Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 340 - To Be Level with Each Other

Chapter 340 To Be Level with Each Other

Shao Tianze remained silent for a moment.

Nurse Sun thought that the trick that she gave Gu Changle up worked.

Yet out of her expectation, Shao Tianze said coldly right after his short silence, “She committed homicide and libel. Send her to the police station.”

Nurse Sun’s face turned pale at once.

Before she had had a chance to speak, she was dragged out by the bodyguards and drivers brought by Shao Tianze.

After having seen Nurse Sun be dragged out, the other maids knew that she was taken to the police station.

But as Nurse Sun got them to hurt Song Yunjia, so they might probably suffer the consequences too even though Nurse Sun had been convicted.

All of a sudden, they all knelt on the floor and excused themselves one after the other, “We didn’t mean to hurt Miss Song. Nurse Sun forced us to do all these!”

“None of your business, go back home.”

Shao Tianze knew that Nurse Sun was Gu Changle’s confidant and all these little servants were at Nurse Sun’s command.

Even if he had wanted to punish them, the punishment would have been no more than pay cuts.

He wouldn’t have gone so far as to send them all to the police station to sue and convict simply because of Song Yunjia’s faint.

If he had really done this, then the headlines of Yuncheng would all have been reports related to him tomorrow.

Shao Tianze had told all the maids to go back.

And then the maids immediately turned around and walked towards the door of the Champs-Elysea.

They were all the servants of the Shao Family and they had all been employed permanently. The Shao Family provided them with all the necessities of life.

Shao Tianze went easy on them this time, which made them know what they should do after returning to the Shao Family.

Although it appeared that Gu Changle was Shao Tianze’s legal wife, but from the point of Shao Tianze’s attitude towards Song Yunjia, one could tell a lot.

It could be said that Gu Changle was not the apple of Shao Tianze’s eye.

After they had gone back, they didn’t have to be so compliant to Gu Changle.

Perhaps that the mistress of the Shao Family in the future would have been Song Yunjia who was driven out by them today.

The servants all rushed to the Shao Family one after another and they all had different ideas.

Seeing that all the servants had left, Shao Tianze was about to turn to stay by the side of Song Yunjia and watched over her.

However, no sooner had he turned around than he saw a young maid at Song Yunjia’s bedside.

The maid was the one brought by him just now from the Shao Family and it was she who told him that Song Yunjia had been bullied in the Champs-Elysea.

At the moment, she was looking at Song Yunjia who was in bed worriedly.

Seeing this, Shao Tianze had an idea in heart and asked her, “What’s your name?”


The little maid slightly opened her mouth.

Shao Tianze nodded and told her, “Stay here from now on and take good care of Yunjia for me.”

Hearing this, the little maid Wenwen nodded excitedly.

It appeared that she was eager to take care of Song Yunjia.

The two servants who took care of Song Yunjia originally had already been driven out by Nurse Sun.

From the fact that Wenwen tipped him off, one could tell that she really enjoyed taking care of Song Yunjia.

If there had been a maid taking care of Song Yunjia carefully, Yunjia’s life would have been somewhat more comfortable.

Then he turned to the bed and looked at Song Yunjia’s face.

Song Yunjia’s eyes were firmly closed and her lips were a little blue because she had been freezing in the yard for too long.

He looked at her and stood by her side for a while. Then he turned around, went downstairs and waited for Song Yunjia to wake up in the living room.

He was a little perturbed.

Before leaving the Shao Family just now, he had a quarrel with Gu Changle.

For all these years, he had never quarreled with Gu Changle.

Just now, he actually treated her in that way because of Song Yunjia.

But in fact he had always been loving and cherishing her.

He didn’t know what she would think of him after the quarrel.

He raised his hand and covered his forehead. He felt that his temples were pulsating, which made him feel quite bad.

Gu Changle was lying on the bed and beside her stood Jiang Minjing and a cardio-brain doctor.

The cardio-brain doctor was an old middle-aged man. After having listened to Gu Changle’s heart through a stethoscope, he took back the instrument.

Shao Xue asked the doctor, “How is she?”

“Now it appears that she’s alright.” The cardio-brain doctor drew out his business card out of his pocket and presented it to Shao Xue with both hands, “My surname is Zhao and here is my card. There has always been a problem with Miss Gu’s heart, so please contact me if anything happens in the future.”

Shao Xue took over the card and saw that there was a name of a renowned cardio-brain doctor on it—Zhao Rui.

“She has had an operation before, so will she relapse because of mood swings?”

Shao Xue pretended to be worried.

Doctor Zhao frowned slightly and said with some embarrassment, “Actually, in the case of Miss Gu, I can’t say that she has perfectly recovered in the beginning. Though she had the world’s top-class heart transplant operation, yet Miss Gu has been taking anti-rejection drugs. For her, there is no such thing like relapse.”

Shao Xue frowned, “That is to say her disease has not been cleared up after all these years?”

“She has to take anti-rejection drugs throughout her life.” After having finished his words, Doctor Zhao turned to look at Doctor Jiang thoughtfully, “Speaking of which, Doctor Jiang, you have never told Miss Gu about that, have you?”

As soon as Doctor Zhao finished his words, Shao Xue felt that there was something strange and she was alarmed, “What thing?”

“Doctor Jiang is an expert in obstetrics and gynecology. It’s better for Doctor Jiang to tell you about it.”

With this, Doctor Jiang put away his stethoscope, left the medicine and then walked out with his assistants.

After Doctor Zhao had left, the only people left in the bedroom were Shao Xue and Jiang Minjing.

Shao Xue took a breath and looked up at Jiang Minjing, “Are there any problems with my elder sister Changle’s pregnancy? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Jiang Minjing wore a complex expression, “Because I could not explain Miss Changle’s physical condition to you in one or two words.”

“So as my elder sister Changle’s family, can I request you, Doctor Jiang, to tell me my elder sister Change’s situation in detail?”

Right from the beginning, she knew that Gu Changle would have faced a lot of problems if she had wanted to have the baby.

Yet out of her expectation, Gu Changle’s attending doctor concealed something from her.

Hearing Shao Xue’s questions, Jing Minjing kept silent for a while.

One could never be too careful in a rich and powerful family.

Since she became a private doctor of pregnant women from rich and powerful families, she had known that she had better not share the physical conditions of pregnant women with anyone else.

If she had wanted to share it, it would have been better for her to only share it with the pregnant women and someone she trusted the most.

So now she didn’t know whether to tell her or not.

Seeing that Jiang Minjing still remained silent, Shao Xue nodded, “If you don’t want to tell me, then I won’t push you. But Doctor Jiang, please be honest to my elder sister Changle. For her, the baby is very important.”

Jiang Minjing nodded, “Don’t worry, Miss Shao. I’ll be responsible for Miss Gu’s health.”

Shao Xue nodded and went to tuck in the quilt. After that, she walked to the vase on the bedside table and adjusted a violet hydrangea in the vase.

“Since Doctor Jiang observes her here, I have nothing to worry about. I have other fish to fry, so please take good care of my elder sister Gu Changle. When she wakes up, please be sure to tell her all about her conditions without holding anything back.”

Shao Xue stated her words earnestly and seriously.

Jiang Minjing nodded, “What Miss Shao said are exactly what I must tell the patient.”

Hearing Jiang Minjing’s reply, Shao Xue adjusted the hydrangea again and then she turned around and left.

Not until Shao Xue left the room did Jiang Minjing turn around.

She frowned and looked at Gu Changle lying on the bed.

What should she say to Gu Changle?

The night was falling.

Shao Tianze was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

The clock was ticking while there was still no news about whether Song Yunjia had woken up or not.

And Wenwen who was upstairs hadn’t come down either.

If Song Yunjia had woken up, Wenwen would have come and told him.

He cast his eyes at the vintage clock in the living room.

The pendulum was swinging inside the glass door.

He lowered his eyes.

Just as he was about to close his eyes for a nap.

There was a voice coming from the upstairs, “Awake! Miss Song is awake!”

It was the maid Wenwen’s voice.

Shao Tianze lurched to his feet from the sofa.

Then he turned to look at the landing of the second floor and found that Wenwen was about to go downstairs.

Seeing that he had got up, Wenwen stopped and exclaimed to him at the landing of the second floor, “Mr. Shao, Miss Song has woken up!”

Shao Tianze walked quickly towards the landing.

It had been five hours since Song Yunjia became unconscious because of the cold.

Sure enough, the doctor was right.

He went upstairs and approached Song Yunjia’s bedroom.

No sooner had he walked into the room than he heard Song Yunjia asking the doctor, “Where is Tianze? I certainly saw Tianze before I had fainted.”

She asked the doctor in puzzlement because the first person she was eager to see when she woke up was Shao Tianze.

However, when she opened her eyes, she found that Shao Tianze was not around at all.

She remembered that Shao Tianze always held Gu Changle’s hand and stayed at her bedside until she woke up every time she became unconscious.

Every time Gu Changle woke up, she could see Shao Tianze when she opened her eyes.

But why did she see a room full of doctors when she woke up?

Why wasn’t Shao Tianze around?

She felt somewhat anxious.

Just then, Shao Tianze entered the bedroom. The doctor next to Song Yunjia saw Shao Tianze enter and greeted immediately, “Mr. Shao.”

When Song Yunjia heard the doctor calling “Mr. Shao”, she turned to look at the door.

Shao Tianze came over to her bed and said, “Awake?”

Seeing him coming to the bedside, Song Yunjia immediately reached out to him and put her arms around his waist.

The sudden hug made Shao Tianze slightly stupefied.

Seeing this, the doctors next to them all turned away their eyes in embarrassment.

Everyone knew that Shao Tianze, his dead wife Gu Changge, and Song Yunjia had once been classmates and friends.

After Gu Changge’s death, Shao Tianze hadn’t had any love affairs with other women and nor had he had the intention to make a new girlfriend.

Now the light dawned when they saw Song Yunjia.

In fact, Shao Tianze had already had such a deep relationship with Song Yunjia since a long time ago.

However, some of them felt suspicious about seeing their intimate relationship. They began to wonder whether Shao Tianze and the woman surnamed Song had been together before Gu Changge’s death.

It was tacit.

And none of the doctors wanted to be a third wheel here, so one of them said, “There is nothing serious with Miss Song now. So we’ll leave for now, Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze nodded.

All the doctors in the room immediately left one after the other.

Song Yunjia put her arms around Shao Tianze’s waist and Shao Tianze could only see her hair when he looked down at her. He could not see her expressions.

Song Yunjia put her face closer to Shao Tianze’s arms, trying to feel the warmth from him.

She made it. She successfully let Shao Tianze pay more attention to her than Gu Changle.

From now on, she could be level with Gu Changle.

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