Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Fight at the Capital Gates

The horse carriages were blocked and the passers-by and a crowd of maids watched the scene from their carriages. Just as the commotion was growing, a few shouts could be heard from the front of the city gates.

“Who is it blocking the road? Give way give way!”

Everyone turned to look at another procession of horse carriages approaching. There were a few young and proud noble young men sitting atop of their horses. The servants walking by their sides yelled for the people in front to give way.

Because the horse carriages had come so quickly, the crowd quickly made a path.

A few beautiful horse carriages arrived at the scene under the escort of the few noblemen.

“What happened here?” The handsome but cold young man at the front asked. He looked slightly unhappy when he saw the scene.

“The carriage hit and killed someone, killed someone.” The elderly person lying on the ground made an even larger fuss. He rolled around on the ground hugging his leg looking as if he were in so much pain he could not stand up. Everyone’s attention was on the ground and then they looked at the horse carriage across.

“Third sister, is it your carriage?” A surprised voice caught everyone’s attention. A gentle and beautiful face appeared in the carriage behind the handsome nobleman. Her colorful clothes made her face look beautiful. She wore an accessory in the shape of two pearl blossoms made out of pearls. There were gold threads engraved by the side making them look like flying butterflies. Jade hung from her earlobes and she looked elegant and demure. She looked proper and while she had put in effort to dress up, it looked effortless.

She was a elegant beauty.

Mo Xuetong froze visibly when she heard the voice. A hint of coldness flashed through her clear eyes. Mo Xuemin!

How could she forget! It was a name she hated deeply. She would not forget it even if she returned to hell and experienced reincarnation…

Mo Xuemin was indeed waiting for her here! But she had come just at the right time…

“Elder sister? Did you come to fetch me upon receiving news? There are many people here, so it is not time for us to speak. Your younger sister will thank you first.” A sweet and gentle voice could be heard from the carriage. It was a moving sound that made everyone around quietened down. Which noble lady was this who had such a charming voice?

The handsome young man in the luxurious carriage put down the book in his hands. A glint of light flashed in his eyes. For the first time, he listened carefully.

“Who is it?” You Yuecheng, a nobleman from the Ming Kingdom, who was part of Mo Xuemin’s party turned to look at Mo Xuemin with a frown.

“It is my third sister. She’s returning to the capital from Cloud City, but I didn’t expect her to cause such trouble. She has led a sheltered life and would not know how to handle such matters.” Mo Xuemin got off from the carriage and explained to You Yuecheng gently. She wore a pink patterned dress that made her skin look as pale as snow. Then, she accepted a cape from Mo Jin and put it on regally.

It sounded as if she was helping Mo Xuetong explain the matter but was actually confirming that Mo Xuetong had caused the incident. She meant to imply that Mo Xuetong was selfish and domineering. She was so arrogant to hurry her horse carriage and run it into a crowd of people upon her return to the capital. You Yuecheng’s gaze darkened. Even though he was spoiled, he hated arrogant behavior. Furthermore, he studied martial arts and had a position in the army. He naturally behaved like a soldier. He liked how Mo Xuetong had spoken gently but the feeling turned into one of dislike upon hearing what Mo Xuemin said.

“Eldest Miss Mo, isn’t your third sister from Cloud City the one you said who’s disobedient and behaves arrogantly and rudely to her elders? Isn’t she the Third Young Miss Mo who failed at music, chess, art, and literature?” Another noble daughter lifted her carriage curtains and asked curiously.

“There are mistakes in the rumors. My third sister is decent, even though she does not do well in music and chess…but the others are all wrong.” Mo Xuemin defended Mo Xuetong stutteringly. Even though she looked as if she was a good elder sister defending her younger sister, it just made others wonder if Mo Xuetong was worse than what the rumors said.

Then, Mo Xuetong turned around and spoke to Mo Jin who was behind her gently, “Mo Jin, give the old man some silver and ask him to see a physician first. He can come to the Mo manor to look for us if there really is something wrong. He’s been injured but he’s still here and not seeking treatment, that’s not right. If his leg is really broken, it’d be hard for him to make a living in the future.” She sounded as if she pitied the man and was very gentle, giving others a favorable impression.

Mo Jin hurried to take out some silver and gave it to the old man. Then, she even told him that there was a medicinal hall not far from this street and told the man to hurry to visit the physician.

One was so arrogant to stay in the carriage after knocking into someone and then to ignore the matter, not revealing her face. It made others feel as if she thought it was none of her business.

The other placated the old man gently and even gave him money to see the physician. She had not shirked her responsibilities and even told that man that he could go to the Mo manor to ask for money if anything happened.

It was obvious who had won and who hadn’t, and who was better than the other.

Everyone looked at Mo Xuetong’s carriage in disdain.

The old man immediately smiled happily when he got the money. He sat up immediately and held Mo Xuemin’s hand and thanked her profusely. He even said that she was a fairy who had a kind heart and even muttered about how a fairy would have such an evil girl for a sister. It was so unfair of God.

A young man by the side ran over and helped the old man off the ground, wanting to help him away.

There would be no evidence if they left! Mo Xuemin was indeed vicious. It was a pity that she had really thought Mo Xuemin was sincere at helping her. She had done all everything she could for her “good” sister. No wonder she only understood at her death that she was the one who had caused the tragedy that was her life.

Mo Xuetong laughed to herself. Then, she asked softly, “Old sir, please hold on. Shouldn’t you wait for the truth to be revealed? Elder sister, why were you so sure that it must have been me who knocked him down?”

Her first question was for the old man and her second was for Mo Xuemin.

“Third sister, you should bear the responsibility if you knock into someone. Don’t be afraid. Father will definitely help you sort out this sort of things when you return to the manor. It’s alright, don’t be afraid.” The gentle voice seemed to be comforting Mo Xuetong. However, the words seemed especially vicious.

Mo Xuetong laughed coldly to herself. However, her voice sounded gentle and somewhat perplexed. “Elder sister, when did my carriage knock into someone? The manor only sent two carriages for me and only that many maids. Do you think Aunt will send so many carriages to pick me up?”

Mo Wenhua was not a high ranking official. In the capital, where it was teeming with nobility, he was insignificant. The daughters of nobility usually take three carriages when they travel. Mo Xuetong was just the daughter of a fifth-grade official in the capital. Even if it was a long journey, it was impossible for her to take more than three carriages. Furthermore, why would a stepmother give her stepdaughter so many carriages just to give her face?

Mo Xuemin’s face grew dark under her hat. She had not expected that Mo Xuetong, who had been weak and cowardly after her mother passed away, would dare to contradict herself in front of so many people. And every word she used had been against her. This made her feel speechless. However, she could control her emotions very well and she immediately said with a smile,

“Third sister, it is just a small matter. Father will not blame you. Quick go home. Everyone in the manor knows you’re returning and have been waiting for you for long. Shall I help you settle this matter over here?” Mo Xuemin said gently. Her speech was full of concern. Such a woman portrayed an image of an elder sister concerned for her younger sister. She had completely ignored what Mo Xuetong had said earlier.

Everyone looked at Mo Xuetong with even more disdain. Her elder sister had already stoop to such a compromise but she refused to admit her mistake. It was so unreasonable!

Mo Xuemin was such a good actress! Mo Xuetong’s eyes were filled with a faint mocking. She knew how to pretend to be weak as well.

She accepted a cape from Mo Lan’s hands and then got off the carriage holding the handle. She walked off the carriage in a dainty manner. The wind caused her white dress to flutter, making her seem even more thin and weak. It made one feel that she was gentle and delicate.

“Many thanks for your worry, elder sister. However, this carriage really isn’t mine. I don’t know why you insist that it is mine right after you appear. Do you recognize the driver or that the carriage belongs to our manor? Or did you know long ago that…”Mo Xuetong let the question trail off meaningfully. Her sweet and gentle voice gave others a favorable impression of her. The last question especially, started to make others think.

You Yuecheng who was standing by the side looked at the girl across him with afrown.

The girl was tiny and even though she looked dainty standing there, she had an aura of stubbornness. She did not look an inch spoiled or arrogant. He could not help but look at Mo Xuemin suspiciously.

“…” Mo Xuemin’s smile froze on her face and she was speechless. She opened her mouth but could not say anything. A hint of darkness flashed in her eyes. When had the dumb and useless chit learn how to speak so eloquently?

The driver sitting on the horse carriage suddenly had an idea as he watched on. He rushed at Mo Xuetong and yelled, “Third miss, your servant followed you all the way here. How can you ignore me now that something has happened? I have parents and children to feed. You cannot just leave me in the lurch.”

Then, he hurriedly got off the carriage and rushed up to Mo Xuetong. He knelt in front of her and started to cry and make a fuss.

You Yuecheng’s brows narrowed! How would the servant of a wealthy family dare to do such a thing? He had rushed up to Mo Xuetong in the middle of the day and ignoring all etiquette. If he touched his mistress, it would ruin her reputation. How could someone so ignorant of customs come from a wealthy family?

The carriage driver’s actions were indeed stupid. Mo Xuemin wondered where her mother found such a stupid creature. She was very annoyed. However, the matters had already come to this stage, she could only just continue. She deliberately ignored Mo Xuetong’s questions and changed the topic gently. “Third sister, nobody wants something like this to happen. You’d better go back first. I’ll settle this.”

“You’ve knocked down someone and dare not admit it. Miss, if the carriage driver belongs to your family, then he belongs to your family. Look, the carriage looks exactly like the ones behind you. You can’t shrug this off even if you wanted to.” The old man who had been helped up said fussily, his eyes spinning slyly. his voice was not loud, but it was sufficient for everyone to hear. Everyone’s gazes could not help but land on the carriages behind Mo Xuetong. Indeed, even it looked the same down to the minute detail. They were obviously the same set of carriages.

“Elder sister, you are agreeing with them and insist that I brought the carriage and that it is from the Mo manor. Shall I see what’s in the carriage? I came from Cloud City and knocked down someone the moment I entered the capital. You say that it is my carriage, but could it be that I don’t know how many carriages I have? Since this is so, nanny Shen, open the carriage and let elder sister see whether the carriage she insists is mine is really mine!”

When she mentioned that, everyone nodded. They would see be able to tell if it belonged to the Mo manor then.

What was said was useless. The fact would triumph over any argument!

The carriage driver grew anxious when he heard that. He hurriedly jumped up to stop them saying that it was just some random knickknacks in the carriage and would not let anyone examine it.

“Since you came with Miss all the way and Miss has already said to let everyone see, what can you, a driver say? Did Miss put in something good in there? We rushed here from Cloud City and then you behave so secretively and won’t let anyone see, and you even put the blame on Miss when you got into trouble in the capital…” Nanny Shen was already furious and did not allow the driver to speak. She waved her hand and asked two servants from her carriage, ignoring whatever nanny Li was saying. Then, she climbed onto the carriage and pulled open the curtains.

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