Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 247 - Be Dispatched to S City

Chapter 247 Be Dispatched to S City

There was a large company meeting at the beginning of each month.

The monthly meeting of the Song enterprise started at 8 o’clock in the morning. Song Yunxuan, attending the conference, seemed to have no actual power.

Song Yunqiang was the one who made a decision all the way. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, the two old cunning foxes, symbolically consulted Song Yunxuan before making a decision on something.

Song Yunxuan said there were no problems all the way.

In fact, there were indeed no problems.

So, the meeting went off without a hitch until Song Yunqiang began to pick the one to take over as the general manager of the company in S City.

Both Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian intended to find a position for their nephews, and they wanted to find a position where their nephews could make a difference.

Both of them happened to pay their attention to the position of the general manager in unison.

Before Zhao Yang could say anything, Zhou Jian uttered first, “I think the position of the general manager is not very small. It is better to let all the people in the company vote.”

Since Zhou Jian said so, it was natural that he had already done some voting matters.

Voting today was nothing more than going through the motions.

Mei Qi was next to Song Yunxuan, seeing that she frowned and then turned her eyes away.

Song Yunxuan absolutely wouldn’t let Zhou Jian put his foot in this matter to break her plan.

Sure enough, Song Yunxuan interrupted him at the next second. “Uncle Zhou, you are the old head and the shareholder of the company. Since you proposed to vote, I will agree. However, if we vote today, how long will the meeting last?”

She deliberately raised her wrist and looked at the watch to remind everyone what time it was now.

The way she looked at her watch really made everyone realize it was getting late.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian did not want to see things change, so they said, “Actually, there will be no problem if the meeting is delayed for ten minutes or eight minutes.”

“You guys are fine with it, but I’m not feeling well, and I want to break up.”

After speaking, Song Yunxuan stood up, which seemed that she was going to break up.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian didn’t take her seriously at all. Now even if the meeting was over, there was nothing wrong with her leaving first.

Anyway, even if she left, the meeting of the Song enterprise would still continue as usual.

But she said something to the point when she left. “Everyone is tired today. When voting, they will inevitably be confused about whether they should vote for Zhou or Zhao. Why don’t you vote after you all figure it out tomorrow?”

She stood up and walked out, regardless of whether the meeting would continue or not.

The expressions of the people in the conference room all changed slightly.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both had a nephew. Each wanted the general manager’s position.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The two old heads had also discussed it before.

Unfortunately, they did not reach an agreement. Each thought that the other one should take a step back and give his nephew a chance.

The disagreement between them had made it very difficult for everyone here to vote in the end.

If you voted for one, the other one would definitely get to the bottom of this and make things difficult for you.

The employees were all worried and nervous in their hearts. Now, Song Yunxuan suggested that the meeting should be over, which would give a buffer phase to this matter. It couldn’t be any better.

Song Yunxuan went back to her office. As soon as she returned to the office, Song Yunxuan called Shao Xue. “You go out with my assistant after work this afternoon.”

Having been adapted to work in Fanxing Magazine, Shao Xue did not hesitate after hearing Song Yunxuan’s arrangement. She nodded her head and then asked, “Should I go to the Song enterprise to wait for him? Or will he come to pick me up?”

Song Yunxuan looked at Mei Qi. “Go and pick up Shao Xue.”

Mei Qi nodded and smiled. “Although it seems to be easy to do now, I think it will be better for you to go with me in person if necessary.”

“You two are enough. It won’t make much difference.”

She ordered Mei Qi.

Mei Qi went to pick up Shao Xue after work in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan was sent home by the driver. As soon as she got back, she heard the nannies at home talking with each other, “How generous the young master of Xiao Family is! Look at these tonics. They are not easy to buy in our country.”

“Yes, Childe Xiao really cares about Miss Yunxuan very much.”

“Childe Xiao?” She murmured in a low voice, entering the room.

After she entered the room, Nurse Wang came up to her and took over things in her hands. “You are back, Miss Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan walked to the living room and saw that the table was stacked with gift boxes. She slightly tilted her head and asked her, “Are these from Xiao Luo?”

Nurse Wang nodded happily. “The young master of Xiao Family called us in person just now and said that he hoped that you could take care of yourself and nurse your health.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

She hadn’t called Xiao Luo to ask about his situation over there since Mei Qi came. The fact that he sent so many gifts to her today was to remind her that she neglected to keep in touch with him these days.

She went upstairs to call Xiao Luo. As soon as she dialed, Xiao Luo recognized her phone number and asked her happily, “Sister Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan nodded and asked him, “Have you arrived in the WS?”

Xiao Luo answered without interest, “I thought I would see Yang Jiu the WS. I didn’t expect that the guy disappeared suddenly. Grandpa couldn’t find him by any means. There is no way but to let me study in the WS for a period of time now. Then he will find me a new teacher.”

Song Yunxuan certainly knew why Yang Jiu couldn’t be with him. Yang Jiu had changed the name and worked for her now.

She was helpless. “If you have any problems, just tell me. I can help you find a solution, and we will solve them definitely.”

It was not sure whether she could help him find a solution or not, but Yang Jiu was here. One more person, one more brainpower.

Xiao Luo frowned and said in a downhearted voice, “There is nothing wrong here. I just worry about you.”

Song Yunxuan laughed. “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me.”

“How about your relationship with Chu Mochen?”

Song Yunxuan fell into silence with bitterness in her mind but answered him with a smile, “No problem.”

It was not sure whether Xiao Luo believed or not. He only said, “That’s good.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She had a few more words with him and then hung up.

The tonics sent here in the living room, such as red edible bird’s nest, were all put away in the kitchen.

After going back home, Song Yunxuan had some snacks and then rested in the room until the evening. When she came out for dinner at night, Song Yunqiang hadn’t returned yet.

Song Yunxuan didn’t need to ask but knew that he had to think about whether to help Zhao Yang or Zhou Jian.

If Song Yunxuan dealt with this problem, she would probably help both of them, or she would probably not help anyone.

Because as long as her favor was given to one of them, the other one would naturally be dissatisfied.

The contradiction caused by dissatisfaction would not erupt on the spot, but it would become a knot and then accumulate, growing bigger and bigger.

In the end, it would affect her own decisions and processes.

She ate dinner alone.

Song Yunqiang came back at around nine o’clock. She heard from the servant that Song Yunqiang had some soup and then went to wash and sleep after returning. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Since he was in a good mood, he must have entirely solved the matter between Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

Song Yunxuan bent her lips, with some senses of ridicule between her eyes and brows. “It’s useless that he has solved the problem at this time.”

As the old saying went, the opportunity knocked, but only once.

Without losing no time to vote to make a decision this morning, who could guarantee that the result of the vote would still be the same the next day?

How many changes would happen overnight on earth?

She looked at the pitch-dark night and couldn’t help but shake her head gently.

The morning meeting the next day was held as usual. When she entered the office and met Mei Qi for the first time, Mei Qi said, “It’s done.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and expressed great confidence in him.

It was natural that at the beginning of the morning meeting after the results of several current decisions in the company were announced, the issue on who would be sent to S City as the general manager was inevitably mentioned.

This time, the morning meeting started early, so people didn’t need to worry about missing lunchtime.

Song Yunqiang coughed to clear his throat and began to say, “Since Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou have different candidates, just let those people who are sitting here vote on it.”

The hall fell into silence. After he said that they should vote on it, even the sound of flipping those materials stopped.

Having gotten up early this morning, Song Yunxuan yawned gently and seemed to give some objective suggestions. “I know both of the candidates recommended by Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou. But I don’t know them well. The candidate for this position, who will be sent by our company to S City this time, is not limited to them. If there are other suitable candidates, you can also write down when voting. We can think about it comprehensively.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian didn’t reply. Even though Song Yunxuan said that there could be other candidates to choose, how could the people present thanklessly choose others?

Song Yunqiang also thought that Song Yunxuan was talking nonsense.

People in the conference room started to press buttons on the voting machines.

There was a large LCD screen in the middle of the meeting room. A list of ten candidates was displayed on it. Except for the chairman and the president, all the candidates at the level of the vice president were on the screen.

Of course, Song Yunqiang was also included.

Song Yunqiang sat in the right-hand seat by Song Yunxuan. And Song Yunxuan sat at the front of the long table with her back to the display screen.

After she said that the vote began, the sound of pressing buttons went on and on into her eardrums.

She didn’t look back, just twirling the pen in her hand as if she was bored.

Song Yunqiang also felt that this position belonged to either Zhao Yang’s nephew or Zhou Jian’s nephew.

Because after dinner last night, he had persuaded the two uncles separately, and the two elders also agreed to sit and see the vote result today.

No matter what the end result was, they would not pursue it anymore.

Also, Song Yunqiang had guaranteed that no matter who obtained the plum position, the general manager of the company in S City, he would arrange a position of the same level for the other one and raise his salary within one month.

As long as he soothed the two old foxes well, they could help him wholeheartedly.

It took less than half a minute to vote, and the votes received soon coalesced into a cylindrical table.

Song Yunxuan didn’t look back. But Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were looking at the increase in the number of votes throughout the process.

After half a minute of voting, the glasses on Zhao Yang’s face were taken off.

He took off his glasses as if he could not believe it. He then rubbed his eyes and put his glasses on again.

He opened his mouth wide in surprise and turned to look at Zhou Jian, sitting opposite to him.

However, he found that Zhou Jian was just as surprised as him.

Song Yunxuan smiled and glanced at Zhao Yang. “Uncle Zhao, did the voting result come out?”

Zhao Yang moved his gaze to her face stiffly. Seeing her innocent smile, he felt like he had seen a demon.

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