Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 122 - New Testament

Chapter 122: New Testament

Ten-year-old Gu Changge was regarded as a little devil in the upper class circle of Yuncheng.

The woman who gave birth to her father’s son was so fearless that she even began to act boldly.

The woman was beautiful, but unfortunately her kid was more like her.

So when she brought him back, Gu Cheng smiled and said, “Changge looks like me most.”

His words indirectly showed that although the child was the descendant of the Gu’s family and he was a son, Gu Cheng didn’t like him.

In fact, Gu Cheng did not mean to have children with those women, but they always thought they were smart.

They wanted to get rich all life with a chance.

But they didn’t know that if somethings didn’t belong to them, no matter how much effort they took, it was useless.

But this woman named Yue Le was not only beautiful but also ambitious and resourceful.

Three months after she gave birth to her son, Gu Cheng let her go abroad and gave her regular maintenance.

Gu Cheng never saw her again.

When her son was three years old, he had a high fever. She cried and called Gu Cheng to accompany the child in hospital. She said that the child would die with the high fever, but the doctors in the private hospital invested by Gu Cheng did not take her seriously and did not treat her son well.

Gu Cheng had no choice but went there by private jet.

However, Gu Changge disappeared after school.

Her nanny and guards were so frightened that they called Gu Cheng at once.

Gu Cheng laid down his son and wanted to come back.

But Yue Le knelt on the ground and didn’t let him go. She asked him whether his daughter or his son was more important.

Gu Cheng left her without thinking.

Yue Le gritted teeth with hatred and asked her people to kill Gu Changge.

But unfortunately, Gu Cheng spent a lot of money on those who kidnapped Gu Changge.

In order not to leave Gu Changge with the psychological shadow of being kidnapped, he asked the people to pretend to pick up the wrong child.

Gu Changge was sent back. She did not know what to say looking at her father.

This time Yue Le failed, so she came up with another plan.

Yue Le thought that as long as this girl died, Gu Cheng would put his heart on her and the son. He even gave the whole family to her son.

So when Yue Le came back, she hid a dagger and wanted to stab Gu Changge to death.

However, it was stopped by Gu Cheng.

The dagger stabbed Gu Cheng on the back. In order to prevent Gu Changge from seeing the blood, Gu Cheng held her tightly in arms and did not let her open eyes.

However, Gu Changge remembered his father’s wound on his back.

Yuncheng is a magnificent city where the rich families are complex places with deep conspiracy, inhuman and intriguing rivalries.

But Gu Changge, who lost her mother, survived peacefully with his father’s protection and the dangerous status of inheriting the power of Gu’s family.

There was no longer a girl of rich business families as fortunate as her.

So she always remembered that her father was stabbed for her.

She promised herself that no one could hurt her father again in front of her.

When Song Yunxuan wakes up, the first thing she sees is the gold luxurious wallpaper and the medieval style chandelier with elegant and retro design.

Beside her is light mist from the humidifier.

It has a faint smell of lavender.

She opens her eyes and wants to see around.

Fingers moving, she finds a man lying beside the bed.

She lowers her head and looks at him. It is Chu Mochen.

She quietly pulls out her hand, looking at him. She couldn’t help smiling, and touches his hair.

His hair is very clean, dark as ink, but not very hard, just like him, who looks hard, but sometimes is surprisingly gentle, for example, when he cries.

She will be amused when she thinks of the teardrops hanging around his eyes.

What was he thinking at that moment?

He never cries. She has never seen him cry from childhood.

It is unexpected that he should burst into tears when he thought she is dead.

It is strange that when she saw his tear, her heart is soft.

The sunshine outside the window penetrates, indicating that morning has arrived.

She inserts her fingers into his hair, gently touching it, and rarely looking at the sunshine quietly.

If only she married Chu Mochen when she was Gu Changge.

Chu Mochen would be good to her. The men who cry for women will not be too bad.

As she thinks, she kisses him gently in the ear.

Her lips are so soft.

His skin is so smooth.

Instantly the time space seems to change.

It’s Gu Changge who is kissing her, but not Song Yunxuan.

She kisses him and he doesn’t wake up.

She pulls hand out and quietly gets out of the bed.

The sunshine falls on the ground. She walks out in her cotton slippers. She is thin, but her back is straight.

The hour hand of the clock points at half past eight.

Doctors are busy. They shuttle back and forth in the corridor.

As soon as she goes out, a nurse comes up and says, “Miss Song, are you Ok?”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Where’s my father?”

The nurse leads her forward. “Miss Song, please come this way.”

The nurse is very respectful. Besides, the decoration style of the hospital is totally different from People’s Hospital.

After walking for dozens of meters, she knows which hospital it is.

This is the hospital that Chu Mochen built three years later after he came back from Chicago for studying. It is a Sino-American joint venture hospital.

So the decoration style is quite different from that of domestic hospitals. It is a private luxury hospital.

And it’s very safe. There won’t be any accidents that will damage the patients here.

However, this hospital seldom appears in magazines, and not all Yuncheng residents know it.

She gave birth to children in this hospital, which is called Nanding Hospital.

The nurse leads the way, and Song Yunxuan follows her.

In front of an ICU ward, the nurse stops and whispers to her, “The patient is resting, but Miss Song can go and have a look.”

Song Yunxuan almost understands Song Yan’s current situation from the look on the nurse’s face.

Song Yan’s condition is very bad, and he can die at any time.

Otherwise, the nurse would not let her go in without waiting for the patient to wake up.

She watched Gu Cheng lied in the ICU ward for dozens of days, and every time she wanted to come in, the nurse would said that she could not go in until the patient woke up.

But Gu Cheng did not wake up at all.

So many years later, she still regretted it very much.

If at that time she went to the ICU ward every day to talk to the unconscious Gu Cheng, would Gu Cheng not die?

Maybe Gu Cheng would wake up when he heard his beloved daughter’s voice.

Maybe he didn’t want to die when he heard his daughter’s voice.

So many maybe made Gu Changge feel heart-broken.

She opens the door and goes into the ward.

She gently holds Song Yan’s hands and whispers, “Dad, I’m here.”

Song Yan does not wake up.

Song Yunxuan sits in the chair beside the bed. Looking at Song Yan’s thin hands, she feels a little sad.

“I’m sorry, Dad.”

Although she anticipates that Song Yunying would kidnap him, she fails to control the ending.

Zhang Qiang’s revolt is beyond her expectation.

She thought that Zhang Qiang would cooperate with her until they escaped, but she didn’t expect that Zhang Qiang would suddenly change his attitude.

There must be something wrong about Zhang Qiang’s sudden changing of attitude.

But now she can’t continue to investigate it. Now the most important thing is to stop the Song family from being fragmented.

She hasn’t asked about the Song family yet.

She should go there later.

She lowers her eyelids and is about to leave. “Dad, forgive me for not being here with you all the time. It’s almost nine o’clock. I want to go back to see my brother, elder sister and second sister.”

She stands up and whispers to him, “Dad, have a good rest. The Song family will not collapse or disperse, and I will support up the Song family.”

As long as Song Yan does not die, there is still the possibility of the will being revised.

She gets up and takes a long breath. She releases Song Yan’s hand and is going to leave.

But just as she is about to put down his hand, her fingers are suddenly grasped by someone.

She is stunned.

Then she quickly turns back to see Song Yan.

Song Yan’s eyes open laboriously and tiredly, which are not clear and have a little focal length.

Song Yunxuan is surprised, “Dad?”

Song Yan closes eyes and opens them as a respond.

Song Yunxuan turns back. She wants to call the doctors.

Song Yan grabs her with strength.

Song Yunxuan’s call to doctors is stuck in her throat.

Looking back at Song Yan, she asks him with concern, “Dad, do you have anything to tell me?”

Song Yan blinks his eyelids.

Song Yunxuan approaches him and removes the ventilator from Song Yan’s face with his consent.

Song Yan’s voice is old and tired, and he utters a word, “Pocket…”

Song Yunxuan feels little strange.

Song Yan says again, “Will…”

Song Yunxuan’s heart jumps again, and for a moment, she feels that she cannot move all over.

Song Yan takes hard breathe for a few times.

Song Yunxuan helps put the respirator mask on his face again.

But Song Yan grasps her hand and holds it tightly. He opens his mouth weakly and says, “I give the Song family to you…”

It seems that time space are suddenly disordered.

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yan, who is dying in bed, as if suddenly Song Yan’s face turned into Gu Cheng’s.

Gu Cheng said the same thing.

“I give the Gu enterprise to you, Changge. “

She takes a breath. Her eyes are filled with tears and her nose begins to ache.

Song Yan looks at her, eyelids half raising. He puts her hand on the chest pocket of his clothes.

There’s something in the position of heart.

It summons up.

Song Yunxuan feels that the blood on her fingertips stagnates for a while and then begins to flow rapidly.

That’s a new will.

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