Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 205 - A Battered-Body Trick

Chapter 205 A Battered-Body Trick

In Ward 808 of the hospital, the atmosphere was gloomy.

There was a live broadcast of the banquet of Xiao Family in the giant LCD TV.

All kinds of rich women and young ladies tried to show their charm and enchantment on the red carpet that led to the mansion of Xiao Family and wanted to get more attention.

Magnesium lights changed and flickered. A young girl in an ice blue fishtail evening dress was escorted by others to walk down the red carpet.

The tall man was handsome and mature. The profile of his side face was comparable to that of an international male model.

No! He was more attractive than any international male model.

And he made Huo Jiahui feel hot as if her heart had been burning even more.

Huo Ting sat on the European-style velvet sofa next to the hospital bed and silently pressed a pause button.

The scene that Chu Mochen protected Song Yunxuan while they were surrounded by the magnesium lights froze.

Huo Jiahui looked very pale. But she could not help clenching the blanket on the hospital bed with her slender fingers.

She almost gritted her teeth and asked Huo Ting after turning her head, “Brother, are you here today to show me this b*tch?”

The word of “b*tch” was almost crunched and chewed by her.

Huo Ting sneered and said, “How can you fight against her now? Even Chu Mochen has admitted her identity in person.”

“But Mochen and I are childhood friends!”

She was aggrieved.

But Huo Ting pressed the play button to let the picture on the LCD TV continue to play smoothly. “Love is not something which happens in order of arrival.”

“It is obviously Song Yunxuan who put her finger in our relationship first!”

She was very stubborn.

However, Huo Ting coldly interrupted her, “Don’t forget that you would not have got the chance to meet him in the WS if Chu Mochen had not been mindful of the memory of Gu Changge before.”

Huo Jiahui was gagged at once.

But Huo Ting continued to say, “Even if this happened more than a decade ago, you should have known that Chu Family had intended to unite with Gu Family by a marriage, but Gu Cheng did not want to marry Gu Changge off as an ordinary daughter. Otherwise, you would not have been qualified to compete with Song Yunxuan for Chu Mochen’s favor.”

Huo Jiahui had nothing to say indeed. However, she soon laughed at Gu Changge with schadenfreude. “Gu Changge has the ability to put others down, but so what? She’s dead and gone now even without ashes. Now, her husband and sister are going to get together.”

“So, if you die, you will have nothing.” Huo Ting changed the topic to talk about her suddenly.

It made Huo Jiahui stunned unconsciously for a while. When she looked at her half-brother again, even her eyes became strange a lot. “Brother, what do you mean on earth?”

She was a smart and rich young lady, who was essentially different from her twin sister, Huo Jiaying.

Huo Jiaying was so spoiled that she had grandiose aims but puny abilities.

But she was different. She had her own career and her own circle of friends.

She knew where she stood and the complicated machinations as well as rivalries between people.

She would pay attention to every look and every word of Huo Ting and would even think about it carefully.

And today, so many words had been said. She cared most about these words of Huo Ting.

Huo Ting heard her question and then looked away from the LCD TV at her.

There was a smile in his eyes. “Do you know why I don’t like you so much since my childhood?”

Huo Jiahui pressed her lips together and did not say a word. But she stared at him firmly with her eyes.

As long as she was able to remember, Huo Ting did not like her. He not only didn’t like her but even hated her.

She could feel that Huo Ting had obvious dislike for her many times.

When his two sisters fell down at the same time, Huo Ting would always pick Huo Jiaying up first.

She sat on the ground and cried, waiting for Huo Ting to help her. However, Huo Ting even did not bother to look at her.

In Huo family, it seemed that all the love was given to Huo Jiaying.

Her father did so, and her mother did so. Even her half-brother was the same.

She felt unfair but had no power to change it. So, she could only leave Huo family.

At present, Huo Ting was so straightforward to mention the topic. And Huo Jiahui seemed to have a vague memory of those things that happened many years ago.

She shook her head and was a little blank. “I don’t know.”

She had never done anything wrong. Even everything she did was better than things her sister, Huo Jiaying, did.

However, her parents and brother turned a blind eye to her.

Huo Ting stood up from the sofa. “Because you are much smarter than Jiaying.”

Huo Jiahui was stunned. She stared at Huo Ting firmly with her eyes.

Huo Ting’s tone became both light and dangerous. “Jiaying is always unable to trim the sails. She always acts wildly against public opinion. But you are much smarter than her. Therefore, I can take advantage of her, but I cannot take advantage of you. Of course, I don’t like you.”

Huo Jiahui heard Huo Ting’s explanation and was about to jump out of bed immediately.

However, Huo Ting walked over. He pressed his hands on the bed and stopped her from getting up. “Now, do you understand it?”

“You are really mean!” Huo Jiahui gnashed her teeth.

But Huo Ting curled up the corners of his mouth and showed an extremely evil smile. “I am mean, but so what? Everything will be fine as long as I can achieve what I want.”

“Daddy will not let someone like you take charge of the Huo family. Mommy will stop him.”

Huo Ting laughed scornfully. “What if she dies?”

Hearing this, Huo Jiahui was stunned.

She suddenly felt that she was stiff all over and unable to say anything to refute.

That was right. People could make the impossible possible only when they were still alive.

If they died, they could stop nothing and change nothing.

Only when they were alive could they have the ability to fight.

When Song Yunxuan talked with Xiao Luo, she would have a sense of security for no reason.

Xiao Luo looked particularly weak.

When changing his clothes and leaving the room, he left with Song Yunxuan side by side.

Lu Xia appeared quietly in the house of the elder of Xiao Family.

The elder had reading glasses on the bridge of his nose. The crutch made of golden Nanmu was a little old, and the handle of it was smooth and glossy as it had been used for many years.

Even though Lu Xia appeared in the living room of the old house, which was a little dark, like a ghost, the elder noticed it without effort.

“A Xiang, serve tea for Miss Xia.”

Lu Xia raised her hand and stopped the steward neatly and directly. “Uncle Xiang, the banquet is about to begin. I will drink this cup of tea another day.”

She showed a smile at the corners of her mouth with so much confidence and some convergent satisfaction.

The living room where Xiao Jiancheng stayed was decorated according to the living room pattern of princes in Qing dynasty. Every piece of furniture in the living room could be comparable to a villa within the third ring road in the Harbor City.

After hearing that Lu Xia refused to be served tea by the steward, Xiao Jiancheng slightly moved his eyes to her with some emotion. “The girl of Song Family is a clever person indeed.”

“But you are really too hard on her.” Lu Xia took two steps forward. She looked at the conduction picture which was shown by the control monitor in front of the elder and pointed at the swimming pool. “The depth of the swimming pool is two meters. You sent someone to push Little Childe Xiao down like this. If he had not been saved in time, he might have literally choked to death on a mouthful of water.”

Xiao Jiancheng smiled in a low voice.

Lu Xia was a little confused. “Why are you smiling? Little Childe Xiao was so choked that he fainted.”

Xiao Jiancheng showed a deeper smile on his wrinkled face. “Miss Lu, you know that my grandson can swim?”

Lu Xia was astounded. “I really did not see it.”

Xiao Jiancheng shook his head. He seemed to have changed his mind about his eldest grandson. “Besides, the woman who pushed him into the swimming pool was not sent there by me.”

Lu Xia was stunned. Then she immediately thought of Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang. “Then your two sons are really too cruelhearted.”

Xiao Jiancheng shook his head. “No, Miss Lu. No matter how naughty my two sons are, they would not do such a thing in front of everyone when I am still alive. There were so many guests tonight. If they really had done so, people might have seen that they wanted to kill their nephew. It is too stupid.”

Lu Xia was slightly shocked. She seemed to have thought of something in an instant. “You mean…”

Lu Xia already had the answer. But she thought it was an incredible answer. So, she suppressed it in her throat and did not speak it out immediately.

However, the elder nodded and confirmed her answer. “The woman who pushed A Luo into the water was arranged by himself. It is just a Battered-Body trick of A Luo.”

Lu Xia kept silent.

But the elder did not know what kind of mood he should have at this moment.

Was he supposed to be happy or sad?

This kid was only seventeen years old. And his tricks were far better than those of his father.

He was afraid that he would not take his two uncles seriously in a few years.

He was the child’s grandfather as well as the father of Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.

He didn’t want to see his grandson fight against his sons to the death at all.

Lu Xia saw that the old man was in bad spirits, so she sighed more heavily.

Then she opened her lips and comforted the old man. “You also know that the fittest can survive in natural selection.”

The fittest could survive in natural selection.

These words were the faith of every man to live.

Especially they were in a rich and reputable family in the Harbor City.

The elder of Xiao Family had experienced a lot during these decades, so he certainly knew the meaning.


“I do not want anyone in Xiao Family to die.”

Lu Xia pressed her lips together. A momentary change emerged on her face.

No one could see clearly the fleeting change in her face. Even Xiao Jiancheng, who was so shrewd that he was called an old fox, could not see it clearly.

The elder was a little worried. “I still know well about the ability and level of my sons and grandson. No matter who wins in the end, I will definitely save the lost one.”

Lu Xia nodded. “Then what else are you worried about?”

The elder raised his hand wearily and pointed at Song Yunxuan who walked on the red carpet down the stairs step by step on the screen. “I am worried about her.”

Lu Xia looked in the direction where the elder was pointing.

Song Yunxuan in a small silver-gray dress was intellectual and elegant. Her long and slender legs were as fair as jade. Her graceful figure and smile at the corners of her mouth were attractive, which made people be unable to look away easily at a glance.

Her eyes were as black as ink.

No matter how bright the light was, when it shone into her deep and quiet eyes, it seemed that the light would be swallowed up by the thick black in her eyes.

Lu Xia just told her surface feeling about Song Yunxuan. “This is a very beautiful girl.”

And the elder of Xiao Family suddenly opened his lips after a long while. “The closer I look at this child, the more she looks like A Xuan looked like in those days.”

“This is the second time you have said that she looks exactly like her father.”

But the elder shook his head and denied it. “No! This time I am talking about her shrewdness and tricks.”

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