Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 203 - Be Rescued After Falling into Water

Chapter 203 Be Rescued After Falling into Water


The sound of falling into water which made people shocked suddenly came from the large swimming pool of Xiao Family’s villa.

All the guests present were stunned at the scene out of shock.

Even the maid who initially pushed Xiao Luo’s wheelchair was stunned on the spot under such a surprising change.

“Oh! Little Childe Xiao!”

The maid responded quickly after exclaiming.

The guests present saw the little maid scream and retreated in bewilderment one after another.

None of the people watching around jumped into the swimming pool at this time to save Xiao Luo.

The little maid leaned over the edge of the swimming pool, reaching out to hold Xiao Luo.

The water in the swimming pool was surprisingly deep. The housemaid wanted to jump down and suddenly remembered that she couldn’t swim at all. She couldn’t help crying and yelling. “Help! Little Childe Xiao has fallen into the water! Help! Help!”

The maid’s sharp voice echoed around the swimming pool of the villa.

However, no matter how loudly she shouted, no servant came to save Xiao Luo.

The little maid was pale and scared, and she was about to jump down.

Little Childe Xiao was handed over by Old Master to her to take care of. If something terrible happened to him, she couldn’t stay in Xiao Family anymore.

Moreover, Little Childe Xiao who was injured fell into the water with a wheelchair. He could not swim and get out by himself at all.

Besides, he could not swim at all.

The little maid was pale and terrified.

But at this time, an ice-blue figure suddenly plunged into the water from the crowd.

The ice-blue figure was like a flexible mermaid, swimming swiftly and smartly towards the young boy who sank into the swimming pool.

Then, she pulled him from his wheelchair and dragged him to swim up to the water surface.

Bubbles were rising from under the water.

Watching the ice-blue figure pull Little Childe Xiao to swim up from the swimming pool, the little maid was too shocked to cry and watched with her widely opened eyes.

The ice-blue figure was like a swimming fish and very familiar with water.

After pulling Xiao Luo, she struggled to swim up.

Finally, the water surface was smashed by these two people.

Her hair and clothes had been soaked, and the moment she emerged from the water, many people recognized her.

People around the swimming pool were amazed.

“Song Yunxuan!”

“It’s the stinky girl who is following Chu Mochen!”

On the second floor of the villa, the two young masters of Xiao Family, overlooking the swimming pool through the window, were full of hate.

Xiao Yu was grumpy. Seeing that Song Yunxuan saved Xiao Luo, his fists were clenched with a crack, and he frowned irritably. “This girl from Song Family really doesn’t know the situation and is insolent. Does she know where she is? She dared to come here and meddle in our business!”

Xiao Liang comforted him kindly. “Brother, the girl from Song Family is young and ignorant. She is supported by Chu Family. So, she does not know how to behave properly.”

“Won’t she meddle in the matter of Xiao Family improperly?”

Xiao Liang smiled. “Second brother, do not overthink. I think Chu Mochen doesn’t want to meddle in our business.”

“Well, that girl…” Xiao Yu looked down at the girl crawling out of the swimming pool. His eyes were narrowed fiercely.

Xiao Liang’s tone was a bit weirdly pleased. “My elder brother, the girl is an enemy of Huo Family.”

“A Liang, what do you mean?” Xiao Yu believed that there was a connotation in his younger brother’s words.

Certainly, Xiao Liang raised his thin eyebrows and showed a sly smile on his face. “My elder brother, if the lady of Huo Family comes over, the wicked girl will suffer a lot tonight.”

Xiao Liang thought carefully for a while but did not figure it out in an instant.

Xiao Yu sneered easily and explained buoyantly. “Second brother, did you hear that both of the two ladies of Huo Family had car accidents? And they both hate Song Yunxuan. If they come over tonight, can Song Yunxuan go through this banquet?”

The answer was very obvious. The second daughter of Huo Family hated Song Yunxuan very much because of the disgraceful video event before.

The elder daughter, Huo Jiahui, had been admiring Chu Mochen for a long time. There was once a rumor that they were lovers.

However, with the appearance of Song Yunxuan, the dream that Huo Jiahui could marry Chu Mochen was broken completely.

Even those outsiders who did not think about it thoroughly could know that Huo Jiahui hated Song Yunxuan intensively at this time.

With shrewdness blinking in his eyes, Xiao Liang bent his lips. “Just now at the gate, Chu Mochen admitted personally that Song Yunxuan was his lover when the media questioned him. Huo Jiahui must be very crazy now. If we invite the two sisters and arrange a meeting for these three people, second brother, what do you think will happen?”

Xiao Yu was suddenly in a good mood. “Three women play a drama. I would like to see how fiercely these three women can fight here.”

Xiao Liang and Xiao Yu knew in the mind that if these three women fought openly, people supporting them would have to get involved in the battle.

When Huo Family and Chu Family assaulted each other at that time, no one would care about the matters of Xiao Family.

Xiao Yu agreed to Xiao Liang’s offer. “A Liang, it is clever of you to think of such an idea.”

Xiao Liang smiled.

Xiao Yu frowned again in embarrassment. “But, the two sisters of Huo Family are injured and have conflicts with us now. How can we arrange for them to meet at the banquet?”

Xiao Liang was confident. “Second Brother, rest assured. I have arranged this matter.”

Hearing that, Xiao Yu nodded, and his mood became a little better.

As soon as Song Yunxuan dragged Xiao Luo out of the swimming pool, servants of Xiao Family hurried over with big towels and a lifebuoy.

Behind the servants, there was a family doctor and a nurse carrying a first aid kit.

Xiao Luo fell into the water so suddenly that he had no time to react and drank a lot of water.

The doctor came to give him first aid. Xiao Luo was placed on the emergency bed beside the swimming pool, choking and spitting out a few mouthfuls of water.

Song Yunxuan watched Xiao Luo being rescued. She blinked her eyes, with some sympathy in her heart and some sadness for him.

A large towel was draped over her head.

Before she could turn back to see who put a towel over her head, she heard Chu Mochen’s displeased voice. “Dry your body and do not catch a cold.”

It was in the first month of the lunar calendar.

However, Xiao Family lived a luxury life. Both the swimming pool and the place where this banquet was held were air-conditioned.

Those who did not fall into the water would not feel cold.

After coming out of the water, she had not dried her body yet. It was a little bit cold indeed.

Her body was shaking.

Chu Mochen put another big towel on her.

She reached out and dragged the big towel on her to wrap her body. Chu Mochen dried her hair with another big towel. “Let’s go home. You need to change into dry clothes.”

She had no time to respond.

Then she heard that Xiao Luo, lying flat on the emergency bed, spat out a mouthful of water suddenly.


The little maid next to him hurried over and gave him a pat on the back to comfort him. “Little Childe Xiao, do you feel better? Little Childe Xiao?”

Xiao Luo was helped up and vomited sideways.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help taking two steps forward and gently reached out to pat his back. “Uncomfortable? Take a break and talk to your doctor if you are uncomfortable.”

Xiao Luo was awake. He recognized Song Yunxuan’s voice and turned to look at her.

He was wet all over, and his hair hadn’t been dried yet. Water droplets had dripped down his hair.

When he saw Song Yunxuan, the light in his eyes became dim. He puckered his lips, and his long and manful eyebrows were put together.

Song Yunxuan patted his back gently and turned to look at the panicky little maid beside him. “Take your young master to change into a dry suit first.”

The little maid immediately found her way and nodded again and again. Then she concernedly spoke to Xiao Luo, “Little Childe Xiao, let’s go back and change your clothes first. You will catch a cold in this way.”

Xiao Luo had no time to nod.

Then Chu Mochen came to the side of Song Yunxuan and said, “Yunxuan, I will take you to change your clothes first.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and got up. She was about to return to change her clothes with Chu Mochen.

After taking only a few steps, Song Yunxuan heard that a woman was calling her. “Please stay, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan stopped to turn around when she was called by someone.

Chu Mochen also turned around to see

They saw that a woman of about forty seemed to be the housekeeper of Xiao Family and called her.

Fine wrinkles on her face showed that she forced herself to smile constrainedly.

She walked to the front of Song Yunxuan and smiled respectfully and apologetically. “Miss Song jumped into the water to save our Little Childe Xiao. The banquet is about to begin. It will take too much time if you return home to change your clothes. Please follow me to change your clothes upstairs if you don’t mind.”

“Upstairs?” Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly.

The housekeeper smiled politely. “We have spare evening dresses. Miss Song, please follow me upstairs.”

Song Yunxuan thought for a while. She looked up to the second floor as the housekeeper said. “OK.”

Chu Mochen frowned a little undetectably, and his fingers pinched the back of Song Yunxuan’s hand.

Song Yunxuan turned around and gave him a reassuring smile. “I’ll be back soon.”

After saying that, she followed the housekeeper to the second floor.

She didn’t feel strange that Xiao Family prepared spare evening dresses for guests because it was common that accidents occasionally happened in the dinner party of noble families.

However, she was nothing to Xiao Family among so many distinguished guests. Was it necessary that the housekeeper of Xiao Family personally asked her to stay here and helped her change her clothes?

Although she felt something wrong in her heart, she said nothing and followed the housekeeper to the second floor.

Song Yunxuan was just on the second floor.

At the same time, the two brothers, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, arrived at the scene of the banquet.

All the guests knew that it was not the right moment to talk with them because Xiao Luo had just fallen into the water. So, people slightly smiled to greet and gave way to Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang one after another.

In the direction where Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were heading, Xiao Luo was coughing and lying on the emergency bed there since he was wounded.

The little maid covered a big towel over Xiao Luo and helped him out of bed. They were about to leave her to change his clothes.

However, they were stopped by Xiao Yu at once, who acidly shouted, “Where are you going?”

This shout immediately stopped Xiao Luo, who turned his back on them.

Seeing that his elder brother was angry, Xiao Liang comforted him hurriedly. “Elder Brother, you scared A Luo.”

“Did I scare him?” Xiao Yu’s face became gloomy and terrifying out of anger. He pointed at Xiao Luo after reaching out and said indignantly, “How could I scare him? I am so scared of his appearance. A Liang, look at him. Today is our father’s birthday. What did he do as a grandson?” It seemed that Xiao Yu regretted that Xiao Luo did not live up to his expectations.

Xiao Luo was scolded before they figured out what happened.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang could not see Xiao Luo’s expression.

Xiao Luo turned his back on them. His thin and emaciated back was exposed after his clothes got wet.

With a big towel covering his head, Xiao Luo’s body could not help shuddering slightly

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