Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 209 - It Was Huo Jiahui

Chapter 209 It Was Huo Jiahui

Xiao Luo was suddenly startled, and he followed the voice and looked at the comer.

After hearing this voice, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were all very nervous, and they turned to look at the speaker.

The voice came in from the door, which made people feel inexplicably familiar.

Lu Xia had left the dinner already but not completely left the Xiao Family.

Instead, she watched Xiao Family’s surveillance video in the hotel next door.

It was not easy to see the live broadcast of the house of Xiao Family in the hotel. For a place like Xiao Family, how could anyone set up the monitoring device easily as he wished?

There was smoke constantly coming out of her mouth, and there was the smell of smoke in the room.

George saw her smoke another cigarette beside her and said in time, “President Lu, take care of yourself.”

Lu Xia just stopped her action slightly. Then she shook her head self-mockingly and then lit the cigarette in her hand.

The butt was flashing with a red fiery light. Lu Xia’s gaze was staring at the display screen of the surveillance video.

However, George was very worried about her smoking. “President Lu, this is already the sixth one, and the doctor said you could not smoke too much.”

“I know.”

Lu Xia liked to smoke when she was in a bad mood. Smoking was just like drinking, and it could paralyze people’s nerves and relieve the pain.

But pinning the pain relief on these two consumer goods seemed to be a little stupid.

She just looked at the scene on the screen and let the smell of cigarettes go into her lungs, which vaguely made her feel a numb pain.

“It has been seventeen years, but I still remember exactly what happened seventeen years ago.”

George was speechless.

Lu Xia’s eyes were complicated to look at the young man who was talked about by people in the surveillance. She recalled, “At that time, Childe Zhengchen was also criticized by people in this way.”

Her consciousness drifted away little by little as if she were about to recall the situation more than a decade ago.

Just then, the cigarette in her hand was taken away by someone.

At once, she came to her senses and looked angrily at the man who had taken the cigarette away from her hand. “George, what are you doing?”

Her white assistant had slender fingers, and his features were deep and clear in contour.

When being glared at like this, he just flatly pressed the cigarette into the crystal ashtray next to him. Then he leaned down and held Lu Xia’s shoulder. He gently guided her to look at the display screen of the monitor. “President Lu, look!”

Lu Xia looked along his sight.

She just heard George say, “Things have changed.”

Lu Xia immediately looked at the display screen and opened her eyes wide when hearing this.

“This is…”

People on the display screen were clustered under the revolving stairs of the mansion of Xiao Family like the tide.

However, at this moment, the crowd automatically cleared a path from the middle.

At the end of the road, a young girl with and long hair and a disposable medical mask could be seen faintly.

The girl was wearing casual clothes, and a snow-white down jacket covered her exquisite and tall figure. She was wearing a short skirt, a pair of boots, and a brown scarf as if she had just emerged from the cold winter wind.

And it was such a girl who was dressed in a different style from everyone else, but she became the most conspicuous person at this time.

She pressed the scarf that covered her chin. Then she raised her eyes and looked at Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang on the stairs. “I’m the only one who can prove what the two uncles have done!”

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang looked at her in shock. “Huo…”

“I’m Huo Jiaying.”

She told her name before Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang called her name.

Everyone was confused.

Xiao Liang suddenly said, “No, you are Huo Jiahui!”

Huo Jiaying’s eyes were burning, and she said calmly and slowly, “I am Huo Jiaying.”

Xiao Yu shouted angrily, “Impossible! Huo Jiahui destroyed her face and Huo Jiaying broke her ribs in a car accident. Huo Jiaying cannot get up from the hospital bed. You’re a fake of your sister!”

Huo Jiaying sneered. “Uncle Yu, you really care about us. Half of the people in Harbor City know about our car accident. But what kind of injury do we have? And where have we been injured? No one knows but my family, the doctor, and the killer.”

She spoke softly, but all the people present immediately understood the connotative meaning of the words.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang did not expect people of the Huo family to come over at this time.

They looked blankly down the stairs.

Xiao Luo looked closely at Huo Jiaying’s eyes.

Not far away, Song Yunxuan had a somber expression on her face.

The phone in the handbag vibrated slightly.

She took a few steps back and looked for a place where there was no one, only to see a missed call.

But it was from the Chyna Hospital.

It was the ward landline number of the hospital where Huo Jiahui and Huo Jiaying were being treated.

She thought about it and chose to ignore the call.

At the dinner party, Huo Jiaying slowly took off her mask. “Two uncles were so cruel that it was you who asked me and my mother to harm Grandpa Xiao at the time. Now you are afraid that we’ll expose it, and you even want to kill us.”

Both Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang’s faces were livid.

Xiao Yu had no idea how to prove his innocence.

Xiao Liang asked Huo Jiaying coldly, “Huo Jiahui, who directed you to frame us?”

Huo Jiaying’s long hair covered her face, but some scars appeared from her cheeks, which could be faintly visible to the guests.

She stood under the stairs, looking up at Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, with no fear on her face.

There was no panic of lying. A pair of eyes showed her remorse and hatred for being exploited by someone and then being murdered. “Why do you insist that I am Jiahui?”

“Because Huo Jiaying is lying in the hospital now.”

“It’s Huo Jiahui lying in the hospital.”

Huo Jiaying touched her face. “My sister’s temper is not the same as mine. She is in the entertainment industry. If she ruins her appearance, she will not run around like me. She will only hide in the hospital with a mirror to vent her anger and fast while crying her eyes out.”

Anyone who knew Huo Jiahui’s character understood that. Indeed, Huo Jiahui valued her face most.

The guests present were all silent.

Xiao Liang did not admit defeat. “A mere verbal statement is no guarantee. Unless you allow me to go to the hospital to personally prove it to another Huo Jiaying, I will believe you, and then everyone will believe you.”

Huo Jiaying’s face looked slightly cold, and she soon laughed. “You will want to see my mother after seeing my sister. Who knows if you will hurt us when your dirty things are revealed by me? Why should I let you see my sister? ”

Xiao Liang seemed to see the hope of turning over, and he immediately insisted, “She is not Huo Jiaying. Huo Jiaying is in the hospital. Although I do not know why you want to frame me and my brother, things will come to light after we go to see Huo Jiaying.”

Xiao Yu also spoke out, pointing at Huo Jiaying fiercely, “You framed us like this today, and I will sue you for slander and put you in jail.”

After speaking, regardless of the banquet now, he called Xiao Liang. “A Liang, let’s go to the hospital to look for Huo Jiaying.”

Huo Jiahui tried to stop these two people by moving.

But at the moment of her action, she stopped the pace.

A straight man stood at the door before Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang could go out.

Seeing these two people rush out angrily, he suddenly smiled. “Two uncles are going to visit my sister?”

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang called his name at the same time. “Huo Ting.”

Xiao Yu gritted his teeth, feeling that Huo Ting’s appearance was a little bad at this time. He pushed him away and wanted to go out.

Huo Ting slowly leaned to one side. “Jiaying came to confess to everyone that Little Childe Xiao was so poor to be trapped innocently, but you doubt her identity and even want to go to the hospital for a proof.”

“Huo Ting, even if Xiao Family has a grudge against the Huo family and you help him frame us today, you won’t be able to guarantee that Huo family can come to a good ending when he becomes the master of Xiao Family in the future.”

Huo Ting was scolded by Xiao Yu’s angry words, but he laughed. “You two should stay here. Jiahui is in a bad mood now, and she won’t see you when you go there.”

“Since you can’t prove her identity, it’s a libel to us, and we will hold your responsibilities.”

After saying that, Xiao Liang reached out to his bodyguard beside him. “Give me the phone. I’m going to call the police.”

Xiao Family was one of the most famous families in Harbor City. He had made him carry the blame of murdering his biological father in front of so many guests. If their innocence could not be proved today, they would never save their faces.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang’s meaning was very clear.

Huo Ting also reached out to the assistant beside him. “Bring me the mobile phone. The Huo family can’t afford such a big crime of slander. Since you are so determined to see my sister, it is better to make a video call, and she won’t see anyone except me, her brother.”

When Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang listened to these words, the action of dialing the phone to the police subconsciously froze.

He pressed the phone keys to dial the number and said to Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang at the same time, “It will be fine if you call the police, and they will give us some explanations, including an explanation of the inexplicable car accident that has happened to my sisters.”

Speaking of a car accident, Huo Jiaying couldn’t help clenching her fingers.

However, while talking, the cell phone as large as a tablet computer had been connected to Huo Jiahui who was in the hospital now.

He did not see Huo Jihui’s appearance from the video but heard a loud bang.

The picture shook a bit, and what appeared in the picture was that fragments of a porcelain bowl splashed on the floor.

Huo Ting’s voice became a little sulky, and he asked the person who answered the phone, “What’s going on?”

“Miss Jiahui is still losing her temper.”

“Let her answer the phone, and I’ll talk to her.”

The maid responded, “Yes, Childe.”

Then the careful voice of the maid came from the phone. “Miss Jiahui, it is Childe’s call.”

Huo Jiahui picked up the phone at once and yelled at the people angrily in the ward, “Get out! All of you, get out!”

Hearing Huo Jiahui’s scolding, Huo Jiaying could not help frowning at the dinner scene, and she spat out a few words from her mouth in disgust. “So uneducated!”

These words were extremely light. If those people weren’t around her, these words wouldn’t be heard by them at all.

The phone was handed to Huo Jiahui. Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang’s eyes were all hostile.

Huo Ting pressed the phone’s hands-free function, and Huo Jiahui’s face appeared on the screen.

Huo Jiahui’s face was pale, and she covered her forehead with one hand, trying to quiet herself. “Brother, I’m Jia Hui. What’s the matter?”

Just these simple words made everyone at the scene become quiet.

Including Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.

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