Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 150 - The Anger of Chu Mochen

Chapter 150: The Anger of Chu Mochen

Hearing the sound when Song Yunxuan deletes the recording, Huo Ting moves his cold and blood-thirsty eyesight toward her face.

Her face does not show any fear or hesitation. She calmly looks at Huo Ting, “Although it is a good idea to kill me and frame your stepmother, you should understand that your father is behind your stepmother.”

Huo Ting looks at her viciously.

Song Yunxuan keeps speaking. She puts the mobile phone back to its original place, and then looks at him, “Your stepmother already has two twenty-something daughters, but now she is only forty-six years old. She can have another child, right?”

Huo Ting’s fingers clench the steering wheel, and his eyes look cold.

Song Yunxuan looks back at him, and nods, “Well, got it. Your stepmother is pregnant.”

Huo Ting’s fingers move away inch by inch, and he simply wants to strangle Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan suddenly opens her mouth, “Since you are already in danger, then, why not make a deal with me?” Her eyes are bright.

Huo Ting frowns. His fingers that are leaving the steering wheel stop moving.

Song Yunxuan reaches out and presses his fingers back to the steering wheel. Although the force is light, it has some irresistible, directive power.

“Mr. Huo, I’ll help you remove the obstacles, but as a reward, you have make your efforts to prevent the Huo Family and the Chu Family from fighting each other.”

Huo Ting puts his fingers back to the steering wheel, and the back of his hand can feel the temperature of Song Yunxuan’s fingers. His vicious look unknowingly shrinks a little.

“You’ll help me remove the obstacles?” He asks her with a sneer, as if he despised her indiscretion.

Song Yunxuan, with a slight smile, looks at him, “You think I can’t do that?”

Huo Ting looks at the confident smile of Song Yunxuan, and sees a swaying and deep cold light. It’s like a sheathed cold sword that is unnoticeable, but unbelievably powerful at explosion.

“You’re nothing compared with my father.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Huo Qixiong is indeed a famous magnate in Harbor City, but don’t you think old people should retire and focus on chess and tea?”

Huo Ting looks at Song Yunxuan, and the coldness in his eyes gradually disappears.

Song Yunxuan turns to look out of the window, “The difference between courting death and waiting for death is how fast death comes. But in the end, everyone will die. If you court death, perhaps you can be happy before death.”

Her words are light-hearted, and don’t sound like a game of human life at all.

But Huo Ting is well aware that Song Yunxuan is betting with life in the game with such a relaxed tone.

“If we fail, both you and I will die.”

Huo Ting reminds her.

Song Yunxuan smiles, “Zhang Yufang is pregnant with the third child, so you can’t escape unscathed. This woman’s ambition has lasted for more than 20 years and does not dissipate. She wants the whole Huo Family, and you are not her biological son, so she doesn’t believe you.”

What she said to him can’t be denied, because Zhang Yufang is indeed such a person.

Zhang Yufang married into the Huo Family at a young age. It indicates that she is really not simple, and that she won’t accept it that she has just two daughters.

She always wants a son, and after the son is born, she will thoroughly get rid of Huo Ting who has not yet mastered all the power of the Huo Family.

Song Yunxuan feels that she has said enough. She takes her phone from her pocket to check the time, and then turns to Huo Ting, “It’s late. We should go back, otherwise, Chu Mochen will find us.”

As soon as she finishes the sentence, the Lamborghini’s door at the driver’s side is pulled open.

Before Huo Ting can react, he is pulled out of the driver’s seat.


“Wait a minute.”

She makes a noise to stop it.

Behind the man who pulls Huo Ting, there is a man’s unpleasant voice, “Let go of Mr. Huo.”

As expected, the man who pulls Huo Ting stops his movement.

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

Song Yunxuan can’t help shaking her head. She opens the door by the front seat and walks out, with a complaining look to the oppressing Chu Mochen, “I just had a few words with Mr. Huo. Why did you chase us so quickly?”

Chu Mochen is wearing a black suit. However, the three-piece suit frequently seen in Harbor City, on him, appears gloomy, solemn, and reminds of a dark king.

Song Yunxuan walks toward Chu Mochen and reaches out her hands to grab his, “Well, don’t be mad. I will not sneak out again.”

She rarely admits her wrongdoings in this way, but now it’s the best solution to the problem.

Chu Mochen looks cold and angry.

Song Yunxuan turns to look at Huo Ting, “I’m sorry. I don’t think I can take your car back. See you later, Mr. Huo.”

If Chu Mochen learns that Huo Ting took her out to kill her and frame Mrs. Huo, things would be very difficult.

Moreover, Chu Mochen may ruin her plan at this crucial point, and then she’ll have to go back to Yuncheng without any achievement.

She doesn’t want to ruin her efforts.

The Miss Huo thing is just a small ripple.

The real big waves are just beginning to flow.

“Mr. Chu, don’t worry. I won’t hurt Miss Song. See you later.” said Mr. Huo, looking unhappily.

After saying this, he gets on the car neatly and leaves.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t feel relieved until the car has made a turn.

But Chu Mochen is still angry. He pulls her over by her shoulder, and looks her sharply, like an eagle, “What tricks did you play to him?”

Song Yunxuan feels his fingers pinching her shoulder. She frowns and acts like a little woman, “Mochen, you hurt me.”

Chu Mochen’s fingers become stiff. The gentle reaction makes her a stranger in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan looks at him, “Don’t you let go of me?”


He opens his lips coldly.

The next second, Song Yunxuan is pulled by wrist and thrown into the back seats of the luxury car.

“Go back to the hotel.”

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

The driver in the front of the car drives obediently. He is trying to restraining his breath, and dares not squint to check what’s happening from the back mirror.

Song Yunxuan is forced to sit on his laps. When she feels the locking strength of Chu Mochen’s hands, she takes a deep breath, “What are you going to do?”

“Did I say you could get out of the hotel?” “

“I was bored and came out for a walk.”

“A walk to Childe Huo’s car?”

Song Yunxuan frowns and rages, “What do you mean?”

“What do you think?” His lips chase around her fair earlobes, breathing out burning air, but his words are freezing.

“Stop thinking about dirty things.”

“Dirty? I, or you?”

Chu Mochen asks her, but his big hand moves a few inches up her waist.

Song Yunxuan’s face becomes pale and reaches out her hand to stop his. She gives a cold glance at the driver in front, and lower her eyelids. She is speaking in a much gentler voice, like a weak kitten, “We’ll talk about it later.”

His hand moves again.

She holds his hand tightly, “You don’t want to be hated by me, do you?”

Her voice is light and sounds powerless, but hits the weakest point of Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen moves his hand back to her waist, “Well, I’ll let you go now.”

Chu Mochen is a man who keeps his words, and possessive.

Song Yunxuan is pulled into the room by him. Right after entering the door, he presses her against the wall.

Her body is held up by him, and she can’t find any support. So she has to hold his neck with her hands.

His lips touch her earlobes and move downward, carefully, ironing her neck, and then reach her shoulders.

Her collar is torn open and her pure fair shoulders are exposed to the light.

The color of Chu Mochen’s eye pupils becomes a little deeper. There is a little bit of spark spreading through the whole body.

She frowns and bites her lower lip.

Chu Mochen’s chest is pressed against her body, and the heat of his kisses makes her feel burned all over.

“Here, or the bed?”

She spits out two words in pain, “Bed… bed…”

“You’re really conservative, and boring.”

He holds her.

But when they are a few steps away from the luxury bed, she is pressed on the wall and stripped of her clothes.

Her clothes slip and her hair is scattered.

Her red lips, slightly swelled due to his bite, are moist as autumn ripe cherries.

The temperature in the room begins to climb, and the colors outside the window begin to fade.

The world that Song Yunxuan sees is shaky, and finally starts spinning.

The whole world is bumpy, as if it was experiencing a great storm.

She is like a boat that is too weak to control itself and can only follow the rhythm of the wind and waves like crazy.

Gradually, the world begins to be darken.

Her fingers lose strength, unable to grasp anything, and slip off from his back.

But she doesn’t understand why this storm is not gentle at all.

It’s like she’s back to the first one.

No, it’s harder to adapt to it than to that one.

It’s like he’s punishing her.

She feels a lot of pain, and her fingertips are slightly cool because of the pain.

But somebody holds her cool fingertips with his palm, carefully warming her with his temperature.

“I’m sorry, just now… It was a little out of control…”

She curls up her body and wants to lean on the warm place.

He reaches for her to hold her in his arms. His lips gently print on her earlobes, “But if you slip out of my protective circle like that, it’ll be really dangerous. Harbor City… is not a place like Yuncheng. If I can’t find you, probably, I won’t ever find you again.”

That kind of risk makes him feel scared every time he thinks about it.

He doesn’t want to be so scared.

“Yunxuan, listen to me, go back to Yuncheng.”

His kiss falls on her cheek.

She buries her face deeper in his arms to show refusal.

He raises his lip corners. He can do nothing but reach out to pinch her chin. Then he moves her face, and presses his lips on hers.

Song Yunxuan’s body trembles for a moment.

He feels the temperature of her body, and his voice becomes hoarse again, “Even if you don’t like me kissing your lips, learn to adapt to it, because I want to kiss you.”

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