Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 152 - Betraying Chu Mochen

Chapter 152: Betraying Chu Mochen

What Huo Jiaying said makes the look on Zhang Yufang’s face extremely horrible.

Zhang Yufang looks at her coldly, just like a poisonous snake, “If the Xiao family heard about it, they would definitely get involved!”

“But Mom, you see, the Xiao family has only one son, who is still a teenager. Everyone in the family is busy fighting to cut off his inheritance right. If it is really proved that Song Yunxuan is the child left by Xiao’s family at that time, they will get rid of Song Yunxuan after dealing with the brat.”

Huo Jiaying is absolutely right.

In Xiao’s family, the internal fighting is fierce. Several uncles of the boy are trying to win over him or murder him.

If a sophisticated granddaughter appeared when they just got rid of the boy, the master of the Xiao family would certainly not separate the power. Instead, he would give the power to his granddaughter.

With this in mind, the people who want the power will help Huo family to kill Song Yunxuan first.

Hearing her daughter’s analysis, Zhang Yufang’s look becomes relaxed and eccentric.

The room is quiet. Huo Jiaying can clearly see the cold and sinister glowing in her mother’s eyes.

She feels a little happy in her heart——if Song Yunxuan gets her mother angry, she will be as unlucky as her damned mother.

Outside the door, Huo Ting’s long straight eyelashes droop and he turns away silently.

It seems that Song Yunxuan is likely to turn over the situation.

If, she is really the Xiao’s descendent.

Song Yunxuan, as promised, spends the whole day in the Sea View Hotel in Harbor City.

As long as the windows of the sea view room are opened, there will be a humid sea wind blowing in, but it is not suitable in this season.

As it closes to the end of the year, the streets of Harbor city are immersed in the atmosphere of Spring Festival.

Although Harbor City is not as traditional as Yuncheng, no matter how diversified the city is, the joy brought by the festival which has lasted for thousands of years still cannot be changed.

She leans against the window at night, and a beautiful firework explodes in the sky.

It’s colorful and shining.

Falling down like a meteor.

She bends the corner of her lips. Her eyes reflect the glamor of the fireworks, but her eyes are still ice-cold.

Gu Changge lived for thirty-two years, gorgeous and busy.

She had some free time, but very occasionally.

When she was 25 years old, she had some free time at the end of the year. Gu Yi was only eight months old. She held her child by the window and looked at the fireworks outside.

Shao Tianze accompanied her by the window. After seeing the second one, he suddenly turned around and looked at her from the side.

She sensed his vision, and turned to smile blankly, “What’s the matter?”

“Do you like fireworks very much?”

“Kind of.” She supported the child up and then bent her eyes. “I remember that when we were studying in school, a boy put fireworks on the stadium in order to express his love to Changle, and then he was caught by the teacher. Now it’s interesting to think about it, isn’t it, Tianze? “

Shao Tianze wore a pair of delicately framed glasses. He was so gentle, and his smile was like a spring breeze, making her feel warm.

Gu Changge liked him because such a man was not aggressive.

She didn’t like people who overpowered her.

So she chose to marry Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze also knew exactly what she wanted, so he covered up all his sharpness under his appearance.

He held her in his arms, rubbed her cheek with his lips, and watched the fireworks through the window with her, “I should have proposed to you romantically.”

“Never mind. We’re all married now.”

“I’m sorry to make you pregnant, so you had to marry me.”

“That’s ridiculous! I would marry you even if I was not pregnant.”

“Shall I set off fireworks for you in the yard tomorrow?”

“No, I’m going to London tomorrow.”

His body stiffened for a moment, and then he pressed his lips on her earlobe. The kiss was as gentle as ever, but it was a little cold, and his grip was a little tighter.

Her thought drifts away with the fireworks outside the window.

Suddenly someone gets close behind her with the hot lips biting her earlobe, “What are you thinking?”

It’s Chu Mochen’s voice. She takes back her wandering mind, lowers her eyes, and puts her hands on his fingers holding his waist, “The fireworks are beautiful.”

“It’s a pity that we can’t go back to Yuncheng. In Yuncheng, I will set off fireworks for you for half a night at the villa on the hill.”

She can’t help laughing. “Are you kidding me?”

“It’s just fireworks. There’s no need to lie to you.”

“If you are not lying to me, then set off for me outside of the hotel at night tomorrow.”

Chu Mochen tightens fingers around her waist and hugs her in his arms, “I think you are being naughty.”

“I’ve been good in my room all day.”

“You know that fireworks aren’t allowed to be set off in the Sixth Ring Road of Harbor City.”

“But I just want to see it.”

“You’re getting naughtier.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t give in, “It’s so boring here. Shouldn’t you do something for me to make me happy?”

Chu Mochen holds her up, whispering to her ears with bewitching voice, “Tonight, I will make you completely happy.”

Her face blushes.

She does not resist with the dark night and the rising and falling fireworks outside the window.

The next day when she wakes up, Chu Mochen is sitting up next to her on the bed. There is a laptop on his knees. His fingers are jumping on the keyboard with a pair of half-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose.

She opens her eyes and looks at him in a trance.

Shao Tianze once appeared on her side like this.

Like now.

Seeing she wake up, he smiles, “You woke up?”

She mumbles to turn over.

Chu Mochen puts the laptop on the nightstand beside him, holds her shoulders to turn her back, and wants to kiss her face.

She puts out her hand to cover his lips, “I’m not used to good morning kiss.”

“It’s a pity. Then I have to do something else.”

Although his words are full of regret, but there is not regret in his tone at all.

He puts his fingers on the quilt that covers her body. Song Yunxuan sighs and grabs his neck to kiss his lips before he goes on.

The kiss is like a dragonfly skimming the water, properly containing Chu Mochen’s eager desire.

“Well, you go on. I want to sleep more.”

Chu Mochen feels sorry that it could not continue, but there’s nothing he can do seeing Song Yunxuan turn around and wrap herself tightly in the quilt.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t sleep long. She is awake, but she doesn’t move.

Chu Mochen stays with her for about an hour, and then he gets up and goes to the bathroom for a shower.

She turns over and looks at Chu Mochen’s laptop on the nightstand.

The sound of the water in the bathroom comes out slightly. Her soft white hands reaches out, takes the laptop, opens it, decrypts it, and enters the system.

Her eyes reflect the information in the computer documents, and there is no expression on her face.

A few minutes later, when Chu Mochen comes out again, Song Yunxuan has put his laptop back in place and continues to sleep.

Chu Mochen takes a glance at the laptop on the nightstand. He kneels on the bed with one knee.

There are still water drops on his hair just after bathing.

He leans over to look at her, and the water drips down his hair.

She twists her eyebrows, opens her eyes slowly, and pulls the quilt on her face with her fingers.

He grabs her fingers and presses his lips on her neck, “I may come back late tonight. Wait for me here.”

Song Yunxuan lowers her long eyelashes to cover her eyes and responds with a low voice.

“I don’t like it when you lie. Don’t sneak out like last time when you went to see Huo Ting, OK?”

Song Yunxuan replies, “I promise.”

“That’s my good girl.” He kisses her with love before he gets up to change clothes and leaves.

Song Yunxuan lies alone on the bed for half an hour, then turns over to lie on her back, staring at the ceiling.

Her white arm is placed on her forehead, and the long hair spreads on the sheets.

Everything in this room is so quiet and beautiful. If only it could go on like this forever.

If only she could really wait here for Chu Mochen to come back as she promised to him.

She lowers eyes with self-mockery, bends her lips and smiles reluctantly.

She gets up and gets dressed, then has breakfast.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t read the morning post today as she usually does. Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin beside her are puzzled.

When Song Yunxuan is going to leave the hotel after breakfast, they stop her suddenly, “Miss Song, do you want to go out?”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyes a little and says, “I have something to deal with.”

Zhao Kun is hesitating in front of Song Yunxuan, “But before Childe Chu leaves, he asks us not to let you leave the Sea View Hotel.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are little cold, “Then you should do something else now.”

“But, Miss. Song…”

“Leave, just pretend that you didn’t see me leave the room today.”

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin look at each other, but Song Yunxuan walks past them and towards the gate of the Sea View hotel.

When she passes, Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin turn over to see her back.

“Would it be ok to let her leave like this?”

“Even if it’s not ok, we can’t stop her. Do you think she’s someone we can stop? What’s more, when we came here, how did the Song enterprise say to us? You forget all about it? “

Zhang Jin sighs, “Then let’s just turn a blind eye to it.”

Song Yunxuan leaves the Sea View Hotel smoothly.

She gets in a black Mercedes bulletproof car right after she steps out of the gate.

She sits in the passenger seat and rubs her forehead.

Huo Ting asks her, “Headache?”

“A little bit.”

Huo Ting laughs, “If Childe Chu knew you were out, he would be furious.”

“It’s not as serious as you think. I’m just going out to relax. By the way, I’ll give you something.”

She takes out a small USB from her pocket.

Huo Ting’s look slightly changes, and he frowns a bit too. “What is it?”

“Take it. I got it from Chu Mochen. It might be useful to you.”

Huo Ting is slightly surprised, “Did you steal Chu Mochen’s business data?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t look frightened or restless. She just smiles lightly, “You have to make good use of it, or my effort will go waste.”

Huo Ting takes a breath and reminds her, “You are betraying Chu Mochen.”

Song Yunxuan nods and says, “I know.”

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