Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 215 - Alienate Them

Chapter 215 Alienate Them

Song Yunxuan personally visited Huo Ting.

Huo Ting was a little surprised.

“I thought that you would not visit me after we met last time before you leave Harbor City.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t ask him to have afternoon tea. After saying some polite words, she got to the point. “I want to go to Yangshan Villa to visit your mother.”

“Mother?” Huo Ting was stunned and denied it. “Zhang Yufang is not my mother.”

“Now, in the legal sense, she is your mother, although you never admit it.”

He had no way to refute her words. He just frowned and intended to go to the underground garage to pick up the car.

Song Yunxuan shook her head and stopped him. “You would better let the driver drive.”

Huo Ting sensitively perceived something. “What do you want to do?”

“Since testifying against Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, your sister, Huo Jiahui, has not seen Zhang Yufang, has she?”

Huo Ting’s eyes were cold. “Not only Jiahui but also Jiaying has not seen Zhang Yufang yet.”

In case of accidents, Huo Ting had sent someone to monitor Zhang Yufang before to keep her in Yangshan Villa obediently.

Huo Jiaying and Huo Jiahui had been staying in the hospital because of the car accident.

As for Huo Qixiong…

“I have been wondering how you hid this from your father on earth.” Song Yunxuan and Huo Ting were standing on the street and waiting for his driver to drive the car. “After all, your two younger sisters’ testimony against the brothers of Xiao Family is not a small matter. Your father must have heard some news.”

Huo Ting stood beside her straightly, watching the stream of cars on the street. “In the Huo family, as long as Zhang Yufang’s people don’t talk too much, no one will be willing to offend me to send a message to my father.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and wore an indescribable smile at the corners of her lips. “Well, you’re the irresistible trend.”

The people inside the Huo family were not stupid and could know that the Huo family’s power was in transition, and the candidate who would control the power must be Huo Ting. So, they did not want to help Zhang Yufang offend Huo Ting.

People thought for themselves.

Offending people for the sake of others was irrational.

“It seems that you have solved all the inner problems of the Huo enterprise.”

“I should thank you since Xiao Luo is willing to get along with me peacefully, and we don’t have big interest conflicts for now.”

Song Yunxuan knew in her mind that the new master of Xiao Family took office now, and all aspects needed to be coordinated. Xiao Luo had not been fully familiar with the Xiao enterprise, so he must appease the inner of the Xiao enterprise first and would not fight externally.

And the situation of the Huo family was the same as that of Xiao Family.

“You are very smart indeed.”

In the distance, a driver of the Huo family had already driven the car over.

The car slowed down and stopped slowly next to Song Yunxuan.

Huo Ting took a step forward and opened the car door for her. “This is the best way. If Xiao Luo doesn’t cooperate with me, then Lu Family or other families will come to devour us.”

With a smile at the corners of her eyes, Song Yunxuan lowered her head and got into the car.

Huo Ting was right. When shepherds quarreled, the wolf would have a winning game.

If the shepherds cooperated with each other, they could protect themselves and be safe and sound.

On the way to Yangshan Villa, Huo Ting talked about Zhang Yufang’s current situation.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care about Zhang Yufang’s safety. Just when they were approaching the villa, she asked the driver to make a turn and stop. “Please call Huo Jiahui and Huo Jiaying and ask them to visit their mother.”

Although Huo Ting made the call, he didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan’s request was out of kindness.

“They can visit their mother at any time. Why do you ask them to come over today?”

Song Yunxuan looked at the distance, and the roof of the Yangshan Villa loomed out. She said softly, “They can see their mother at any time, but their unborn brother may not live so long.”

Hearing these words, Huo Ting suddenly raised his unmindful eyes and looked at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan’s young and delicate face gradually showed a trace of coldness. The coldness at the bottom of her eyes was like an unsheathed knife, which made Xiao Luo frightened in his mind.

Professional servants in the Yangshan Villa took care of Zhang Yufang’s daily life.

Although the material life was very nice in the Yangshan Villa, Zhang Yufang was not willing to stay there obediently or peacefully nourish the fetus.

Every day at tea time, Zhang Yufang would lose her temper.

She broke many tea bowls, which had already annoyed the nanny.

The nanny worked for money. Every time cleaning the shards of those broken tea bowls on the ground, the nanny couldn’t help looking up at the exasperated face of Zhang Yufang.

This afternoon was as usual. Zhang Yufang took a sip of milk tea and threw the teacup on the pretext of being too hot.

When the nanny came over to clean the shards, Zhang Yufang madly pressed the phone and wanted to make a call.

No matter who she called, Jiahui, Jiaying, or Xiong, everything would be fine.

As long as one of them received the call, the unfilial son would be caught.

How could he dare to imprison her!

The nanny even didn’t bother to stop her from making the call. Anyway, the telephone in the villa could not connect to the outside.

Sure enough, Zhang Yufang desperately pressed the phone buttons for a long time, and the phone did not dial out. She swept the phone off the desktop.

Just when Zhang Yufang was exasperated, an excited female voice came suddenly from the door…


Zhang Yufang was dazed and stopped all her actions suddenly.


That voice sounded again.

Zhang Yufang’s face suddenly rejoiced. “Jiaying!”

Zhang Yufang turned around and saw Huo Jiaying standing at the door and looking at her with excitement at once.

“Mommy…” Tears burst out of her eyes at once as Huo Jiaying saw Zhang Yufang after such a long time.

She hurriedly rushed to Zhang Yufang’s arms, and her voice brought a distressing cry. “Mommy, Mommy, I miss you so much.”

A young girl wearing nurse clothes came after her outside the door. “Miss Ying! Miss Ying, please be careful.”

The girl wearing nurse clothes made Zhang Yufang holding her daughter nervous. “Why does a nurse follow you? Are you hurt? Where?”

Although Zhang Yufang had twin daughters, she had preferred the younger daughter since they were very young.

Probably because the elder daughter had lived outside all the time, they weren’t so close.

However, as for the younger daughter by her side, Zhang Yufang loved her very much. She was just like a pearl in the palm of Zhang Yufang. Zhang Yufang was afraid to drop it on the ground or melt it in her mouth.

Even if there was a slight injury in Huo Jiaying’s body, she would feel very sad.

Speaking of the injury, Huo Jiaying raised her head from Zhang Yufang’s chest. “Mommy, my ribs are broken.”

Zhang Yufang suddenly felt that her heart tightened. “What happened? Does it hurt? Does it hurt now?”

Huo Jiaying shook her head with tears in her eyesm, who was so well-behaved.

Zhang Yufang still supported her and helped her sit down on the sofa. “Sit down first, and then we can talk.”

Huo Jiaying raised her hand and covered her ribs after sitting down. With a strange expression on her face, she said, “Speaking of this, it’s wired. A few days ago, my wound kept hurting, and I didn’t even dare to get out of bed. These days, I have felt much better and can move around.”

Zhang Yufang thought for a moment. “Has Huo Ting, the bast**d, ever gone to see you?”

Huo Jiaying lowered her eyes. “My brother comes to see me every once in a while.”

“Why do you still call him brother now?” Zhang Yufang was so angry that her eyebrows almost stood up. “But for this b**tard, Mommy would not have been separated from you for more than ten days.”

Huo Jiaying looked at her mother, worriedly. “Mommy, my sister also got injured in this car accident.”

“Where did she hurt?”

Zhang Yufang asked her.

Huo Jiaying became even more worried and raised her finger to point at her face. “Mommy, my sister’s face is hurt.”

Huo Jiaying was not in close contact with Huo Jiahui, and they had not often seen each other since they were ten years old, but they were biological sisters, after all.

She knew her sister well.

“Mommy, my sister values her face most. Now, her face is hurt, and she must feel very sad.”

Knowing that her younger daughter was fine, Zhang Yufang breathed a sigh of relief. “Your sister can have cosmetic surgery. Moreover, she is now basically out of the entertainment industry. It will be fine. Just her face it hurt.”

Zhang Yufang touched the face of her younger daughter with distress and kindness. “The cosmetic surgery can remove the scar on her face when she recovers. I feel more distressed for you. It must be painful that your ribs are injured.”

Huo Jiaying shook her head. “I feel much better now.”

Zhang Yufang continued to ask, “Why did you come to see me? Did you come by yourself? Or did Huo Ting order someone to send you here?”

When Huo Jiaying was about to speak, the sound of high heels falling on the ground came from the outside.

The mother and the daughter stopped their conversation.

Servants and nannies all wore flat shoes in the Yangshan Villa. How could such a sound be made when they walked?

Someone walked in with a pair of high heels now. Who was she?


Huo Jiahui’s voice came from the outside.

Zhang Yufang’s expression froze first, and then she turned to look over coldly.

Huo Jiahui wore a disposable mask to cover most of her face.

Zhang Yufang frowned. “Did you really hurt your face?”

Huo Jiahui sadly lowered her eyes. She raised her hand and slowly took off the mask.

As soon as the mask was taken off, a cross-shaped scar could be seen on Huo Jiahui’s face. It was a little deep and especially glaring on her beautiful face.

However, Zhang Yufang’s eyes didn’t look so distressed. She just comforted Huo Jiahui lightly. “Do not be too sad. It is easy for an orthopedic doctor to do the surgery to remove the scar. Come here and have a seat.”

When Huo Jiahui heard her mother say these words, an incredible look swept across her face.

However, Zhang Yufang didn’t look at her daughter’s face all the time. After comforting her two daughters, she asked the nanny to make coffee.

Huo Jiaying looked at her sister and said nothing.

Huo Jiaying and Zhang Yufang sat on the couch, and Huo Jiahui chose to sit on the single sofa.

Zhang Yufang had known nothing about the external situation all the time since she moved to the Yangshan Villa. After seeing her two daughters, she opened her mouth and asked Huo Jiaying urgently, “Has your father said something to you?”

Huo Jiaying shook her head. “My sister and I had a car accident on the way to visit our father. We have never seen our father then.”

“It must be Huo Ting’s rhetoric words that deceived your father.” Zhang Yufang was very angry, with her eyebrows wrinkling and her eyes full of hatred. “Did Xiao Family make things difficult for your father?”

Huo Jiaying shook her head, and her eyes meaningfully fell on Huo Jiahui.

Zhang Yufang acutely felt something. “Jiaying, why do you look at your sister like this?”

Huo Jiaying pursed her lips. “Xiao Luo has taken the power of Xiao Family and cooperated with our brother.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yufang showed a gloomy expression on her face at once. “Xiao Luo shouldn’t have had the chance to take power. What happened on earth?”

If Xiao Luo collaborated with Huo Ting, she would have no place to stand in the Huo family.

Huo Jiaying could not help looking at her elder sister who was silent as the grave and answered in a low voice, “My sister helped our brother and Xiao Luo.”

As soon as Huo Jiaying finished her words, Zhang Yufang’s gaze immediately turned to her elder daughter like a knife.

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