Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 313 - Chu Mochen Was Getting Suspicious

Chapter 313 Chu Mochen Was Getting Suspicious

She remembered that Lu Xia’s white housekeeper was called George.


She frowned and looked at Lu Xia, “There is something different with you, Miss Lu.”

Lu Xia looked at her slightly. She said with a smile on her lips, “Well, where is the difference?”

Song Yunxuan moved down her sight slowly from Lu Xia’s face. She finally stopped in Lu Xia’s abdomen. “Miss Lu, you don’t stay in your Lu Family in Harbor City. Instead, you appear in this foreign country. What’s your purpose?”

The smile on Lu Xia’s lips narrowed slightly.

Her eyes changed silently. She lowered her voice, “You seem to know everything.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head, “No. You can believe that I know nothing.”

Lu Xia was unhappy inside, but she couldn’t spill anything. She only said, “I can help you on this thing, but….”

Song Yunxuan took the initiative to speak before Lu Xia could tell the conditions, “Don’t worry, Miss Lu. The Xiao Family and I will try our best to help you whenever the Lu Family needs assistance.”



“No matter who is the opponent?”

“No matter who the opponent is!”

Song Yunxuan gave exact answers to Lu Xia’s two questions.

Song Yunxuan would reassure Lu Xia because Lu Xia could indeed help her most now.

In Roume, only Family Sophia could search for people without restraint. Lu Xia was a key figure now.

Lu Xia got a satisfactory answer. She nodded and looked at Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, I believe you will keep your word. Please remember what you’ve promised me today.”

“Miss Lu, don’t worry. I, Song Yunxuan, will do what I say.”

Though Chu Mochen couldn’t get anything from their words, he was sure that they made a covenant according to those words.

Song Yunxuan promised Lu Xia’s covenant. In return, Lu Xia promised to help Song Yunxuan to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

They were both clever people. They understood each other’s meaning and needs.

Lu Xia got up after finishing the conversation, “I’m a bit tired. So, excuse me for not entertaining you.”

“Miss Lu, have a good rest and take care of yourself.”

Song Yunxuan stood up. She said goodbye to Lu Xia, “Mochen and I will go now. We will see you the other day.”

Lu Xia nodded, then turned around to go upstairs.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen turned to walk out.

The beautiful maids of Family Sophia led them out.

Lu Xia went up to the second floor. She withdrew the curtains in the bedroom, watching the two get into the car and leave.

Behind her, the door was opened slightly.

Lu Xia didn’t turn around, but she knew that it was George who had come in.

She drew the curtains and turned to George.

The former white assistant had totally changed now. Only the tenderness towards her in his eyes remained unchanged.


“I don’t like you calling me like this.”

“But I like it.”

He came over, hugging her from behind. He put his big hand on her belly, his lips on her neck. He said, “This is a surprise to me.”

“My body constitution is not suitable for having a baby. I probably die with two lives.”

“Don’t worry. I will save you first.”

His lips moved to her shoulders along her neck. Lu Xia felt a bit unbearable. She raised her hand to push him.

However, George grabbed her hands. He sighed, “The little master in your mind has been dead for so many years. Why don’t you forget him?”

“But I still don’t like to be counted by a subordinate.”

“I’ve always been with you to protect you. For so many years, haven’t you ever been touched at all?”

“Is it good for me that you control the Lu enterprise? ”

She frowned. Her voice suddenly sharpened a lot.

George was shocked by her harsh voice.

He then smiled. He was not angry with her at all, “I know it’s very hard for you during the pregnancy. You may have a temper. It doesn’t matter. I can stand it.”


“Stop saying anything. I won’t let you go back to Harbor City whatever you say. You should take care of yourself and welcome our first kid in Roume.”

Lu Xia straightened her lips. She got angry with George’s words.

However, she couldn’t resist.

The Lu enterprise changed so fast that Lu Xia couldn’t take any action.

George even suppressed all news about changing the leadership of the Lu enterprise soon after he betrayed Lu Xia, which made no one outside suspected that there was something wrong with the Lu Family.

The Xiao Family and the Huo Family both had no idea what happened to the Lu Family.

Today, Lu Xia finally saw a little hope as she saw Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was a person who had experienced a lot. Besides, she could do anything to get what she wanted.

Song Yunxuan was such a clever person that she could make it clear what might have happened without extra explanation.

It was the biggest surprise for Lu Xia in months to meet Song Yunxuan today.

She expected Song Yunxuan to help her.

Song Yunxuan sat in the car back to the hotel. She unconsciously turned an antique jade ring on her middle finger.

Chu Mochen realized that he had seen it before. It was a ring with stories.

“Where did you get this ring?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

She stopped turning the ring. She got it from the finger and raised it, asking, “You mean this symbol that makes the entire airline executives show great respect?”

Chu Mochen squinted his eyes, “You really have been calculating.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “I have been calculating all the way, including that card game. I got this ring from the Zang Family in Harbor City.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes were a little dim, “That place is famous for making fakes antiques.”

“Not really. This ring is almost the same as the real one. The entire airline obeys me.”

She deepened her smile.

There was a fondness for this ring in her eyes.

A fake ring could help her to fly to Roume without any delay.

This ring had already exerted its most useful value.

However, Chu Mochen was obviously unsatisfied with it.

“I can’t understand what you want to do anymore.”

“You will know it soon.” There was a deep coldness in Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

Indeed, she would soon let everyone know what she wanted to do. She hoped to destroy the Shao enterprise. She wished Gu Changle and Shao Tianze to die without peace.

She wished Song Yunjia to see who she was.

She wished everyone who had killed Gu Changge to pay for it.

She must protect Gu Yi and Miaomiao before these plans could be carried out.

They were her kids. She couldn’t let them be harmed in any way.

When they returned to the hotel, there was a guest who had been waiting for them for a long time.

This person was no one but Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo had been waiting for them in the hotel for a long time.

Xiao Luo greeted Song Yunxuan as soon as Song Yunxuan went back, “Sister.”


She walked over and hugged Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo had grown taller. He had also become more mature in Harbor City in the past few months.

She had always been believing that Xiao Luo would become the best heir of the Xiao Family. She tried her best to help Xiao Luo in Harbor City last time. Now Xiao Luo came to Roume. He would help Song Yunxuan to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao for sure.

“The whereabouts of those two children….”

“We’re looking for them,” Xiao Luo started to explain before Song Yunxuan finished, “I’ve sent someone to check out several wealthy districts that Shao Tianze had visited. The two kids must be in those rich areas if Shao Tianze arranged them in Roume. We can find them as long as we check the residents in these rich areas.”

“I hope that it can be done as soon as possible.”

“Sister, don’t worry. We will find them soon.”

Xiao Luo had the confidence to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao. Song Yunxuan also believed in his strength.

They stayed at the hotel all day. A doctor came to give Song Yunxuan a physical check in the evening.

Chu Mochen was beside the doctor. He explained after seeing Song Yunxuan frowning, “You are pregnant now. You are so tired that I’m worried about you. This is a Chinase medicine doctor. He can take your pulse.”

A Chinase medicine doctor….

Song Yunxuan sat on the sofa under the guidance of the doctor. Then she stretched her arms to show the doctor.

He was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, looking elegant and polite.

Song Yunxuan was a little nervous in her heart.

She only allowed her doctor to check herself when she was in Yuncheng.

After all, pregnancy was a cover. She never expected it to be pierced so quickly.

However, Chu Mochen now asked a doctor she didn’t know to check her out. It seemed that he had doubts about her pregnancy.

She put her hand on the small square pillow prepared by the doctor after a short of hesitation.

The doctor’s fingers were on Song Yunxuan’s pulse. His expression didn’t change much, but people could know that he was serious and focused when he checked her pulse.

Song Yunxuan was a little upset. She was not at ease even though she looked calm on her face.

If this Chinase medicine doctor had been professional, it would have been easy for him to see from her pulse that she was not pregnant.

What would Chu Mochen do to her after the doctor told this fact directly to him?

Her mind was in a whirl.

The time passed by.

Song Yunxuan felt that her heart lifted when the doctor retracted his hand.

She wanted to know what the doctor would tell Chu Mochen.

The doctor slowly held the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He then glanced over Song Yunxuan’s face and spoke to Chu Mochen, “There is nothing serious with Miss Song.”

Chu Mochen looked at Song Yunxuan.

A little surprise flashed in Song Yunxuan’s heart, but she didn’t express it on her face.

The doctor didn’t pierce her false pregnancy.

Was Xiao Luo buying him in advance?

Confused in her heart, she got up and went out after the doctor left.

Chu Mochen was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He gently asked her when he saw her going out, “It’s so late, where are you going?”

“Luo is next to us. I’d like to talk with him.”

Xiao Luo called Song Yunxuan sister. Chu Mochen should already know that Xiao Luo and Song Yunxuan were brother and sister, even if Chu Mochen didn’t say it out.

Chu Mochen had no reason to stop them when they met.

“I’ll be back in a moment.”

She opened the door and went out after she finished speaking.

She exhaled and calmed her nervousness when she pulled out the door.

Now it was the key period. The fake pregnancy could not be pierced.

If Chu Mochen had already been suspicious, there would have been a second and third temptation after this.

The best way to hide this secret was to ask Xiao Luo to help her.

Afterward, all the doctors that Chu Mochen found must have been met Xiao Luo in advance.

She walked to Xiao Luo’s door as she considered it.

She knocked at the door gently.

Xiao Luo opened the door soon.

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