Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 235 - Preference for the Younger Daughter

Chapter 235 Preference for the Younger Daughter

Shao Xue now had no idea what was in Song Yunxuan’s mind on earth.

But Song Yunxuan seemed to see through Shao Tianze’s recent movements, asking her, “Have Shao Tianze and Gu Changle dated with anyone over dinner lately?”

Shao Xue recalled Gu Changle’s complaints after she returned with Shao Tianze two days ago, opening her lips. “Two days ago, Gu Changle and Shao Tianze seemed to go to meet the director-general of Yuncheng Police Station, Ouyang Rui.”

Song Yunxuan took an orange from the fruit tray on the bedside table and started to peel the orange with her fine, smooth, and pale fingers. “Shao Tianze is really shrewd. He actually thought of such a foolproof and far-reaching plan.”

Shao Xue was puzzled. “Gu Changle said that she was not there when Shao Tianze met Ouyang Rui, and Shao Tianze kept mum of what he told Ouyang Rui when being asked by her later.”

Thinking of this, Shao Xue felt delighted. “Because Shao Tianze kept something from her and was unwilling to tell her, Gu Changle is so angry that she is not in the mood of eating anything these days.”

On hearing that, Song Yunxuan just lowered her eyelashes with an ironical look. “Given Gu Changle’s unhappiness, it won’t be long before Shao Tianze begins to coax her.”

Shao Xue nodded. “Gu Changle is sure that Shao Tianze will come to her, so she lost her temper and was in the cold war with him.”

“However, did Song Yunjia visit Shao Tianze too often lately?”

“Yep.” Shao Xue answered.

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Then I’m sure that Song Yunjia will be in trouble soon.”

A puzzled look appeared in Shao Xue’s eyes while a smile appeared at the corners of Song Yunxuan’s lips.

Song Yunjia visited Shao Tianze so often lately. She probably seemed to be about to forget there was Gu Changle who was jealous and vicious at Shao Tianze’s side.

She would certainly get into trouble sooner or later due to the ignorance of Gu Changle who was a viper.

After Shao Xue returned from the visit to Song Yunxuan’s ward, she still could not understand why and how Song Yunxuan helped Huo Jiahui.

Not until the message that Huo Jiahui was charged with an intentional murder delivered by the police did Huo Jiahui show a case suddenly.

The diagnosis of the case was quite simple.

It was the severe schizophrenia. In other words, it was a mental disorder.

Having received the message, the Huo family was relieved. Xiao Family did not intend to hold the Huo family accountable for Song Yunxuan.

Yet Shao Tianze couldn’t help frowning tightly after getting the message.

Just at this moment, Song Yunjia was at his side. Looking at the unhappiness on his face, she talked some sense into him. “Is it possible that Huo Jiahui was really mad?”

“Yunjia, you should know that if Huo Jiahui was really mad, she will be acquitted and get out of jail free.”

After Song Yunjia rinsed the freshly brewed tea with water twice, she poured the tea into a small cup and handed it over to Shao Tianze. “She will still hate Song Yunxuan even if she is acquitted.”

Shao Tianze let out a sneer. “It’s true that Huo Jiahui will hate Song Yunxuan even if she is acquitted. But the Huo family will not hate Song Yunxuan anymore.”

“Nowadays, no matter Huo Qixiong, Huo Jiaying or Zhang Yufang in the Huo family, all hate Song Yunxuan’s guts.”

“Yet now, it’s Huo Ting who takes charge of the Huo family.” A violent and vicious expression appeared in Shao Tianze’s eyes inevitably. “The reason why Huo Ting could take charge of the Huo family is that Song Yunxuan offered much advice on this. Originally, the Huo family would support Song Yunxuan forever. But if Song Yunxuan keeps holding Huo Jiahui accountable and makes Huo Jiahui go to prison, the relationship between her and Huo Ting will definitely break up.”

Song Yunjia frowned, feeling puzzled. “The relationship between Huo Jiahui and Huo Ting is not good. Will Huo Ting turn hostile to Song Yunxuan because of Huo Jiahui?”

Shao Tianze was self-assured. “If Huo Jiahui is not acquitted, Huo Ting will definitely turn hostile to Song Yunxuan.”


“Because of the blood relationship. After all, they are siblings although they were not given birth to by the same mother.”

It suddenly dawned on Song Yunjia, yet it was too late for her to realize it now.

“It could have made Huo Ting stop helping Song Yunxuan anymore, yet now it failed.”

“It’s out of expectation.” Shao Tianze took a sip of tea and then raised his head. “I’ve never expected that Song Yunxuan wouldn’t pursue Huo Jiahui’s crime at all. After all, she’s the person who wanted to kill her.”

Song Yunjia lowered her head. In her eyes, there was the deep disgust with Song Yunxuan.

After Shao Tianze sighed with emotion, he turned to look at her suddenly and smiled pleasantly with the corners of his mouth upward. “Your younger sister is really smart.”

Such praise made Song Yunjia wear a stunned expression on her face. What then followed was the deeper disgust with Song Yunxuan.

Damn! Shao Tianze even showed some admiration for Song Yunxuan in the expression of his eyes while mentioning her.

How could such a bitch like Song Yunxuan be praised and admired by Shao Tianze?

Song Yunjia’s eyebrows frowned tightly. “What’s my next step towards her?”

Shao Tianze poured her a cup of tea. “Now that you haven’t killed her through such efforts, I advise you and your brother as well as your sister to honestly give the real power to Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunjia was really thinking that there was something wrong with her ears. She turned to look at him in shock and said, “How can we do that? If we really deliver the real power of the Song enterprise to her, my brother and I will be both wiped out completely.”

“So, have you got a better idea if not handing over the real power of Song Family to her?”

Song Yunjia frowned with concern. “But once she takes charge of the Song enterprise…”

“Even if she just gets a nominal title, there will still be an intermediate stage before she really controls the Song enterprise. What do you think?”

Shao Tianze threw a slothful look at her. The pair of peach-blossom-like eyes no longer appeared to be amazing as usual when people saw them but was quite cunning.

Song Yunjia came to understand gradually in her heart.

Shao Tianze meant that she should trim the sails and play something by ear. Now it was irreversible that the Song enterprise would be handed over to Song Yunxuan.

But it still needed to be plotted whether Song Yunxuan should hold the real power.

Song Yunjia nodded. “Just do as you said.”

Shao Tianze replied in a low voice.

He assumed that Song Yunjia would leave first after discussing the matter.

But Song Yunjia did not prepare to leave after he had looked down at some company documents for five minutes.

He raised his head and looked at Song Yunjia thoughtfully. “Anything else you need?”

Song Yunjia’s pretty face flushed a bit. “Can I have lunch with you?”

Shao Tianze smiled and then declined it. “I have an appointment with Miaomiao at noon. I will take her to the Children’s Park to have lunch.”

“Then how about this evening…?” Song Yunjia immediately wanted to ask him out at night.

Shao Tianze thought for a while and then answered, “Miaomiao said that the atmosphere would be great if we went to the Haunted House at night, so she wanted me to take her there in the evening.”

Song Yunjia was stunned. It never occurred to her that he still loved the younger daughter left by Gu Changge like this after Gu Changge had already died.

She couldn’t help reminding him, “Tianze, after all, Miaomiao is Changge’s daughter.”

The smile at the corners of Shao Tianze’s lips paused for a while, and a trace of darkness flashed by his eyes in an instant, making others in a fog of what was in his mind on earth.

Song Yunjia hated Gu Changge in her heart and detested these two children left by Gu Changge more.

“Tianze, is it proper for you to love Miaomiao like this?”

Shao Tianze kept silent, but the expression on his face was obviously darkened.

Song Yunjia felt that she might have upset Shao Tianze by her words, yet she couldn’t help saying, “Tianze, if you like kids, you can totally let another woman have a son or a daughter with you. As for Miaomiao, she really looks very much like Changge when she was a kid. Aren’t you afraid that she will probably turn into another Gu Changge when she grows up? If she knows how Gu Changge died at that time, how will she treat you?”

“Stop it, Yunjia.”

Shao Tianze’s voice was cold. When looking up at Song Yunjia, he showed a trace of coldness that Song Yunjia had never seen before.

Song Yunjia’s heart twitched. Though she was not reconciled, she couldn’t say anything else under his cold eyes.

Finally, she just replied in a low voice, “It’s for your own good.”

Shao Tianze looked away and pursed his thin lips without talking.

Song Yunjia held some grudges in her mind after she left the Shao enterprise. Just at this time, Song Yunqiang came to discuss how to deal with this matter because Song Yunxuan didn’t die.

Song Yunjia passed on Shao Tianze’s words to him in her own words.

Though Song Yunqiang still felt uneasy in his heart, he had no other way after thinking for a while. He could only trim the sails as Song Yunjia said.

Song Yunjia was in a bad mood. After taking a sip of tea, she just pulled the pillow on the sofa there. One corner of the pillow wrinkled because of her pulling.

Song Yunqiang attempted to ask her, “Did Shao Tianze say anything to you? You look unhappy today.”

After being asked by Song Yunqiang, Song Yunjia finally couldn’t help telling Song Yunqiang the matter that Shao Tianze still loved the younger daughter.

“I don’t know what is in Tianze’s mind. But Miaomiao and Gu Yi were both given birth to by Gu Changge. Even if Shao Tianze loves them now, won’t they hate us after they know how Gu Changge died in the future?”

“Then what do you want?”

“The farther these two kids go, the better it will be. They’d better stay away from the Shao enterprise forever.”

Song Yunqiang crossed his hands together on the belly that had grown fat lately and made some sarcastic comments casually. “Till now, Shao Tianze only has two kids given birth to by Gu Changge. It’s not strange that he loves them. After all, he doesn’t have other kids.”

“Gu Changle is already pregnant.”

Song Yunqiang looked at her. “Didn’t you say that Gu Changle was too weak to have a baby?”

“I’m sure that she will lose her kid, but…”

“But if you want to get along well with Shao Tianze, having a baby with him is also a good choice.”

Song Yunjia didn’t look up at him.

She had ever considered the thing mentioned by Song Yunqiang indeed, yet they had never gone further or been out of line even though Shao Tianze and Gu Changge didn’t seem to have affections for each other for so many years.

And even Gu Changle really got together with Shao Tianze after Gu Changge died.

Several people in their circle knew clearly about the thing that Shao Tianze loved his younger daughter, Miaomiao.

But Gu Changle was not one of them.

Gu Changle didn’t walk around anymore because of being pregnant. Miaomiao rarely came back from the boarding school. She said that she wanted to go to the Children’s Park while having breakfast in the morning, and Shao Tianze actually agreed to take her there.

At noon, Shao Tianze went to pick up Miaomiao. Gu Changle called Shao Tianze while holding the displeasure back in her heart.

Shao Tianze told her that he was already on the way.

She told him to have a good time with Miaomiao on the surface while wishing Gu Miaomiao to die like this in the Children’s Park in her heart.

Shao Xue went along with them and held Gu Yi’s small hand all the time.

And Miaomiao was held in Shao Tianze’s arms all the time just like a princess.

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