and turned to explain to Shao Tianze, “The children are in Rose Garden. Let me go up and see.”

“It’s enough, Yunjia. Stop it.”

Although Shao Tianze looked calm when he said this, anyone could see that he felt their search was a little unreasonable this time.

And they couldn’t take any advantage.

They had come to search for the two kids with full confidence.

They not only didn’t find the two children they were looking for but also lost Baoli Media, which they had planned to acquire for a long time.

Like the old saying went, “Lost both his wife and his soldiers.”

Shao Tianze’s hand rested on Song Yunjia’s arm, and his voice remained calm, “Let’s go.”

Song Yunjia’s eyes were still full of unwillingness.

Shao Tianze was apologizing to Song Yunxuan, “Sorry, I misunderstood you today.”

Song Yunxuan accepted Shao Tianze’s apology, and she slightly hooked the corner of her lips, kindly reminding, “Chairman Shao, I don’t care about such unreasonable things. If Mochen were here, he wouldn’t let it pass so easily. He always makes a fuss about trifles.”

The tone of this sentence was normal, but everyone could hear the warning included clearly.

Shao Tianze frowned a little and said sorry again before he dragged Song Yunjia away.

Song Yunjia still felt things were not going right even when she got into the car.

She turned and looked out the window with eyes filled with a little craziness.

Shao Tianze had ordered a bodyguard to drive and sat next to her on the rear seat.

He had specially called his bodyguard on their way to the Rose Garden to be able to find his son and daughter.

However, they were useless.

They couldn’t find any trace of the two children, but instead, he let Song Yunxuan get Baoli Media for free.

He raised his hand to rub his temples and began to think about whether he could still believe in Song Yunjia in the future.

Song Yunjia also knew that Shao Tianze was very upset since she took him to the Rose Garden and found nothing, so after a few seconds of silence, she said, “Tianze, it’s strange.”

“Even if Song Yunxuan’s Song enterprise isn’t a concern, you should consider that there is Chu’s behind her.” Shao Tianze reminded her.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t do anything by herself, but she had an intimate relationship with Chu Mochen.

As long as she said something to Chu Mochen and Chu Mochen decided to fight with him directly, it would be troublesome enough.

Hearing the name, Chu Mochen, Song Yunjia got angry. She gritted her teeth and whispered, “What could Song Yunxuan do except for depending on Chu Mochen?”

Hearing her sarcastic comment, Shao Tianze sneered coldly, “No one in this Yuncheng would dare to provoke her because she just relies on Chu Mochen, not to mention anything else.”

Such powerful backing as Chu Mochen was one of the factors that made Song Yunxuan live comfortably in Yuncheng, just like a fish in the water.

“That’s the only thing she could get.” Song Yunjia’s words were full of disdain for Song Yunxuan.

And Shao Tianze was tired of hearing the sarcasm and depreciation in her words.

When women said such things, they were full of jealousy.

Song Yunjia was very jealous and belittled Song Yunxuan because she didn’t have the skills of Song Yunxuan.

Shao Tianze raised his hand to rub his temples and slowly closed his eyes, unwilling to talk to Song Yunjia anymore.

In Rose Garden, Song Yunxuan raised her lips and smiled for a long time after she sent away the angry Song Yunjia.

She called Mei Qi and asked Mei Qi to contact Baoli Media quickly.

After several rounds of difficult negotiations, Baoli Media had been exhausted among the fights and the bids in turns of Song Yunxuan and Shao Tianze.

Baoli Media had rejected Shao Tianze because of Song Yunxuan’s high price.

Then, because they couldn’t contact Song Yunxuan and were worried that Song Yunxuan would give up acquiring, they offered a lower price to Shao Tianze, hoping he could buy Baoli Media.

Now, Shao Tianze gave up.

Baoli Media suddenly fell into an awkward situation where prices were skyrocketing, but no one was interested in acquiring them.

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to suppress the price as much as possible.

With Mei Qi’s ability, this round of price-cutting was very successful.

Half an hour later, Mei Qi called and reported a purchase price that satisfied her.

Mei Qi also notified her to sign the acquisition contract at night.

The contract was going to be signed at night, so she had a lot of private time before night.

Mei Qi asked if she would go to the office.

Song Yunxuan said bluntly, “Please take care of the company for me for the time being. I am going to accompany Miaomiao to swim.”

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