Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 183 - One Can't Avoid One's Enemy

Chapter 183 One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

The sky was full of colorful fireworks.

The night should have been warm and harmonious, but suddenly a confusing figure appeared in the light.

The light in Song Yunxuan’s eyes slowly calmed down, and the joy of fireworks in her eyes faded away.

Chu Mochen was by her side, and his fingers crossed hers. The car was slow.

The shadow came out from behind the tree and rushed into the dazzling light.

The driver’s speed had been low, and the man suddenly rushed to the middle of the road. The driver pressed on the brake in a panic.

The car stopped. Without wearing a seat belt, Song Yunxuan moved forward slightly.

Chu Mochen stretched out his arms to hold her, looking at the man in the light of the lamp. His eyes narrowed because of the accident.

The driver was frightened.

The person who stopped suddenly in front of the car seemed to be frightened at the sudden change, unable to move. When the car stopped, she slowly lowered her right hand, which covered the dazzling light, from her forehead.

The light was dazzling.

She might not be able to see the people in the car.

However, people in the car could see her face clearly.

Song Yunxuan’s pretty eyebrows were slightly picked, and the light in her eyes slowly disappeared. Her lips slowly pursed into a straight line with the cold tone and said, “One can’t avoid one’s enemy.”

She took her finger out of Chu Mochen’s hand.

Chu Mochen didn’t move. When he saw her fingers touching the door, he asked, “Are you going to meet her?”

“This time, this place, I met this person. If I don’t go to say hello, it would be rude.”

Her eyes fell on the figure of the people standing in front of the car.

The creak of the door opened without hesitation was sounded. Chu Mochen watched Song Yunxuan getting off the car to see the woman who was frozen in front of the car without saying a word.

The woman was tall but no longer young and slim.

It seemed that she was in a bad mood for several days in succession. She was in bad condition and her appearance was a lot of embarrassment.

Her long hair fell down two strands from her forehead, revealing her tired and frightened eyes.

Song Yunxuan was wearing black calf leather boots on her feet. Her white scarf was around her neck, which made her chin pointed. Her eyes were like black paint in the dark. The black ones were hard to predict but still with a little bright light, cold and penetrating to the bone.

The woman’s body was stiff. After slowly seeing Song Yunxuan coming from the light, her eyes slowly opened wide and stared at her tightly, “It’s you…”

“What a coincidence.” Song Yunxuan raised her lips, and her voice was full of deep meaning with a faint smile, “What about you? Mrs. Huo.”

Zhang Yufang glared at her fiercely, took back her sight and maintained her pride. She raised her head and opened her lips, “One can’t avoid one’s enemy.”

“Mrs. Huo seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere.”

Zhang Yufang wasn’t in a mood to pay attention to her and would leave immediately.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are cold. About Zhang Yufang’s presence in this place, of course, she has heard about it. Such a place like the little cold palace, just meant that she had lost Huo Qixiong’s support and love.

Since she has lost Huo Qixiong’s support and love, she will be separated step by step in Huo’s family.

How can arrogant Zhang Yufang allow such a thing to happen?

But if there was anything that might turn her around, she would fight for it.

If she didn’t fight, wouldn’t she be ruined by Huo Ting all her life?

Zhang Yufang’s eyes are full of disgust for Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan didn’t seem to realize it. When she left, she stopped in front of her when she turned around.

In a hurry to leave, Zhang Yufang was blocked and raised her head abruptly.

Song Yunxuan smiled at the bottom of her eyes and said, “why don’t I give Mrs. Huo a ride?”

Zhang Yufang had a bitter feud with Song Yunxuan. She would refuse any invitation from Song Yunxuan.

This time, of course, was no exception.

Zhang Yufang moved to the left, and Song Yunxuan moved to block. Zhang Yufang moved to the right, and Song Yunxuan could stand in front of her.

After so many times of back and forth, even the stupid people knew that Song Yunxuan was specially to block the way.

Zhang Yufang’s eyes narrowed fiercely, and then she suddenly opened them up. Her face was ferocious, and she shouted at her, “What are you going to do, Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan saw that Zhang Yufang was finally impatient and looked up slowly in the direction where Zhang Yufang came. She chuckled, “In the dead of night, Mrs. Huo is still pregnant. It’s better to go back to have a rest earlier.”

When Zhang Yufang heard this, her face immediately turned livid.

How did Song Yunxuan know she was pregnant?

Why did this woman know so much?

She couldn’t go back. She couldn’t go back tonight.

Neither of her daughters had come back. Something must have happened.

She wanted to see Huo Qixiong. She must see Huo Qixiong.

She didn’t believe that Huo Qixiong would break the relationship with her for so many years.

She did not believe that Huo Qixiong would only listen to Huo Ting.

She dragged her way down the mountain, regardless of Song Yunxuan, just wanted to leave.

Song Yunxuan didn’t turn back, and she didn’t stop her anymore. She just reminded her, “Although all the people living in Yangshan are rich, and there seem to be no treacherous and evil beasts, if something happens, Mrs. Huo will be hurt.”

Zhang Yufang said in a cold voice, “Mind your own business!”

Song Yunxuan turned slightly and looked at her from the corner of her eyes, “Mrs. Huo, take care, and I will go first.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan let her go so easily, Zhang Yufang’s steps stopped a little.

Song Yunxuan turned around, pulled the door and got in the car.

The slim figure entered the advanced car. The car tires turned, accompanied by the night wind towards the Yangshan road.

When Song Yunxuan got on the car, Chu Mochen just hung up the phone, “I thought you would be kind enough to send Mrs. Huo back.”

“Back to where?”

“The Huo family, or the Yangshan villa where she lives now.”

“That’s the family business of the Huo family. There’s no reason for outsiders to take care of it.”

“So, I have informed Huo Ting for you.”

His voice was magnetic.

Song Yunxuan’s finger that was going to touch the mobile phone stopped a little, and she drew her finger back thoughtfully and turned to look at Chu Mochen. It was complicated, “Huo family is really muddy water.”

“I’m going with you.”

Song Yunxuan stared woodenly at him, with a complicated mood.

After a moment, she gently raised the corner of her lips. Her smiles also came up gently, as soft as the spindrift.

Indeed, Chu Mochen was always with her in the muddy water!

It seemed that from the beginning, he was in the muddy water with himself.

The car moved slowly forward.

The car ran in opposite directions of Zhang Yufang, and the distance was getting longer and longer.

Zhang Yufang moved forward in embarrassment, and the ferocity of the corner of her eyes was almost broken, but she had no way.

Song Yunxuan was hateful, but the priority was to bring Huo Ting down from the Huo family first.

Between her and Huo Ting, only one could stay at Huo’s house.

If Huo Ting stayed, the one who had to go must be her.

She couldn’t leave. She couldn’t leave.

She pinched her fingers into her skin, and the palms were pinched with crescent-shaped marks, but she didn’t feel much pain.

She stumbled forward. Zhang Yufang’s heart was full of ideas to fight Huo Ting and then reverse the situation.

However, such ideas were not as easy to realize as think.

The car swept by, on the narrow forest road. However, someone had a wonderful driving skill to suddenly drift the car, and then stopped in front of Zhang Yufang and blocked her way.

The headlights were on and the rude high beams were shining on her face.

As if being slapped, Zhang Yufang’s shame and indignation were hard to calm because of the headlights.

And the moment she looked up.

What she saw was not Huo Ting’s subordinates, or Huo Ting.

Instead, a young woman in a light tan coat and high heels.

The woman’s neck was surrounded by a thick scarf. In the night wind on New Year’s Eve, her long hair waved in the wind.

She looked up slightly, with her cheeks sticking out of the high scarf.

Zhang Yufang’s eyes leaped and stared at the woman, opening her mouth wide.

When Song Yunxuan got back in the car, she looked out at the night sky.

Chu Mochen did not speak.

However, she recalled that before meeting Zhang Yufang, the moment that appeared in the sky was like bright fireworks that would rush into the sky.

At the moment when the fireworks bloomed, she was supposed to concentrate on watching them.

The scene of fireworks exploding. The scene of fireworks laying out a wonderful view on the black screen.

However, Zhang Yufang’s sudden appearance made her finally ignore the smoke and fire in the sky.

She leaned slightly to Chu Mochen’s side.

Chu Mochen felt strange. He tilted his head and looked at her, “What?”

“Those fireworks are beautiful.”

Chu Mochen smiled, “I also think so.”

Chu Mochen looked in that direction, remembering that she went to the hospital with Chu Mochen in the morning, and that lie she told when she looked at him on the way back.

He asked why she looked at him.

She said there would be beautiful fireworks in that place.

In fact, there was no fireworks. She was just lying to her.

But she didn’t expect to see the gorgeous fireworks in the direction she made up in Yangshan.

Song Yunxuan took the initiative to hold his finger. His eyes and eyebrows showed peace and gentleness, “Thank you.”

It sounded very polite and distant.

However, she felt delicate and warm from the bottom of her heart.

Chu Mochen could arrange fireworks for her, which really surprised her.

Chu Mochen’s fingers were on her shoulders. The temperature of her hands was warm. He didn’t talk, but also seemed to have deep feelings.

Song Yunxuan’s heart was becoming soft and she was going to fall in love with this man.

She just wanted to let herself indulge at this moment.

It would be nice if I could indulge like this and live such a gentle life forever.

Her thoughts were shallow and far away. Her face was soft and relaxed smiles. The smile on the corner of her lips was so soft that people could not help feeling intoxicated.

Chu Mochen looked down at her, under his long eyelashes, his eyes are deep and dark.

His fingers caressed her face.

She looked up at him, with eyes filled with soft light and lips as soft as petals tickling people’s heart.

He slowly approached her, and his lip slowly approached hers.

Their lips almost fit together.

However, at this time, Song Yunxuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

She puckered her lips and avoided the kiss without a trace.

She raised her hand to get her cell phone.

The screen was lighted up, and the name on the call display made Chu Mochen look sharp.

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