Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 264 - Sow Discord

Chapter 264 Sow Discord

The thing that Song Yunqiang was beaten in prison was finally known by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan went to the detention center in Yuncheng without any hesitation with Mei Qi.

Mei Qi knew the police officer in the detention center. The officer immediately shook hands with Song Yunxuan as soon as he saw Song Yunxuan.

“Can I see my big brother?”

The officer was sorry. “He is still in a coma now. I’m afraid that Miss Song can’t see him.”

Song Yunxuan turned to see Mei Qi. Her meaning in the eyes was very obvious. She meant to let Mei Qi tell her the whole story.

Mei Qi also understood it. He told her about Song Yunqiang’s injury. “I heard that he was dragged to the bathroom and locked up for half a night. His four ribs were broken. He had many bruises from kicks and blows. He was unconscious when he was found.”

“Have you found out who did it?”

The police officer began to fool around. “There has been a bad habit of bullying newcomers in the detention center. Everything will be fine after a few months.”

Song Yunxuan heard something untrue from the police officer. She glanced at him and then said, “I will really appreciate it if Officer Huang can take much care of my brother. I will repay you.”

“You are welcome, Miss Song. It’s my duty.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t see how serious Song Yunqiang’s injury was even though she went to the detention center in Yuncheng by herself.

Song Yunxuan was very upset on her way home. She asked Mei Qi coldly, “I know you are familiar with many people. But at least, don’t let me see an officer who has been bribed to find out the situation of my brother’s injury the next time. Do you understand it?”

“Manager Song, you should think it over. How could you make it clear who wants to make things difficult for Song Yunqiang if you saw an officer who hadn’t been bribed today?”

Song Yunxuan rubbed her forehead. “No matter who wants to make things difficult for Song Yunqiang, the label of harming Song Yunqiang will be stuck on my head at last.”

“Manager Song, you should deal with the trouble as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will become more difficult.”

“Who are you talking about?” Song Yunxuan looked sideways at Mei Qi.

Mei Qi was driving in the front of the car. Her voice was relaxed. “Of course, it’s your big sister, Song Yunjia, who is capable and shrewd.”

“My sister?”

Song Yunxuan repeated this name. She slowly raised the corners of her mouth. A look of mockery flitted across her face.

She was afraid that very few people knew Song Yunjia’s heart and real side, though her elder sister indeed looked like an elegant and beautiful woman.

Even if someone knew about her, they would not know her too much.

She asked Mei Qi, “Do you have any ideas to deal with the woman like my elder sister?”

“Your eldest sister seems to be flawless. She doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. The smile in her eyes flickered and reverberated. “She does not have any weaknesses indeed. But we will have to go back to rake up the past if we want to ruin her reputation completely.”

Mer Qi saw Song Yunxuan in a puzzle. “You already have ideas, don’t you?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

Mei Qi could not help smiling. “I saw that you had much confidence, so I thought you had ideas.”

“I don’t have any ideas indeed, but someone has.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were bright. Her pupils carried a flash of light which shone suddenly, dazzling like a sharp sword.

Mei Qi was somewhat dazed. “The person you mentioned is…”

Song Yunxuan slowly opened her mouth and spat out that name. “Gu Changle.”

Mei Qi was stunned instantly. He was a little incredulous, but with more confusion.

“Gu Changle and Song Yunjia… There’s no connection between them at all.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head and explained, “For outsiders, it looks like they are not connected. In fact, however, they are much more connected.”

The relationship between Song Yunjia and Gu Changle was subtle, but there were definitely checks and balances.

Song Yunxuan considered that it was necessary to communicate with Gu Changle to know more.

Although Song Yunxuan had already known Gu Changle well, Gu Changle must have hidden something from Gu Changge, which was very important.

Song Yunxuan had been upset for several days because Song Yunqiang was beaten in prison.

Chu Mochen saw through her mind. He persuaded her and said when he accompanied her to the hospital for a pregnancy test, “If you’re worried about it, I’ll give them a notice in the detention center.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “Not necessary.”

Chu Mochen would have given them a notice in the detention center before he said so if he really wanted to do that.

“Have you met Song Yunqiang?”

“Not yet. He was just in a coma when I visited him. But I have heard that he is awake after so many days. I’ll see him another day.”

“I don’t think it necessary for you to visit him.” Chu Mochen said. He walked into Marie Hospital with Song Yunxuan. Many young ladies came to do the pregnancy examination in the corridor.

Song Yunxuan walked forward. After she took only a few steps forward, a familiar man in front of her appeared in her sight.

She stopped, and she could not help narrowing her eyes.

Chu Mochen looked along her sight. He found Shao Tianze standing there.

“It is such a coincidence that we have seen them twice in the hospital.”

Beside Shao Tianze, there was Gu Changle. Shao Tianze took Gu Changle’s waist. He cared about her so much that the favor which Shao Tianze had for Gu Changle could be seen even in the distance.

She couldn’t stand it and said with a bit of irony, “Anyway, she is his sister-in-law. It’s improper in public. Let’s not to greet them.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen was willing to do that. They were walking directly to the inspection room together.

What an odd coincidence that Song Yunxuan and Gu Changle were arranged into the same room to do the examination!

Four people recognized each other at the door of the room. They greeted each other inevitably.

Shao Tianze slightly took back the hand that was on the waist of Gu Changle. However, he was grabbed by Gu Changle.

Song Yunxuan’s hand was held by Chu Mochen. Her sight stopped for a while on Shao Tianze’s hand which was on Gu Changle’s fingers. Then she said, “What a coincidence! Mr. Shao and your sister-in-law came here to do the pregnancy examination as well?”

It was not a secret that Song Yunxuan was pregnant.

Gu Changle’s pregnancy, however, was a scandal.

Especially, Gu Changle’s boyfriend was not officially publicized. She stayed with Shao Tianze all day.

If Gu Changle was pregnant, people in Yuncheng would consider it was Shao Tianze’s child in her belly.

However, Shao Tianze still wanted to find an excuse to be perfunctory casually this time.

After a brief period of dissatisfaction, Gu Changle still coordinated with Shao Tianze. She explained, “My friend is pregnant. She does the pregnancy test here. We are waiting for her.”

Song Yunxuan curved the corners of her mouth. She said with satire, “We’ve met twice in the place for the pregnancy test, both for a friend. I wonder if I can see Miss Gu’s friend.”

Gu Changle didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan would change the subject to her. With a hollow laugh, she said, “Let’s wait for her to come out.”

She wanted to drag it out.

Song Yunxuan followed her to drag it out.

Anyway, the staff of the pregnancy examination would come out and call the roll to let the pregnant women in for the test after a while.

Song Yunxuan would like to see Gu Changle’s response when it came to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle saw that Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen were staying at the door all the time, not intending to leave. She was a little anxious. “Are you here to do the pregnancy test, too?”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Yes.”

She answered without any embarrassment. Gu Changle slightly opened her mouth, with a bit of surprise. “Yunxuan, are you pregnant?”

Song Yunxuan nodded calmly. “Yes.”

Gu Changle turned her head and glanced at Shao Tianze.

There was some interest in Shao Tianze’s eyes. He immediately congratulated her. “Congratulations to you!”

“Thank you.”

Gu Changle could not help feeling a little aggrieved when she saw that Song Yunxuan could announce her pregnancy openly while she had to hide it.

Song Yunxuan considered that there were a lot of people in front of the door, and it might take some time to come to her turn. She then proposed and said, “Miss Gu, shall we go to the window for some air?”

Gu Changle was invited alone, with a flash of light in her eyes. She hesitated for a while. She then turned to see Shao Tianze, who was talking to Chu Mochen. Then she followed Song Yunxuan to the window at the end of the corridor.

Although it was winter, it was very hot in the hospital for the air conditioning.

It was not cold even though the window at the end of the corridor was half-open.

Song Yunxuan closed the window. She looked back at Gu Changle. “Miss Gu, you are pregnant, aren’t you?”

Gu Changle smiled. “I’m here just for a friend.”

“I have heard that there isn’t any blood relationship between you and Gu Changge at all. You would not have become Mr. Shao’s sister-in-law if your parents hadn’t adopted you as a daughter in those days.”

Song Yunxuan’s words just made the relationship between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle clear.

Gu Changle’s face became pale.

However, a bold idea appeared in her mind at once after she heard this.

This bold idea seemed to be expected by Song Yunxuan. She said naturally, “If Miss Changle ends the adopted relationship with Gu Family, no one will gossip even if you marry Chairman Shao.”

What Song Yunxuan said was exactly what Gu Changle thought in her mind.

But Gu Changle still couldn’t think through what Song Yunxuan meant. She just smiled awkwardly. “Yunxuan, what do you mean?”

“I don’t have any malevolence. I just feel that if I like someone, I won’t care about those worldly views. For example, although I am young, I am still with Chu Mochen. I don’t want to hide my pregnancy because it is the child of the person I like.”

Gu Changle was speechless when hearing this.

Song Yunxuan sighed. “Isn’t it painful that it can’t be publicized when you are pregnant for someone you like?”

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan asked Gu Changle hyperbolically, “Miss Gu, you don’t want to accompany your brother-in-law forever as Gu Changge’s sister, do you? Don’t you want to give your child an identity and marry the one you love to live your whole life with dignity openly?”

Her words were exactly what Gu Changle wished.

But it still needed the right chance to end the adopted relationship with Gu Family.


She was still hesitating, while Song Yunxuan sighed over there. “I always know that my elder sister likes Mr. Shao very much. She even told me that Miss Changle probably couldn’t stand the pain of giving birth to a baby at all since Miss Changle wasn’t in good health.”

“Now, I’m saying these words to remind you, Miss Changle, that my sister has left medicine to go into business. She competes with me for the Song enterprise only because she wants to be with Mr. Shao and stand beside him.”

“Frankly speaking, she is doing that for her love, while I just want to manage well the estate left by my father. We have different goals. Now, I begin to pity my sister.”

“Since Miss Changle is willing to bear it in silence, you won’t mind if I give my sister a chance to fulfill her wish, will you?”

Gu Changle was shocked after hearing Song Yunxuan’s last word.

Did it mean that Song Yunxuan would give up the Song enterprise to fulfill her elder sister’s wish and then let her elder sister, Song Yunjia, rob the man Gu Changge loved?

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