Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 181 - Disfigurement of Huo Jiahui

Chapter 181 Disfigurement of Huo Jiahui

Huo Jiaying was in a daze.

She found herself lying in a hospital when she woke up again. Due to breathing, the heavy respirator buttoned on her face fogged up.

The respirator was foggy, and in ward, there was only one man.

However, he was not a nurse.

She moved her eyes with difficulty.

Sitting in a leather white sofa next to her bed, the man seemed to think of something with a lower jaw.

Feeling abnormal, the man looked at the sickbed as if deep in thought.

Their eyes contacted directly.

With a sneer to her, the man’s eyes turned to be grave.

Huo Jiaying got thrilled to shout, “Huo Ting!”

With a respirator, her voice sounded vague. Her blood was nearly boiled once upon a time she had made sense of the meaning of his smile.

She tried to sit up on the bed with the support of her hands while he was smiling.

Why he was smiling!

It must be him! It must be him who made that traffic accident. It must be him to construct that Land Rover to crash into the Maserati of her sister. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get such a dejected look lying in hospital!

What the hell did Huo Ting want?

Her eyes were full of indignantly resent, grinding her teeth bitterly.

Partly raised her body, her intercostal seemed like being put a knife, the pain was too tough to make her coughed hardly.

Huo Ting stood up, seeing her mood swings, he walked towards her bed, “Ying, your ribs have been broken. Sit still.”

His voice sounded soft. It seemed that the sneer just now was an illusion.

He stretched out of his hands and wanted to pacify her to lie down.

But she put forth her strength to wave him back, “I don’t need your fake concern!”

Her movement made her eyebrows tightly knit, and her pit of stomach blood out inside. The pain caused by the broken ribs paled her face. She curled up.

Huo Ting pressed the nurse bell with a serious look when he felt that she was not well.

Doctors and nurses rushed to her ward within one minute.

Huo Jiaying seemed to be unconsciously because of her painful rib. Her circumstance might be worse than what the doctor had described.

He turned to be cold and serious.

When Huo Ting was monitoring the doctor to check Huo Jiaying’s state, a trustworthy secretary snapped to him, “Miss Song has arrived.”

Huo Ting moved his eyes to the doorway by the time hearing the news.

Behind the transparent and fuzzy glasses, there was standing a woman outside the door.

Huo Ting glanced at his secretary and walked out.

Once opened the door, the heavy disinfectant taste flew to his nose.

Song Yunxuan wore a pink woolen coat and a snow-white scarf, with her hair binned and decorated by a pearl hairpin.

Huo Ting was doubted that she dressed sweetly, but her face was pale.

Song Yunxuan threw her eyes on the ward, “Your little sister’s condition of injury seems to be serious.”

“She broke three ribs.”

Huo Ting made no secret of the condition of Huo Jiaying’s injury towards Song.

“I see,” Song Yunxuan sighed, feeling sympathy, “that must be painful, isn’t it?”

Many injuries would contribute to pain, but the most tormenting one to Song was rib-broken.

These injuries lay in the inside of the body, and the doctor would choose conservative treatment if it didn’t influence other important organizations. During the recovering period, doctors wouldn’t hold an operation to insert steel nails to treat and fix. So, the only way was to convalesce.

Once breathing forcefully, the ribs would hurt badly during this period of time.

Song Yunxuan was sorry to Huo Jiaying, but…

“If the ribs are broken, will she feel too painful to take a step?”

Her voice was light and slow but made Huo Ting knit his eyebrows, “When two cars crashing into each other, it is a normal situation that the driver’s ribs being injured after turnover.”

“It is, but what will you do if she can’t even walk?”

Her words were precise, which certainly meant that the accident was made by someone instigated by Huo Ting.

And also, she suggested that this action was out of proper limits.

Huo Ting was irritated—though he had a plan to instruct someone to crash to turn over the car Huo Jiaying and Huo Jiahui drove.

He had never thought about to take away the two girl’s lives but letting them appear in front of Huo Qixiong without expectation was definitely unwise.

Huo Jiahui had not been involved in this complex plan. But Zhang Yufang was not resigned so that she importuned Huo Jiaying to pass the news that she was pregnant to Huo Qixiong.

Once Huo Qixiong acknowledged that she was pregnant, he must not leave her to live in Yang Shan.

As long as Huo Qixiong picked up Zhang Yufang to the Huo familial mansion, the plan that he inherited the Huo family’s power would be interrupted. Worse still, he might lose the opportunity to take over it completely.

Such being the case, Huo Jiahui helped Huo Jiaying to convey messages to Huo Qixiong. How could he let her go easily?

“The driver should have been Hui.”

Huo Ting’s voice sounded emotionless.

Song Yunxuan came to see him alone. Knowing that it was inconvenient to have a conversation, she turned back and walked with him, “I think your plan should be the same as mine.”

Huo Ting smiled, “Though there are lots of methods, the fastest way appears to be the only one, isn’t it?”

“With her broken ribs, Huo Jiaying can help nothing.” Song Yunxuan was calm. Even if there were unforeseen accidents, she looked she was not so mad.

Huo Ting nodded his head. He paused slightly when he came across the ward 808.

Catching sight of the name card at the door of a ward, Song Yunxuan stunned, “What was Huo Jiahui’s condition of injury?”

Hearing the question, Huo Ting was on the point of saying something.

The sudden blubber inside the ward interrupted what Huo Ting was about to say.

Mixing with sorrowful crying, the sounds that nurses and doctors were comforting her came out.

“Calm down, Miss Huo…”

“Release me! Give me the mirror! Give me the mirror! Give me the mirror!!”

“Miss Huo, calm down!”

There was continually comforting sound from nurses and doctors.

But it still couldn’t stop the crying of that woman.

Here came a loud crash.

Inside, there was a sound of glass breaking.

The doctor shouted, “Catch her!!”

And then where was a mass sound.

Song Yunxuan surprisingly turned to look at Huo Ting, “Did she disfigure?”

Huo Ting nodded his head.

Song Yunxuan became seriously. She walked in silence towards the ward, put her fingers on the door handle, slightly twisted it, and looked inside.

There was a mass. The three females in light pink nurse uniform put Huo Jiahui on her bed. And the doctor was about to inject something on her arm.

Being undisputed, Song Yunxuan knew that the injection staff must be something like a tranquilizer to calm people down.

She took the line of sight, slightly closed the door, “How was her injury?”

“Huo Ting said in a quiet, dead voice, “There were two serious scratches in the shape of a cross, and the wounds were too deep to recover to its original look.”

“Such kind of wound used to be called disfigurement, but in a modern world, may there be any technologies to face-lift?”

Huo Ting didn’t care about that Huo Jiahui’s appearance will be at all.

He was just wondering how to take the next step.

Huo Jiahui quieted in her ward. Song Yunxuan reached out to catch the name card hung outside the door, “It must be a disaster to be disfigured to Huo Jiahui. After all, if she wants to make living in the entertainment circle, a beautiful appearance can be supper essential.”

It was true.

Huo Ting would not deny what Song has said.

Nowadays, the entertainment circle was tough. Many female stars did some face-lifting to their appearances to make their career much more smooth.

Of course, there were numerous stars gained a firm foothold because of face-lifting, but the natural beauties were scarce.

Huo Jiahui certainly was a born beauty.

Taking advantage of her excellent look, she obtained thousands of fans.

However, some fans were only obsessed with her appearance. If she was disfigured, maybe they would not support her as they used to.

She took Huo Jiahui’s name card in her hand, “It is said that outlook is vital in the entertainment circle, and no matter the stars’ faces were lifted or destroyed, it all would cause fans loss. Compared to disfigurement, those fans might be more willing to accept the broken ribs of their idol.”

She looked at Huo Ting. Her eyes were clean and bright, with a meaningful smile.

Song Yunxuan’s bright eyes on her delicate face made Huo Ting shock. Huo Ting looked subconsciously at the name-card which held in Song’s hands, “you mean…”

“You are smart, and you know well what I am thinking about. I have got many other staff to handle. See you.”

After saying those words, she passed the name card to Huo Ting and suggested him to take it away.

Huo Ting was hesitated to receive it. After half a second, Huo Ting held the card walking towards to the ward which Huo Jingying lived in.

Song Yunxuan walked away with a deep smile.

Huo Ting grew up in such a complex family. He must know what to do.

And if he could do this job smoothly, maybe it would be easier for his later development.

Both to Huo Ting, and Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was just leaving the hospital when she saw Chu Mochen’s car.

Chu Mochen was standing in front of the door of the car to wait for her. Seeing she was stepping towards him, he opened the door of the co-pilot room.

“She might recover soon.”

Song Yunxuan got in the car. She was surprised when she saw Chu Mochen opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat, “Don’t wanna have a look?”

“She would not like to see anyone in such a condition.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Chu Mochen seemed to know much earlier than her about the condition of Huo Jiahui.

He was right. A delicate woman like Huo Jiahui, she would never give up her pride to let others know her disfigurement.

Chu Mochen knew her well.

Song Yunxuan cared about that, but she said nothing.

The car kept moving. One hand of Chu was on the steering wheel while the other one took out an invitation card and gave it to Song.

Song Yunxuan was shocked, staring at the gilding invitation. She asked weirdly, “Whose invitation is it?”

But there was only a silence to respond to her.

Song Yunxuan opened it.

She glanced at the words and became speechless.

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