Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 114 - Brother and Sister Will Come to Save Us

Chapter 114: Brother and Sister Will Come to Save Us

When Zhang Qiang turns on the fluorescent lamp in the room, Song Yunxuan sees the blue veins on his clenched hands at the first sight.

Then her eyes slowly fall on the thick hemp rope on the floor.

After a brief pause, she raises her eyes and looks at Zhang Qiang. “Are you going to kill me?”

Zhang Qiang and Old Six both take a cold breath.

They have said before that they would only seek wealth and not kill people.

But now they break their promise. The girl already sees through their purpose before they even say a word.

Song Yunxuan stands up with the wall’s supporting and says, “How much does Song Yunying pay you?”

Zhang Qiang and Old Six stand still, dumbfounded, “How do you know that?”

Song Yunxuan smiles, “I don’t know it until you want to kill me. Among my siblings only Song Yunying has the motive because… we have a personal grudge.”

What she said is not terrifying, but her smile gives Zhang Qiang and Old Six chills in their backs.

Although the little daughter does not get much attention from the Song family, she is smart, intelligent and calm.

Seeing Zhang Qiang holding the rope wanting her life, she can still remain calmness, which is quite impressive.

Song Yunxuan looks around and finds that she is the only one in the room. She feels strange, “Why is my father not in this room?”

“Don’t worry. Your father will live longer than you.”

Song Yunxuan smiles slightly, “That’s not necessarily true.”

She is confident, and then looks at them calmly, “How do you know that Song Yunying’s plan will succeed?”

“It’s a perfect plan. Everyone would suspect that you kidnapped your father and fled in fear of sin.”

“But if I die too early, people will suspect other people, instead of me.” she gives an example, “For example, my older brother Song Yunqiang, my older sister Song Yunjia…or, Song Yunying who is most likely going to harm my dad because she will receive the least estate.”

She then asks Zhang Qiang and Old Six, “It’ll be so easy for you to kill a helpless woman like me. But if I died, who would be the most suspected of kidnapping my father?”

Even though Zhang Qiang and Old Six didn’t receive much education, they can quickly analyze that it will be Song Yunying.

Song Yunxuan notices that they bite their teeth and their mind has been shaken. “People all think that I have the greatest possibility to inherit the Song family. Once it happens, I’ll own everything of the Songs, and I’ll for sure express my gratitude to you if you don’t kill me.”

“You will be grateful to us?”

Zhang Qiang laughs, but the Old Six is silent all the time.

Zhang Qiang is not stupid. He definitely doesn’t think Song Yunxuan would appreciate him, instead, he knows what Song Yunxuan would do, “If we let you go, we can only hope that you won’t send us to jail.”

“I’m not going to put you in prison.” Song Yunxuan is serious. Then suddenly she smiles and changes the topic. “But if you kill me, you will have to pay for your crime. Chu Mochen won’t let me die for nothing.”

Old Six apparently fears Chu Mochen. He quietly looks sideways at Zhang Qiang.

Zhang Qiang, however, grabs the rope and goes forward abruptly. “This girl is quite tough. We have to do it now before she talks us out of it. Let’s kill her first then figure out what to do next.”

“Don’t do it…” Old Six grabs him.

Song Yunxuan is tired because she didn’t eat anything for a day, but she is not afraid.

She steps back and leans against the wall. “It will be a tragic if you don’t think twice. You should think about your daughter. She has had interviews in Chu’s company several times.”

Zhang Qiang stops and stares at her with wide eyes. “Are you threatening me?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t speak, but looks at him calmly and coldly.

Song Yunxuan’s placid eyes make Zhang Qiang so uncomfortable. Even the air around him is filled with a kind of gloomy death.

Seeing Zhang Qiang stops, Old Six grabs him and starts heading out. “It’s not urgent to kill her. We should think twice.”

Old Six drags Zhang Qiang out.

Zhang Qiang holds the hemp rope tightly, but he doesn’t seem to use it and attack.

Seeing Zhang Qiang being pulled out and hearing Old Six close the iron door, Song Yunxuan slowly closes her eyes.

Then she lets her tired body slowly slide down the wall, and finally sits on the ground.

She, Gu Changge, never suffered like this.


Even though the kidnappers in Yuncheng were covetous of her wealth, no one dared kidnap Gu Changge.

There are several people who want to kill her, though.

She is curious about such an experience of being kidnapped.

The kidnapper, who has so many weaknesses, should want her life.

She sneers.

How can people who still care about their lives kill Song Yunxuan? They are so naive.

Zhang Qiang discussed with Old Six for several hours.

The light in the room was on the whole time.

Song Yunxuan guesses it’s the dawn of the second day.

In just over fifty hours, the will of the Song family will be published.

At that time, as long as Song Yunying gets most of the estate, Song Yan will be killed, in case he changes the will again.

And she will be killed, too.

She thinks quietly for a moment.

At the same time, there is the sound of opening the iron door.

She raises her head and looks at the place where the sound is. Zhang Qiang and Old Six come in one after another.

Song Yunxuan stands up and tries to figure out their purpose from their looks.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six come over and say, “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes glisten with hope.

Good. They’ve been persuaded.

Old Six says first, “Miss Song should know that the Song family is complexed. We are just hired to do what we are asked. In fact, we cannot decide anything.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “If you don’t kill me, I will repay you later.”

“But we can’t explain it to Miss Yunying.”

Song Yunxuan stands upright and her voice is cold, “Killing me is only a decision she made on impulse. She will regret it very soon. You can keep me for three days. By then if Song Yunying hasn’t regretted yet, it still wouldn’t be too late to kill me.”

Many things can happen in three days.

Although she is now under control and passive, things outside is going step by step as she expects.

As long as the beginning is calculated correctly and the process is promoted, the outcome will not change much.

She has the confidence, so she is not in a hurry to leave here. She must make good use of the opportunity of being kidnapped.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six reach an agreement.

“Then Miss Song will stay here for a few days.”

Seeing they are leaving, Song Yunxuan calls out to say, “I want to see my father.”

“Your father is not dead yet.”

“But he is ill. It will not be good if my father dies before Song Yunying completes her plan.”

Zhang Qiang thinks about it before he gives a hint to Old Six.

Old Six goes out and soon pushes a wheelchair into the room.

Song Yunxuan sees Song Yan’s face clearly with the lamp light. She comes quickly over. She half kneels on the ground and grasps Song Yan’s hand worriedly. “Are you all right, Dad?

“Don’t worry,” says Old Six. “We dare not abuse the old man if we are not asked to.”

When Song Yan hears the words, he gets emotional. He turns to Old Six and asks in anger, “Who on earth ordered you to do this?”

Old Six and Zhang Qiang head out without saying anything except a humph.

When they get to the door, Zhang Qiang suddenly says, “Your little daughter knows. Ask her.”

Song Yunxuan frowns

Zhang Qiang poses a big difficult problem to her by saying that.

Song Yan doesn’t like her. If she says it is Song Yunying, Song Yan will think that she is framing Song Yunying up. Song Yan is a sophisticated man. He might even think that it is Song Yunxuan who kidnaps him with a trick.

Song Yunxuan is silently waiting for the iron door being closed.

As predicted, when only the two are left in the room, Song Yan can’t wait turning around and asking in panting, “Who is behind the kidnapping?”

Song Yunxuan shakes head and says, “Dad, don’t worry too much. I can only guess if you must ask.”

“You can tell me. At this point, I’ve already had a rough idea.”

After hearing that, Song Yunxuan thinks that Song Yan has almost known who kidnapped him.

He just plays dumb before the kidnappers.

She thinks as she opens mouth, “Dad, I think, probably, it is second brother-in-law.”

“You mean Xue Tao.”

Song Yan sighs, looking at Song Yunxuan with unconcealable disappointment and regret.

“Or rather than say it is…”

“Dad, you know that my second sister’s life in Xue’s family is not as good as we thought. Xue Tao is greedy and lazy. Maybe it’s because my second brother-in-law got confused…”

Song Yan turns his head away with tears in his eyes.

It is after a while that he murmurs in a low voice, “What a pity…”

Song Yunxuan acts like she doesn’t understand what Song Yan means and looks puzzled.

In fact, she knows exactly what Song Yan is regretting about.

Song Yan realizes that the most intelligent person in the Song family is the youngest daughter.

Moreover, he is extremely disappointed with his second daughter.

It’s hard to believe that she could ruthlessly take the risk of kidnapping her father just for money.

What’s more, she makes her young sister as her scapegoat.

Song Yunxuan holds her father’s hand and comforts him, “Dad, don’t worry. These kidnappers dare not hurt you. Brother and Sister will save us.”

She wants Song Yan to put all his hope on his eldest daughter and son.

The greater the hope is, the greater the disappointment is.

If Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia try their best, they can save their father.

Song Yunxuan is quite looking forward to seeing how things will turn out.

Will Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang save their father?

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