Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Punishing Xuetong’s Naughty Maid

Mo Xuetong sat in the horse carriage, leaning against the seat deep in thought. Mother Xu and the other maids thought that she was not feeling well and did not dare to startle her. All was silent in the horse carriage, leaving only the clopping of horse hooves.

She had intentionally brought to surface the incident with Lord Qin’s concubine. She could not hide her matters from Mdm Yu because Mo Yu had been beaten to death.

The two incidents had happened one after another. Old Madam Qin would definitely start suspecting Mdm Yu! This time there was concrete evidence that someone wanted to harm Auntie Wang’s child. Mdm Qin would definitely feel that Mdm Yu was a vicious person! As long as Mdm Qin started suspected Mdm Yu, it would be easier to deal with Mdm Yu in the future!

Lord Qin was said to be a filial son who obeys his mother.

Furthermore, before she returned to the capital, she had to calm down and think about how to deal with the fake and vicious mother daughter pair!

Indeed, just as Mo Xuetong expected, Mdm Yu was kicked out because of what happened to Auntie Li. Her rights as the matriarch had been taken away. Mdm Qin took up control over the inner courtyard herself. Mdm Qin felt that she could not allow anything to happen to Mo Xuetong in her own home after she almost drowned in the lake. As such, she intentionally treated her even better.

Without all the scheming and plotting, she did not have to plot and just had to wait silently for someone to come from the capital. She counted down, and it should not be too long until then. Someone would come in the next few days. Mo Xuetong had already secretly asked her maids to secretly pack up her luggage. She had to leave this time no matter what!

A few days later, in Qingwei Garden.

“Miss, Miss. Quick. Old Madam asked you to visit her. It seems like someone from home has come.” The door curtains were lifted and Mo He rushed in anxiously. She did not have time to wipe her sweat and quickly repeated what the person Mdm Qin sent over had said, gesturing vividly while at that. A few of her closer maids at Qingwei Garden already knew that she had long planned to leave. They were all waiting for the day to arrive. As such, they were all very happy.

“Miss, they are really here to fetch you. There are already horse carriages prepared outside.” Mo He looked at her mistress with glittering eyes filled with worship when she realized that her mistress’ predictions had really come true.

“Mo Lan, help me dress up. Mo He, ask the people outside to wait.” Mo Xuetong straightened up from the couch and smiled lightly. Then, she slowly sat up with the help of Mo He.

The carriage was still at the entrance and had not yet entered. However, Mdm Qin had already sent someone to get her. She was asking Mo Xuetong, the mistress, to wait for her servants. It was evident how the Qins and Mos thought of her. She didn’t really have any place in their hearts!

She was the noble miss of the Mo family. There was no need for her to hurry out to meet servants!

There was a cold smirk on her lips. This time, she would show those people who exactly was the true daughter of the Mo family! “Yes! Miss!” Mo He seemed as if she had taken a pill to ease her anxiety when she heard Mo Xuetong’s orders. She turned around energetically and left to give orders.

After Mo Xuetong cleaned and dressed up, she went to Shouan Garden. Mdm Qin was speaking with two nannies politely.

The door curtains lifted. Mo Xuetong appeared at the entrance wearing a white dress. Because she was still in the mourning period, her dressing was very plain. Her face, which still looked sickly and thin made her look pitiful. It was as if she did not know there were outsiders present. Mo Xuetong’s tired face appeared to look slightly shocked when she saw the two nannies. Then, she lowered her head and walked up to Mdm Qin and greeted her.

Mdm Qin was in a good mood when she saw how obedient Mo Xuetong was. She called out to Mo Xuetong affectionately to sit by her side. A maid had already brought her tea. Mo Xuetong took the tea and held it in her hands for warmth.

“This is our Third Miss right. Madam had long said that Third Miss is the most filial. It seems true. She’s much more outstanding than the other misses at home. She’s about like Eldest Miss. Eldest Miss is a famous talented girl in the capital, and Third Miss seems comparable to her. It had been hard on old madam to help us care for Third Miss so well that she looks like a flower. She looks just like our late Madam.” The nanny on the left, who was in her mid-40s said. She stood up first and sized up Mo Xuetong with a smile. She wrung her handkerchief and praised Mo Xuetong. However, there the arrogance in her eyes could not be hidden.

Mo Xuetong laughed coldly to herself. She was here to show her who the boss was. The madam they were talking about should be Auntie Fang.

“Mo He! Slap yourself!” The nanny had just spoken when Mo Xuetong smiled coldly. She smashed the teacup in her hands onto the table heavily.

Mo He was been angry when she saw the old lady dared to mention “madam” in front of her mistress. When she received her mistress’ order, she stepped up and slapped the nanny twice viciously. The nanny backed away and almost fell down. Mdm Qin, who was at the side was shocked. Her eyes darkened. Then, she lifted her teacup and took a sip, not saying anything.

“You did not even greet me when you saw me. Is this nanny not a servant of the Mo family? Or did Auntie Fang teach you so well that you only recognize her and not your other masters? After mother passed away, where did you find another madam? Or has my father forgotten the vow he made in front of my mother’s tablet not to take another concubine? Nanny, please think carefully before you speak.” Mo Xuetong was no longer as gentle as she was usually. She looked at the nanny and enunciated each word sharply, “Also, who gave you the guts to compare the true Miss to another woman’s daughter?”

Nanny Li was taken aback by Mo Xuetong’s questioning. She opened her mouth but could not answer.

She was the most respected nanny by Auntie Fang’s side and had always looked down on Mo Xuetong. That was why she had used Auntie Fang’s name against Mo Xuetong earlier. If she had said “Madam” and Third Miss did not dare to object, then the matter would mostly be set. She would find another time to bring the matter to Old Sir and said that Third Miss had agreed. On the account of Young Sir and Eldest Miss, Old Sir would marry Auntie Fang. Then, she would be a prized subject of Auntie Fang. Nanny Li had gone straight for this confidently when she came.

However, she had not expected the Miss to become so sharp now and asked her maid to slap her. Then, she had questioned her so much she was rendered speechless. Those around her looked at her mocking, pitiful and indifferent glances…She suddenly felt angry.

She had always been respected with Auntie Fang and had never been so embarrassed. She had never been slapped by a maid several decades younger than her. She felt embarrassed, and lengthened her neck saying aggressively, “Third Miss, what right do you have to hit me? I’m a servant of Auntie Fang. You have to see who the owner is even if you’re hitting a dog. Third Miss, you’ve not given consideration to Auntie’s face, how are you going to answer to her when you return to the capital?”

“Kneel down!” Mo Xuetong’s expression was cold as she yelled sharply.

Everyone in the house had never seen Mo Xuetong so angry before. They all looked at her in shock.

Nanny Li trembled. She felt that Mo Xuetong seemed powerful and imposing, making her feel as if she could not breathe. Her heart beat wildly and she immediately seemed to lose all her imposing manner. Her legs could not help but feel weak and she knelt down.

“Auntie Fang is just a concubine. Yet she dares to call herself Madam. Her servants also dare to belittle the true miss and be impolite. When did the Mo family lose its rules? This time when I return to the capital, Old Madam has to ask Sir when he made that woman Madam of the family. How dare he let a concubine shame the daughter of the main wife.” Nanny Shen of the General Manor was happy for the Old Madam when she saw how angry Mo Xuetong was. She went up and said that to Nanny Li coldly.

Nanny Li understood what was happening then. She did not dare to reply. She gritted her teeth and admitted defeat. She took two ragged breaths and then remained kneeling on the ground, greeting Mo Xuetong again.

“Isn’t this Nanny Li, the servant of Auntie Fang? Isn’t Auntie Fang someone with lots of principles, when did the people by her side become so unruly so much that they cannot tell the difference between Madam of the family and a concubine?” Mo Lan said sarcastically and coldly by the side.

Nanny Li knelt on the ground and was not asked to get up. She felt angry, and when she heard Mo Lan’s words, she wanted badly to unleash her anger. However, she was only a servant here and without the support of Auntie Fang, she dared not do anything. She could only grit her teeth and swallow her anger. Her face was red from her anger and she could not say anything.

“Third Miss, this old servant is stupid! This old servant has been blind and deaf.” Nanny Li could only lower her head. When she saw that Mo Xuetong’s expression was still frigid, she knew that she was still angry. She gritted her teeth and kowtowed loudly several times. Her head hit the tiled floor, making loud cracking sounds. The old woman grimaced in pain.

“Nanny Li, you are indeed stupid not being able to differentiate the concubine from the madam. How about when I return to the capital, I tell father to help Auntie Fang pick a few nannies so that others will not be blind and deaf to mistake the concubine from the true wife.” Mo Xuetong said when Nanny Li’s forehead became bruised and swelled up. Mo Xuetong looked indifferent as she said that while smoothing out the wrinkles on her sleeves.

Nanny Li’s breath hitched. She was careful not to reply, afraid that she might anger the miss if she were not careful.

Mo Xuetong ignored the kneeling Nanny Li. She turned around and said, politely and gently, to Nanny Shen, “Is this Nanny Shen? How is grandmother doing?”

“The Old Madam is doing well. She misses you and hopes that you can return soon. She was so happy she ate an extra half bowl of rice when she saw your letter. She was worried about you and sent me to fetch you back to the capital.” Nanny Shen said with a laugh when she saw Mo Xuetong asking about the Old Madam. She was happy for the Old Madam.

She did not expect that the seemingly weak and gentle young miss would take care of the arrogant woman on their first meeting. Nanny Shen was secretly impressed. The young miss was not as weak and useless as rumored. Nanny Shen could not help but be more gentle in her speech.

The two talked about family matters and intentionally ignored Nanny Li who was kneeling there.

Moments later, Mo Xuetong seemed to suddenly realize that Nanny Li was still kneeling on the ground. She said coldly, “Nanny Li, quick get up. I was so agitated I forgot that you were still kneeling here. I had completely forgotten while speaking with Nanny Shen. I reprimanded you for your memory, but it seems like I’m the same.”

This was a complete slap to Nanny Li’s face. Nanny Li wanted badly to stand up and scold Mo Xuetong! However, she did not dare and pretended to be happy. She smiled dryly and said, “How can Third Miss say that. It is this old servant who did not pay attention first. I was so happy to see Third Miss that I forgot to greet you. I was wrong and have embarrassed myself in front of Third Miss.”

Mo Xuetong’s expression was frigid when she saw Nanny Li’s pathetic appearance and she ignored her.

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