Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 102 - The Yellow Sparrow Behind

Chapter 102: The Yellow Sparrow Behind

Seeing Song Yunxuan, Song Yunying is frozen in place. As if shocked by electric, Song Yunying cannot move. She stares at Song Yunxuan with amazement.

Song Yunxuan greets her naturally, “Oh, sister! What a coincidence to meet you in the bathroom.”

Song Yunying widens her eyes as if her chest was burning. She is about to rush over in a few steps.

Song Yunxuan calmly turns on the tap and washes hands. “Don’t freak out, my sister. If I shout out, the recording of the conversation will be leaked out.”

Having heard her words, Song Yunying stops.

The raising hand cannot move.

Song Yunxuan quietly washes her hands, dries her fingers, and finally turns back to talk to Song Yunying who is frozen in place and staring at her.

“Young sister, why don’t we go to see dad together?”

Song Yunying stands there, withdraws her hands stretching out and tightens her fingers. Her eyes are dark as if there hides a blaze of fire of hatred. “What do you want to do, Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan has come to the door of the bathroom. Hearing Yunying’s words, she turns back and smiles. Her voice is gentle with a little hateful naivety, “I want the same thing as you.”

All Song Yunying wants is the power and all the property of the Song family.

Similarly, what Song Yunxuan wants is also the whole Song family.

Song Yunying clenches her teeth and wants to tear up Song Yunxuan. “You are daydreaming. An illegitimate daughter from a small town should covet the whole Song family!”

Song Yunxuan talks back calmly, “Although you have been living in the Song family, but you are also an illegitimate daughter compared with the elder sister?”

“You…” Song Yunying is almost blown up by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan, however, smiles lightly and walks out with ease. “Sister, the Song family is still in our father’s hands. It’s hard to say who will take over it at last. Everyone can have a try as long as he can.”

What she says is true.

As long as Song Yan does not die, the Song family is all his.

Whoever has the ability to get the Song family can have a try.

Those who cannot take it should only blame themselves for their incompetence.

When she arrives at Song Yan’s ward, Song Yunjia has left, leaving Song Yunqiang alone.

On seeing her, Song Yunqiang changes his attitude of turning her out of the family. He becomes a gentle and caring brother again. “Yunxuan, dad’s condition is much better now. Dad was sick and his mind was not clear before, so he drove you out of the house.”

Song Yunxuan appears that she doesn’t blame anyone. She nods and says, “I know. Thank you for taking care of father these days, brother. I will accompany him tonight.”

Song Yunqiang does not ask Song Yunxuan to leave this time.

Anyway, even if Song Yunxuan knees all night in front of Song Yunqiang’s bed, it is not likely that Song Yan would change his mind to love this little daughter again.

Song Yunqiang accompanies Song Yan in the hospital this evening as usual, but Song Yunying and Song Yunjia both leave.

Song Yunxuan comes to Ning Yuan’s duty room and asks for a drink in the middle of the night.

Ning Yuan warms up her drink with hot water. Then she begins to take a nap on the sofa in the ward.

Song Yunqiang gets hungry in the middle of the night and goes out for supper. Song Yunxuan gets up quietly. She stays beside Song Yan’s bed and watches him.

Song Yan wakes up at two o’clock in the middle of the night, and then sees that Song Yunxuan napping beside him.

The young girl’s hair is as smooth and lovely as silk, and her skin is as delicate as fine porcelain.

Song Yan rubs his eyes and looks at Song Yunxuan for a while, but he could not see Gu Changge in Song Yunxuan as last time.

He thinks that he must make a mistake. He puts a coat over Song Yunxuan’s back without waking her up.

Anyway she is his daughter. Her body has the Song’s blood. Even though her mother is not admitted by the Song families, it can’t be denied that Song Yunxuan is indeed a member of the Song family.

He sighs and falls sleep.

In the dark night, Song Yunxuan’s eyes slowly open, and twinkle with a quiet light.

She wears a small pendant with red thread around her neck. It is a pure gold Eight-Diagram.

It was Chu Mochen who gave it to her when he drove her to the hospital.

She still remembers the temperature of his fingers.

He said, “There are so many dead souls in the hospital. You are weak. The Eight-Diagram pedant is blessed by gods and can help you exorcise the dirty things.”

She did not mean to accept it. When she was to reject him, Chu Mochen did not give her any chance to say anything. He hung it on her neck and said, “Don’t take it off. I can allow you to take off rings and bracelet, but not the pendent.”

His attitude was so tough. She could only obey it.

Now, it seems that this pendent is not just to ward off the dirty things.

Moreover, it makes Song Yan does not recognize Gu Change’s soul in her.

She touches and closes her eyes in peace.

Actually, many people couldn’t fall asleep this night.

For example, Song Yunjia, Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang cannot fall asleep, either. So does Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen is visiting an elderly man from Thailand in Yuncheng Hotel at late night.

The old man’s fingers are thin. His skin is dark. Although he is thin, he is very energetic. He has wisdom which makes people would like to have a deep talk with him.

The old man speaks to him in Thai. There is a beautiful female translator of company.

The translator accurately translates to Chu Mochen, “He says that if you want to predict people’s fate, he must meet the person face to face.”

Chu Mochen says, “She may not come over. Is photo OK?”

The old man shakes his head.

Chu Mochen thinks for a moment. “Then I will bring her over another day, but before that I want to ask you a question.”

The old man makes a gesture to let him talk.

Chu Mochen says, “Can the dead come back to life again in this world?”

The old man is stunned at first, then shakes his head and says a lot.

The translator translates, “The old man says if people die, everything related to her will be gone. What leaves behind is only an idea to make others miss her. If this idea is too strong, it may make people have an illusion that someone alive looks like the people you are missing. So you will feel that that person comes back to life again.”

Chu Mochen nods. Since it is very late, he says goodbye and leaves.

When he comes out the door, he tells the assistant, “Take good care of him. I’ll let you know if I plan to send him back home.”

The assistant nods, “I will obey your command.”

Although it is late night, he does not feel tired.

One the way home, he suddenly asks the driver to divert to the People Hotel.

The impatient care is quiet. When Chu Mochen comes, he sees that a doctor in a white coat is gently pushing the girl sleeping beside the bed.

Chu Mochen takes a step forward. The sound of footsteps arouses the doctor’s vigilance.

The young doctor turns back in a minute.

Their eyes meet. The doctor feels confused. “Do you want to visit patients?”

“No, I come to take my wife back home.”

Then he walks forward and carefully picks up Song Yunxuan.

Ning Yuan is slightly surprised. He shakes head and examines the instruments in Song Yan’s ward. After being sure that Song Yan is fine, he goes out and calls other family members to accompany him.

Chu Mochen thinks that Song Yunxuan is pretending to be asleep, but she does not move when they go downstairs. Just when she is put into the car, she frowns uncomfortably.

Chu Mochen touches her forehead for fear that she is sick.

He finds a thin layer of sweat on her forehead

From the expression on her face, he knows that she seems to be falling into a dream. She is painful and uneasy.

She tightens her fingers, trying to grasp something.

She wants to open her mouth, but she couldn’t say a word as her breath speeds up.

Chu Mochen seizes her hand.

She also firmly grasps his hand. The nails almost embed into Chu Mochen’s flesh.

“Yunxuan, what’s wrong?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows twist and she is very upset.

“Yunxun, what happened? Wake up!”

Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and falls into a nightmare.

“Yunxuan, wake up!”

He wants to wake her up.

Her fingers are gripping him tighter. He feels more painful.

Chu Mochen fixes his mind, raises his hand and pats her face. “Yunxuan, wake up…”


As his fingers touch her skin, Song Yunxuan suddenly opens her eyes and gets up from her seat.

She is sweating. Chu Mochen asks her, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Song Yunxuan recovers a little bit from her dream. On seeing Chu Mochen, she relaxes and leans on the back of the car seat.

“It is late. Why do you come here?”

“Your brother is here. I’ll take you back to sleep.”

“It’s OK. I’m not tired. Since my brother is here, I should be here, too.”

“Even if you stay here all the time, you still can’t get the Song family as long as Song Yan doesn’t want to give it to you.”

Song Yunxuan touches her forehead. “I can change my father’s mind about me.”

“Go back and have a good rest tonight. Your father’s condition is not as bad as you think.”

Having heard this, she looks at Chu Mochen and asks further, “What do you mean?”

Song Yan’s physical condition is very poor, but Chu Mochen suddenly says that his condition is not as serious as the brother and sister imagine. Is there any special meaning in his words?

Song Yunxuan is clever, so Chu Mochen doesn’t conceal the truth. “Song Yan’s illness has been temporarily under control. Although there is no trend for recovering, he can live for more than a month.”

“There will be many unexpected changes this month.”

Song Yunxuan opens the car door. “I must go back now and stand by my father every minute.”

“Your father will be fine.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says, “This is because my father is fine that I have to stay by his side. Otherwise, when he has something wrong, he will think that I’m doing a show.”

She gets off the car. Suddenly, Chu Mochen feels that Song Yunxuan is going to take some actions.

Song Yunxuan is dressed in the coat his father put on her back, warm but with thorns.

She thinks that since there are many accidents, she has to speed up the progress.

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