Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 315 - Gu Yi’s Wariness

Chapter 315 Gu Yi’s Wariness

The night had fallen and a bright moon was hanging in the sky over the suburb.

Song Yunxuan, who sat in the advanced bulletproof car, looked out of the window quietly.

Yet her heart was leaping inside.

She was looking forward to the moment when she saw Gu Yi and Miaomiao. These two kids were related to her.

So it made sense for her to miss them.

It was just that the truth was not as good as she expected.

The car stopped outside a manor in a brownstone district in Roume.

No sooner had Xiao Lou got out of the car than a white man in a suit rushed out of the manor in a hurry and whispered in his ear.

When Song Yunxuan got off, she saw that Xiao Luo’s face clouded.

She realized something was wrong. She quickly walked over to Xiao Luo and asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Luo looked bad and his voice was not too high. He frowned unconsciously, “A minor accident.”

“What minor accident?”

Xiao Luo told her there was a minor accident when they arrived at the place where Gu Yi and Miaomiao lived, so it was obvious that something happened to Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

She felt somewhat anxious in her heart.

But she tried her best to keep calm and cover her inner thoughts.

Only Song Yunxuan and Xiao Luo walked out from the Benz. Though Chu Mochen followed them here, he had no intention to get off.

Even when the car reached the front of the manor, he just watched the expressions on Song Yunxuan’s face through the bulletproof glass of the car.

He had always been feeling strange and wondering why Song Yunxuan put so much energy on Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Even if she gave him a convincing reason, he still didn’t believe it.

He wanted to know what kind of feelings Song Yunxuan had for the two children.

Song Yunxuan questioned closely, which made Xiao Luo unable to hide anymore. He confessed, “Gu Yi was inside, but Miaomiao….”

“What happened to Miaomiao?”

She suddenly frowned.

Only by now did Xiao Luo open his mouth, “Miaomiao is missing.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan strode into the manor straightly.

How could Miaomiao disappear?

Shouldn’t Gu Yi have taken good care of Miaomiao?

Since Shao Tianze had arranged for them to be here, he must have arranged for some servants to take charge of their daily life.

A little master was missing at home. What incapable servants!

Her brain was in a bit of mess.

Hearing that Miaomiao was missing, even her fingertips were trembling.

She knew that she should keep calm and wait for the two children to appear in front of her.

But now she was afraid that she couldn’t bottle up her inner feelings.

She was worried about Miaomiao.

She was really worried about Miaomiao.

Seeing that she was pale, Mei Qi, who was following her around, couldn’t help suggesting her, “Manager Song, Chide Gu Yi was well, so Miss Miaomiao should be fine. Please don’t worry too much.”

“Miaomiao has always been a very good child. Normally, she won’t leave her brother’s side. So something must have happened as she is missing now. Go and find her.”

She ordered Mei Qi.

Mei Qi saw her discomposure, whispering, “Manager Song, you are being too emotional.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were filled with anger because of her worry and anxiety. And she sounded a bit impatient, which could be seen as long as you paid a little attention.

Mei Qi also felt strange about her attitude towards the two children and he knew that it was not proper for Song Yunxuan to be this emotional under such a circumstance. That was why he reminded her to act properly.

Reminded by Mei Qi like this, Song Yunxuan became a little quiet.

Mei Qi was by her side and advised her by using a voice that could only be heard by the two of them, “No matter what happened, just relax, Manager Song.”

“But Miaomiao….”

She wanted to say something else.

Mei Qi cut her off and said, “I went to see Little Childe Gu Yi just now and I found that he was not a bit worried.”

Mei Qi didn’t finish his words.

Actually, by this, Song Yunxuan could understand and became quiet even though Mei Qi didn’t go on.

He said that Gu Yi was not even a bit worried.


Miaomiao was Gu Yi’s younger sister. If Miaomiao had been missing, Gu Yi would have been very anxious.

But when everyone found Miaomiao was missing, Gu Yi didn’t show any sign of worry.

It meant that Gu Yi knew where Miaomiao was and that she was safe.

When thinking of this, her mood became calm.

After having searched every room of the manor, Xiao Luo came out to speak to her, “I’ve had every room searched, but there is still no sign of Miss Miaomiao.”

“Were you being so rude that you scared Little Childe Gu?”

Xiao Luo was a little stupefied and didn’t know where to start.

Song Yunxuan passed him and went straight through the living-room of the manor to Gu Yi’s bedroom on the second floor, “It’s better for me to ask him in person. No kid can stand up to fear.”

Mei Qi walked behind Song Yunxuan.

Xiao Luo also followed Song Yunxuan into Gu Yi’s room in puzzlement.

The few servants at home felt quite frightened as a group of tall white men in suit burst into the manor.

Servants huddled their shoulders in silence as if these men had been from the Mafia.

At the front, a white man took Song Yunxuan to Gu Yi’s room.

When they were about to open the door, the white man planned to kick it.

Song Yunxuan frowned suddenly and grumpiness showed in her eyes.

Being looked by her like this, he panicked and retracted his leg which was going for the door. Then he opened the door respectfully.

The room was very large in a classic luxurious decorative style.

All the furniture inside was of famous brands.

The floor was graced with a wool carpet in light white.

A six or seven-year-old little boy dressed in a small blue-and-white baseball uniform was sitting on the floor and playing with blocks. Beside him was the Dominoes which were arranged.

The child was sitting against the door of the room.

When hearing the door was opened, his movements of playing the blocks came to a stop and the look inside his pupils turned a bit black.

But there was no fear in his eyes. After a second, he looked down and continued playing with the blocks.

He had no idea who entered. But as he or she had brought so many people, he or she must be hostile to them brother and sister.

Dad put them in Roume and hadn’t contacted them for a long time.

Apart from the call from the nurse at home every night, he hardly kept in touch with any relatives.

He felt that he and Miaomiao had been abandoned.

They were abandoned by their father in this huge manor.

Since the death of their mother, their father no longer liked him or Miaomiao.

Dad put all his concerns on Gu Changle, their little aunt.

He lowered his long eyelashes and held the blocks in his hand. He stacked the blocks without any fear or anxiety.

Song Yunxuan walked inside and waved to the people behind her to tell them not to follow.

She looked at Gu Yi and approached him step by step.

Her shoes stepped on the soft carpet without a sound.

Gu Yi seemed to pay no attention to the person who entered while playing with the blocks in his hands.Read more chapter on vi p novel. com

In his heart, it didn’t matter who entered.

He and Miaomiao no longer enjoyed their mother’s protection and their father seemed to exile them to such a strange place.

Though Gu Changle was their aunt, yet she was their mother’s step-sister. Gu Changle had no blood relationship with them.

Now Gu Changle lived with his father, so she must have seen him and Miaomiao as the thorn in her flesh.

He was still small and there was something that he could not understand or see through.

However, he was clear that he could count on no one to protect him and his younger sister.

If someone had wanted to hurt him or his younger sister, he would have had to only depend on himself.

He was several years older than Miaomiao and he was Miaomiao’s elder brother.

He should protect Miaomiao.

From an early age, their mother loved Miaomiao so much.

He remembered that when their mother was in hospital because of a car accident, she bore the pain and told him to take good care of his younger sister.

He would take good care of his younger sister.

He would not let his mother down.

He put the last piece of block on the tall tower stacked by him.

Behind him came a man’s voice, which asked him in raw Chanese language, “Where is Gu Miaomiao?”

Gu Yi retracted his hand, “I don’t know.”

His reply was light, without any emotion.

The white man behind him became a little anxious.

Song Yunxuan took a breath and then she said, “It’s none of your business now. Get out!”

Her words were with displeasure and stateliness.

Being suppressed by such stateliness, the man became speechless immediately.

Yet Gu Yi was stunned when hearing the voice.

Then he quickly turned around and looked at her surprisedly with his eyes wide open, “Why are you here?”

The people behind Song Yunxuan stepped out as she said.

Mei Qi was so considerate that he closed the door gently.

Gu Yi was quite shocked. Seeing Song Yunxuan squat to look at him, he felt strange at first but then he acted quickly and hid vigilance at the bottom of his eyes, “How can you be here?”

He was quite vigilant and didn’t believe that she was a good person just because he knew her.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly and a smile appeared on her lips, “We know each other. Will you please stop looking at me with such vigilance?”

“You brought so many people to catch Miaomiao.”

He looked at Song Yunxuan coldly.

The smile on Song Yunxuan’s lips rose slightly.

There was no sign of displeasure on her face, yet there was appreciation and satisfaction for the child.

Sure enough, her son didn’t let her down, though he lost his mother’s protection.

But as an elder brother of Miaomiao and a son of Gu Changge, he didn’t not show any humbleness or fear.

Even though he was facing the enemy and in a passive situation.

He was still at leisure and calm.

It was not easy for him to be this calm at such a young age.

She looked at the blocks which had been piled up beside him.

It was a small castle.

There was even a pretty princess standing by the window in the upper palace of the castle.

“These are not your blocks.”

She was sure.

“They’re mine.” Gu Yi remained calm.

“These are the birthday presents Gu Changge gave Miaomiao on her birthday. To be exact, they are the last gift Gu Changge left for you and your sister.”

Sorrow flashed by Gu Yi’s face which was like white porcelain, then he clenched his fists and stared at her, “Who are you? Why do you know so much?”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips and her eyes were tender and kind like the moon, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.”

She touched Gu Yi’s smooth face, saying, “Little Yi, tell me where your sister is.”

Gu Yi stared at her tightly. He had no intention to tell her where his younger sister was before he made sure that she was a good person.

Seeing his strong wariness, Song Yunxuan smiled, “You don’t trust me?”

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