Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 337 - Waiting Hard for Shao Tianze

Chapter 337 Waiting Hard for Shao Tianze

Mei Qi’s question widened Song Yunxuan’s smile.

Her eyes gleamed with a cunning light, “You can have a guess.”

Mei Qi knew that Song Yunxuan would not easily say it out. He didn’t continue to guess, either.

“If it is the heir of another family, maybe I can have a guess. I needn’t guess if it is you, Manager Song.”

Song Yunxuan leaned her back on the leather back of the seat, “Why not guess?”

“I can’t get it.”

He worked among the heirs of various rich families, accepting their commissions to educate their children.

Mei Qi taught them to deceive each other in this complicated society.

Heirs of other families could only get a small success when they were about 20 years old.

However, when it came to Song Yunxuan, she could graduate with full marks.

Now, he couldn’t figure out Song Yunxuan’s tactics and means.

Although she was young, Mei Qi thought that she was more complex than him.

“Since you are not willing to guess, we are here to wait.”

“Will Shao Tianze really come?”

Mei Qi had some doubts.

Song Yunxuan was very sure, “He will definitely come here.”

She waited.

She was waiting for Shao Tianze to come here to see how exciting the development of this drama was.

Gu Changle waited all afternoon at home.

Nurse Sun hadn’t come back yet.

Towards evening, Nurse Sun called Gu Changle and told her tremblingly, “Miss Gu, Song Yunjia is still unwilling to leave the Champs-Elysea.”

Gu Changle was wrapped in a coat and drinking tonic on the sofa in the living room.

It was very warm in the room.

However, it was still snowing outside the French windows.

“If Song Yunjia doesn’t want to leave, just let her wait there.”

Nurse Sun was a little worried, “Miss Gu, however, it’s snowing outside. It’s getting colder and colder. Song Yunjia will probably be frozen to death if she continues to wait outside.”


Gu Changle frowned.

Nurse Sun lowered her voice, “Or we can send her to the hospital. I think she will be dizzy because of the cold.”

“Be dizzy?” Gu Changle sneered, and then she said with hatred, “Not to mention that she is dizzy. Even if she is dead, you mustn’t go to collect her body for her!”

“But if she is dead, Mr. Shao and the Song Family….”

Shao Tianze would have burst into anger if Song Yunjia had been frozen to death in the Champs-Elysea.

Moreover, although Song Yunxuan was incompatible with Song Yunjia in the Song Family, Song Yunxuan would have come here to confront Gu Changle if Song Yunjia had really been dead.

Then it would be troublesome.

Nurse Sun was very worried. She looked outside to watch Song Yunjia sitting on the ground while calling Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was displeased to hear Nurse Sun’s words.

“Did you force her to stay at the door?”

“Eh… No….” Mother Sun said.

Gu Changle said coldly, “Since you are not forcing her, it is her own problem. She is willing to freeze to death. How can others help with her?”

Gu Changle said so. Nurse Sun couldn’t refute it, so she nodded.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Changle grabbed her finger.

Gu Changle cursed Nurse Sun cowardly in her heart.

Outside the Champs-Elysea.

Song Yunxuan sat in the car and looked at Song Yunjia. She was already a little sleepy.

Mei Qi also wondered, “When will Shao Tianze come?”

“After Shao Tianze appeases Gu Changle.”

Song Yunxuan responded fluently and thoughtlessly as if she knew everything about Shao Tianze.

“Do you think Gu Changle will let Shao Tianze come over?”

“Gu Changle can’t stop him.”

Mei Qi couldn’t help glancing at her after listening to her definitive answer.

Song Yunxuan had already started yawning, “I’m a little tired. Remember to wake me up when Shao Tianze comes over later. It will be a waste if I miss such a wonderful drama.”

Mei Qi nodded.

Song Yunxuan closed her eyes and took a nap comfortably.

Shao Tianze kept a cold face all afternoon.

The secretary and managers who came to ask for signatures also watched Shao Tianze’s expression carefully.

The people who didn’t know what happened thought that Shao Tianze was so sad because he lost a pair of children.

They didn’t know that Shao Tianze was just worried about how to deal with Gu Changle when he returned home.

There was no need for Shao Tianze to consider Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze always knew that Song Yunjia loved him. He had pretended not to know it for so many years, thinking that Song Yunjia could gradually forget him.

As a result, he failed.

Now, Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia had a one night stand.

It would be more difficult to let Song Yunjia give up Shao Tianze.

Women would have ambitions once they settled down their minds and relationship.

Given Song Yunjia’s character, she would tell Gu Changle about this night one day.

Shao Tianze didn’t know when Song Yunjia would tell Gu Changle.

He just knew that Gu Changle would definitely set off a huge storm once she heard of this issue.

Shao Tianze would be restless if he had to decide between the two.

He felt a headache as long as he thought of such consequences.

Shao Tianze raised his hands to rub his temples.

He didn’t know why he started to miss Gu Changge when she was alive.

Gu Changge always looked calm and reserved when she was alive.

But every time, her smiles made people feel bright and intimate while people dared not to underestimate her.

Gu Changge always seemed to be noble and no one could touch her.

Even if Shao Tianze was Gu Changge’s husband, Shao Tianze dared not have any excessive demands or delusions on her.

Let alone Gu Changle, who was just a foster daughter at the time, or unworthy Song Yunjia.

Gu Changge was a legend in the eyes of everyone in Yuncheng.

However, such a legendary woman eventually died early.

It was because people felt that they couldn’t master her that they would destroy her.

He looked at the document in front of the office, pondering for a long time.

Until the night was coming slowly.

A secretary knocked on the door and came in. She whispered to remind Shao Tianze, “Chairman Shao, it’s time for home.”

“I know it. You can go out.”

He didn’t mean to leave after work.

The secretary saw that Shao Tianze didn’t mean to leave work. She then added, “Chairman Shao, Miss Gu called just now.”

Shao Tianze frowned. He looked impatient in his eyebrows, “What’s the matter?”

“She wishes you to go home early.”

“I see.”

The secretary came out of the office after she got the answer from Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze raised his head. He turned the swivel chair to look at the big French window.

Out of the window, the neon lights appeared. It seemed that he overlooked the entire city with a sweeping view.

However, he was not happy at all.

He tightened on the armrest of the swivel chair.

It was a mess in his head.

Shao Tianze had always been a calm person. He could deal with everything perfectly.

However, today he could not calm down.

Although he had heard the secretary’s words, he didn’t mean to go home at all.

He just looked out of the windows on the chair.

The night was darker and darker, while the neon lights were brighter and brighter in the city.

His thoughts gradually ran a little far away.

Knock knock—

Someone is knocking on the door.

Shao Tianze’s thoughts were interrupted. He frowned and said coldly, “Don’t bother me.”

Then accompanied by his voice, was the door opening.

There was also a woman’s soft voice, “What’s wrong? Why do you feel so bad?”

Shao Tianze turned back suddenly.

As he expected, Gu Changle wearing white fur, appeared at the door.

Gu Changle had exquisite makeup, but there were still dark circles under her eyes.

It looked like she had waited for the whole night last night.

Thinking of this, Shao Tianze felt more guiltier for her.

“Why do you come here?”

Shao Tianze adjusted his expression and greeted Gu Changle as usual.

Gu Changle’s belly was growing. She always put her hand on her belly because she cherished this child very much.

Gu Changle’s belly wasn’t so big, but everyone could know that she was pregnant from her actions.

Shao Tianze helped her sit down on his chair.

Gu Changle walked to the chair, but she didn’t want to sit down. Gu Changle stood and asked him, “Will you stay here for a while?”

Shao Tianze hadn’t answered yet.

Gu Changle supported Shao Tianze’s arm with her fingers. She asked, “It’s so late. Why don’t you go home?”

She had been waiting for a whole night last night, and she was so impatient that she even wanted to kill someone.

However, Gu Changle’s behavior was still as gentle and considerate as a flower of interpretation in front of Shao Tianze.

It was her gentle character that Shao Tianze liked.

Being asked like this, Shao Tianze couldn’t resist her kindness. He nodded, “It’s indeed so late. Let’s go home.”

Gu Changle successfully persuaded Shao Tianze to go back.

Shao Tianze helped her into the elevator. Then he went to the underground garage to pick up the car.

Gu Changle was waiting at the main entrance of the office building.

In this spare time, Gu Changle called the person in the Champs-Elysea, “You must watch the two servants in the Champs-Elysea. Don’t let them call Tianze.”

“Miss Gu, don’t worry. We have driven those two girls out of the Champs-Elysea.”

Gu Changle burst into anger after hearing that. She scolded, “Are you idiots? Why not watch them? They will secretly call Tianze after leaving the villa. Do you have a brain?”

Nurse Sun was cursed up hill and down dale. She immediately responded, “Don’t worry, Miss Gu. I will go and find those two girls now.”

Gu Changle was very worried because Nurse Sun let the two girls go.

If the two girls had gone outside, they would have found a phone and called Shao Tianze.

Then Shao Tianze might go to the Champs-Elysea tonight.

Song Yunjia, a slut, couldn’t do anything else but was good at acting and sniveling.

Gu Changle definitely could not give Song Yunjia this opportunity to act.

Gu Changle was upset.

Shao Tianze’s car slowly came over and stopped in front of her.

Shao Tianze got out of the car and opened the door for Gu Changle since there was no driver or servant.

Gu Changle sat on the passenger seat. She involuntarily glanced at Shao Tianze.

Then she found Shao Tianze’s phone in the storage box on the car.

If Gu Changle hadn’t wanted Song Yunjia to contact Shao Tianze, it would have been better to take Shao Tianze’s phone to stop Song Yunjia’s people from getting through.

Gu Changle was considering in her mind.

Shao Tianze looked ahead without saying anything.

After thinking for a while, Gu Changle turned to look at Shao Tianze, “Tianze, will you stay with me tonight?”

“Okay.” Shao Tianze replied without thinking.

But Gu Changle was still worried, “What if someone calls you?”

“No one will call. Everything in the company is done.”

“I do not believe.”

“How can I let you believe me?” Shao Tianze asked her.

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