Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 128 - Father-Daughter Confrontation

Chapter 128: Father-Daughter Confrontation

When Zhang Qiang hears this, his eyes suddenly change as if he was hit by a heavy hammer.

Song Yunxuan, however, does not give him a chance to respond, so she says loudly, “Miss Zhang, your father testifies that I kidnapped my father and forced him to make a will. You know him better than I do. Why don’t you tell me if what your father said is true?”

Zhang Qiang, accompanied by Song Yunxuan’s voice, turns his head violently and looks at the people in horror.

Even Song Yunqiang, who plans all the things, looks at the crowd in panic.

People begin to be quiet. In the silence, a thin, twenty-four-year-old girl comes out of the crowd.

The girl has a ponytail with long hair. She wears a black women’s suit skirt. Her big eyes are filled with hidden tear.

When she sees Zhang Qiang, she sniffs and cries, “Dad…”

Zhang Qiang’s heart suddenly shrinks when he hears her, and he is dull and unable to say a word.

“Is this your daughter?” Song Yunqiang asks him.

Zhang Qiang has a kind of horrible fear, and the eyes of looking at Song Yunxuan and the girl become very strange.

There is something, but he cannot speak out.

Song Yunqiang asks him again, “Zhang Qiang, is this your daughter?”

The daughter says, “Dad, I’m Yimin.”

Zhang Qiang shakes his body for a moment and immediately denies, “No… No, she’s not my daughter.”

Zhang Yimin bursts into tears and opens her residence booklet to show around. “This is my residence booklet.”

Zhang Qiang stiffens up and shakes his head, “No, no, no, Yimin is not my daughter.”

“Yimin is your daughter, Qiang.”

A heavy sigh comes from the door.

Following the sighing voice, people see a forty- year-old man standing at the door.

The man has dark circles.

Zhang Qiang’s eyelids jump. He could not help shouting, “Liu Wei!”

People instantly confirm that the girl in front of them is indeed Zhang Qiang’s daughter.

Zhang Qiang has said that he has a good friend named Liu Wei. Now that Liu Wei has showed up and proved that the girl is indeed his daughter. Naturally, this girl is Zhang Qiang’s daughter.

Liu Wei feels sad. “Zhang Qiang, we all agreed to stop. How can you be bought up and frame Song Yunxuan? Do you still want to kill her?

Zhang Qiang looks pale. He shakes head and asks him, “Liu Wei, we had a deal. You shouldn’t say that!”

Liu Wei persuades him, “Zhang Qiang, we kidnapped Song Yan and wanted to blackmail the Song family, but now Song Yan is dead, why are you still trapped yourself in muddy water of the Song family. Now we are all going to jail for the rest of our lives.

Zhang Qiang did not expect that things would suddenly change. He turns around and looks at the young girl, “Stop taking the nonsense!”

Zhang Yimin wipes the tears and says, “Dad, mom has died. I refuse to use your money for many years because your money is dirty and you have done enough bad things. Now shall you stop and surrender to the police station?”

Zhang Qiang feels incredible, “How can you say that?”

“Dad, you surrender!” Zhang Yimin persuades him.

Zhang Qiang suddenly looks at Song Yunxuan and scolds her, “You little bitch! You frame me! You let them betray me, don’t you?!

Song Yunxuan walks towards him. “Zhang Qiang, this is not my fault. I did not interfere with it. It is the truth. Your friend and your daughter will never lie!”

“You are a bitch! I kill you!!!

Zhang Qiang suddenly goes mad and pulls out a dagger from his waist.

The 20-centimeter-long dagger is shining and dazzling. A sharp arc in the air suddenly cuts off Song Yunxuan’s hair.

Behind him comes a bang!

The skilled knife-waving technique makes the audience present dumbfounded.

The bang of a gunshot completely ends Zhang Qiang’s persistence in killing Song Yunxuan.

A policeman remains in the posture after firing from a distance.

Zhang Qiang falls at Song Yunxuan’s feet.

Song Yunqiang is too shocked to move.

Gu Changle and the female guests are even dumber.

Only a few male guests feel chilling when they see Song Yunxuan’s cold eyes and Zhang Qiang lying on the ground.

She’s only eighteen.

How could she escape from such a perfect but poisonous trap safely?

She can also ask the daughter of the criminal to help her.

It’s not easy.

Zhang Qiang’s body at the foot is bleeding with gunshot wounds. Zhang Yimin and Liu Wei are all scared.

However, Song Yunxuan just stands and squints coldly.

He only gets shot when he stops her.

How does this shot compare with her deep hatred?

She bled a lot more than he did in her previous life.

Chu Mochen steps out of the crowd.

Knowing that she could not be so calm, she steps back weakly, intending to show that she is frightened.

However, a pair of powerful hands immediately put her in her arms.

Chu Mochen’s voice comes from her head, and his slender five fingers cover her eyes. “You have blood phobia, so don’t look at it.”

It’s very steady and concerned.

It makes Song Yunxuan calm down. She embraces his waist with both hands and buries her face in his chest.

Her father, Gu Cheng, used to cover her eyes in order not to let her see the blood.

They all think that she is afraid of blood, so when they cover her eyes, they find the excuse of blood phobia.

But in fact, she doesn’t have blood phobia.

When Gu Changge’s legs were cut off, she was already not afraid. When she touched the empty bed where her legs should be, she had nothing to fear.

What she feared was that she had no life for revenge.

She was silent in Chu Mochen’s chest.

She watches coldly at the end of the play.

The thrilling end of this funeral is unique in the whole Yuncheng.

Song Yunqiang turns pale.

Song Yunjia’s heart seems to stop beating.

Song Yunxuan quietly goes home to rest with Chu Mochen.

Liu Wei and Zhang Yimin are taken back to do the transcripts. All the follow-up will be done by Song Yunqiang alone.

The whole farce is made by him, and of course it could only end with him.

Song Yunxuan holds forehead on the Bentley, and does not care about the scenery outside the window.

Chu Mo Chen sits with her in the back seat.

He holds her in arms, raises hand and gently rubs her forehead. “Do you have s headache?”

“It hurts terribly.”

She whispers.

Chu Mochen puts the cool thin lips on her forehead. “Now that it pains, why not do something relaxing?”

Song Yunxuan smiles, melancholy. “People have no foresight, there must be immediate worries. Too easy life in Song family is fatal. You don’t know which day is your funeral.”

“You have me.” Chu Mochen’s voice is steady and magnetic, just like the most beautiful song Gu Changge has heard in her girlhood.

His words quietly crash into her chest and touch her heart.

Song Yunxuan lies in his arms and gently says, “I believe you can support me.”

However, she never believes that life with Shao Tianze would make her feel peaceful.

There is only death between her and Shao Tianze.

She’s alive, and she’s going to win.

Shao Tianze, on the other hand, is doomed to die and be defeated.

She can’t stop. It’s a good way to be Chu Mochen’s wife, but it may not be easy as she wants.

“The Song family is in your hands.”

Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and seems to obey him. “You can rest assured that I will relax for a while.”

She’s going to live a seemingly safe life.

The troubles in the Song family will not disappear in such an easy way. Her eldest brother is not easy to deal with.

She nestles in Chu Mochen’s arms.

Chu Mochen, feeling her tiredness, kisses her hair gently and says, “Come back to our house tonight.”

“Can I refuse?”

“No.” He says nothing.

Song Yunxuan has no choice but to let the car drive to the house of the Chu family.

The old house of the Chu family is silent in the afternoon sunshine.

When she gets out of the car, she feels a little dizzy. Chu Mochen holds her back. “Today my father is at home.”

Song Yunxuan is somewhat annoyed. “You should have told me earlier. I don’t have time to prepare gifts.”

“It’s Ok.” Chu Mochen holds her shoulder, and his eyes fall on her delicate facial features. But he seems to think of something, so he says again. “If you want to give me a meaningful gift, I have an idea.”

“What is it?” She wonders.

Chu Mochen leans over and puts his lips close to her ears softly, “My child.”

Song Yunxuan feels itchy in ears and thinks that it might not be appropriate to live in Chu’s home today.

Immediately she turns back. “I suddenly think of somethings undone. I have to go back.”

“Do it tomorrow. We have got my home.”

He carries her in his arms and walks to Chu’s mansion.

Song Yunxuan’s body is unstable, so she has to hold his neck with both hands. “I really have something to do.”

“After meeting my father, I’ll accompany you back.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t know what to do. She wrinkles two thin eyebrows angrily. “But…”

“No But.”

He carries her into the door, and the servants are stunned to see Chu Mochen come back with a girl in his arms.

One of them recognizes Song Yunxuan and says, “Childe Chu and Madam are back.”

A tender and charming female voice comes over, “Amah Chen, don’t you want to fool me again? Mochen is not married yet. Where is the young lady from?”

When Song Yunxuan hears it, the soft look in her eyes is gone, and she becomes a little indifferent. “It sounds like… not Aunt Chu’s voice.”

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