Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 104 - Miaomiao Likes the Rising Sun

Chapter 104: Miaomiao Likes the Rising Sun

The news of Song Yan’s going to Germany for treatment immediately causes a great disturbance.

In fact, this is not big news. The Song family is not a big family of entertainment concern in Yuncheng.

However, the Song family has two daughters who have relationships with the Chu family and the Gu family in Yuncheng.

The daughters attract attention for their father. So the Song family has become the focus of public attention.

At first only Song Yunxuan is the Chu family‘s only love, and then Song Yunjia has an ambiguous relationship with Shao Tianze.

People say that the Song family is lucky. Every daughter of the Song family can become noble with marriage. They do not need to do anything.

After Song Yan says that he will go abroad for treatment, Song Yunqiang begins to hand over the business to others to prepare for the journey.

Song Yunjia accompanies her father in the hospital, but she is in a low spirit.

Song Yan thinks that Song Yunjia doesn’t want to go to Germany, so he persuades her in earnestness, “your mother stays in Germany. If you stay at Germany for a period of time, maybe you will be relaxed.”

Song Yunjia doesn’t think so. She bitterly smiles and says, “I have been separated from my mother for more than 30 years. How deep do you think our relationship is?”

“After all she is your mother. Even if you are not close, Shao Tianze still cannot compare with her.”

Song Yunjia hears the name of Shao Tianze and becomes excited. She turns around and grabs his father’s arm, begging: “Dad, you can’t leave me in Germany.”

Song Yan does not say that he must leave Song Yunjia in Germany. Now when he sees his eldest daughter in such a panic, he frowns, “You’ve never been so mad, Yunjia.”

His eldest daughter has always been generous and calm, which is the pride of the Song family.

Song Yunjia’s eyes droops. “Dad, you never know how I feel, I have been going after Shao Tianze for more than ten years, and I’m used to this state. I cannot accept it if you ask me to leave him.”

Nobody knows her feelings towards Shao Tianze, the love she never gets.

They are so close, but there is always one last fence between them that she can’t break with all her strength.

She releases her hand which grasps Song Yan’s sleeves. With some self-pity she says, “If only I didn’t meet Shao Tianze at first.”

She is so upset, which arises Song Yan’s caring and sympathy.

“Yunjia, I am not asking you to let it go, but just… do the right thing at the right time.”

Song Yan has been in Yuncheng for many years. Although his industry is not as big as that of the Chu family and Gu family, he is also proficient in many worldly wisdoms.

He takes his daughter’s hand lightly, and sighs, “Yunjia, you’ve always been smart. Why do you lose your mind on this thing?”

Song Yunjia compresses her lips and looks up at her father with red eyes.

She never cries, but when hearing her father’s words, she could not help but water her eyes.

The reason is nothing more than love.

Not for love, how can people lose their mind?

Song Yunjia seems to be touched by his father’s words. Lying in bed, she doesn’t speak for a while.

Song Yan pats her shoulder gently. He hears her daughter’s sad and depressing cry.

Song Yan is almost certain that if Shao Tianze never appears in Song Yunjia’s life, then she is the only one who inherits the Song family.

However, Shao Tianze appears up, for whom Song Yunjia spends most of her energy.

If the Song family is handed over to Song Yunjia now, he would be uncertain whether she could manage it well.

When Song Yunxuan comes home, she passes the Ginza Tower and sees that there are new spring clothes.

She realizes that the New Year is coming.

This Year is warmer than usual.

She looks up at the clear sky. It is near evening. The sunset is going down, leaving yellow sunlight in the horizon.

The mobile phone vibrates lightly in her pocket.

She takes out her cell phone, which shows Shao Xue’s number.

She connects the call. The voice does not belong to Shao Xue, but a little girl……

“Sister Yunxuan!”

Then comes Shao Xue’s voice, “Miaomiao, give the phone to me. Let me talk to Yunxuan, okay?”

Miaomiao is not very happy. The grieving voice whispers, “I want to talk to Yunxuan sister for a few words.”

“Well, will you make an appointment with her for a dinner?”

Shao Xue’s voice is gentle, and she seems to know how to get along with Miaomiao. And she is very good to Miaomiao.

Miaomiao is excited. She calms down by taking a deep breath. Then she says childishly, “Sister Yunxuan, can you hear me?”

“MiaoMiao, Mom…” For a moment, Song Yunxuan almost unconsciously speaks out the word “mother”. She feels a pinch in her heart, and immediately changes: “I can hear you.”

Miaomiao is very happy. She covers the microphone and talks to Shao Xue, “Aunt, sister Yunxuan says she can hear me!”

Shao Xue touches her soft hair and says, “Would Miaomiao like to have dinner with her?”

“I want to thank her for the cake. It’s delicious.”

Shao Xue nods gently and says, “Miaomiao tells that to Yunxuan by yourself, OK?”


Miaomiao’s hand is so small that it can’t cover the microphone.

Song Yunxuan can hear every word that Miaomiao says, and it was clear.

She holds her cell phone and covers half of her face so that passers-by could not see her red eyes.

“Sister Yunxuan, would you like to go out with Miaomiao for a dinner?”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Ok.”

Her eyes are a little bit itching. She continues to ask, “Where do you want to do?”

Miaomiao begins to think carefully. She looks at Gu Yi, who is watching her. “Brother, which place would make sister Yunxuan happy?”

Gu Yi’s voice comes, “The place where you eat last time.”

Miaomiao is very obedient, “Sister Yunxuan, let’s go to Pinocchio for dinner, shall we?”

Pinocchio is the children’s restaurant where they had dinner last time. The decoration and design style are very creative. Most children like it very much.

Song Yunxuan nods, “Okay. We will go there.”

Miaomiao is obviously very happy, and whispers with a little shy, “I miss you.”

“Good girl, I miss you, too.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Miaomiao flushes.

Shao Xue takes the mobile phone and asks Gu Yi to take Miaomiao away. She says, “Your father is going to Germany for treatment.”


Shao Xue is worried. “Are you going with him?”

Song Yunxuan lightly says, “It depends.”

Shao Xue seems to get other meaning from what she says, “Let’s talk after we meet.”

Song Yunxuan nods, and before hanging up the phone, she casually says, “Take good care of Miaomiao.”

Shao Xue seriously nods, “I will.”

Hanging up the phone, she turns back to see Miaomiao and Gu Yi, and finds that the two children have gone out of the room while she was talking on the phone.

Shao Xue goes out to look for Miaomiao and Gu Yi.

In the living room she sees that Gu Changle holds Miaomiao and shows her the scenery outside the window, “Miaomiao, you see, the sun is going to set.”

Miaomiao flats mouth.

Gu Changle sees her expression and asks her gently, “Don’t you like the sunset scenery?”

Gu Miaomiao asks Gu Changle in turn, “Do you think the sunset is beautiful?”

The expression on her white face is kind and gentle, and her voice is as pleasant as the spring wind. “The sunset is beautiful, and I like it.”

Miaomiao shakes her head. “But I don’t like the sunset.”

Gu Changle asks her with interest, “Why?”

“Mummy said that Miaomiao should watch the sunrise, which is more beautiful, more brilliant and magnificent.”

The gentle smile on Gu Changle’s face suddenly freezes.

Then, Shao Xue notices that Gu Changle narrows her eyes, and a fierce light slips through the corner of her eyes like a sharp knife with a thin blade.

Shao Xue is so nervous that she hurries forward and opens her hand to Miaomiao with a smile. “Miaomiao, don’t be naughty. You have grown up. Aunt Changle is weak. How can you hang on her? Hurry up, let me hold you.

Miaomiao is one year younger than Gu Yi. She is not good at observing other’s face.

Shao Xue arrives in time. When she wants to hold Miaomiao, Gu Changle does not refuse. She hands Miaomiao to Shao Xue.

Shao Xue works hard in the Gu Family. She looks after Gu Changle like a servant girl.

“Sister, you’re not good in health. It’s better to close the window.”

Gu Changle looks at the window Shao Xue is going to close. She nods. She seems to notice that the wind blows right to Gu Miaomiao. She smiles, “Look at me. How careless! I don’t close the window.”

“You are weak and should pay more attention to it,” says Shao Xue, closing the window which is a little high. Then she turns to Gu Changle and asks. “What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll bring it back”

Gu Changle is surprised, “Will you go out?”

Shao Xue nods, “I have an appointment with my friend for dinner. Miaomiao is going with me. I will take her and Gu Yi.

Gu Changle bends her lips and says, “I am fine. Take good care of Miaomiao and come back early.”

“Well.” She looks at the clock on the wall and says “My brother is coming back soon. Please tell my brother.”

“Be careful on the way.”

After saying goodbye to Gu Changle, Shao Xue takes Miaomiao upstairs to dress up.

Miaomiao has a sneeze while changing clothes.

Gu Yi pulls Shao Xue’s clothes. “We should go to the drugstore. Miaomiao has a cold.”

Shao Xue stares. Suddenly she understands why Gu Changle abnormally watches the sunset with Miaomiao.

She squats down, looking at Gu Yi and asks, “Is Miaomiao’s body always very poor?”

Gu Yi nods. “Like my mummy, she will get cold if she catches cold wind”

Shao Xue’s eyes change. When she looks at Gu Yi again, she finds that the young Gu Yi’s eyes are so cold.

Perhaps the child has found that Gu Changle sees them as nails in the eye.

He is so smart and tolerant.

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