Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 172 - A fatal blow

Chapter 172: A fatal blow

Huo Ting’s thinking is right, and there is somebody who’s trying to sow discord.

But he’s not quite sure yet who it is.

He thought about the possibility of Song Yunxuan.

But Song Yunxuan is not local and has no help, she wouldn’t be able to do it.

At this point, he can’t figure out who is trying to make Xiao and Huo become enemies.

After sharing his thoughts on the matter as the eldest son, he sends his father to rest.

Then he heads to the Xiaos and is going to make nice with them.

The Harbor city is now in a mess.

Huo Ting has no way to find Song Yunxuan, but Xiao Luo finds Song Yunxuan with great ease.

Song Yunxuan waits for him on the first floor of the hotel, she walks up to greet him after he comes in, “This hotel is not easy to find, isn’t?”

Xiao Luo laughs. “It’s not easy. If you didn’t leave a message, I would have no idea you’re here.”

Song Yunxuan leads him to the hotel elevator and says, “Sorry, I left your home without telling you last time, and I broke your plate.”

Xiao Luo smiles at her with relief in his eyes. “It’s all right. It’s just a plate, as long as you’re not in danger.”

Song Yunxuan presses the elevator button, the elevator slowly ascends, Xiao Luo looks a little blue, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore.”


“I was really worried when I saw the plate broken on the ground,” he clutches his coat with his fingers tightly. “I thought…I thought my grandfather had come to my house and made a mess, then took you away. I was so upset. ”

Song Yunxuan sees the sad look on his face, she smiles softly, “You think too much, I was just picked up by someone I know, I wasn’t hurt at all.”

Chu Mochen has never hurt her, except that he would occasionally be difficult and stop her from doing what she wants to do.

At least he doesn’t mean to hurt her.

He likes Gu Changge, so he treats and protects her as if she were Gu Changge.

Although she’s not happy with what he does sometimes.

But he cannot be denied.

In the end, Chu Mochen has no malice against her.

Chu Mochen took her back, just to protect her and bring her back to Yuncheng.

Living in that apartment would really hurt someone, not Song Yunxuan, but Xiao Luo.

“Did anybody get hurt while you were in that apartment?”

Xiao Luo nods, “Occasionally.”

The elevator door opens and Song Yunxuan walks out.

Xiao Luo follows Song Yunxuan to the hotel room and walks in with her after she opens the door.

Song Yunxuan asks him to sit on the sofa first, then brings him fruit and drink.

Xiao Luo looks at the things on the table and is confused, “Did you get me here to talk?”

Song Yunxuan asks him, “Do you think it’s just a simple talk?”

“I don’t think so,” Xiao Luo forces a smile.

Song Yunxuan nods, “That’s good.”

Xiao Luo looks up at her, says with a sense of self-mockery, “You know who I am, don’t you?”

“The eldest grandson of the Xiaos?”

“Mm-hmm.” Xiao Luo confirms then takes a few sips of the beverage that’s put in front of him.

Seeing him remain silent, Song Yunxuan says again after thinking, “I may have offended you asking you to be here and talk.”

“Did Chu Mochen bring you back?”

Xiao Luo looks at her as soon as she finishes talking.

Song Yunxuan sees a bit of hatred from Xiao Luo’s eyes. Just a little bit, but it’s there.

She answers, “I came back with him myself.”

“I thought he forced you back, that asshole” He hates Chu Mochen, and he hated him the first time he saw him.

He had certainly expected that he would go to grandpa’s house, but when he saw him, he didn’t even talk to him as if he was a fool.

He was the one who took Yunxuan away from his apartment and he still pretended to know nothing.

Even just thinking about this man makes him feel disgusted.

“If that man is bad for you, you can come to me.” Xiao Luo looks at her seriously with a pair of amber eyes, “I would never treat a friend like that.”

“Friend?” Song Yunxuan smiles, her eyes are sparkling and gentle.

Xiao Luo nods, “Mm-hmm.”

“Since you think of me as a friend, I want you to do me a favor. Would you like to help me?”

This is something that must be done by Xiao Luo and by him only.

If it’s not done by Xiao Luo, it wouldn’t have a same result as she wants.

Xiao Luo is asked for a favor, and his face is startled: “Can I help you?”

“Yes.” She is determined.

Xiao Luo looks very happy, “Then tells me. I’ll help you as long as I can.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan looks down and takes out a card from the small drawer under the glass table, “Remember the words by heart, then go to the detention center to meet Huo Qixiong’s wife and daughter.”

Xiao Luo looks at the folded card, puzzled with a frown.

He reaches out and takes up the folded piece of paper and unfolds it.

The young man’s eyes lay on the dense words, his clear eyes become gloomy, as if they were clouded and made the whole world quiet.

Song Yunxuan thought he would ask her something.

But Xiao Luo didn’t say anything the whole time while he was reading. He folds it up quietly and puts it in his pocket then raises his eyes, “I’ll help you, don’t worry.”

His words make Song Yunxuan feel so relieved.

Song Yunxuan looks at him into his eyes, with a big smile on her face.

Although Xiao Luo is only sixteen years old, he understands the cruel social rules better than she thinks.

He should know what to do and what the consequences will be.

Of course, after eight years living in the Xiao family, he is no longer an innocent boy.

When Xiao Luo leaves, he sees Chu Mochen open the door.

Chu Mochen is surprised, he frowns and looks at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan leans at the door, the creamy knitted sweater on her slim body makes her look like a tea millet, delicate and gorgeous.

Xiao Luo takes a look at his face in calm, looking neither angry nor friendly.

The two pass by each other, Chu Mochen takes a quick glance at him.

Xiao Luo looks at him too, maybe it’s just an illusion, but the boy has a defiant smile on his face.

Chu Mochen is offended, he pauses.

After the boy left, Song Yunxuan closes the door.

“Why did you get him here?”

Song Yunxuan, looks at Chu Mochen, stays calm, “At this critical time, only he can give Huo family a deadly blow, right?”

Chu Mochen cannot refute, but looks at her coldly.

Xiao Luo looks different.

Different from the last time he saw him.

Chu Mochen watches Song Yunxuan take away the beverage cups on the table then sits on the sofa to eat the fruit, then walks up to her, “You want Huo and Xiao to become enemies?”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyes, “If not, are you going to fight with Huo for me?”

“Not as serious as you think.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Indeed, it wouldn’t be serious if you were only against Huo alone, but what if Xiao’s two uncles took power and then fought against us together with Huo? Then we’ll be doomed. ”

Chu Mochen thinks for a while then says, “It doesn’t matter.”

As long as Song Yunxuan is proved to be the eldest granddaughter of Xiao family, Xiao family will not in any way give the power to Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, because Lu Xia will help her.

Help her keep a foothold in the Xiaos, so that she can become an ally of the Lus.

With the help of Lu Xia, Song Yunxuan will never be in danger.

But Song Yunxuan has not yet known that the Lu family is on her side.

It seems that Song Yunxuan has not known that she is the eldest granddaughter of the Xiaos, nor has she recognized Mr. Xiao as her grandfather.

If so.

“Let Xiao Luo own his place in the Xiaos, then he will help me control Xiao family. I’ll go back to Yuncheng with you. How do you like that?”

Chu Mochen doesn’t say anything, but looks straight at Song Yunxuan.

Since he says nothing, Song Yunxuan smiles and says to herself, “No matter what you think, I feel good about it.”

Chu Mochen still doesn’t respond, Song Yunxuan smiles again then leaves.

Xiao Luo left the hotel and was followed by the bodyguards.

At the corner of the street, Xiao Luo glances at the rear-view mirror on the right, he sees a car that looks rather unappealing but makes him very uncomfortable.

“My two uncles just don’t stop! I’ve said that I don’t want grandpa’s inheritance, and they still send people to follow me.” He frowns impatiently, and he looks so annoyed.

He steps on the gas, the Lexus speeds up instantly.

The car rushes forward like a flash of lightning, and the bodyguard behind the car is taken by a surprise.

“The young master’s car suddenly speeded up, didn’t he see us?”

“Even if he sees us, he won’t be able to get rid of us, the speed of this car isn’t half bad.”

The bodyguards are getting angry. They still can’t get close enough after miles of chasing, and their car is left behind by the Lexus further and further.

“He remolded his car, otherwise it wouldn’t be this fast.”

“You’re kidding. The car has been kept in the warehouse. The second master and the third master have reduced the speed of the car.”

“Then how come he’s getting faster and faster now? Damn it! I can’t catch up… ”

The bodyguard holds the steering wheel, after a swift turn, Xiao Luo’s Lexus has been long gone on the seashore road ahead.

The bodyguard on the passenger seat is astonished, “We…We lost him?”

The bodyguard who’s driving smashes his hand on the steering wheel and says, “This little son of a bitch is deliberately getting rid of us!”

“Don’t call him son of a bitch. He’s the future heir to the Xiaos!”

“Heir?” The bodyguard laughs coldly, “as soon as the old man dies, his uncles will surely get rid of him. I don’t think he will be the heir to the Xiaos.”

The bodyguard on the passenger seat frowns, but he’s suddenly stunned with his eyes wide open in fear as if something terrible happened outside the window.

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